Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Achong supporters blamed for Manning no show

Pending protest by residents in support of Point Fortin incumbent Lawrence Achong may have forced Prime Minister Patrick Manning to cancel his walkabout in the area yesterday evening.

Constituency sources said word had reached Manning that 1,500 flyers declaring, “No Larry, No Vote” and “Our fingers would speak” were printed and ready for distribution.

T-shirts conveying the same messages were reportedly printed as well.

To avoid confrontation, Manning cancelled the walkabout, a constituency source claimed.

Achong—who was recently freed of an obscene language charge—went before the PNM’s screening committee two Friday’s ago but was rejected.

Last Friday, Manning called the constituency executive to a meeting at Balisier House and instructed them to find another candidate.

Fockin slaves would never learn. Manning doh fockin care bout all yuh assholes. Go on....eat ah balisier and remain in bondage.

And after all that these conts will still go back and vote PNM.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Top SEA student mounts PNM platform

Young Sushma Karim, centre, a former student of San Fernando TML Primary School, who was one of the top three students in this year’s SEA examination, smiles as she as she is about to sign the visitors’ book at the opening of a new office in Cocoyea Village of the San Fernando East constituency held by Prime Minister Patrick Manning, second from right. Photo: Tony Howell

Top Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) student Sushma Karim mounted a PNM political platform on Saturday night as Prime Minister Patrick Manning declared her a leader of the future.

Sushma, a former student of San Fernando TML Primary school, attained the top mark at this year’s SEA examination, tying for first with two other girls.

Sushma, who turns 12 in September, was invited to speak on the PNM platform by Kazim Hosein, manager of the newly opened San Fernando East office of the ruling People’s National Movement.

Her presence on stage came as a surprise to many who had gathered at 43 Naparima Mayaro Road for the official opening of the PNM’s office in the San Fernando East constituency.

Sources close to the event said Sushma’s presence at the function was unexpected, even to Prime Minister Manning.

Sushma’s name was not listed on the official programme. However, as she walked up to the podium, dressed in pink and white, many broke out in applause.

But much to the disappointment of the crowd, Sushma steered clear of politics in her debut speech. Instead, she offered words of encouragement to other students writing the SEA exams.

Sometimes we spend time knockin niggas for all dey antics eh, buh coolie people really take the cake u know.

Some of dem will sell dey wife cyat for materialism.

It so fockin unfortunate that her parents will let the gyul geh ketch up wid these fockin PNM cacaholes who hell bent on runnin Indian from this country.

What ah setta conts!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

CEPEP workers graduate

Sunday, July 29 2007

ALL you CEPEP workers “deserve to be glad and to rejoice today because you have made the bold move to step up to the challenge in front of you.”

So said Senator Joan Yuille-Williams, Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, when she addressed a CEPEP Employees’ Graduation Ceremony and Achievement Function in Chaguanas yesterday.

The Minister told the graduates: “In a very real way you have undertaken the journey to emancipate yourselves from the prison of the past. You have undertaken the journey away from the negative perceptions that people might have had about you, the work you do, and its value to the community.”

“In a very real way you have broken with the past and that is an important lesson for our individual and collective emancipation.”

Oh gawd ah need help?

Would some fockin doctor, engineer, lecturer at UWI or somebody tell me.


Wa the fock dem ole setta niggas is now ?

From cutting grass and painting stones to ?????

HELP fockin HELP

Winston Dookeran invites NJAC to join COP

By RICHARDSON DHALAI Sunday, July 29 2007

CONGRESS of the People (COP) political leader Winston Dookeran urged residents of Laventille and Morvant to “rise beyond the narrow politics of the past” and usher in a COP regime at the next General Election.

He also called on the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) to “join with” the COP to rescue the nation, when he addressed a public meeting at Harris Promenade, San Fernando, on Friday night. “ Today I make a call to the National Joint Action Committee to come with us in the Congress of the People so we can together take us out of this crisis that this Government has put us in,”

Dookeran said. “I make a call to all the people in Laventille/ Morvant as we have done throughout Trinidad and Tobago in Barrackpore, San Fernando and Chaguanas, the time has come for us to rise beyond narrow politics of the past.”

Speaking on the 17th anniversary of the 1990 attempted coup, Dookeran said true leadership was not about ‘'bravado and guntalk” but about “rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work.”

“Leadership is about standing up for the citizens of this country and defending their rights to fundamental freedoms. Leadership is about knowing when to fight, how to fight and how to win,” he said.

Referring to an alliance between several parties to form the UNC Alliance, Dookeran advised supporters not to be fooled by men who “talk leadership but fail to provide leadership.”

“The last I heard was some said they would find a leader after the election,” Dookeran said. Also addressing the meeting was Pointe-a-Pierre MP Gillian Lucky; former National Security Minister Joseph Toney; IBN boss Inshan Ishmael and COP security advisor Capt Gary Griffith.

Buh look nah. This have to be outright fockin hypocrisy or dishonesty from this parrot shaking head mudder cont.

Up to just the other day some of these fockers were saying that they were NOT interested in joining wid anyone to form any alliance to fight the election.

All of ah sudden the story twist... boy you could never trust these COPnm ers.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Aftermath of prison breakout...

Joseph: Tighter security coming

Joseph on prisoners’ escape
It was clearly an internal breach of security.
Measures are being implemented to deal with this breach of security.
By Gail Alexander

The National Security Ministry is implementing measures to deal with the internal breach of security that took place with the recent escape of three inmates from the Golden Grove prison, National Security Minister Martin Joseph said yesterday.

Speaking at the weekly Whitehall media briefing, Joseph said: “Clearly there was an internal breach of security.”

The three prisoners—Saddiqui “Sadiq” Martin, Noel “Snoop” Gilbert and Ragaee “Rajaee” Ali—were charged with murder and were awaiting trial in the High Court when they made their escape. They remain at large.

Joseph declined to specify what measures were being implemented to deal with the internal breach of security, save to say they were intelligence-driven.

Because dem fockin PNM niggas and nigga lovers real duncee head, why dey think that everybody so?

Tighter security my mudder cont. Wa dey had before slack nigga pussy?

Internal breach of security........my fockin 1 year ole son coulda figure that out. He take ah month and now realise this.

Oh my fockin ass...........what ah bunch of conts.

Talks on food prices set for August 15-16

Government will host a national consultation on food prices involving members of the public and a large number of other stakeholders, Legal Affairs Minister Christine Kangaloo said yesterday.

Following up on a similar announcement made by Prime Minister Patrick Manning during his Tunapuna walkabout on Wednesday, Kangaloo said the consultation would be held on
August 15 to16 at Trinity College, east Trincity.

Manning will chair proceedings which would involve presentations by specially-invited stakeholders from both public and private sectors.

The consultation will also focus on views from the public on the issue as well as Government’s measures to contain rising food prices.

Participants include the Central Bank, University of the West Indies, Chambers of Commerce, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Tobago House of Assembly, Supermarkets Association, Manufacturers Association, Bankers Association, Retirees Association, representatives of labour, Dairy Association, Coterie of Social Workers, Association of Village and Community Councils, Fisheries Association and University of T&T.

Word of the consultation was first given by People’s National Movement officials in TG’s Public Affairs column last month. (GA)

Buh wey the mudder cont is this?

These dense fockers now realise food prices gone up ? In this eleventh hour before an election they want to have consultation? Wa the fock really goin on in this focking place. The fact that you want consultation wid the people is ah signal that as Minister of Consumer Affairs yuh is ah big fockin failure. Just like yuh fockin Minister of National Insecurity.

As a matter of fact all the focking ministries have failures.........from Education to Health. And now all yuh want to have consultation for the people to tell all yuh what to do.

All PNM niggas and niggas lovers like Christine Kangaloo should fockin resign and hand over the reigns to people who could do the fockin job.

Lazy mudders cont.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fired managers led into trap’

By FRANCIS JOSEPH Thursday, July 26 2007

JOSHEY MAHABIR....victorious...

TWO senior managers of the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago stand to receive millions after they were fired by the Authority in 2003. According to Justice Lennox Deyalsingh, Joshey Mahabir and Ishwar Jad-oonanan “were led into a trap” by the Authority.

Mahabir and Jadoonanan filed for judicial review of the decision of the Airports Authority to fire them shortly after the new Board of the Authority came into office. Deyalsingh, presiding in the Port-of-Spain First Civil Court, delivered a 70-page judgment yesterday in which he ordered the Authority to commence negotiations with the former managers within 45 days for a separation package, saying the Authority must negotiate in good faith.

The judge said the Authority must pay the monies negotiated with Mahabir and Jadoonanan within 28 days of completion of the negotiation. He also ordered that the Authority pay costs to the former managers.

Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC and Darrell Allahar appeared for the applicants while Seenath Jairam SC represented the Authority. Deyalsingh made it quite clear that the court was not asked to quash the dismissal of the applicants.

He said the applicants challenged the Authority’s actions in so far as it related to the “legitimate expectation” aspect of the case. Deyalsingh said the Board of the Authority was appointed in March 2002 after the PNM Government came into power.

