Thursday, July 12, 2007

Conflicting reports on Danah collecting award

Amidst growing controversy over Caribbean Vizion’s naming of Danah Alleyene as an exemplar to T&T’s youth, there are conflicting reports about whether Danah plans to receive the “100 per cent Crime Free” Youth Motivation Award.

In a release yesterday, 13-year-old youth activist Choc’late Allen said she received “the expressed permission from Ms Danah Alleyene’s official representation, namely ‘Flaming Words Ministry,’” that (Danah) will attend and receive the ‘100 per cent Crime Free’ Youth Motivation Award.”

Danah, 15, is one of six “exemplars to the nation’s youth” selected by Choc’late’s organisation—Caribbean Vizion to receive monetary awards, the release said.

However, Danah’s brother Ian, said in a telephone interview yesterday he could not confirm whether Danah would attend the awards ceremony or receive the award.

He said he saw Choc’late’s invitation as a “PR stunt.”

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