Monday, February 8, 2010

Dookeran: More UNC people coming to COP

Published: 8 Feb 2010

Recent developments in the UNC will see another 25 per cent of its membership coming to join the Congress of the People, according to COP leader Winston Dookeran. “We will continue to have dialogue with all political and civic groups, aimed a setting the stage for real national unity,” he said. He told the monthly national council meeting of the COP at its Operations Centre in Charlieville yesterday that one of the gatekeepers had fallen by the wayside, and whilst the other gatekeeper built tall walls, he, too, was falling apart. Dookeran said the Congress of the People would survive because it was not founded on the racial divide, but remained an all-inclusive party aimed at the total reconstruction of Trinidad and Tobago. He said the COP was moving with a greater intensity, dexterity and force to manage the affairs of T&T when the time came.

He said he saw no fallout, following the new leadership at the UNC. “There is a new enthusiasm, new vibrancy,” Dookeran said. He said that there had been discussions with the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) on the reformation of this country's politics, and he had also sent copies of COP’s “Fixing the Politics” to Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Tobago’s TOP. He said there were three basic views under study—the battle to fix the politics in TT; the politics of change that this opportunity has given us; and moving forward as “a nation, so that we can remove ourselves from the imprisonment of the gatekeepers that have kept our modern politics in a state of siege.”

COP will commence the screening of interested candidates for the forthcoming Local Government elections, and it will resume its Meet-the-Constituency visits from Febuary 22. Additionally, the party’s national executive elections will be held on Sunday, June 6. All the posts will be up for grabs, except that of the political leader who holds office for three years, and whose term expires next year May. “It is going to be one man, one vote,” according to Roy Augustus, COP’s chairman. Additionally, there will be a special meeting of COP membership on Sunday, March 7, at the SWWTU Hall, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain. Dookeran said the COP would continue to work with all the people of T&T to improve the quality of life, security and good governance.

Now so long ago I told you all that this man ha to be the biggest cont hole I ever come across.

Everybody joining the Kamla bandwagon. Many columnists, speculators and commentators are slowly comin to the conclusion that this Kamlamania might bring about an end to the COP.

Many COP supporters have already left and even voted in the UNC internal elections.

But here comes Cont galore, living in some fockin dream world to say that 'more UNC people coming to the COP."

Wa d fock I does really be hearing. Ah mean COP supporters is your fockin bouncin head leader for real ?

We got it wrong

Hunt apologises for $2m stadium flag fiasco

Five months after its erection at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, Gary Hunt, has finally bowed to public opinion, conceding that the $2 million flag was a grave error.

In an address to the nation last night, which focused largely on the accomplishments of his ministry, Hunt admitted that while the idea of the flag was noble, it went all wrong ’in its implementation’. Furthermore, he gave an undertaking to the country that never would this happen again.

’My fellow citizens, although the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs continues to make great strides and has enjoyed considerable success, we have not always got it right. There have been a few missteps along the way and one of these has been the construction of a national flag at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. The proposal to erect a national symbol at a facility that bears the name of our only Olympic gold medallist was a noble one but there were errors in its implementation,’ Hunt said.

’We have heard the public’s concerns and have acted appropriately. I have since directed the Sports Company to adjust its systems and policies to ensure that nothing like this occurs in the future. A national flag should never become the source of conflict and controversy and I wish to assure the national community that it will not happen again.’

This is a major turnaround for Hunt, who, at a press conference held with senior members of the Sports Company in September last year, stoutly defended the decision to erect the flag. He said then that he had received tremendous support on his Facebook on the issue.Â

But in reality, the flag has never gone down well with the population and the matter has continued to provoke criticism and has even been the subject of negative comments in calypso.

Hunt’s shift in position also comes amidst a growing sense of unease within the PNM, having regard to what has transpired within the Opposition UNC and the emergence of Kamla Persad-Bissessar as a bright new star in the political firmament.

In his address, Hunt said it was clear that the country was on the verge of a golden era of sport in Trinidad and Tobago.

’The many successes that we have enjoyed in the last two years are just the tip of the iceberg and the best is yet to come,’ he said.