The Board began seeking information about matters during the term of the UNC Board.

Relations among the four managers became strained and they submitted a separation package.

Deyalsingh pointed out that neither Mahabir nor Jadoonanan were given notice that they were being investigated or under any suspicion of any impropriety in their duties under the past Board.

The Board, he said, asked for information and the managers supplied it. Deyalsingh added if the Board wanted to conduct an investigation, it should have been fair that the applicants be given notice and a right to seek legal advice at an early stage.

Failure to do so could have meant that the applicants could have self-incriminated themselves. At the time he was dismissed, Mahabir had asked the Authority for a separation package of $2,362,942 and interest from August 9, 2002.

Joshey yuh lucky boy. Just remember yuh geh da wok under Panday and the UNC.

Yuh see how yuh ungrateful yuh gone an join up wid the COP.

Thanks to the UNC yuh is now ah millionaire.

Casinos must go—Manning

Prime Minister Patrick Manning has vowed to put an end to the operation of casinos in T&T.

The PM made his position clear yesterday evening following a walkabout in the Tunapuna constituency.

Manning insisted that if he allowed casinos to stay it would only encourage mafia and organised crime in the country. “This Government will operate on the basis of right and wrong.”

He said similar sentiments were expressed by the country’s first prime minister and founder of the People’s National Movement Dr Eric Williams and that he was only re-enforcing the point.

Casinos are against the law in T&T, Manning said. “And any how you cut it, it does not come out right.”

He said he knows for a fact that many lives and families are destroyed by gambling.

The PM admitted that one PNM minister had a severe gambling problem and that his debt led to his own demise. He said he could call the name, but chose not to.

Manning was yesterday approached by a group of Ma Pau workers who expressed concern about the pending closure of casinos.

He told them he would address the issue.

Look, me aint like fockin gambling too nah.

But the real reason is that he fockin teefin son is ah big shot gambler and losing money like sand, just as fast as he raking it in from the fockin taxpayers. And that is the real reason why he want to lick up casinos.

I am fockin happy if he does, but gamblin also imcludes fockin horseracing and the whole fockin NLCB, wid dey lotto, play whe and whatever.

Ban all that too mudder cont.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yetming: COP pulls in UNC votes

Wednesday, July 25 2007

Former Minister of Finance Gerald Yetming last night slammed the Patrick Manning administration for “its brutal uncaring” governance over the past five years and warned that the Prime Minister was on an “aggressive campaign” to stay in power.

He also claimed the United National Congress (UNC), which he predicted was running a dismal third in the race to win the upcoming General Election, had lost most of its support to the Congress of the People (COP).

Yetming who chaired a COP meeting at Prestige High School, Chaguanas said recent polls have shown the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) has lost some ground, while the COP has picked up some of the PNM support, and all of the UNC support as well as mobilising some votes on its own.

He said in the heartland of the UNC the COP had pulled some 90 percent of the support from the embattled UNC.

Now, wa d fock dis chinee know bout politics in Trinidad and Tobago.

Panday take up this asshole, give him ah safe seat in St. Joseph. By the way the people in the St. Joseph constituency aint see he for the last 5 fockin years.

Wa he know bout heartland?

Not Yet Ming. Not yet.

PM: I long to drive a bus

Juhel Browne jbrowne@trinidadexpress.com

Prime Minister Patrick Manning, the man who has held the post twice in what is the nation's longest Parliamentary career, says one of the things he wants to achieve in life is to drive a bus.
"I don't know if I ever told you all a secret desire I have, and I'll do it before I die, is to drive a bus, eh," Manning said during his address at a People's National Movement (PNM) public meeting in John John, Laventille, on Monday night.

"I haven't made it yet, but I'll go down to PTSC one day and I want to drive one of the long ones, you know the articulated ones."

Interviewed yesterday, Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) acting chief executive officer Vincent Lynch said that while it takes at least a month to qualify to drive a bus, he understands why Manning would have such a desire.

"We in here at the managerial level say to ourselves there must be a day when we can climb up on a bus and drive it, be part of the delivery process. It is an exciting process. Clearly, he (Manning) is driven by this service consciousness," Lynch said.

To do so, however, Lynch said one must have a heavy-T driver's licence before even applying to become a bus-driver.

"You must have some feel for a heavy vehicle. There are laws governing the operation of Public Service vehicles," he said.

Lynch said that bus-driving trainees go through a three- to four-week training programme that involves classroom studies and road exercises.

"Then you go and you are tested by the licensing office," Lynch said.

Manning disclosed his bus driving ambitions on Monday night while speaking of the Government's retraining programme, where 100 people are trained in each three- to four-month cycle in heavy equipment operations and maintenance, where there is a "gross shortage" of skills.

In doing so, Manning expressed great admiration for those who can operate cranes and manoeuvre large vehicles.

"You know how difficult it is to get a driver today who can drive a truck with a trailer, an articulated vehicle? It is very difficult to get such a person, you know. You might be able to drive it forward but you couldn't be able to reverse that. It's not easy to reverse a trailer, you know. In other words, you have to be trained to do those things," Manning said.

So what the fock he has been doin wid Hazel?

Engine, big body, chassis, tyres and no fockin brain.

You is the fockin driver asshole.

PM: Govt aims at 5,000 small businesses a year

Manning says:
Market forces do not operate in the interest of the poor, disadvantaged and dispossessed.
Government’s target is to establish 5,000 new small or micro enterprises a year.
By Shaliza Hassanali

PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday called on the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Ltd (Nedco) to get its act together.
Manning also advised them to devise some mechanisms to reduce delinquency among its clients.
The PM lambasted Nedco for failing to get its act together and called on the organisation to shape up as he delivered the feature address at the commissioning of Nedco Centre at New Street, Port-of-Spain.

Addressing Nedco’s CEO Kelvin Sergeant, chairman Elizabeth Raphael, Port-of-Spain mayor Murchison Brown and guests, Manning said while Nedco had been meeting its mandate and the Government had been doing its part, he recognised the organisation was faced with challenges.
Among the challenges, Manning said, was delinquency on the part of its clients.

“We must therefore device mechanisms to reduce delinquency and to realise a commensurate level of responsibility on the part of the clients of Nedco,” he said.

“It is easier achieved when we ensure that the clients have been transformed into knowledge-oriented, technological and technically competent producers,” Manning added.

Although Manning knocked the organisation, he also heaped praises on its operators, saying the development over the last five years represents the burgeoning of the small and micro enterprise sector in T&T.

Manning said Nedco was one of Government’s way of investing in human capital.
He said there were those who believed that one could leave every thing up to the market and all else would fall into place.

“But market forces do not operate in the interest of the poor, disadvantaged and the dispossessed,” the PM added.

Manning stressed that the promotion of small business development was part of the Government’s strategy to ensure that no one was left behind.

“It’s about empowering the grassroots, increasing the wealth, reduction of poverty and sustainable development which would stand the test of time,” he said.

Manning said the promotion of small business development was an integral part of the Government’s development policy initiatives for T&T.

“From the point of view of the Government, the target is to be able to establish, during the medium term, some 5,000 new small or micro enterprises per year in the non-traditional business sector,” Manning disclosed.

This is the another way the fockin PNM has chosen to sponsor dey fockin friend, family and supporters.

Ah mean, give ah nigga some money and tell em open business. Well he investing in getting an outfit in Ethiopian flag colours and ah jockeys shorts wid matching colours to go and sell fockin nuts by the side ah the mudder cont road. That is fockin business for niggas. Ah sno cone cart or ah hot dog stand in tong that does only operate from midnight to 5 the next morning to feed they bandit family.

Some ole niggas might take the other way, selling mauby bark, cinnamon sticks and some fockin grass dat look like sea moss pose of f on a fockin bench in tong whole mudder cont day under some Syrian or Indian shop. Then we have the sophisticated entrepreneur who will sit whole fockin day again to sell some fockin dinner mint and various sweety from KC ( who by the way might geh dem it on credit) toloom and tambran balls.

These are the heavy investments by niggas with funds from NEDCO. Then dey go run those assorted empires buss and cyah repay the mudder cont loans that dey take from NEDCO.

Why yuh think the fockin PNM remove the operations of this free money enterprise to niggas from the Freedom of Information Act? Makes sense.

Govt under fire in John John

The stands of this basketball court in John John, with writings welcoming Prime Minister Patrick Manning on Monday, initially carried obscenities. The graffiti was painted over just before Manning got to the community.

Residents claim:
Government uncaring
Community neglected
Election gimmick

Monica Hackshaw-Charles smiles lovingly at her nine-year-old grandson Justin.
Afflicted with cerebral palsy, the little boy who has just started to walk, takes tentative steps as he opens his arms for his 61-year-old grandmother.

