Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She vex

Voters got to know 86-year-old Emisa Small last week when she appeared on newspaper and television advertisements as the one-legged old woman sitting on a couch looking at an excavator tear down her home.

The only problem was no one asked Small if she wanted to be part of the United National Congress Alliance's campaign to unseat the People's National Movement.
As it is, Small is a PNM supporter, who plans to vote for the ruling party "if a car come to pick me up" on November 5.

And Small's daughter, Rita, is hopping mad.

She wants the UNC Alliance to stop running the ad, and for her mother to be compensated the same amount of money as any person whose image was used in a political ad would.
An official at the UNC-A's headquarters said the agency hired to produce the ad was the one to be blamed. The company was not named.

An advertising executive told the Express that Small should be paid.

According to the standards of practice for advertising agencies, someone should have asked Small's permission, told her what her image was to be used for, how long it would be used, and paid her if she agreed, the executive said.

Even if a building appears in an ad, permission must be given by the owner, the Express was told. The image of Small came from an incident back in April 2004, when the Land Settlement Agency moved on squatters at Union Hall, San Fernando.

That day, 31 houses were demolished and 130 people were left without a home.
It happened in the San Fernando West constituency of Prime Minister Patrick Manning.
Small was born without a right foot, and without her toes on her left foot.
Small's daughter said she knew nothing about the advertisement "until my grandson called. I was vex about it. I went to the newspaper office. I called the television station. Nobody could tell me how my mother end up there."

She said: "They make my mother looking like some kind of vagrant. Even if I had intention of voting (for the UNC A) I not going to now. They didn't give us a cent. If they had asked permission, it might have been different."
Typical muddercunt asshole nigger PNM supporter!! Typi-fucking-cal!!!
Doh care if the home mash up and she homeless, doh care if she cyar get medical attention for the foot, doh care if she have no fucking crix and saltfish to eat - no water, no food, no lights, no money, no cyat, no foot, no transport, no man, no muddercunt nothing - the ole creole going to vote for fucking PNM. But vex and complaining UNC-A didn't give dem 'a cent'.... Why the fuck yuh didn't ask PNM for money when dey mash down yuh latrine? Yuh daughter wasn't 'hoppin' mad fuh dat?
Talking bout the daughter - ...'I was vex about it, I went to the newspapers office, I called the TV station..."
If yuh didn't know better yuh would think she was looking for a job, or some handout, or a missing child. I would never guess she went thru so much cuz she mudder end up on an ad.
Hah!! And de daughter say the mother was looking like a vagrant in the ad.. isn't that how the average PNM supporter looks. Like a fucking vagrant because PNM cyar do a thing for anybody in this country.
Hmmm imagine becuz of these dense pack of asses PNM cud very well win the next election. We will have 5 whole years of this bullshit.
What a fucking grim and hopeless future!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Free laptops, uniforms
COP launches election manifesto
Rohandra John rohjohn@trinidadexpress.com
Friday, October 26th 2007

Primary and secondary school pupils will benefit under a Congress of the People (COP) government as the party is promising to provide every pupil with free school uniforms and pupil cards which will allow them free bus transport and discounts on other educational supplies.
The COP is also promising to give every pupil in the secondary school system and vocational schools a free computer laptop, should they form the new government.

COP political leader Winston Dookeran made the disclosure as he officially launched his party's election manifesto at a function at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Port of Spain yesterday.
The glossy 39-page document is called The People's Platform and Dookeran said it emerged from "extensive and intensive conversations across the country with virtually all stakeholder groups and thousands of individuals".

He also said that it was essentially a "contract with the people" and assured citizens that unlike previous governments his party intends to deliver rather than give empty promises.
Dookeran was the first political leader to officially launch his party's election manifesto in the run-up to the November 5 general election.

Outside of education, the COP outlined a number of other measures and initiatives which it planned to implement to deal with some of the major problems, key among them: health, crime, high food prices, inflation, traffic, flood control and land regularisation.

Dookeran said his government was serious about tackling high food prices and again spoke of plans to remove VAT from all food items in Tobago, while reducing the current 15 per cent VAT to ten per cent on food items.

He said that they also planned to introduce "an immediate programme of food production. We shall convert Caroni Ltd into a viable operation using opportunities and investment for the development of by-products in the sugar cane industry and at the same time develop a programme for food production and food security, so we shall increase the supply of food in the country, employ people give them opportunities and lower food prices."

In the area of crime Dookeran said that within 90 days of government, the COP will introduce electronic bracelets for prisoners on remand and those on bail awaiting trial for designated offences. He also said that his government will move to adequately equip the police force and ensure they are properly trained.

Dookeran also said that his government did not plan to discard the multi-million dollar blimp or other high-tech surveillance equipment purchased by the current government but will instead utilise the technology to help combat crime and "will seek value for money".
C.O.P. really hoping only indians will vote for dem with this manifesto. Which nigga interested in free laptop or uniform or school supplies????
But this party serious about taking this country forward with this fucking piece of shit. Removing VAT from food in Tobago???? Where they buying the fucking food to get it to Tobago?? Trinidad!!! So they paying VAT anyhow.
But I must commend them on the idea of putting a bracelet on a nigger hand, this may very well be the best policy. Chances are, another nigger will chop off the hand to get the bracelet hoping to pawn it OR the nigger may cut off his own hand to get it off. Either way - the spin off will be: less niggers with hands. No tiefing, no shooting, no jocking, no voting and more zaboca on trees.
As I close my eyes, I can see the many, many good things that can come about by this one move. Reminds me of when the Mighty Masturbating Midget (got that from Josey) sang about Vera Bhajan - Chop off dey hand!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fight clean Election battle
Tuesday, October 23 2007

POLICE Commissioner Trevor Paul yesterday confirmed that several reports of political vandalism are engaging the attention of the police. At the weekly police press conference yesterday at Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain, he urged all politicians and party supporters to desist from any act which in the long run, could result in violence.

“We have had several reports of vandalism with respect to candidates’ offices being broken into and ransacked, banners and billboards being destroyed along with other acts of violence pertaining to respective political parties,” Paul said. “And I want to take this opportunity to make a plea to all those involved in the politics, including the political leaders and other politicians, to desist from any act that in the long run, will result in violence and to also be responsible in their respective political campaigns,” Paul said. “It is not something we are used to in Trinidad and would not like to see it happening here,” he added. He assured however that there would be a heightened police presence at all political meetings to ensure law and order is maintained.

Paul also denied that last week Thursday’s fatal shooting of 17-year-old Nicholas Palmer of Enterprise Village, Chaguanas was politically linked. It was reported that Palmer was seen sticking up posters for the Congress of the People (COP) party earlier on the day he was killed. “I don’t know where that information came from but we have no such evidence that there was a political link to the killing,” Paul said.

On October 17, COP St Joseph candidate Gillian Lucky’s Edward Street, Port-of-Spain law office was broken into. Nothing was reportedly taken. On October 16, COP candidate for San Fernando West Marlene Coudray claimed vandals defaced and damaged her campaign posters and spray painted “Vote UNC” on the front wall of her constituency office at Cipero Street in San Fernando.

On October 8, vandals broke into the Wildlife office of PNM St Augustine candidate Nadra Nathai-Gyan where they reportedly ransacked her office and stole over $.25 million in items. PNM St Joseph candidate Kennedy Swaratsingh claimed campaign posters of his were defaced. Paul also issued a stern warning that persons who indulge in dirty tricks or smear campaigns during the General Election will feel the full brunt of the law.

