Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Join me as an independent

Independent Opposition MP Fuad Khan yesterday invited embattled People’s National Movement (PNM) backbencher Lawrence Achong to join him on the Parliament’s back bench as an Independent member for the last few months of the Parliament’s life.

That would change the Parliament seat configuration from the current 20 (PNM) and 16 (Opposition, including backbenchers) seats to 19 (PNM) and 17 (Opposition, including backbenchers)

“I make the offer fully cognisant of the fact that Achong belongs to a political movement opposite to mine,” Khan said.

“However, it has become clear that the member is the victim of a concerted effort to eliminate him from the political process. And victimisation in all its forms must be exposed and ended.

“Consequently, I invite him as an MP to exercise temerity (sic) by joining me in a signal of opposition to autocracy, maximum leadership and a lack of consideration for true democratic principles.”

Khan added: “Together we can champion a new design, one that adheres to the people’s desires through representation. It is our responsibility as leaders today to be pioneers in our journey towards good governance and a better nation.”

The opposition MP said: “By making this bold step and reconfiguring the composition of the House of Representatives to reflect a new scenario 19-17, Achong will be sending a message: the rejection of tyranny.”

Khan added: “It is clear that he, like myself, has significant support in his seat as I do in mine. It must therefore play the most important role in destroying the machinations of those who have ulterior agendas.”

Fuad should mine he own fockin business. Why the fock he studying Larry Achong and talking all kinda dotishness about eliminating him from the political process.

The mudder cont cuss the lil gyul. The whole fockin world see that. It was shown on TV and it all over the internet. I sorry the fockin charge doh have ah jail sentence.

Boy, look yuh constituents aint see yuh for 5 fockin years. And you aint ha no fockin support. The people support the fockin UNC, NOT YOU cont.

Go and see if you could stitch a "living" prick for Gillian nah.

You could leh she try it out and bull you to see if it workin good too.

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