Standing in her one-bedroom home at John John, Laventille, Hackshaw-Charles ponders the fate of her grandchild.
“I need help, and the Government just not interested in poor people,” she said angrily.
Also caring for four other grandchildren, the youngest being three, Hackshaw-Charles has turned a claustrophobic room barely measuring ten feet by ten feet into a home.
“Look at his place? You think it right for me and my grandchildren to be living in a place like this?” she asked.
“If Manning want to help, then help the poor people,” the frustrated, grey-haired woman added.
Hackshaw-Charles’ home fits snugly under a wooden structure in which another family lives.
“Since my place burn down in 1998 I have no home... I living here because people move out,” she said.

Devoid of a living room, gallery and proper toilet facilities, Hackshaw-Charles shares her single middle-sized bed with her grandchildren.
Her small stove is placed just at the entrance of the bedroom.
With no place to play indoors, the children spend most of their spare time looking at television or romping outside.

Saying she was “very unimpressed” with the Prime Minister’s presence in the area on Monday, Hackshaw-Charles was critical of the Manning regime.
“Less than ten John John people came out to see Manning, the rest was from outside who come in maxi,” she said.

“Around the basketball court they paint nasty cuss words when people hear Manning coming, but they hire people to paint it over fast, fast before he reach.”
Although she boasted of being “PNM from small,” the elderly woman said she has had enough.
“Is an election year... Manning looking for votes but people in John John not interested,” she said.

Echoing Hackshaw-Charles’ statements, Cepep worker Stacey-Ann Job said she, too, would not be putting her “X” by the balisier.
“Cepep workers want benefits... We want a medical plan,” she said.
“If something happen to us we have nothing to get.”
Saying she makes $700 a fortnight, Job, a mother of two young children, bemoaned the “uncaring” Manning administration.

“I can barely buy groceries. I have bills to pay. I have books and sneakers to buy. Where is the caring government Manning boast about?” she asked angrily.
Job also criticised Manning’s plans to demolish houses in Laventille and replace them with new structures.

“After I work so hard to build a place somebody will come and mash it down?” she asked.
“I and the rest of Laventille will never stand for that,” she said.
Fifty-four-year-old Carlton Gibbs believes, however, if Manning rebuilds John John, those residents would be out of the area for good.
“Is a ploy to get we out of here... They want to rebuild the place but we would not be coming back here,” he said.

“Manning have his own people he bringing in,” Gibbs charged.
He, too, added that he would like to see someone “other than Manning” take over the reigns of the Government.

Gibbs’ neighbour, Philbert Bonus, 39, said the last time he saw Manning walk through his community was five years ago when the general election was approaching.
Describing the Prime Minister’s walkabout on Monday as a “gimmick,” Bonus insisted Manning had neglected the entire Laventille community.
“Manning need to go way up in Laventille where people still messing in bags and throwing it in dust bins... Where there is no running water,” he said.
“He just walk up and down the main road to prove what? Nothing.”
What John John residents want:
Community centre
Health centre
Day care/pre-school facilities
Better roads
Pipe-borne water
Recreational facilities
It fockin good for all yuh. No matter how hard somebody try to show all yuh that the PNM does treat all yuh like shit and fockin slave, just say election and all yuh does get totolbay. Will eat ah fockin Balisier.
Niggas so fockin stupid, all this complaint and writing up on the wall only going to last ah fockin day. Just pass wid ah maxi and tell all yuh fockers we goin PNM meeting and for the free ride all yuh will push ah fockin Balisier up all yuh asshole. All yuh easy to bribe and buy, that is why the fockin PNM does take advantage of all yuh.
All niggas up in Laventille deserve to live in the shit and squalor because all yuh love it, just to get ah CEPEP wok.
Anyhow fock all yuh yes. By next week all forget that and is PNM till ah fockin dead.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Govt to ‘refurbish’ Laventille


In an attempt to change the social fabric of the crime-plagued Laventille community, Government is considering the establishment of a massive re-development exercise “from top to bottom.”

Prime Minister Patrick Manning announced this last evening, while addressing People’s National Movement (PNM) supporters after a hastily-planned walkabout in John John.

Manning told an audience of about 350 faithful at the basketball court in the area that he had been contemplating the social problems in East Port-of-Spain during “my quiet moments... and deciding how to treat with it.

“We have to put in place—and we are studying how it is done elsewhere in the world—a programme that comprehensively starts from the top of the hill and comes right down,” he said, amid a lukewarm response from the crowd.

The PM pointed out, though, that the Government might have to buy out lands in the area to facilitate the exercise.

“And, if we have to buy out everybody, we will buy out. We will rebuild housing in accordance with a planned development and on this occasion—as we do that—we will have to put in roads, water, proper drainage and we will have to do the project in such a way that it is consistent with the highest standards of development elsewhere in the world.

“That is the only way to do it... We will start at the top of the hill and come down the hill.”
Manning recalled that the Government had been attempting to change the social face of Laventille through the Beverly Hills housing development.

However, he noted that the project had been plagued by controversy.

This fockin negroid feel he smart yuh know.

Laventille is the hot spot for fockin murders and crime in the country. Labentille is also the home of the fockin PNM. Manning and dem know if dey take these teefing, murdering sons and whores of all dem Grenadian descendants and scatter the fockers all over the marginal constituencies it will beef up their support in those areas.

And that is what the exercise is all about. Apart from that the mudder cont and them goin to get paid for that as well. That will now bring about another problem. As yuh gee dem fockers money dey goin to buy more drugs and more fockin guns.

So coolies, start packing and running. The focking PNM goin to bring them right into your communities, which dey will fock up in a short space of time.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Escapees hide out in Enterprise

Monday, July 23 2007

Central Division police officers said yesterday they fear crime in their jurisdiction may increase based on reports that three escaped prisoners are hiding out at Enterprise Village, Chaguanas.

Officers told Newsday the prisoners have already carried out a robbery, and they feel that more crimes will be carried out by the three. Officers involved in the search said the escaped prisoners are believed to be hiding out in a squatter settlement and they may be armed and dangerous.

Persons in Central are advised to exercise caution and report to the police if the prisoners are seen.

The fugitives are Siddiqui Martin, 27 of Barataria; Noel Gilbert, 27, of Tunapuna; and Rajaiee Ali, 23, of Arima.

They escaped from the Remand Section of the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca between last Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

It aint take no fockin mathmatician to fockin figure out this.

If you cant find the teefing, murdering fockers in Laventille or Morvant.. They have to be in Enterprise.

That is where all the fockin niggas hiding out now.

Yuh mean the police now figure this out.

Group urges top Caricom award for Eric Williams

A committee of Caricom took a decision in 1990 not to grant posthumous awards, including the Order of Caricom, to the founding fathers of the regional integration movement, a prominent member of a civil society organisation claims.

However, Reginald Vidale, chairman of the Dr Eric Williams Memorial Committee, is insisting that the award be reinstated and presented posthumously to Dr Williams, T&T’s first prime minister, in time for the 45th anniversary of this country’s independence on August 31.

“He is deserving of it and if South Africa can see it fit to grant that country’s highest award to Dr Williams, 26 years after his passing, why can’t Caricom at which he was one of the founding fathers do it?” he asked in a telephone interview on Friday.

Vidale said he was “reliably informed” that the Caricom committee had taken the position because they did not want to give the award to Dr Williams, T&T’s first prime minister.

“I had written to former Caricom chairman Dr Ralph Gonsalves on June 25 about the issue and have not yet got the courtesy of a reply,” an irate Vidale said.

“He has been coming to T&T for all sorts of help and he does not have that courtesy... I want to tell him don’t come to Trinidad for anything.”

Vidale said he had since written to new Caricom chairman Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur about the matter.

“I am now asking the new chairman to have the decision reversed so that at least Dr Williams can get Caricom’s highest award.”

Vidale said former Caribbean leaders such as Williams, Errol Barrow, Forbes Burnham and Michael Manley had paved the way for the much-touted Caricom Single Market and Economy.

“That was their vision, not Ralph Gonsalves’ or Owen Arthur’s, but a decision of the founding fathers,” he added.

Niggas will do anything to not only full dey fockin black arse wid things that doh belong to dem eh!

Eric Williams fock up this country more than anybody else.

Eric Williams was responsible for creating the laziest setta niggas in the world, which is an almost impossible task. Considering that niggas all over the world is the same pests.

The man create ah lasting nigga mentality in an entire civil service. Go for anything from a birth paper to a driving permit and you will see what ah mean when you have to face these big lip half deaf niggas. Eric teach these fockers to demand without working for what dey want. Eric is responsible for turning out ah setta nigga dunces from schools across Trinidad and Tobago today.

Now to make matters worse this cont want to also award Forbes Burnham, the man that fockin bull Guyana in its bottom.

What the fock really wrong wid this Vidale cont. Why somebody doh look for ah wok for he?

Joseph: Salary review for Defence Force

Monday, July 23rd 2007

In addition to enhanced physical accommodations, the men and women of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force should receive an enhanced pay packet as well.

This from National Security Minister Martin Joseph who on Thursday delivered the feature address during the passing-out parade for a graduating batch of Regiment and Coast Guard personnel which took place at the Chaguaramas heliport.