At the press conference, Paul said a deputy Police Commissioner was appointed to liaise with officials of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) on several issues, including security and the number of electors in each district for the purpose of registering motor vehicles as electoral vehicles.

With regard to a political advertisement which bore a photo of a police officer, Paul said it was a misunderstanding and miscommunication on the part of all parties involved. He said that the advertisement has since been withdrawn.

Is this a cunt or a cunt???? How all ah dem does sound so.. so... fucking duncee-head??? He hadda be picking he big teeth with a fucking balisier and digging he bottom with a afro comb when he was talking this pack of shit.

Where was the Commissioner of Police in the last general election when Abu was terrifying UNC voters? Where was the police protection?

Next thing. Yuh know sometimes even I feel to run up and tear down some banners. Yuh see the huge huge ones that cunt Swatratsingh have up opposite Grand Bazaar?? Well I want to rip it out. Every other party have to pay the land-owner for the space to put up a lil big sign/banner. But is fucking PNM country.. so el toro Swatratsingh own the muddercunt land where they going to build the over-pass. He has: not one, not two but three fucking stinkin large posters of ugly face on the fucking site. And he complaining.

Next thing. How the mudder cunt Nadra Natty-Cyat know the break-in is politically motivated?? What UNC (or PNM for that matter) will do with research on agouti-fucking & iguana-masturbating???

And Gillian... and Marlene.. gawd I dont even want to go there.

Point is.. Paul talking shit for shortness. He convincing people he dotish. Is an election year. This is a very crucial election. Shit happens. Fuck off!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kamla should not pay for UNC’s mistakes


Congress of the People Leader Winston Dookeran is willing to give a position of ambassadorship to Siparia MP Kamla Persad-Bissessar if his party wins the upcoming November 5 general election.

Dookeran also admitted that if enough people continued to follow the UNC Alliance, “they could stop us from winning a few seats.”

Speaking at a COP political meeting in Penal on Friday night, Dookeran told supporters: “Poor Kamla, she got herself in the wrong side. When she loses the election, I will still offer her an ambassadorship if she wants.”

He said Persad-Bissessar should not be made to pay for making a mistake.

“If I make a mistake, you must not pay for it! And if she made a mistake by not heeding my call, you must not pay for it,” he said.

He also said that he had been urging Persad-Bissessar to join the Congress since before the election date was called.

“I went to your parliamentary representative, Kamla Persad-Bissessar and I told her: ‘Kamla, come with me. I have the formula. I have the people. I have the determination. Come with me and together we shall defeat the PNM,’” he said.

Dookeran said he never wanted to become part of a party that would be led by Jack Warner.
“I told her I was not going to be part of a party to make Jack Warner Prime Minister.

“If she wanted to do that, that would be her business because as far as I am concerned, that man can’t say two sentences on a public policy issue on any matter in Trinidad and Tobago,” he said.

He added: “I wasn’t going to make Jack Warner Prime Minister. I don’t believe I have any respect for the man to even consider whether I would have voted for him in a local election.”

He said that when he thought he was getting through to Persad-Bissessar he saw that she had teamed up instead with Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj.

Admitting that this was a blow to him, Dookeran declared: “Ramesh is the man who break Panday.

“Ramesh is the man who took you out of government and they are telling you to come and vote for Ramesh to be a Prime Minister?

“Or to vote for this football man to be prime minister?”

This cont who now learning to string together a speech talkin bout other people.

Ah feel he want ah lil bull from Kamla. All the fockin time he not interested in nothing wid the UNC, since he realise that they goin to fockin lose he want to team up wid sister Kamla.

Deceptive Winston that strategy is not goin to wok. You cont might have to be looking for ah wok after the election, like when yuh did almost get the fockin nervous breakdown and Panday pick u up and make yuh Central Bank Governor. Ah hope he doh open he arms and welcome yuh back again, and instead take a big dildo and fock u in yuh bottom.

Now Jack was ah nice boy when he supported your Progessive slate of candidates in the internal election ent? He was real good then, he coulda string together sentences to heap praises on yuh and spend he money behind yuh, he was ah nice boy then ent? Now you wouldnt vote for him in ah Local govt election.

Everybody know wimps and hens like you fraid man like Ramesh and Bas.

Look Winston take yuh fockin Girl Guides team and fock off in the wilderness nah.

Hazel: My husband is no dictator!

Education Minister Hazel Manning, at a PNM public meeting in Tunapuna Friday night, defended her husband, PM Minister Patrick Manning, against claims that he was a dictator.

Saying a dictator was a ruler who has complete power and not shared power and was a person who acts unfairly and cruelly, she asked the crowd:

“Is our leader a dictator?”

They replied resoundingly: “No.”

“I want to agree with you. The man is no dictator and I should know as I have been married to this man for over 36 years, even though I hear the opposition pushing a rumour that we separate,” said Mrs Manning, eliciting a storm of scandalous laughter from supporters and even colleagues on the platform.

“No way. We living together until death do us part. I not leaving and he not leaving,” she said.

Mrs Manning informed PNM supporters that when Dr Eric Williams was establishing the PNM in 1956 he was called Hitler and a dictator by politicians who were under the control of colonial masters.

“It is now history that Dr Williams went on to establish true democracy in T&T providing independence from the shackles of colonialism,” she said.

Manning, in his address, joked that he had tips for people whose wives did not speak of them as highly as his wife spoke of him.

He also told supporters that he was pleased with the composition of the new PNM team in terms of gender and race.

Noting particularly that that there were a number of Indians candidates in constituencies that were strongholds of the PNM and that of the 12 women on the team, 11 were in constituencies that were traditionally supportive of the PNM.

“I shall say with conviction that the configuration of the next Parliament of T&T is going to be very different from any configuration that we have seen in the past,” he said.

This fockin oman cyah spell nah.

Nobody ever say he was a dictator. We are saying that the asshole is a DICK TATOR. That's a big diffrence "break fusses."

Now when ah fockin leader ignore the wishes of his fockin people what the fock yuh call that?

When ah leader appoint he wife without the fockin knowledge of his own supporters, who is ah dunce, that is ah dick tator or mama tator?

When an fockin man build ah fockin palace for himself and family, while poor people cyah even geh some fockin water to wash dey cacahole, that is dick tator or mama tator?

When the fockin people of the mudder cont country doh want no fockin smelter plant, but still proceed to build it, is that ah dicktator or mamatator?

When the fockin man totally ignore his supporters down in Diego Central who nominated Valley as the only candidate and kick his fat ass out, is that ah dicktator or mamatator?

I could go on and on and on, however I think I wasting my precious time studying Hazel who doh know the difference between she cyat and shithole.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

No dirty tricks in COP

Saturday, October 20 2007

COP St Joseph candidate, Gillian Lucky, vowed her party would never resort to dirty tricks in its campaign.

She was addressing a large COP meeting at El Dorado on Thursday hours after learning of a burglary to her Port-of-Spain law offices.

“On behalf of all COP candidates, I say we will never resort to dirty, gutter politics.”

She said when COP candidates are attacked, they would simply say their prayers and get back up again and come back stronger.

She asked the crowd, “They could ever scare me?” evoking the response, “No!” She asked, “They could ever scare you?”, to which the crowd also shouted “No!”

She made a jibe at UNC deputy leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. “You could batter me, you could bruise me, and do what you want with me, but vote C-O-P on Election Day!”

Lucky warned listeners not to sell their votes, hinting they would not really be getting anything “free” from the parties.

“The financiers of the other political parties, when they get into government, will demand their pound of flesh.” She said the “other side” would scheme and cheat to win, but that voters must always remember that political power lies within their own hands.

