Saturday, July 7, 2007

Jones P takes home $26,000

Saturday, July 7 2007

The total monthly benefits of former journalist Jones P Madeira, who is employed on contract as manager/adviser in the communication department at the Ministry of Health, amounts to $26,820.

The breakdown is as follows: monthly salary — $16,000; special personal allowance — $5,000; extra duty allowance: $3,000; transport allowance — $2,500; telephone allowance —$320.

In addition, Madeira would receive a gratuity for the contract period amounting to 20 percent of his gross salary. He also has access to motor vehicle loan facilities to a maximum of $100,000 at an interest rate of six percent per annum within the term of engagement.

Madeira’s contract is for three years effective from November 1, 2006. Valley said the special personal allowance (of $5,000) was in recognition “of his possession of superior skills and experience relevant to the position.”

See how niggas know how to teef real good.

Imagine this man spend between 1995 and 2000 cussing up the UNC ass along wid another editor of another newspaper Maxie Cuffie. All along they were not about journalism, they were about eating the fockin balisier.

Supporting the PNM and pretending that they are real journalist. Horing greedy mudder cont.

Somebody should shoot these animals.

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