"Not only do we need to provide you, our soldiers and sailors with the training and tools, but we must also ensure that you are compensated properly, that you have access to adequate and affordable housing," Joseph said.

He added: "In this regard the government obtained the services of a Defence Compensation Specialist from the Canadian Ministry of Defence to undertake a Salary Review for the TTDF."

Geezuz fockin Christ!

Wa the mudder cont these fockers do to deserve ah fockin raise ah pay plus yuh want to geh dem house focking free.

All these lazy niggas does do is play football and walk around wid police. These fockers cyah even fight ah fly. Who we goin to fight ? Grenada, Barbados or St. Vincent because it cyah be fockin Venezuela. Dey probably have the largest army in Latin America.

Or is it that this is another ploy to let coolies know that youre not welcome in the service and that here is we geein niggas everything to vote fockin PNM.

No Cancer Debate

Sunday, July 22 2007

DEPUTY Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hedwige Bereaux, in the chair on Friday declined to allow a motion by Fyzabad MP Chandresh Sharma to debate the breakdown in services at the St James Cancer Treatment Centre.

Sharma sought to interrupt the House’s schedule with his motion to adjourn the House on “definite matters of urgent public importance.”

He said 500 patients were being deprived of treatment at the institution, a deprivation which could lead to the spread of the condition within the patients’ bodies.

He said cancer was the leading cause of death in women and the second leading cause of death in men in Trinidad and Tobago.

He said some 3,000 people “are seen” with cancer each year and therapy costs over $150,000.

“If this situation is not corrected more than 1,200 people who use these public facilities, will die due to a lack of this treatment.” Bereaux said the matter did not qualify for discussion under the provisions of Standing Order 12.

It ha any fockin thing that anybody in that house bring up as a matter of urgent public and these niggas will want to discuss it.

Nothing is important to the fockin PNM. Whether is flood, food, housing, education, whoring whatever.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cabinet approves National Crime Commission

PM says:
People have spoken with a clear voice Government will respond
By Shaliza Hassanali

PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning announced yesterday that Cabinet had approved the establishment of a non-partisan National Crime and Justice Commission to deal specifically with law enforcement and the justice system.

A national biometric fingerprint data base, with the capacity to store records of each citizen from birth will also be established.

The announcement was made by Manning as he interrupted Princes Town MP Subhas Panday’s contribution on the Insurance Amendment Bill 2007 to deliver the news to the House of Representatives.

He said escalation of violent crime and anti-social behaviour constituted the most fundamental threat to economic and social development in T&T.
Among the steps taken, Manning said, were the investments in crime fighting machinery and modernisation of security forces.

“A major initiative has been launched to build a more dynamic partnership between the law-abiding citizens in communities and the police authorities, in order to deal more firmly with the threat posed by crime and violence,” the PM said.

Manning said T&T’s sustained effort to transform and modernise the security forces and the introduction of crime fighting techniques have been reasonably successful.

In the first quarter of 2007, Manning said, T&T saw a commendable reduction of 44 per cent in homicides and an overall decrease of 8.02 per cent in serious crimes when compared to the same period in 2006.

“For the first half of this year, compared to the same period last year, there was a three per cent reduction in serious crime and a 26.6 per cent reduction in homicides. These are the cold facts,” he said.

Manning said by the end of the first quarter of 2007, and which constituted to another stage in the crime fighting, Cabinet on April 5 approved the staging of seven National Consultations on Crime across T&T.

The objective of the consultations, Manning explained, was to:

n Share with the public the strategies which the Government had been pursuing in crime fighting
n Update the public on the successes and continued challenges of specific anti-crime measures
n Hear the views and recommendations of the public regarding additional strategies or adjustments.

Manning insisted that the goals of the consultations were realised.

“In all seven locations, the attendance and participation of the public far exceeded all expectations. We are in no doubt that all participants emerged more enlightened from these meetings,” he said.

Manning said the experience of these consultations had confirmed the value of organising similar sessions on major issues of national concern and a commitment in this regard had already been given.

Stating that he was struck by the consensus which emerged at these consultations, Manning stressed that the problem of crime started with the failure to instil proper values in young people.

Manning argued that it was most important to ensure that there were enough opportunities for youth development so they can lead productive lives and not easily lured into a life of crime.

“The growing tendency toward deviant behaviour and the drift towards lawlessness and indiscipline among our young people were causes for concern at all meetings,” he said.

Other major issues which emerged through the consultations, Manning said, were the urgent need to halt the deterioration of family life and a national campaign aimed at improving the social value system.

Manning said the view expressed at the consultation was that rampant individualism continued to weaken the strong family bonds.

He said that it was of utmost importance that a process of implementation followed these consultations.

In light of this, Manning said, the people have spoken with a clear voice and the Government would respond.

Manning said action had now being taken as a result of the consultations.

“A report was submitted to Cabinet which elaborated on the issues emanating from the consultation and that Cabinet had approved the establishment of the National Crime and Justice Commission.

The commission, Manning said, will recommend to Cabinet the appropriate legal framework for implementation, and would seek to devise specific mechanisms to improve public confidence within the justice and law enforcement system.

Members of the National Crime and Justice Commission:

Former Appeal Court judge, Justice Lionel Jones, who will service as chairman.
Point-a-Pierre MP Gillian Lucky.
Independent Senator Dana Seetahal
Former senior magistrate George Hislop.

Now we all know that this is goin to turn out to be nought.

How many fockin times the PNM will try to fool this population with initiatives that turn out to be useless.

The next thing is why the fock dem formin Commission now when election is just around the focking corner and dey mighten even be dey. That fockin committee might just be disbanded in the next couple of months. Like they tryin to fatten somebody pocket.

Please take fockin note that lesbo Gillian is working closely with the PNM. Clearly demonstrates the COP' s alliance with the fockin PNM.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rent: $228M a year

GOVERNMENT PAYS a whopping $19M per month for the rental of office space, which works out to $228M per year.

It was this hefty price tag which convinced the Manning-led administration to move on building its own offices at locations around the country. Planning and Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis made this disclosure yesterday during the topping-up ceremony of the Ministry of Legal Affairs Tower at the Government Campus Plaza, Port-of-Spain.

While Port-of-Spain has been the site of the intense construction of government offices, other offices are planned for and in train at San Fernando, Arima, Chaguanas and Scarborough.

Housing Minister Dr Keith Rowley months ago warned that the Government will not continue to be a “renter of properties” in Port-of-Spain.

Speaking at the ceremony yesterday, Prime Minister Patrick Manning said that about two years ago, when work was initiated on the government complex, “what to many appeared to be a pipe dream and the figment of the very fertile imagination, as they put it, of the Prime Minister, is today the reality in Port-of-Spain and the reality in Trinidad and Tobago.

“We are here to do the topping-up ceremony of the second 22-storey building on this complex. The other two are ten-storey buildings already under construction — one has reached its height and the other is under construction at this time. The other 22-storey building has already reached the level that it was designed to go.

“When you look across the street, you can see of the two 26-storey buildings, one is already at height, that is the office complex and next to it the Hyatt Regency Hotel… has reached its height and the convention centre and car park are already in place.

And across the street the 1,800 car park is already in place.” Manning and his entire Cabinet toured the tower which is being built by Sunway Construction Caribbean Ltd, whose parent company is headquartered in Malaysia.

Over the last 5 years all the fockin PNM Ministers, friends, families and supporters were able through corrupt means to purchase properties and then rent them in turn to the Government.

So when these fockers tell you dey paying too much rent. They done pay back for all the buildings that they buy wid tax payers money.

Ask Hazel wa she fockin buy in South.

Med school admissions not pro-Indian

The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Inc endorses the call for an investigation into the admissions criteria of UWI’s Medical College, Mt Hope made recently by Prof Courtenay Bartholomew. This call for an investigation was also endorsed by vascular surgeon Prof Vijay Narinesingh on Radio Jaagriti 102.7 FM in an exclusive interview.

Narinesingh said that he “thinks it is a very good idea for a commission of enquiry to be set up to investigate the admissions because there is a need to ensure that it is transparent and students are dealt with fairly and if that is what it takes to ensure that the public is satisfied, then it is a fair system.”

Some have taken the call by Prof Courtenay Bartholomew as one which implies that there is a bias to admit Indo-Trinidadians to the medical school over their Afro-Trinidadian counterparts. In particular one radio station with a clear ethnic bias has taken this racial slant and essentially engaged in ethnic mobilisation around this issue.

Ironically, when interviewed on the very same radio station Bartholomew indicated that at no point did he imply that there was racial discrimination in the admissions procedure. Indeed the admissions committee at Mt Hope is chaired by Dr Phyllis Pitt-Miller, who is but one of several persons of African origin on the committee. To suspect that they actively discriminated against Afro-Trinidadian students is farcical at best.