Lucky, who is the incumbent Pointe-a-Pierre MP, urged constituents to support new COP candidate Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan.

Why does this lesbian doh shut she mudder cont. The COP is made up of misfits, rejects, defectors and fockin novitiates.

The basis on which this party was founded was on hypocrisy, deceit and dirty tricks.

So wa d fock she talking bout. Now that they realise that things not looking good for the fockers, they blaming everybody under the sun for their fockin short comings.

COP’s Anand appears for Bas

By FRANCIS JOSEPH Saturday, October 20 2007

ANAND RAMLOGAN, the Congress of the People (COP) candidate for Tabaquite, turned up in the Court of Appeal yesterday and announced he was representing political rival and UNC Alliance leader Basdeo Panday in the Couva North vacancy petition.

Ramlogan announced to the Court of Appeal that he was appearing for Panday. The Appeal Court comprising Justices Margot Warner, Ivor Archie and Paula Mae Weekes, dismissed Panday’s appeal and ruled that the Couva North seat became vacant on October 24, 2006.

Ramlogan had appeared with Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Sushma Gopeesingh on September 28 when judgment was reserved. At that time, he was not a COP candidate for the November 5 General Election.

After the judgment yesterday, Ramlogan told Newsday he appeared for Panday in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

“I considered myself his counsel. I was not told otherwise that I should not appear for him today.”

Ramlogan said he was fighting the election to assist Panday politically. “I can separate law and politics because it is necessary to maintain one’s independence.” When contacted and told that Ramlogan represented him in court, Panday replied: “That is not true, Kamla Persad-Bissessar is my lawyer.”

When told that Ramlogan announced he was representing the UNC leader, Panday replied: “That is his business.” Reginald Armour SC and Simon De La Bastide appeared for Clerk of the House Jacqueline Sampson-Jacent, while Ian Benjamin represented the Attorney General.

Panday was sentenced to two years in jail by Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls on April 24, 2006 on three charges of failing to declare his London bank account to the Integrity Commission.

He appealed and on March 20 this year, the Court of Appeal quashed the conviction and sentence on the ground of ‘apparent bias’ and ordered a re-trial. Panday appealed to the Privy Council and this will be heard in early 2008. As a result of his conviction, Panday did not sit in Parliament as the MP for Couva North.

His colleagues in the UNC sought several extensions. When no further extension was requested, House Speaker Barry Sinanan declared the seat vacant effective October 24, 2006.

Panday went to the High Court challenging the decision of the House Speaker. On July 27, Madame Justice Charmaine Pemberton ruled against Panday, who appealed.

In a 25-page judgment yesterday, the Appeal Court upheld the decision of the High Court and ruled that Panday’s seat was vacant.

Ramlogan blamed Panday’s loss on his UNC colleagues in Parliament who did not seek a further extension while the criminal appeal was pending.

On the other hand, Panday did not make heavy weather about the ruling. “It does not matter because come November 6, I shall be the MP for Couva North.”

Now in the interest of Justice!

Can we really say that Panday was fockin properly represented in fockin Court.

With Anand as his lawyer, why can we not come to the fockin conclusion that he didnt put his best foot foward, because he was a COPper?

This is fockin comess yes.

Now Army vex over COP ad

Gary Griffith as he appears in the COP press advertisement.

ON THE heels of the furore over a police corporal appearing in a PNM press advertisement, St Ann’s East candidate for the Congress of the People (COP), Gary Griffith, has found himself in hot water with the T&T Defence Force for appearing in a political ad while wearing an army uniform.

In the ad, featuring prospective COP crime-fighting heavyweights, Griffith is shown wearing an army cap and is identified as a “Captain.”

Yesterday, Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier Edmund Dillion, said Griffith, a former Army captain, had no authority to wear a Defence Force uniform and no right to have allowed the photograph to appear in the ad.

Dillon said Griffith resigned from the Defence Force and was now a civilian. He said the Defence Force did not consider Griffith a captain.

Dillon said, “He resigned and this does not allow him to use the uniform. He should know better.”

Dillon acknowled, however, the photograph of Griffith could have been an old photograph, but felt it should not be used in the promotion of a political party.

“We (the Defence Force) don’t look at that as positive at all. We don’t expect that type of behaviour even if he resigned. He is not allowed to do that,” Dillon said.

“Griffith should have known better. The army does not condone that.”

Dillon said he intended to call Griffith and ask him to address the matter.

The army chief said there were army regulations against this.

Dillon said army officers were also not allowed to enter the various army camps with political paraphernalia.

He said while soldiers can be politically aware “we cannot be politically involved.”

Contacted yesterday, Captain Al Alexander, public relations officer of the Defence Force, agreed it was “against military tradition” for Griffith to carry the title of “captain.”

“Only people carrying the rank of major and above are allowed carry their rank even after leaving the army,” he said.

“I have a serious problem with someone in an army uniform in a political advertisement.

“That is wrong.”

But the official added, “He (Griffith) may get away with it because he used the word “former” in the sub-heading.

“So therefore it is an admittance that he no longer belongs to the army.”

Griffith: I’m being targeted

Contacted via his cellphone yesterday, Griffith claimed he was being “targeted” so that his campaign would be “affected.”

“I am obviously being targeted so that my campaign would be affected because they see me as the “dark horse” coming to take away the seat from the PNM,” Griffith said.

He also accused some members of the army of “holding PNM party cards” adding, “They are very petty in wanting to make that an issue.”

Stating the photo in the ad was “an old photo,” Griffith said he saw “nothing wrong” with using the photo in the political advertisement.

“That is an old photo taken several years ago while I was in the army. Why the big deal? I don’t see what the fuss is all about,” Griffith said.

— With reporting by Geisha Kowlessar
I would like to touch on the latest grasping on to straws by the Copout candidate for St. Ann's Gary Griffith.

First of all he is no Captain since being struck off the strength of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment. Retired members of the Coast Guard and Regiment only carry their rank only when they attain the appointment of Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard and in the case of the Regiment Major which is way ahead of Captain, so straight away Griffith is practicing and projecting and image in so far as the Captain thing is concerned that is completely misleading. That does not surprise me in the least because really of what he represents at all levels. He has been the notorious news carrier of all times in what supposed to be a disciplined and professional establishment.

Gary Griffith was so deep into making confusion that when Brig Carl Alphonso retired Griffith was sent into exile at the residence of the PM as comptroller of household when the late Commander Noel Penco was shot, how is that for being militant, the reason for this is because Alphoso was the only one in the defense force Griffith's family could have influenced to tolerate his questionable gender tendencies from carrying news onwards.

So when I heard of his allegations of someone trying to bribe his campaign manager and the circumstances surrounding the press conference, and Ms Charlotte Peters who allegedly was the one that was offered the bribe, significantly being absent from it, I knew right away that this was one of Gary's traits form the past coming to the fore once more. When will he grow up to a man and fight manly battles, this was always a question asked about him. The essence is that he can slander anyone anywhere and the minute something doesn't go his way he runs off and tells on whoever like a little pipsqueak.

The fact and reality is that if he has such incriminating evidence why doesn't he go to the police so as to significantly hurt the UNCA. Wouldn't that be an excellent war / battle tactic or moreso victory in this battle? But no!!!!! Gary has never been and will never be interested in a clean and purposeful fight, he will continue to make confusion and hope to win favor with those who will tolerate him like Dooks. Gary says he will get a copy of telephone conversations in this matter to prove something, Well then he must tell the country or the malicious Copout supporters why he never assisted in getting these valuable pieces if information to assist in fighting crime through his security systems OH sorry he is not interested in anything or any cause except he is to benefit in one way or another also he is not interested in fighting for anything because it's customary to get it all so easy through family and friends connections.