He said the ministry recently finalised a comprehensive and systematic plan for the future development of sport entitled ’The Way - Pathways to Sporting Excellence’.

’I am confident that this new plan will take Trinidad and Tobago to the highest levels of international sporting glory,’ he added.

Hunt announced that the Sports Commission would be established soon and that the ’highly successful Elite Athlete Assistance Programme’ would be expanded ’to include an even larger base of talented citizens’.

In terms of youth development, Hunt said Government intends to implement 48 more sustainable community youth programmes throughout the country this year.

Saying, however, that Government recognises ’that more work needs to be done’, Hunt said, ’I wish to assure the national community that we shall not shirk this responsibility. Working together with communities, youth groups, schools, as well as our national sporting organisations, I have no doubt that we will scale even greater heights in the months and years ahead.’

Gary Isaac Hunt now realise that?

Wa really happen is that some PNM syco teef half of that money and dey fock well know who it is.

He should push ah flag in the Colombian oman who threaten we here.

End of UNC Monday Night forum

By AZARD ALI and RICHARDSON DHALAI Monday, February 8 2010

DESPITE her painful injury, UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar launches a “Meet the Constituency tour” tonight in the heartland of former political leader Basdeo Panday’s Couva North constituency.

The meeting replaces the traditional UNC Monday Night Forum — which was conceptualised by Panday — to sensitise UNC supporters every Monday on national issues. The forum, however, has not been held since the UNC announced internal elections in early December last year.

Panday told Newsday yesterday that he has not been invited to tonight’s Meet-the-Constituency tour although he is Opposition Leader and the Couva North MP. The tour will begin at the Chandernagore Presbyterian School from 6 pm. Panday had voted in that school in the January 24 elections, but lost to Persad-Bissessar by over 12,000 votes for political leadership of the UNC. Yesterday, he said: “I have not been invited, but I will see how the meeting develops.”

Asked whether he will launch his own parallel meetings, Panday said that it all depends on how the new meetings of the newly-elected UNC executive fare. “I will see how they develop and if it becomes necessary then I will, or, I will not,” Panday said.

Neither Persad-Bissessar nor new party chairman Jack Warner were available last night to comment on why Panday had not been invited to tonight’s meeting in his own constituency.

The discontinuation of the Monday Night forum further widens the ongoing rift between Panday and the newly-elected executive led by Persad-Bissessar.

But pressed for a comment on tonight’s launch which is in the Couva North constituency heartland, Warner, who is UNC chairman, stated, “We, this new executive, never had a Monday Night Forum. That was a Panday initiative. This new executive will not be having any Monday Night Forum.

Kamla will instead be going into the constituencies and meeting the people and getting first hand information on their problems.”

A release issued yesterday by Warner stated, “We wish to announce that the party’s leadership ‘Meet the constituents tour’, shall commence on Monday February 8, in the Couva North constituency, at the Chandernagore Presbyterian School from 6 pm.” “These meetings are intended to be an ongoing exercise as we seek to construct the bridge between the people and the leadership.

It is our answer to the call to bring people closer to the governance.” Persad-Bissessar, who was injured when she fell in the Parliament chamber on Friday, will be the feature speaker. She spent yesterday resting at her home in Siparia for most of the day.

Asked yesterday whether he will bow to Warner’s request to allow Persad-Bissessar to become Opposition Leader, by no later than next Wednesday, Panday said: “The office is not something to hand over. I can’t hand over any office. If they have a letter they should send it to the President who will appoint a new leader of the Opposition. As it is now, I have not being informed by the president.”

It really look like Jack Warner take over this fockin party now yes.

Another nigga. Ah mean dis fockin party going to mash up now. Kamla cyah open she cont and talk.

Why JAck have to be making all the statements? Why Jack obsessed wid getting rid of Panday ? Why he have to talk to the MP's?

Something smelling fishy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WASA starts rationing

THE WATER and Sewerage Authority (WASA) yesterday announced a national rationing plan in order to conserve the country’s dwindling water reserves, saying it was the only way to ensure customers have at least a supply they could survive on during what seems a tough dry season ahead.