In his letter to the Minister of Tertiary Education Mustapha Abdul Hamid, Prof Bartholomew called for a commission of enquiry into the admissions and wrote: “Over the years I have received many complaints of alleged discriminatory or preferential admission practices in the selection of certain students for entry into medical school here, several of which I am sure are not valid.”

He continued: “However, I could not personally verify any of these until it was experienced in a most glaring way by two members of my competent and dedicated staff of the Medical Research Foundation, who in addition to their A’Levels had BScs from very reputable universities in the USA and impressive extra curricular health-related activities while there.”

Minister Abdul-Hamid on the radio station championing affirmative action at Mt Hope said: Based on information he had received, Indo-Trinidadian students had an advantage when applying for entry at the faculty. His understanding of this is that on the basis of A’Level performance, large numbers of students of East Indian descent were, in fact, gaining entry into the Faculty of Medical Sciences.”

“This is my understanding…I do not have empirical evidence. It is on the basis of information that has come to me as line minister,” he said.

So without any real evidence, the Minister of Tertiary Education takes action because there are too many Indians at Mt Hope for his comfort. This line of affirmative action at the University of the West Indies is consistent with a similar recommendation made by Dr Keith Rowley regarding Afro-Trinidadian males at UWI some years ago.

This policy is also consistent with the policy of the government to alter the admission policy of the pharmaceutical board to admit pharmacists from Phillipines.

Prof Selwyn Ryan and Prof John La Guerre, through the Centre for Ethnic Studies of UWI St Augustine were commissioned to study and report on Employment in the Public and Private Sector more than 16 years ago. They both found that “there were indeed imbalances in the number of Indo-Trinidadian in the public sector.”

Ryan, writing in the Sunday Express of July 8, attempts to justify the imbalance he found by saying, “The demographic dynamics that were at work in the society as a result of what was occurring at the schools were manifesting themselves at the middle levels of the public service…the demand for equity and parity would come increasing from the Afro-Trinidadian element.”
Neither Prof Bartholomew nor Prof Ryan expressed concern and demanded enquiring into the deliberate suppression of Indians despite their superior qualifications for available jobs and promotions. Now they are both bothered by the hardworking Indian students. Rather than encourage Afro parents to guide their children to excellence, they find reasons for poor performance.

Prof Bartholomew knows the answer as he wrote on November 20, 2005, in the Sunday Express: “Indo-Trinidadians were making better use of the available educational opportunities than Afro-Trinidadians, who seem to have succumbed to the culture of the extended Carnival.”
The Maha Sabha recommends that the Ministry of Education be investigated for its promotion of the “extended Carnival” mentality under the guise of “excellence”!

The Maha Sabha calls for a commission of enquiry into not only Mt Hope but also in the awarding of scholarships to St Georges Medical School, Grenada, the scholarships to study architecture, appointments and promotions in the public service, disbursements of cultural grants and the behaviour of the Ministry of Housing towards Indo-Trinidadian applications for housing and other grants.

Fockin gee dem boy Sat! But yuh have to put it more plain for these fockers to undertand.

The fact is niggas dont want to study, dem only want to party and bull. Make fockin nigglets like dogs all over the fockin place and pre occupy dey self wid bling, Sentra, fockin gold teeth and how to rob coolie people. Tell dem fockers to pick up ah book and dat is like ah jail sentence. Go in any bookstore in any part of the world and see how much niggas perusin books with the intention of making ah purchase. Now go to ah fockin shoe store and see the difference.

Mustapha Abdul Hamid is ah nigga lover, that is the only way he coulda geh wife or should I say wives. He belong to the Jamaat al Muslimeen and dat is how he get the position in Govt. As a matter of fact he was one of the honchos during the coup that was suppose to take over the airport, its just that the fockin army reach before and the mudder cont run away. So he will support anything niggas say, he existence depend on niggas.

Why d fock Bartholomew, Hamid, Cudjoe, Ryan, Le Guerre and dem fockers doh look at the fockin Police Service, the Army, the Coast Guard, the Civil Service, TSTT, T&TEC, WASA and all the top spots in State institutions and say we need affirmitve action for coolies. Why d mudder cont they aint see how fockin Manning tried to block the promotion of coolies (Feroza Ramjohn, Ganga Persad Kissoon, Devant Maharaj) in the Civil Service and when dey take d mudders cont to court they win their cases based on discrimination?

Fock niggas, all they want to do is fete.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Choc'late weeps over sponsor pullout

Danah backlash
Kimberly Castillo

CHOC'LATE Allen broke down in tears at the "100% Crime Free" Youth Motivational Awards at the Valpark Chinese Restaurant yesterday.

Allen's tears came as she said many sponsors for the ceremony, which should have been a "grand occasion" to pay recognition to six youth motivators, had "pulled out" due to what she called "false reports in the media".

She also accused the public of showing double standards and "punishing" her and the committee for choosing Danah Alleyne as one of the recipients of an award.

There had been a public outcry last week, after the committee announced that Alleyne had been chosen for an award.

Many felt that selecting Alleyne, who came into the public eye after engaging in a lewd dance act with R&B star Akon at the Zen nightclub in April, was sending the wrong signal to the youth of the country.

But Allen stoutly defended the choice, saying they chose Alleyne not for the act she committed, but for the manner in which she handled it afterwards.

Alleyne was on hand yesterday to receive her prize from the committee for being a "perfect motivation to both parents and children".

Alleyne said she thought about declining the award because of the negative publicity that arose from the Zen incident.

However, she said to decline the award would have meant "defeat and cowardice" on her part.
She said she wanted the youths out there who have been through bad experiences like herself to "rise up and move forward".

Other recipients of awards were academic achiever Veera Bhajan, cricketer Adrian Barath, Carnival costume designer Alendra Bailey, squash player Josh Pinard and exemplary inmate at the Youth Training Centre (YTC) Anthony Garcia.

Wa the fock ah 100% Crime Free award for Danah Alleyne ?

To tell young people to disguise yuh self as over 18 to go nightclub and let some nigga roll yuh cont up all over the floor and den drop some african toti on yuh in the toilet.

And who is fockin Chocolate...lil fockin cont who feel she is God gift to the world?

Girl if you like to fantasize so much, why yuh do think about Veera fingering yuh cyat.

The sponsor and dem fockin right, yuh feel dey dotish like all niggas.

UNC senator warns of mass exodus

Singh says:
Imbalance in composition of Medical Board will trigger exodus.
Migrating doctors have been asking for letters of “good standing.”

A temporary United National Congress senator is predicting “massive migration” if the Government sticks to its guns in altering the composition of the Medical Board of T&T (MBTT) to include more state appointees.

Neil Adrian Singh, secretary of the MBTT, was contributing to debate on the Medical Board Amendment Bill in the Upper House, yesterday.

The bill, piloted by Health Minister John Rahael, seeks in part to alter the composition of the board to allow for seven government appointees and four medical practitioners.

Doctors have argued that this would create an imbalance in the composition of the board, insisting medical professionals should have more power to regulate the organisation.

But yesterday, Singh, a doctor, delivering his maiden contribution in the Senate, said such a scenario would lead to a further exodus of medical professionals.

“Mr Vice President (Rawle Titus), if you put this power in the hands of a politician, I again assure you there will be massive migration of doctors from this country, which continues as we speak,” he said.

Singh also dismissed claims by Rahael that doctors were returning to T&T to work.

“I would tell you, I register doctors, but for every doctor who leaves here, they are asking for a letter of good standing…so I know those are leaving,” said Singh.

“There must be a reason why they are not staying…And, if you want to give the minister the will to discipline doctors—like grandfathers and grandchildren—you will get a mass exodus.”

Several of Singh’s colleagues and fellow board members sat in the public gallery yesterday as a mark of protest.

Neil, the fockin exodus done start already. You have admitted it by indicating that they arks yuh for letter of good standing.

Anyhow the fockin PNMites want to control the doctors simple. We have seen it before. Why yuh think dey create a parallel board to bring in ah set of fockin bush, unqualified doctors from the fockin Phillipines. They do it to bring in some from Cuba as well.

The niggas are of the view that the medical profesion in Trinidad ha too much fockin coolies and they also view all these coolies as UNC doctors. Manning himself said so.

So is time to mash up the fockin medical profesion. Fock MPATT too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Join me as an independent

Independent Opposition MP Fuad Khan yesterday invited embattled People’s National Movement (PNM) backbencher Lawrence Achong to join him on the Parliament’s back bench as an Independent member for the last few months of the Parliament’s life.

That would change the Parliament seat configuration from the current 20 (PNM) and 16 (Opposition, including backbenchers) seats to 19 (PNM) and 17 (Opposition, including backbenchers)

“I make the offer fully cognisant of the fact that Achong belongs to a political movement opposite to mine,” Khan said.

“However, it has become clear that the member is the victim of a concerted effort to eliminate him from the political process. And victimisation in all its forms must be exposed and ended.

“Consequently, I invite him as an MP to exercise temerity (sic) by joining me in a signal of opposition to autocracy, maximum leadership and a lack of consideration for true democratic principles.”