I can go on, and on, and on, but this is already too much energy to waste on the civilian Gary Griffith who incidentally can't even properly clean his own boots.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ramlogan: Just a UNC smear campaign

Phoolo Danny-Maharaj pdanny@trinidadexpress.com
Thursday, October 18th 2007

A dirty smear campaign initiated by desperate political opponents was how Congress of the People's Tabaquite candidate Anand Ramlogan yesterday described allegations made about him.
Ramlogan denied accusations from the United National Congress Alliance platform that he had described their members as "backward coolies".

At the Gasparillo Junction meeting of the UNC Alliance on Monday night, speakers blasted Ramlogan for allegedly making the statements at the COP's meeting at Quarry Village, Siparia.

Ramlogan said yesterday: "There is no basis for such talks. I do not know where it is coming from. I did not make those statements and I would not describe my people like that. I have made a choice to go to the COP, that's all."

He said his political opponents were "aided and abetted in the vendetta by staff from some radio stations and even some talk-show hosts".

He said his opponents "even put people to call the radio stations, pretending to be my brother, to smear my character". His brother, Krishna Ramlogan, is his campaign manager.

The COP, in a statement, described the accusations against Ramlogan as "lies, all lies", and as "malicious and mischievous slandering of the good name", of its candidate.

The party said the accusation was "an act of desperation designed to stem the flow of people" from the UNC-A to the COP.

Anand! Nobody eh want to smear your name boy. Its the fockin things you say on the platform that attracting attention.

Firstly yuh basically call anybody who support the UNCA "backward coolies." What the fock yuh expect people to say.

Then yuh focking lie and say Basdeo Panday close down Caroni. What fockin assholeness.

By now everybody would know how people ketch yuh fockin ah goat in yuh virile days. And the investigation in ah station diary.

And rumour circulating that yuh is ah faggot. So yuh have to clear da one up for we.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fuad backs Lucky for St Joseph

Wednesday, October 17 2007

OUTGOING Barataria/San Juan Member of Parliament Dr Fuad Khan has decided to throw his full support behind his friend Gillian Lucky, who is contesting the St Joseph seat on a Congress of the People (COP) ticket.

He is also said to be advising Jamal Mohammed, also of the COP, who is contesting the Barataria/San Juan seat which Khan has held since 1995. Khan said yesterday he wanted to make it clear he is supporting his friend Lucky and Mohammed, but still supported the UNC Alliance.

“Gillian is my friend and you support your friends, so people will see things as it unfolds,” Khan said. He was expected to appear at a COP public meeting in Morvant last night.

Khan said he was asked by Lucky to assist her in bringing home the seat for the COP and he agreed.

“I will be using some of the same strategies I used when I won the Barataria/San Juan seat for the UNC four times,” said Khan.

He said now that he is not aligned to any party, he is free to act as an adviser to anyone who needs his help.

“I am also willing to assist the UNC Alliance candidate for San Juan/Barataria Nazeemul Mohammed if he approaches me,” said Khan.

He said his wish is to see Lucky returned to Parliament because the country needs someone like her,” said Khan. Khan won the last general elections by 900 votes. The Barataria/San Juan seat is considered a marginal seat.

He refused an offer by the UNC Alliance to contest that seat for the November 5 General Election if an accommodation was organised by the UNC Alliance and the COP which has rejected outright any unity with the Alliance.

Fuad is ah real media player yes. This fockin man was just yesterday begging Jack to fight the B/San Juan seat for the UNCA. Now that they blank he cont he gone to help he friend.

Politics doh have no friend. Ah wonder if dey had given him the UNCA seat to fight if he woulda still be helping he "friend." I think if he convert she to ah full fledge man, complete with toti, he would be doin her the best favour in the world.

Khan.........ah sorry for you boy. This is your last fockin lap with the media. Just imagine in a short while we wouldnt be seeing you again.

Uproar over Armour

By ANDRE BAGOO Wednesday, October 17 2007

THE VICE President of the Law Association yesterday lashed out at a call from Reginald Armour SC, the counsel to the CJ Tribunal, advising the tribunal to not rush its report before the General Election, saying such a call opened Armour up to “severe criticism.”

The tribunal is investigating claims that suspended Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma interfered with the 2006 Basdeo Panday trial, and will produce a report recommending whether or not the President should refer the question of the removal of Sharma to the Judicial Committee.

Sharma has raised counter-claims of political interference on the part of Attorney General John Jeremie and the Executive.

Yesterday Armour stuck to his guns and hit back at those who have alleged the exertion of “political pressure”in his decision to advise the tribunal to take their time.

Yesterday, the law body’s VP Hendrickson Seunath SC said such advice was not consistent with “the interests of justice.”

“I think he is opening himself up to serious criticism and frankly my personal view is that he was out of place to advise the tribunal as such,” Seunath said of Armour’s call for the tribunal to avoid a “fixation on producing the report before polling day.”

But Seunath made it clear that he was coming to no conclusions on the matter himself, saying the report could either vindicate the Government or Sharma. The tribunal was aware that elections were in the air and went on to deliberately hold its proceedings in public... This affects the people of the country it doesn’t affect Sharma, Jeremie or (Prime Minister Patrick) Manning,” he said.

He was joined yesterday by Desmond Allum SC, the head of the Criminal Bar Association, who issued a press release criticising Armour’s advice as “impertinent.”

“Let the chips fall where they may and let them do so before the General Election,” he said.

As reported on Monday, Armour on October 8 advised the tribunal, comprising Lord Mustill (Chair), Sir Vincent Floissac QC and Dennis Morrison QC, to not rush to produce the report before the next General election, as had been promised by Mustill on the tribunal’s last day of hearing.

In a letter dated October 16 and addressed to one of Sharma’s attorneys Dennis Gurley, Armour defends his position. Responding to a letter from Gurley dated October 15 in which Gurley raises the spectre of possible political interference, Armour considered Gurley’s position to “be tiresome.” Armour letter was copied to the Tribunal Secretariat.

Reginal Armour is only singing for his fockin supper.

It would be very fockin interesting to collect data over the last six years to see how much fockin tax payers dollars he collect from all the fockery the PNM do over that period.

It's all about the fockin money. Ask Israel Khan.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fuad predicts PNM victory

Monday, October 15 2007

FUAD KHAN, the Independent UNC MP for San Juan/Barataria, is predicting that the PNM candidate for Barataria/San Juan Joseph Ross will win the seat on November 5.

Khan who has bowed out of the race, because, he said he does “not want to pit people against each other, nor force them to take sides, since we are all on the same side.”

Khan is knocking the Congress of the People(COP) and the UNC Alliance for failing to broker an accommodation to beat the PNM.

“The lack of ability to have an accommodation is the end result of Basdeo Panday’s inability to manage conflict. People just do not trust anything he does and says...so much so that the COP will not come to the bargaining unit for fear of Panday’s attitude.

” Khan said he had to walk away, because “the so-called leaders of the parties are very afraid of each other, and Panday’s track record does not augur well for negotiations. Khan is predicting that the PNM will retain its 7,486 votes from the 2002 election, while the two Opposition candidates will split the Opposition winning figures. He had won the seat with 8,391 votes.

He is also warning that at the end of the day the PNM candidate for Tabaquite, Heeralal Rampartap will win that seat, which is also being fought by UNC Alliance’s Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and COP’s Anand Ramlogan. “Ramesh and Anand are going neck and neck, against each other and all they will succeed in doing is splitting the votes.