Also, as of Wednesday morning, there will be nationwide restrictions on water use. Customers found breaking these restrictions, which fall under the Water and Sewerage Act, will face fines of at least $80 or $90 per offence.

Repeat offenders who leave sprinklers on excessively, religiously wash their cars with hoses, and refuse to take responsibility for their actions where water conservation is concerned will be further penalised, WASA corporate lawyer, Dion Abdool, said at a press conference at the company’s St Joseph headquarters yesterday.

The restrictions will be published in the press before they take full effect tomorrow, WASA officials said. The authority’s police will be on patrol once the restrictions are in effect.

WASA officials said given the low rainfall levels of last year, and further dry conditions this year, water will be redistributed from areas with regular supplies to those with irregular supplies.

’There will be a redistribution of water,’ WASA CEO Dr Jim Lee Young said.

We started with a dry wet season ... the levels in our reservoir are lower than they should be for this time of year. And we still have to enter the harshest part of the dry season.’

He said total rainfall for January was just over 30 mm, more than 40 mm less than the Meteorological Office had previously predicted. He explained that ’certain areas of Trinidad are blessed with water’.

’We will start moving water from those areas, for example the north-west part of Trinidad, and sending it to areas with less,’ he said.

He said water from areas like the Diego Martin and Tucker Valley area will be moved eastwards. Lee Young said this would then displace water from the Caroni area and the displaced water will run further into WASA’s system and be fed to other areas within the network.

The CEO said while WASA has its job to do, citizens also had to do their part in conserving water for everyone in the country by fixing things like leaking pipes and rotting tank floats.

’We are now asking our customers to respond,’ he said.

Company chairman, Shafeek Sultan-Khan, also said customers could soon expect to get WASA meters. ’We are going into universal metering,’ he said.

While Sultan-Khan said WASA had its own share of fixing to do, he said once people had meters on their homes they would be more willing to fix leaks quickly and save water more efficiently.

These setta PNM fockin niggas spend out all the money blingin on fancy fockin building and now crunch time, it eh have no water.

How come niggas cyah think that hard times will come and the first priority is to provide people with basic things to fockin live.

Nah, build big big fancy building and teef out the fockin money, gove Calder Hart to tote out for you.

Now the money done we have to suffer. Somebody should bull Mannning in he bottom.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ramesh: Kamla should rethink chief whip

Tabaquite MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj is hoping that UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar reconsiders the process of the appointment of chief whip. Maharaj said he received a call from Persad-Bissessar last Thursday asking for proposals for a chief whip. “I told her that is was my view that she ought not to change the status quo until she got a consensus of all the Members of Parliament.” Last Friday, Maharaj said he was surprised to see that Persad-Bissessar appointed Jack Warner as chief whip. Maharaj said he later found out that some of his colleagues were never consulted on the matter. “I am hoping that sister Kamla would reconsider this matter with the members because as a party in Parliament we should try and stay together. I am prepared to help.” Unless there is a consensus, Maharaj said the UNC can lead to problems in Parliament. “I think errors can be corrected and Mr Warner has a large heart. I am sure that whatever happened would be in the interest of Parliament.” (SH)

Well is either one out of 2 things.

Ah hoping is ah fas one she pull on Jack for em to take he own toti and fock he self or either he fock she wid it.

I dunno why dem suckin up to this fockin con artiste.

Ravi B crowned youngest Chutney Soca Monarch

RAVI BISSEMBHAR is the 2010 Chutney Soca Monarch. He was declared winner before a mammoth crowd at Skinner Park, San Fernando, early yesterday morning.

At age 27, the popular chutney artiste, whose stage name is Ravi B, is the youngest winner in the history of the 15-year competition.

Singing “You Know Ah Was ah Drinker”, Ravi B made a dramatic entry on stage at 10.15 pm carried on a sofa by members the bmobile Shiv Shakti Dance Company. He was accompanied during the performance, which was filled with dance and drama, by Barbadian soca star Allison Hinds and his sister, popular chutney singer Nisha Bissembhar.

The new Chutney Soca Monarch credits popular music producer Big Rich, (Zaheer Khan) of the Pungulungs Factory for his success.

“He is the mastermind behind this song. I was just lucky to get this sweet melody and rhythm from Big Rich,” he said.