Khan added: “Together we can champion a new design, one that adheres to the people’s desires through representation. It is our responsibility as leaders today to be pioneers in our journey towards good governance and a better nation.”

The opposition MP said: “By making this bold step and reconfiguring the composition of the House of Representatives to reflect a new scenario 19-17, Achong will be sending a message: the rejection of tyranny.”

Khan added: “It is clear that he, like myself, has significant support in his seat as I do in mine. It must therefore play the most important role in destroying the machinations of those who have ulterior agendas.”

Fuad should mine he own fockin business. Why the fock he studying Larry Achong and talking all kinda dotishness about eliminating him from the political process.

The mudder cont cuss the lil gyul. The whole fockin world see that. It was shown on TV and it all over the internet. I sorry the fockin charge doh have ah jail sentence.

Boy, look yuh constituents aint see yuh for 5 fockin years. And you aint ha no fockin support. The people support the fockin UNC, NOT YOU cont.

Go and see if you could stitch a "living" prick for Gillian nah.

You could leh she try it out and bull you to see if it workin good too.

31 officials on Integrity Commission list

Julien Neaves jneaves@trinidadexpress.com
Tuesday, July 17th 2007

SENATE Vice President Rawle Titus and Tobago House of Assembly (THA) minority leader Ashworth Jack are among 31 people listed in a notice by the Integrity Commission for failing to furnish particulars under the Integrity in Public Life Act.

The notice, which appeared in the newspapers last Thursday, stated that the people listed had failed to provide further particulars in relation to Declarations of Income, Assets and Liabilities and Statements of Registrable Interests with the commission, in accordance with section 13 of the Integrity in Public Life Act, 2000, for the year ended December 31, 2004.

However, Titus told the Express yesterday that, coincidentally, he was at the Integrity Commission offices that same day "settling up" to 2006, and though he had not seen the notice, he was aware of it. He stressed that when making declarations to the Integrity Commission you must ensure that you cross your "t's" and dot your "i's".

He added that everything had since been "cleared up" and the issue "put behind him".

Jack meanwhile said that he had been written to by the commission on the issue and the noncompliance, and it was "100 per cent" his fault. He reported that it was information missing from the application included his NIS and BIR numbers.

Jack said it was a simple matter of sending a letter with the information and it will be included with his other declarations.

Another person on the list was councillor Carol Cuffy-Dowlath (Les Efforts West/La Romaine). She, however, described it as a "minor query" and noted that it would have been cleared up between yesterday and today.

The list also featured a number of permanent secretaries, councillors and members of a number of borough and regional corporations, such as Point Fortin, Diego Martin and Siparia.

The commission's Acting Registrar, Martin Farrell, told the Express that the commission has had to make ex parte applications in the past to the High Court ordering people to comply with the act.

He said though that this does not happen very often, and there is usually a high amount of compliance.

How come dey aint charge these mudder conts and dem.

How come only fockin Panday geh charge.

Since fockin 2004 this tight fockin ass deputy Speaker fail to comply wid the Integrity Act. And dem fockers only reminding dem, they not chargin dem.

Is one law for niggas and one for coolies.

Charge the coolies and leh niggas go free. Create more fockin criminals.

Promoter apologises to Gypsy

Michael Mondezie mmondezie@trinidadexpress.com
Tuesday, July 17th 2007

Calypso promoter Randy Glasgow has issued a public apology to United National Congress party member Winston "Gypsy" Peters for the "distasteful" crowd response he received at the Political Calypso Monarch Competition earlier this month.

"We want to apologise to Gypsy. No one should have to endure that and I felt the judges should have given him another chance to perform his song," Glasgow said during a phone interview yesterday.

Patrons booed and jeered Gypsy when he made his appearance at the final on July 7 at the Jean Pierre Complex in Mucurapo.

Gypsy, however, took it all in stride and soldiered on with his performance of "This Is My Land".

Glasgow said calypso fans in general needed to be more receptive and give each performer their chance and space.

"We know Trinidadians are fair people, but they didn't give him an opportunity on that night. It wasn't a nice thing to do to Gypsy," Glasgow said.

"People were saying Gypsy kind of answer them and it was a give and take, but we feel Trinidadians are mature enough and they know where to cut it."

Although Glasgow's apology comes a full week after the event, he says it is neither too late nor a trigger response to Culture Minister Joan Yuille-Williams' recent comments on the issue.

"Ours is an independent statement," Glasgow said.

Yuille-Williams reportedly voiced her concern over the issue during a radio interview on Friday. She called the incident distasteful and said the event's organisers should work to ensure there is not a repeat.

Dey fockin lie and have no shame. How the fockin patrons end up wid Balisier in dey hand to wave at Gypsy when he was performing.

Yuh doh geh Balisier dong in the fockin swamp in Mucurapo. Yuh does find it in the bush and some ole nigga had to organise and cut them and bring dem for the fockin teeves from laventille to wave when the man was singing.

People aint fockin dotish yuh know.

One whole fockin week Glasgow take to fockin apoligise. Anyhow Im sure he geh money from Joan to host the fockin competition.

So wa yuh expect?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Who ordered Achong appeal?

By RIA TAITT Monday, July 16 2007

MERE DAYS after the obscene language charge was dismissed against Point Fortin MP Larry Achong, police have received instructions to appeal the decision of Magistrate Seemungal Ramsaran, sources told Newsday yesterday.

However, the instructions have reportedly not come from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, but from the political directorate.

Achong, charged earlier this year with the use of obscene language against Pundit Ramlakhan on November 9, 2006 at an anti-smelter meeting at the Chatham Youth Facility, was cleared last Thursday after Ramsaran upheld a no-case submission put forward by lead defence attorney Osborne Charles SC.

Thursday’s result left him clear to contest his Point Fortin seat in this year’s election.

Police sources yesterday confirmed moves for an appeal of Thursday’s ruling, but said that the police had not been directed by the DPP to appeal, but by “someone else.”

Once again, ah fockin demonstration that the fockin PNM mudders cont and dem in charge of the Judiciary.

This is what dey all about and why the need to get rid of the CJ. They want to control who to charge and who to let off.

Question is though........who give the fockin instructions ?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

American firm calls for probe into contract for buses

An American company is calling for an investigation into what it calls a “suspicious and illegitimate” contract granted by the Government to a local company for the supply of buses to the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC).

In a faxed statement on Friday, Champion Motors of America Inc, based in Florida, accused the Government of violating business ethics by not inviting them to bid on a contract for the provision of buses to T&T.

Chairman of Champion’s board of directors Jackie Jacobs said last year her company supplied top-quality, reliable buses to T&T.

“We sent samples of these beautiful and reliable buses and later won a bid for 25 buses,” Jacobs said.

“We won this bid thanks to our excellent quality, price and after-sales service.

The Public Transport Service Corporation was proud to present our buses and was especially satisfied with the support we offered them.

“We were very surprised to learn of a new bid in which we were not invited.”

Jacobs alleged that a company called Louba Engineering was asked to supply Champion buses.

“We were very upset by the lack of respect shown by the authorities of PTSC in its failure to show us the courtesy of an invitation to bid, especially after having won a bid and shown ourselves to be supportive of the people of T&T through the supply and service of our products.
“We are very suspicious that mysterious and illegitimate factors influenced these decisions.”

She noted that it was well-known T&T had suffered in the past because of previous purchases of buses from Brazil.

“The prices were outrageous and there was poor or no after-sales service,” Jacobs said.

“Buses were stuck in the repair shop due to the lack of supplies and parts. It is the people of T&T who suffer the true consequences of such unethical arrangements.

“The question then becomes why Champion was not invited to bid, given that we offer the best financial solution and the highest quality and service.

“We can only conclude that personal interests were prioritised over the necessities of the people.

“Our product exists to benefit the people of T&T. It is these people who are being abused by corrupt authorities to fill the pockets of a few individuals.”

Jacobs said Champion Motors of America was demanding an explanation of the relationship involving Louba Engineering, PTSC and the Government.

“We ask that the people of T&T investigate these issues and put an end to this type of corruption forever,” Jacobs added.

All above board—Ragoonanan PNM Oropouche East chairman Harry Ragoonanan, who heads Louba Engineering, defended his company yesterday, saying there was no breach of business ethics.

Ragoonanan, who is married to Senior Magistrate Lucina Cardenas-Ragoonanan, said last year PTSC invited tenders for a supply of 30-seater buses to facilitate rural transportation.

“Champion did not have a local agent, and PTSC said the contract would only be given to a company with a local agent.

Ragoonanan said Louba Engineering won the bid to represent Champion as its local agent. He said it was subsequently discovered that Champion was not the manufacturer of the buses, and that they had to be shipped to T&T from the factory in China.

“We had to ship the buses from China and this was difficult,” he said.

“Right now, we are still awaiting 13 of the 25 buses.”

Ragoonanan also alleged that Champion charged Louba Engineering rent for space at the factory in China.

“We have paid US$43,000 in rent to date, and this is ridiculous because no other company charges such rent,” he said.