The fockin plain truth Fuad is that people fed up ah you and yuh fockin flamsin.

All you does look for is ah flash on the newspapers or TV.

Just imagine a couple of days ago you take out an ad on the newpapers with ah picture of yuh fockin self. I feel if your toti big enough you will fock yuh own self. Fuss you love Fuad.

Fuad, no fockin party want you. You like too much gallery.

How could I lose my seat?

CHARGING that his detractors were using the NACTA Poll as a “political instrument” in their attempt to discredit him and destabilise the party, Congress Of the People (COP) Leader Winston Dookeran stressed he was not fazed by the ‘‘dirty tricks’’ campaign which says he would lose his St Augustine seat in the November 5 polls.

Dookeran said the “widely-held view” that he would not retain the St Augustine seat was a deliberate ploy that was “a part of the political armoury of those who are opposed to me.”

The COP Leader said the idea was to feed the perception that he could not retain the St Augustine seat and befuddle party supporters into asking, “if the leader losing his seat then who or what we voting for?”

He said, “They are spreading a rumour, supported by the NACTA Poll which is a political instrument, to create the impression that I, in St Augustine, will lose my seat. They are doing that in order to create in the country the feeling that if the leader loses who are they voting for as the next prime minister.

It is a political trick!” he declared.

Dookeran gave the assurance that based on his own assessment the St Augustine constituents were “fully backing” him and the election results would clearly prove this. He charged that it was more than just a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign.

“It is part of the ‘perception’ campaign, trying to create a perception that the leader would lose his seat so that in the other seats people would say ‘well, if the leader loses, why vote?’ It is a deliberate perception that is being promoted scientifically!” he asserted.

He cannot accept the fact that he could lose the fockin seat or maybe he has.

According to one article in the newspaper today the big cont is saying that under the COP Trinidad will see a female Prime Minister. What fockery?

Wa happen like he get totolbay when he see the support for Kamla? He trying to draw on the support she getting. But which one of dem cont he have dey like Wendy (who d fock is she) Lue Yuen, Carolyn (arrogant) Seepersad Bachan or Rewtie (non entity) Sharma could match up to Kamla?

Fact is the fockin people in St. augustine aint see you since the last fockin election and that is the truth.

Boy, go an look for some fockin lame ass lecturing wok nah. Oh ho, ah hear yuh done make arrangements for that already.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ambassador Camille!

1. PM Patrick Manning says Camille Robinson-Regis will get a diplomatic posting.
2. He did not name the country.
3. Says the Government recently took steps to get approval to set up in the particular country.

Incumbent MP for Arouca South Camille Robinson-Regis has been assigned a diplomatic post by Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

The People’s National Movement (PNM) political leader made the announcement to supporters who had packed Market Square in Arima on Thursday night during a public meeting.

Manning did not reveal the name of the country where he intends to assign Robinson-Regis.

Pressed by some eager supporters for more details about Robinson-Regis’ expected position, Manning remained cautious.

He only said: “It would not be appropriate to name the foreign country at this time since only recently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken steps to get approval.”

T&T is earmarked to open a diplomatic mission in Uganda, an official from the Foreign Affairs Ministry said yesterday.

Manning told the gathering Robinson-Regis’ contribution to the PNM and the country was “invaluable.”

“Camille has been fighting a steadfast battle and has been a principal speaker on PNM platforms,” he said.

“She will, therefore, continue to serve the people of T&T in a diplomatic appointment in a foreign country.”

He added that although Robinson-Regis would be appointed to serve in a foreign country, she was “not lost... neither to the PNM nor to T&T.”

Attempts to reach Robinson-Regis at her office on her foreign posting proved futile.

Buh wey the fock is this. How he sounding like he done win the election already. He moving like Jack, assigning posts to people who eh even fight an election.

The fockin corruption done start already. You could imagine, wok for everybody who kiss cacahole for the PNM this election.

He should really send she to Uganda, dey have some big horse toti nigga dey that could fertilise she wid one fock.

And doh talk bout head wear. Wig is fockin joke.

Chutney star ‘confident’

By SEAN DOUGLAS Saturday, October 13 2007

PNM candidate for Tabaquite, chutney star Heeralal Rampartap, is unfazed by the fact that he is facing two formidable opponents in the form of UNC Alliance candidate, former Attorney General, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, and COP candidate, attorney Anand Ramlogan.

In 2002 the UNC’s incumbent Dr Adesh Nanan got 72 percent of votes cast in Tabaquite — 12,589 — ahead of the PNM’s 28 percent or 4,833 votes, while in 2001, UNC got 75 percent of the votes, 13,282, to the PNM’s 23 percent or 4,029 votes.

However the PNM believes that this year they have a fair chance to win Tabaquite, perhaps because of boundary changes.

PNM sources told Newsday that a poll of the constituency had so far put the COP first, while trailing two percent behind them is the PNM and trailing a further one percent is the UNC.

Speaking to Newsday yesterday Rampartap expressed a quiet confidence despite the numerical odds against him and the prominence of his opponents. Rampartap said his campaign was going “very good.” He denied being intimidated by the political ‘big-name’ of Ramesh Maharaj.

“I am involved in chutney-soca competitions and the big names don’t hamper me.”

He said that his attitude to his candidacy was just like his attitude to those chutney-soca contests in that he simply had a job to go out and do.

Saying he lives in the Tabaquite constituency, Rampartap said he was a humble man who people could see around regularly.

“People want someone they can meet all the time.” Asked whom he thought was the greater threat to him — Maharaj or Ramlogan — he did not express any view, simply saying he would do his job as a candidate.

Despite the results of the last election, Rampartap said he could definitely add to the votes won last time by the PNM.

He said people loved the PNM and that he would be a very strong representative who would give good representation to the constituents.

Yeah, what a cont.

Poor fella who have a hard time putting one sentence together.

PNM money for so.... here is one Indian day easy to buy.

COP: Unity only with Kamla

By Sean Douglas Saturday, October 13 2007

CONGRESS of the People (COP) leader Winston Dookeran said a united Opposition could have been formed if the UNC Alliance had been led by UNC deputy leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Dookeran was addressing a lively COP meeting at the Hi Lo Car-park at the Croisee, San Juan on Thursday night.

Criticising the dual leadership of the UNC Alliance comprised of UNC leader Basdeo Panday and UNC Alliance chairman Jack Warner, Dookeran accused the UNC of creating ultimatums and performing dirty tricks.

“If Kamla Persad-Bissessar was the true leader of the UNC Alliance, we would have already found the formula to have a one to one fight against the PNM. But that will not be allowed to happen by those in control.”

Dookeran alleged that the leaders of the UNC Alliance are addicted to power.

“I told Kamla that I knew your party would not allow you to rise. I was a victim of it!”

Recalling the splitting of the UNC, he said he had refused to walk away from the challenge of establishing the COP, despite being told by opponents that he did not have the courage.

Dookeran also criticised Prime Minister Patrick Manning whom he also said was obsessed with power. He accused Manning of “playing havoc” with the offices of the Attorney General, Deputy Director of Prosecutions and Commissioner of Police.

Referring to Minister of Trade Ken Valley’s accusations that Manning has the makings of a dictator, he said this warning had been “echoed privately by many others.”

Dookeran hit the Draft Constitution commissioned by Manning and laid in Parliament. Dookeran warned that the draft would consolidate the power of Prime Minister and President into one post, the Executive President, who would be chosen by the party in power but not directly by the electorate.

Yuh ever hear such fockery in yuh life?