The song was written by Kevin Kissoon, of Piarco, who gave the lyrics to Big Rich. The producer then chose the music and experimented with various singers.

“Ravi has a youthful and playful disposition. I believe the melody and lyrics suited his personality,” Big Rich said he celebrated the song’s success early yesterday morning.

The new monarch, who is booked to perform every day until Carnival Monarch, has won $200,000 in cash.

In winning the title, he edged out a favourite in the competition, Rikki Jai, a former monarch, who had to settle for the second prize of $100,000. Jai’s song “Barman” has been ruling the airwaves in the recent weeks and has earned him a spot in the finals of the International

Groovy Soca Monarch.

In third place was newcomer, Moses Charles, 21, with his composition “Indrani”. Since the release of the song, Moses has been in big demand to perform at fetes and is booked for the biggest chutney shows of the season.

“I know people enjoyed the song but coming up against the big names in chutney was really a nerve wracking affair,” he admitted.

Charles also credits Big Rich for helping him develop the hit song.

“Although I was responsible for choosing the music to go with my song, Big Rich polished the tune to a certain perfection so it became an instant hit,” Moses said.

Big Rich had a hand in the three top songs in the competition and worked on 11 of the songs in the finals, including Omadath Maharaj’s “The Night Before the War”. Maharaj, who performed the military-style song accompanied by the Primala Dance Company, placed fifth.

Another newcomer, and the youngest competitor, Kris Persad, 20, placed fourth with “Sunita”. Persad, son of veteran musician Veerendra Persad, rode on stage on a white horse much to the delight of the crowd.

In sixth place was Lalchan “Hunter” Babwah, who sang. “Puncheon”. Defending champion Kenneth Salick did not place among the top six in the competition.

These fockin dumb ass coolies cyah even sing ah fokin song about something else beside RUM.

This chutney ting goin from fockin bad to worse. All yuh should say thank god George SIngh is Lenny Saith family and he ha good contact for big prize money.

These conts illeterate yes!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Investigate John Jeremie By Andre Bagoo

Investigate John Jeremie By Andre Bagoo - Newsday
Sunday, July 20 2008

Desmond Allum, the President of the Criminal Bar Association, has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Geoffrey A Henderson, calling on him to conduct an investigation into whether former Attorney General John Jeremie attempted to pervert the course of public justice or misbehaved in public office arising out of his reported involvement in the re-purchase of land at Millennium Park owned by Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls.

The land transaction was one of the key issues which surrounded complaints against former Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma and attempts to impeach him over allegations that he tried to interfere in criminal proceedings against Prof Vijay Naranysingh and former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday.

Allum’s letter, dated July 18 was released to the press on Friday, the same day it was delivered to the DPP. Also handed to the media was a copy of a similar letter also calling for an investigation from the Association’s Vice-President, Nizam Mohammed, dated April 5, 2007 and addressed to Mr Henderson.

Mr Allum claimed that more than one year later there has been no reply to Mohammed’s letter. Allum wrote to Henderson:

“There is already in existence enough material in the form of witness statements taken in relation to the investigations into the criminal as well as the disciplinary proceedings for us to establish that the Chief Magistrate approached the then Attorney General with two allegations, one about the conduct of Chief Justice Sat Sharma and the other in relation to a suspicious land transaction, at the same time the Attorney General was a key witness against Mr Sharma in the Naraynsingh 137 proceedings.”

Mohammed, in his earlier letter to the DPP, noted that there were enough reports concerning the interaction and communication between Jeremie, Andre Monteil, a senior CLICO executive and the PNM Treasurer, Anthony Fifi, a director of Home Construction Limited and the Chief Magistrate, to warrant a full investigation.

Jeremie’s role in the whole affair, involving attempts to impeach the Chief Justice and the attempt by the Chief Magistrate to re-sell the land he had purchased from Home Construction Ltd at Millennium Park, was heightened by information disclosed in the Mustill Tribunal which was held here in September 2007, Allum stated.

Following the last General Elections, Jeremie was not re-appointed Attorney General. Instead, he received a prized posting as this country’s High Commissioner to London and has already taken up his position there with his family.