Ragoonanan said, too, the price of the buses, as well as spare parts from Champion, were exorbitant.

Asked whether Louba Engineering had been chosen by PTSC to supply a new set of buses under a new contract, Ragoonanan said no company had yet been named. Saying that neither the Government nor Louba Engineering had breached business ethics, he declared he was a long-standing member of the PNM.

“I am the chairman of the Oropouche East constituency for the PNM, but does that mean that I have to stop my business transactions because of this?” he asked.

Now at the begininng of this article you would ask yuh self. Who is this fockiin Louba Engineering?

You mind will concoct all kinda ideas of how they related to the fockin PNM.

Bam, Lo and Behold.......Harry boy Ragoo is fockin Chairman of the Oropouche East constituency.

Wa d fock, yuh expect me to say something again. Figure it out man.

Oh ho, doh forget who is ee wife! Senior Magistrate Lucina Cardenas-Ragoonanan

No active politics for Israel Khan

Senior Counsel Israel Khan has gone PNM. He denies that his briefs from the State were an influencing factor.

Khan declines to answer if it would be good for the country if the PNM should win a constitutional majority in the upcoming general election, making it possible for laws to be passed without the support of the Opposition.

Mr Khan, I feel that after this interview, you may not wish to speak to me again, but I have some blunt questions to ask you. May I?

Clevon, I usually face tough questions in my profession, so I don’t mind answering questions like that.

Very well. Mr Khan, have you sold out to the PNM?

[Stunned and pausing for about 20 seconds in his chambers on Thursday morning and then laughing aloud]. Have I sold out to the PNM? That question is a political question you are asking me [pausing again], and it suggests I belonged to another political party and I have crossed the floor...

No. No. The question should be read only as it is asked. Have you sold out to the PNM?

No. I have not sold out to the PNM, but at this point in time, I am a supporter of the PNM, and I support the party, I support...

You fockin sell out to get big brief Cont.

Senior, this has come as a surprise to many people, including me, especially as in June, 2003, you told me you had not gone PNM. What has caused this radical change?

Well, I am satisfied the present leadership of the PNM is making a great effort to include every national in the party...

No, is the fockin amount ah money I making now. All I have to do, is put up my finger for the Balisier and I loading up my fockin Bank account all yuh ass.

Mr Khan, you are a man about town. Have you heard the talk that because of the heavy briefs you have been receiving from the State that perhaps you have been influenced to...

[Interrupting]...give my support to the PNM. That is certainly not so. I would like to believe that whatever briefs I have received from the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General that they would have considered my competence, integrity, and I believe that I, like other lawyers, being briefed because of my competence.

Fockin lie, it ha 90 times more competent attorneys than you who doh sen criminals in the jail to solicit business.

Even so, Mr Khan, people still cannot get over your political move…?

I will vote for the PNM, and I am of the view that the leadership manages the economy properly.

Ha, like you is some big fockin economist. Every fockin economic asshole will tell you that the PNM is mismanaging the resources of the State, especially to feed fockers like you.

Senior, are you not compromising your professional integrity or yourself in any other way?

No. I’m of that view.

No, I done do that long time ago.

You go to bed with your conscience very clear?

yeah, and meh bamcee plugged by some fockin homosexual PNM creole ah could find at the time.

This did not come as an overnight situation. I have been looking at the political parties, and the COP is really the NAR of 1986.

Dat is the only true thing you say.

Before we go there, the talk is that you have received or are about to receive something for supporting the PNM?

[Chuckling]. You see, Trinidadians are very narrow-minded; in that to support something you must get something. I believe the leadership of this country is managing our diversity very well.

Yeah, big briefs (manning jockey shorts) to smell after he done bull Christine.

Mr Khan, do you expect to get a place in Mr Manning’s cabinet?

[Twirling a pencil between his fingers]. I have no ambition to be in active politics.

Once I making money, fock Cabinet. Then the change go be less.

Mr Khan, I believe you are hiding something. Nothing you have said so far has convinced me that you have joined the PNM simply because you believe it is the better party to run this country..?

Clevon, it is because you are listening to rumours. I have heard that I am contesting [counting on his fingers] St Augustine, St Joseph and Tunapuna...

So which one are you really contesting?
[Laughing]. None of them. But Clevon, I thought when you came to interview me this morning we would be dealing with the issue of race…

Fock dem greasy head coolie South of the Caroni bridge. I doh fockin care bout them.

No. No. I did not make any deals with you.

[Protesting vigorously]. No. No. Not a deal, not a deal...

I came to discuss your sudden swing to the PNM.

[Half smiling]. Look; there are many prominent and grassroots Indians who are supporting the PNM this time around, you know?

How did you gauge that?

Speaking to people on the ground level, by speaking to professionals...

On my latest tour of Uranus (your anus)

You are aware, of course, that the PNM has been accused of discriminating against Indians?

There are many East Indians who would see race behind anything.

I does only see race to lik up dem young Indian lawyers and take way dey wok.


Well, that issue is one more of perception than reality, but that does not mean to say what has happened in Guyana cannot happen here.

Yeah like I does perceive that I does be fockin Joan Yuille Williams in she bottom and finishin off wid a blow job from them glorious teeth in she horse mouth.

But Clevon, PNM is definitely going to win the next election; they may not get the three-fifths majority, as some people are predicting.

Would it be a good thing, Mr Khan, if the party should get that majority?

[Gently knocking his pencil on a note pad on his desk]. Well, if the opposition keeps blocking legislation…

Duncee head answer, fock. Who does do your legal work ?

No. No. Mr Khan. Would it be a good thing for the country if the party should get that kind of majority? To change the laws of the country without requiring the support of the Opposition?

[A pensive expression while looking out the window of his Abercromby Street chambers]. Was it a good thing that NAR got 33 and the PNM three?

Mr Khan, you are beating around the bush...You know you cannot answer a question with another question. Is it a good thing?

[Back to tapping his note pad with the pencil and a long pause]. You see, I cannot say, because I do not know the future…I don’t know.

Revealin his stupidity again.

But Mr Khan, if you are prepared to vote for a party, shouldn’t you have absolute confidence in the way the party conducts its business in government?

What I wish today at this point is that whoever is in power we need to have a strong Opposition to keep the PNM on their toes.

Oh fock, like he really aint know what he want now.

So I see you are not answering the question, Mr Khan?

[Grinning]. I take the Fifth Amendment on this one.

Yuh cont, it doh ha no fockin 5th here in Trinidad.

Well said, Mr Khan. Do you agree that politicians are fuelling this race talk, especially at election time, for their own selfish ends?

Clevon, it is an historical situation where, because of colonial policies, there was mistrust and antagonism between the major races, but we have come a long way.

Do politicians exploit that historical mistrust as you have described it?

I talk to Patos and we decide how to fix dat already.

[Loud tone]. So what do you think Panday was doing when he said they wanted to hang two Indians with one rope?

There couldn’t be a more racist statement than that.

What about when Mr Manning said another black man bites the dust when the UNC fired Malcolm Jones from a big job in the energy sector?

Well [another chuckle], it is just as Panday saying another East Indian bites the dust. Race is used conveniently. You see, Mr Manning is in a very fortunate position with this huge windfall, because with a lot of money you could manage the diversity.

By the same token, any fool could spend money?

Yeah. But he is spending it wisely, and those who are saying otherwise must tell me how he is spending it foolishly.

Oh fock, well blow me down.

Mr Khan, you know I cannot understand what is going on, with you coming out this morning to defend Mr Manning?

He is taking some bold steps, and I am of the view he is moving in the right direction. And you cannot talk about racism as it was years ago.

Yeah, dat is why he losing all dem discriminatory battles in court. Maybe you should do one or two for him.

Look around and see how many East Indians are in the Police Service. Check out the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School, the medical faculty at UWI. They have to manage the diversity, and he is making a great effort at doing that.

Which mudder cont Indian in the police service?

De fockin Indians in Law and Med School on merit and hard work cont. Not because the PNM want to see Indians in there.

Yuh fockin asshole.

Caribbean Airlines CEO earning $.5m monthly

Caribbean Airlines’ chief executive officer Peter Davies could be in receipt of handsome salary and fringe benefits—anywhere in the region of £50,000 (about $655,000) a month.

This is according to local airline sources, who offered that figure yesterday, after the Government pointedly ducked a question concerning the remuneration of Davies, a 56-year-old British citizen.

The refusal has attracted a stinging accusation that the Government believes it can spend taxpayers’ money with impunity.

In a written answer filed in the Lower House on Friday in response to a question tabled by Caroni East MP Ganga Singh, the Government refused, on the grounds of confidentiality, to divulge Davies’ terms of employment.

Singh had demanded that the Government also account to the Parliament on the remuneration earned by two other expatriates: Francois Parisseau, Caribbean Airlines’ director of marketing, and Anne Cole, vice president, human resources.