The political leader of one party telling another who should be dey leader.

Wa d fock really wrong wid Dookeran. The UNC A crowds have em fockin mentally disturbed or wa?

Now the next thing is. Dookeran, yuh fockin waster ah time. You never rise from anything. You have always been given everything on a platter. But this time around you will know how good you really is.

Remember when you couldnt make up your mind to fight the Chaguanas seat, Bas ended up removing his nephew at the last minute just to accomodate you. That was the beginning of your dumb fockin ass political career. Thanks to Bas.

Remember under his leadership you became a Minister in the NAR government. And yuh fockin gratitude was that when they fire Bas, yuh chook up under Robbie cacahole, stabbing the man in he back.

Remember how yuh lorse the fockin election like ah cont to a relative unknown Hulsie?

Remember how you was in the fockin wilderness (jus like Hulsie) and nearly get ah nervous breakdown, the same fockin Bas make you Governor of the Central Bank? And yuh turn round and stab the man in he back again.

Remember when all dem fockin reject tell the ole silver fox he should go, he turn and hand yuh the leadership of the party. What yuh do ? You wanted to sell out the party base to dem fockin hungry for power and money NARites. Yuh turn round and stab the fockin man in he back again.

You is ah real ungrateful man Dookeran.

And next time please doh copy Kamla speech nah. Find something new to say.

Hulsie: COP the first party

By Sean Douglas Saturday, October 13 2007

COP candidate for Couva North Hulsie Bhaggan last night oozed confidence as she declared the COP is no mere third party in the politics of Trinidad and Tobago but is the “first party.”

She was addressing a lively meeting at Montrose, Chaguanas. She said the COP was on target to take 90 percent of the UNC vote and 90 percent of the PNM vote.

“People have united under Winston Dookeran,” she said in reassurance at those still awaiting a UNC/COP accommodation. She said unlike their rival, the UNC Alliance, the COP does not believe in sitting in a back room in Emerald Plaza, St Augustine and making deals but rather has open and transparent processes.

Regarding criticisms of the supposed lack of charisma of COP leader Winston Dookeran, she said, “What is charisma? Is it going on stage and lying?”

She urged listeners to put aside the issue of race, declaring that one cannot take race and go to the grocery.

Alleging that the two other rival parties, UNC Alliance and PNM, were struggling to get candidates she declared that the COP has taken all the bright people adding, “We have left them with the dregs.”

“We are overflowing with candidates.”

The meeting was earlier addressed by Prakash Ramadhar, COP candidate for Caroni Central and Nirad Tewarie, COP candidate for Chaguanas East.

Yessss Hulsie, the COP is and will be the first fockin party to lose at the polls on November 5th. Every opposition supporter returning to the fockin UNC all yuh conts. All yuh still in September?

Yesss Hulsie, the UNC does probably sit in Emerald Plaza and make decisions. Quite unlike the COP who have an Executive that nobody vote for. And who make the decision to arbitrarily remove Donny Mahabirsingh after goin through the entire screening process and replace him with Dookeran family Rabindra Moonan? Wa kinda fockin backroom decision is that. Wait until he file for fockin judicial review.

Yesss Hulsie, the party with the dregs is the COP. The party that filled with dregs and rejects from the other political party.

You and yuh fockin leader are amongst the leading fockin dregs. Yuh cont!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Griffith: Ramesh no crime expert

Friday, October 12 2007

CONGRESS of the People (COP) candidate for St Ann’s East Capt Gary Griffith has challenged former Attorney General Ramesh Maharaj to show evidence of his training and expertise in crime fighting and his ability to coordinate any crime plan.

Griffith, in a statement yesterday, said Maharaj’s claim was senseless and meaningless because he is merely a lawyer. Maharaj, apart from being the UNC Alliance’s Tabaquite candidate is a special advisor on crime and justice to the Alliance’s leadership council.

“His area of expertise is the judicial system, not the operational politics of crime fighting. Ramesh has no training, no credentials and no track-record in crime fighting, so how can he expect the people to trust his promises, when he has time and time again proven to be untrustworthy?” Griffith said in the statement.

He then posed several questions for Maharaj: “How do you intend to install cameras throughout TT within 30 days? These cameras cost millions of dollars... how do you intend to acquire this money? “Where are the cameras going to be positioned and why these places?” Griffith asked how Maharaj would get manpower to install the cameras.

“How will he install a linkage to the police themselves without a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system in place?”

He accused Maharaj of giving citizens just empty promises, which he said were an insult to the intelligence of the people of TT. Griffith has issued a challenge to Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj.

He wants Ramesh to show evidence of his training and expertise in crime fighting and demonstrate his ability to initiate and coordinate such a crime plan.

This upstart, former caddy boy of Pandays prime ministerial residence suddenly is ah fockin expert on crime. Wey he get this big fockin profile from all of ah sudden.

Conthole, the most effective way to deal with crime in the country is to improve the judicial system. Where fockin criminals can be dealt with effectively and immediately.

Time and time again we see that these fockin kidnappers and criminals come to court and get let off in two fockin twos, free to continue doin as they please.

Any cyat could go on the internet, locate the latest technology in crime fighting and purchase the necessary equipment.

Ramesh for Tabaquite


FORMER Couva South MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj is set to fight the Tabaquite seat on a UNC Alliance ticket in the upcoming general election.

UNC leader Basdeo Panday, who had been seeking a safe seat for Maharaj to contest in the November 5 election, finally settled on the Tabaquite seat for the attorney.

Yesterday, Panday ended speculation that Naparima MP Nizam Baksh had been axed to make way for Maharaj.

In a change of heart, Panday decided to retain Baksh to fight the Naparima seat and has instead put Maharaj in the Tabaquite seat—now held by incumbent Adesh Nanan—to fight against Congress of the People’s (COP) Anand Ramlogan.

Nanan has agreed to drop out of the election race.

Party insiders said Nanan was offered a post as a UNC senator instead.

Panday’s latest decision came as Naparima constituents expressed discontent over plans to remove Baksh in order to make way for Maharaj.

Sources said many volunteers had already dropped out from the election committee in that constituency.

Baksh: I had no problem giving Ramesh my seat

In an interview outside the Barrackpore Asja mosque yesterday, Baksh told reporters he had no problem giving up his seat for Maharaj.

He said Maharaj had contributed to T&T’s development.

Baksh said he had already put his election machinery into high gear in Naparima and had been able to mobilise massive support across the constituency.

He also said he was ready and willing to assist Maharaj with his campaign.

“I don’t want to go down the route that (Kenneth) Valley took,” Baksh said.

“Mr Panday spoke to me and he said that he had three or four possible seats that Mr Maharaj could contest, Naparima being one of them.

“I offered up my seat for Maharaj...I thought it was the gentlemanly thing to do.”

A smiling Baksh said he was willing to sacrifice his safe seat for Maharaj, whom he described as a dynamic force and one who would be able to win any seat that he contested for the UNC Alliance.

“I am sensible enough to make any sacrifice for the party...It was Mr Panday who encouraged me to fight this seat and I will help Maharaj,” he said.

While he spoke to reporters, Baksh said he got a call on his cellphone from Panday, giving him the all clear as a candidate to fight the seat.


Several supporters expressed happiness upon hearing the news about Baksh.

Imam Ogeer Mohammed said: “Mr Baksh has done so much for Naparima. Flooding, now, is a thing of the past. We have better roads, a distance learning centre, computer literacy courses.”
He also said Baksh was instrumental in uniting Muslim, Hindu and Christian brothers in the area.