Monteil has since retired from CLICO and did not seek renomination as PNM Treasurer at last weekend’s annual PNM convention. Allum’s letter details the chain of events that ended with Mc Nicolls signing a complaint against Sharma on May 5, 2006 reportedly the same day he received a cheque for $390,000 as a deposit towards the purchase of land that Mc Nicolls was trying to sell. With respect to the alleged actions of the Attorney General, Allum’s letter stated: ...

that the Chief Magistrate approached Jeremie with two allegations: one about the conduct of the Chief Justice and the other in relation to a suspicious land transaction. At the time the Attorney General was a key witness against the Chief Justice in the Naraynsingh Section 137 proceedings.

... that despite being a witness against the Chief Justice, the Attorney General began to conduct a private investigation into these allegations in a manner that was not transparent. Thus, he became an active participant in a process calculated to impeach the Chief Justice; ...

that the Attorney General told the Prime Minister about the Chief Justice’s allegations and advised the DPP and Michael Quamina, the Prime Minister’s attorney, about the allegations. He was advised to take a written statement from the Chief Magistrate but did not at the time do so;

... that despite being a witness in the Naraynsingh case against the Chief Justice, the Attorney General apparently did not refer the matter to the Police or the DPP; ...

that no attempt was made to meaningfully investigate or act on the Chief Magistrate’s allegations on the Attorney General’s part, even as he assumed control of these serious allegations — including that senior persons at CLICO had tried to influence the 2006 Panday Integrity trial; ...

that on April 28, 2006 the Attorney General called on a friend Mr Andre Monteil of CLICO, telling him, “clean up your mess”; ...

that the Attorney General encouraged an HCL official, Mr Fifi, to re-purchase a piece of land at Millennium Park from the Chief Magistrate; ...

that the Attorney General forwarded to the Prime Minister a statement signed by the Chief Magistrate, a complaint implicating the Chief Justice, on May 5, 2006, the exact date that the Chief Magistrate received money for the land he sold to HCL; ...

that on the same day, the Attorney General put pressure on the Chief Justice to resign in order to avoid criminal charges arising out of the Chief Magistrate’s allegations.

Allum’s letter quoted excerpts from evidence given at the Mustill Tribunal hearings including Lord Mustill’s expression of disappointment that Mr Jeremie chose not to give evidence before the Mustill Tribunal.

Allum concluded his letter by stating that at no other time in our history was there more need for open transparency in the activities of all public servants and public officials “The matters raised in our correspondence,” Allum told the DPP, “are of serious public importance.

The public has a right to know what action, if any, you will take in the matter.” “You will recall that the Attorney General has stated publicly on several occasions that no one is above the law.

This maxim applies to him,” Mohammed noted in his letter to the DPP.

The call for an investigation into Jeremie’s conduct in the Sharma affair comes seven months after the Mustill Tribunal cleared Sharma of allegations of misconduct levied against him by the Chief Magistrate. During the course of hearings at the Mustill Tribunal in September 2007, Jeremie made one appearance on September 21 before Lord Mustill, Sir Vincent Floissac and Dennis Morrison QC.

Despite serious allegations against him, he later failed to show up at the Winsure Building for cross-examination, with Mustill noting that this fact would be taken into consideration in the drawing up of the tribunal’s final report.

Of Jeremie’s role in the whole affair, the report would later conclude that, “there is evidence, the weight of which we are not in a position to assess, that on May 8, 2006, the Attorney General had attempted to use the Chief Magistrate’s first statement as a means of pressuring the Chief Justice to resign.

“The picture presented to this Tribunal almost defies belief...We have heard allegations against the Attorney General, who could have given oral evidence to rebut them, but did not.”

The report also noted that in the wake of Mc Nicolls’ refusal to testify in the collapsed criminal case against Sharma on March 5, 2007, Mc Nicolls’ flawed legal explanation for his actions “seems to have originated with the Attorney General.”

“The concept of the separation of powers seems to have been ignored...The picture is troubling indeed, both for the Tribunal and for the peoples of Trinidad and Tobago.”

republished from Newsday of 2008...........check it out fockers!