The answer provided on Friday by Leader of Government Business Ken Valley indicated the terms, conditions and salary of the trio “were considered to be of a competitive nature, and release of this information into the public domain is considered prejudicial to the airline’s strategic and competitive position.


5 and ah half mill ah month.

To fockin fire the entire mudda cont staff, sell the fockin Heathrow slots, crush the fockin union and allow Joanne Edwards to niggerise the entire operation.

I coulda do that.

In all seriousness though. Ganga and Valley done ha dey deal goin down with CWee, the new airline wid dem Constellation people.

So is jus to fock the ole bwee to the cross now, like Valley did wid Acker the last time around.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Manning: I’m healthy for service

By SEAN DOUGLAS Saturday, July 14 2007

PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning caused good-natured laughter yesterday when he assured the House of Representatives that he has been certified fit for service “at all levels” yesterday.

He was replying to a casual query and good wishes from Chaguanas MP Manohar Ramsaran about his recent health check-up in Cuba where he had previously had a heart-valve replacement and was fitted with a pacemaker.

“I’d like to assure him and the members of the national community that not only have I been given a clean bill of health, but the doctor has assured me that I can return to service at all levels with full capacity, Mr Speaker.”

At that jocular quip, MPs clapped as laughter filled the House.

Minutes earlier Manning had struck a serious note as he explained that recently he had got two differing diagnoses on his health.

Yes Shithead Mano! Enquire about yuh fockin colleague.

Doctors remove ah lump from Kamla breast but yuh aint concern bout she, yuh former Cabinet colleague. You concern bout Manning so the COP will make PNM win this election, so all yuh go finally get rid of the ole man from the scene. But all yuh wait, you aint see Manning say he ready for servicing.

He want to service all yuh cont jus like he droppin that limp black prick on Christine Sahadeo all over Trinidad.

Why you think he driving around by he self now. He aint want the security to see he pickin she up to go and bull she all over the place.

Just now they go have to put ah pacemaker in she cyat.

A Political Mirage

By RIA TAITT Saturday, July 14 2007

Congress of the People leader Winston Dookeran’s experiences with UNC leader Basdeo Panday both in respect of the NAR and the UNC, have caused him to be wary of any invitation to join forces once again with the Silver Fox.

And his wariness has been strengthened by what he sees as the collapse, even before it has gotten off the ground, of the recent electoral accommodation of the UNC and four small parties. Dookeran feels that this “disaster” has undermined and damaged the political position of not only the alliance itself, but of all the parties which subscribe to it, including the UNC.

The general perception held by many in the country, including persons in the UNC, is that a Panday/Dookeran alliance would be a formidable electoral force. Dookeran however remains absolute and resolute in his rejection of any alliance, that is based not on common principles and philosophies, but on personalities and political convenience.

It is doomed to fail, he told Newsday in a interview done at Maple Leaf International, on Thursday night, on the eve of his departure for China in which he gave his views of the whole concept of an alliance and on the current UNC alliance between UNC and other parties, including the NAR.

The fockin mirage he seeing is the fockin "Silver Fox." Punto mudder cont finale!

The people crying for unity cont. Every Tom Dick and Prick on the road saying to yuh.......UNITE, but nah.

You have to seek the fockin oligarchy's interest. Everybody else slowly coming together..........so fock you and next year we'll bid you good fockin riddance from the politics of T&T

Haul u parrot shaking head mudder cont.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Minister: $613m spent on school construction

Anna Ramdass aramdass@trinidadexpress.com
Wednesday, July 11th 2007

Education Minister Hazel Manning yesterday clarified that Government did not spend $239 million for the construction of schools, but some $613 million.

At the Senate sitting at the Red House yesterday Manning, in a statement, sought to clarify the figures she gave at a previous sitting in response to a question on the order paper.

The question asked for a detailed breakdown of the expenditure for the construction of early childhood care centres (ECCE) and primary and secondary schools during the period January 1st 2002 to December 31st 2006.

Manning had said that 47 schools in total (18 ECCE,18 primary, 11 secondary) were constructed to the tune of $239,701,713.

Yesterday, she said Government had actually spent more money on construction, but that in her previous response she did not mention some other schools which were constructed under another programme.

"This Government has incurred expenditure on the construction of 70 schools, 23 more than initially stated," Manning said.

"Heavy weather has been made of the figures given in the response to question 62, and in this context, the Government wishes to make it abundantly clear that what actually occurred was that the total number of schools that the Government spent money on was understated in the previous response, whereby schools constructed under the fourth basic education project and the SEMP phase two project were omitted.

One simple question. Where d fockin schools ?

Everyone wants to know. Unless yuh build dem schools in yuh teefin son Brian Mannigga cacahole.

We cyah find one ah dem schools Hazel...help us. Where you build dem fockin schools?

Or just be honest and tell we wey the $613 million gone.

COP's 'Unity Safari' offers 'clean slate'

WHILE the United National Congress has united with different political groups to fight the general election, the Congress of the People (COP) has set up a caravan to move throughout the country to unite the people, COP political leader Winston Dookeran says.

Referring to the caravan as a "Unity Safari", Dookeran said they were already seeing results.
"That is what is bringing people like economist Dr Patrick Watson and former House speaker Nizam Mohammed onto our platform. The unity drive is beginning to pay."

He was speaking at a public meeting at the Montrose Government School in Chaguanas on Tuesday. Both Dr Watson and Mohammed also addressed the meeting.

The UNC has joined forces with four smaller political groups-the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR), Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago (DPTT), National Democratic Party (NDP) and YEStt-in the hope of defeating the PNM in the upcoming general election.

But Dookeran remained defiant that his party would continue with its own agenda.

"While some (people) continue to talk about unity, we shall be the unity party of Trinidad and Tobago," he said, adding that the evidence of such would be seen in the next six weeks.

Now this cont eh bet he fockin dotish nah. Lard put ah hand.

What fockin safari he on. Like he touring Mt. fockin Kilimanjaro looking for baboons to support the COP or did he find "tabla head Nizam Mohammed and Dr. Patrick Watson on the fockin safari?

Every fockin jackass in the country pleading wid d leaders of all the opposing parties to the PNM to get together to defeat them.

This is the only group that is detemined not to join forces to win the election. They have said so over and over. So the rest of us are movin on... and dey heaping scorn on the effort.

What the UNC has done is to make an effort that demonstrates that they are willing to work with any group that is opposed to the PNM.

The COP on the other hand is fockin bent on providing the PNM with the government on ah silver platter.

Question is: Who benefits from this fockin split on the opposing sides?

PNM off course!

Conflicting reports on Danah collecting award

Amidst growing controversy over Caribbean Vizion’s naming of Danah Alleyene as an exemplar to T&T’s youth, there are conflicting reports about whether Danah plans to receive the “100 per cent Crime Free” Youth Motivation Award.

In a release yesterday, 13-year-old youth activist Choc’late Allen said she received “the expressed permission from Ms Danah Alleyene’s official representation, namely ‘Flaming Words Ministry,’” that (Danah) will attend and receive the ‘100 per cent Crime Free’ Youth Motivation Award.”

Danah, 15, is one of six “exemplars to the nation’s youth” selected by Choc’late’s organisation—Caribbean Vizion to receive monetary awards, the release said.

However, Danah’s brother Ian, said in a telephone interview yesterday he could not confirm whether Danah would attend the awards ceremony or receive the award.

He said he saw Choc’late’s invitation as a “PR stunt.”

More fockin dotishness. Trinidad jus goin from fockin bad to worse.

This underage little slut, went Zen, get focked up on stage by an African gorilla. If you see she get dong on the dutty black cock in the fockin toilet in Zen ( and believe me I saw the video)

Now this mudda cont next lil nigglet want to give she an award. Now this is niggas for you. You are a celebrity for doin the things niggas know best.

Why dem fockin parents doh send dem whoring little mudda conts to school?

Cops slaughter move to arrest

TWICE he tried to be arrested, but both times soca singer Mr Slaughter presented himself to police they sent him away.

Having heard that a warrant had been issued for his arrest over an alleged assault, Slaughter (real name Derrick Perreira) went to St Clair Police Station on Tuesday afternoon, and again yesterday morning, and couldn’t get himself arrested.

In the first attempt, sources said, Slaughter’s attorneys were told that the officer with the warrant was not present and therefore the singer should return the next day.

“They said they couldn’t ‘accommodate’ them,” a source said.

When Slaughter returned at around 7.15 am yesterday, the source said, officers informed him “they had instructions from a senior official to not execute the warrant until further notice.”

A St Clair officer, in a brief telephone interview yesterday, told the Guardian: “The matter is still being investigated and the warrant was not executed.”

He declined to comment further but said Slaughter was expected to return to the station today.
The entertainer, when contacted yesterday, declined to comment.

Ah mean you ever hear of such fockery in your life?

An arrest warrant was issued and twice, fockin twice this man tried to be arrested or submitted himself to the Police and dey say dey not fockin ready.

Wa d fock really goin on in this place. By now the police woulda beat my cont and at least ah woulda spend the weekend in fockin jail.