Another supporter Shafiyat Ali said: “We are happy. Mr Baksh is an excellent representative and I will be working with him as a volunteer.”

Candace Samaroo of Lower Barrackpore said the UNC Alliance would have lost votes if Baksh was replaced, as he had earned the respect of the Naparima people.

Well all the fockin time ah thought if it was one seat that the COP coulda get was that one in Tabaquite. Because of that cont Adesh Nanan.

Well the good news now is that Ramesh is the man that will take on Anand. Now ah feel sorry for Anand. All the time ah thought that he would have been the lone wolf sitting in Parliment with the other two parties.

Ah tell all yuh that he was caught fockin ah goat as ah youngster. News News News. Its true the Police had conducted an investigated.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cadiz woos Alliance supporters

Wednesday, October 10 2007

YesTT chairman Stephen Cadiz last evening sought to woo the UNC Alliance constituency executive of the Diego Martin North/East seat to back him as an independent.

Even though he resigned from the coalition party on Monday, Cadiz showed up for the UNC Alliance Diego Martin executive’s meeting where businesswoman Susan Rodriguez was being considered as his replacement for the party.

Rodriguez had contested the former Diego Martin East seat for the United National Congress in the 2000 general election but lost to the PNM’s Colm Imbert.

UNC Alliance chairman Jack Warner had hinted that a woman would be screened as the party’s new candidate after Cadiz fell out with the leadership council after Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar was bypassed to head the coalition.

Warner and UNC leader Basdeo Panday were selected instead to direct the party into the November 5 polls. Earlier yesterday, Cadiz said he had been bombarded with calls from people to stay on and contest the seat as an independent.

His appearance at last evening’s meeting created a stir as he sought to win over the executive’s support. This led to heated discussions which began at about 3 pm and there was no resolution up until 8 pm.

Buh wa d fock I does really hear and see boy.

You ever hear anybody in any political party gone in somebody party meeting to advocate that they want to be an independant candidate. Now this fockery does only be tolerated by the UNC. If was the PNM dey done kill he cont already.

Now Stephen, if you want to be a candidate, you doh have to go to a UNC executive meeting.

Go to the fockin ECB asshole and file yuh papers.

Or continue fockin Chrsitine Newallo all over Trinidad and have she in the Alliance.

Yetming sorry for Kamla

Wednesday, October 10 2007

CONGRESS of the People (COP) campaign manager, Gerald Yetming, has mixed views towards UNC deputy leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar after her outburst at the UNC Alliance’s rally on Sunday at Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas, at being bypassed to lead the coalition.

“I am so disappointed that she continues to subject herself to such treatment and ridicule,” said Yetming yesterday.

Persad-Bissessar, despite her upset, has vowed to stay with her party.

Is the COP inviting her to join? Yetming replied that the COP is not actively telephoning her, having previously issued several invitations to her, but added that “if she ever decides to do it, she knows where to go.”

COP candidate for Port-of-Spain South, psychologist Dr Sharon Gopaul-McNicol, in a statement yesterday said Persad-Bissessar had been politically abused, in being assigned head of the UNC Alliance’s Women’s Arm instead of leader.

“Yesterday we witnessed one of the most powerful women in our land professionally disrespected, patronised and politically abused as she was demoted from Leader of the Opposition to put it in a nutshell, to Minister of Gender Affairs.” Gopaul-McNicol likened the episode to child abuse.

Why Yetming doh haul he mudder cont and go down in places like Aranjuez and see if dey doh shoot he fockin ass. He is and has been the worse fockin representitve in Trinidad politics. He could never see the fockin corridors of Parliment again, except if some cyat appoint he to the Senate.

As for Gopaul Mc Nicol, ah wonder if she ever went to the police with her allegations that the last election that she had seen violence under the PNM and also that of child abuse. Remember she is the one that said that some PNM bigwigs were bullin lil boys.

Why she aint gone to the police as yet ?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ganga: Ramesh, not Winston, the Judas

Anna Ramdass aramdass@trinidadexpress.com
Tuesday, October 9th 2007

Caroni East MP Ganga Singh has described former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj as the "Judas" in the UNC Alliance camp, adding he has no right to criticise the Congress of the People (COP).

"Ramesh has no moral authority to talk about visiting every constituency to explain to people why they should not vote for the COP. First, he should explain to the same people about the done deal between Manning and himself and the conspiracy to remove the UNC from government," Singh said yesterday.

Singh said the COP is about unity and uniting the votes behind the principles and values anchored on pure dignity, "while Ramesh is a source of disunity, clearly demonstrated by his failure to embrace Kamla on the platform".

He added that Maharaj's claim to be uninterested in power or holding any office was just another form of fraud.

"Observe that Ramesh always emerges at election time. What does this action mean? It is obvious that he is hungry for political power," he said.

He added that Maharaj is on a campaign against the COP as part of a plan to have the People's National Movement remain in office.

"Ramesh Maharaj, Jack Warner and Basdeo Panday are the ones to be feared. So the Judas he (Panday) was referring to had to have been Ramesh Maharaj, a man he has reinstated on his political platform," Singh said.

On Sunday, UNC political leader Basdeo Panday said the new fearsome foursome was himself, Maharaj, UNC Alliance chairman Jack Warner and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Panday has referred to COP political leader Winston Dookeran as a "Judas" for cutting ties with the party and forming his own.

"How can Basdeo Panday refer to a 'Judas' when he is entertaining one on his own stage? ... the only political leader with clean hands and a clear conscience today is the Honourable Winston Dookeran," Singh said.

Ganga is the biggest scamp and racket man it have in T&T politics. So focking good is he that he was able through his pardner Devanand Ramlal who is Manning riding buddy to cut a deal for Ganga not to geh charged and possibly locked up.

Manning did threaten the focker in parliment. You ever consider what happen to those threats. How they gone so silent. He had no alternative but to stab fockin Bas in he back just to save his own ass.

Wait, they aint ready for Sadiq as yet. Doh forget he done get charged already.

Valley says Manning on road to dictatorship

What Valley says
Kenneth Valley alleges that PNM political leader PM Patrick Manning is demonstrating a “dictatorial attitude.”
He speaks of guarding against Manning getting a special majority “that will allow for the executive presidency through the back door.”
He promises to help Dr Amery Browne win the Diego Martin Central seat

Outgoing People’s National Movement (PNM) Diego Martin Central MP Kenneth Valley is concerned that the political leader of his party, Patrick Manning, is demonstrating a “dictatorial attitude.”

In his first candid interview since his rejection and the PNM’s central executive approved Manning’s recommendation of Dr Amery Browne as the candidate for Diego Martin Central, Valley said he had no row with Manning, and did not know what had caused the situation.

He said he had not discussed it with Manning beyond the initial issue of the PNM’s Bill Johnson performance poll. Valley said:

“I paid no mind to such polls. Mr Manning knows my capacity for work at the constituency level and the national level. So there was no deep discussion on the issue.

“He wanted to offer alternatives, and I said I would not negotiate for my seat—I would be an MP or out of office. And that was the last of it.”

Asked to explain his statement about forces binding together, Valley replied:

“I said that everyone has an obligation to be guided by one’s conscience, and if you see what is happening and you have an interest in the country in doing what you think is right, then you have a duty to take a stand.

“I am saying that if you perceive action that is dictatorial, and if you think that someone is hoping to be executive president, you have to ask if you want a constitutional dictator and you have to make that decision.

“Everyone has to decide. Therefore, I’m saying that persons with good principles ought to do what is required in the situation to deal with it.”

Asked if he was referring to Manning’s proposals for an executive president, Valley replied:
“You can draw your own conclusions.” He added:

“The PNM has been, or is, an excellent party. It has done much good for T&T, and if I could make a distinction between the PNM and the current political leader, I would have.

“While I support the PNM to win elections, we need to guard against a special majority that will allow for the executive presidency through the back door.”

Valley recalled that when he resigned as deputy leader in 1998—when he had a disagreement with Manning—he had said then that he would not work with someone who demonstrated a dictatorial atitude.

“After a five-hour meeting then, I thought we had agreed on a course of action. But now it is glaring that the gentleman is going down that road and I am seeing clearly, now, his intent.

“When you consider that it is the political leader alone who determines the 41candidates, and when you consider that as Prime Minister he will make the 16 senatorial appointments in a government; couple that with if he gets 32 seats he will go for an executive presidency...Understand what that means!

“That is my concern. There are some who would say it is a case of sour grapes. I could have done like others and shut my mouth and be a senator or an ambassador, since alternatives to being an MP were offered.

“But this is a fundamental principle, and while I say I love my party and I am loyal to the PNM, I love my country more.”

Smear campaign

Valley said he had nothing personal against Manning, “but he has taken certain actions which show certain traits that are not in the best interest of my country.

“I have taken a position that while in some ways he has done extremely well for T&T, I think he has demonstrated that his actions are clearly not in the best interests of T&T.

“Without his approval, none of the 41 candidates would have gotten their seats. It didn’t seem to matter what the party groups or constituencies wanted.”

Asked if Manning’s action was high-handed, Valley continued:

“You have to draw your own conclusions. I was unopposed at the constituency level. I got the support of the executive and the majority of the members of the screening committee.

“It was the political leader, using his veto power, that opposed me and that stopped me from representing my constituency.

“The letter of the law gives him that veto power. But whether it was in keeping with the spirit of the law and the PNM constitution and whether it respected the democracy the party is known for, is another thing.”

Valley said after he presented his case to PNM’s central executive last Friday, he asked the members to make a decision on the type of party they wanted.

He admitted that he was surprised that the central executive decided in favour of the political leader’s recommendations instead of his.

“But one can understand it, since I understand that the political leader had told them ‘if we backed down on the issue’ he ‘could as well go home.'”

Valley dismissed allegations that a $2-million gambling debt which he incurred had to be paid by a contracting company.

“That’s a smear campaign that comes out of the woodwork in times like this. It is an evil part of the party I’d like to see exterminated, but until that time we’ll have to live with it.

“They can’t understand when an individual stands on principle.

“The PNM, for me, is still the best party in T&T. We’ve done very well in 50 years. From time to time we’ve had individuals that have tried to subvert the party’s good intentions.

“Dr (Eric) Williams faced a similar situation in 1976, but his actions were quite different.”
Valley said he would remain with the PNM.

“I hope to bring closure to this. I have done what I feel I had an obligation to do...bring it to the national community and let the people make their own decision.

“There’s nothing more for me to do on this issue at this time.”

And the public won’t see Valley on a COP or UNC platform for this election campaign, he assured.

Valley to help Browne win seat

Valley made it clear he had no intention of leaving the PNM and that he intended to assist PNM Diego Martin Central candidate Dr Amery Browne to keep the seat in the PNM.

Valley said Browne had been seeking a meeting with him and that he agreed to meet with him tomorrow to help him win the seat.

“I intend to assist Dr Browne with the campaign and as of November 5, I become citizen Ken.
“I’ll do my bit to ensure that the legacy I worked hard for in Diego Martin Central will not be destroyed. I’ve done soul- searching...I’ve worked hard in my seat for 17 years and we have unfinished business.

“Dr Browne has done me nothing. I have no fight with him. Therefore, I’ll provide him with the support to keep the seat in the loving hands of the PNM.

“After 17 years, I have to take care of the people I represented. They have nothing to do with my feelings or the principled stand I feel I must take with respect to the actions of the political leader.”

Valley said he’d met key members of his executive yesterday, and asked everyone to pull together.

Asked about plans for his future—political or otherwise—Valley said he would be 60 on February 8th.

“While I thought I would have served another five years, they have now given me five years to pursue a new career—whatever that will be.”

As for his tenure as deputy leader, Valley said the political leader could terminate that appointment at any time.

After yesterday, he said, he was finished saying any more on the issue.

I saying this all the fockin time, but no fockin body will listen.

Now it comes from the fockin horses "well apes" mouth.

Patos is ah fockin dictator.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Cadiz: Kamla was choice for PM


Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar was the chosen prime ministerial candidate for the UNC Alliance and was, indeed, shoved aside for a Basdeo Panday/Jack Warner partnership.

UNC-A leadership council member Stephen Cadiz broke his silence yesterday on the controversial decision that many feared would cause a rift in the party leading into the November 5 general election.

Cadiz, in a phone interview, said it was decided before last Thursday’s leadership council meeting at Emerald Plaza, Tunapuna, that Persad-Bissessar would be given the nod to be prime minister if the UNC Alliance had won the election.

“That was the original plan for Kamla to be leader. The about-turn without any real discussion...it seemed as if the whole thing was planned,” he said.

Cadiz who did not attend the UNC-A mass rally at Mid-Centre Mall, Chaguanas, yesterday is expected to announce his resignation from the party at a press conference schedule to be held 10 am today at Crowne Plaza, Wrightson Road.

Cadiz said he did not watch or listen to the rally which was broadcast on five local television stations and six radio stations.

Last Thursday after six hours, the leadership council decided to appoint UNC deputy political leader Warner chairman of the UNC-A party and Panday his special adviser.

Cadiz suprised me yes. I thought this man had an idea of what politics and strategy is all about.

Yuh fockin asshole without patience. There can be no fockin political leader of the Alliance. How many times must we say this fockin thing. The Alliance is not a political party, no constitution, no structure. It is a group of political parites coming together with one purpose. That is to beat the PNM.

Oh fock. Understand na man.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dookeran faints at brother’s funeral

Saturday, October 6 2007

CONGRESS of the People (COP) leader Winston Dookeran, emotionally overwhelmed by the loss of his brother Clyde ‘‘Spanky’’ Dookeran, whom he (Winston) considered as his father, fainted at yesterday’s funeral service at the house of mourning in La Romaine.

Relatives later said Dookeran missed breakfast and the intense heat combined with his emotional state caused him to collapse at the service and he had to be assisted by family and friends.

After taking a brief rest, Dookeran led the processional march at the Shore of Peace in Mosquito Creek where his brother’s remains were cremated.

The incident occurred before the service began when Dookeran, 64, was greeting Pundit Ramesh Tiwari at his brother’s Faralon Drive, Bel Air, La Romain home. The COP leader who, according to family sources had not slept since his brother’s death on Wednesday morning, collapsed while embracing Tiwari.

Dookeran did not address the funeral ceremony but instead greeted friends, relatives and well-wishers following the ceremony. He was later examined by a family doctor and given a clean bill of health but a family member said following the funeral service, he was taken directly home to rest in preparation for today’s COP presentation of candidates at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

A family source said Clyde’s death had deeply affected Dookeran since he (Clyde) was credited for keeping the family intact following the death of their father Mewalal, who died at the age of 39, leaving wife Sumintra to care for their seven children — Norman, Boysie, Clyde, Shirley, Winston, Harold and Tyrone.

According to Dr Brinsley Samaroo, who delivered the eulogy at the service, Clyde opted to stay at home and keep the family together while his brothers and sister went abroad to study.

“He did not falter but took on the role of a father and was mainly responsible for the family not breaking up. He was the constant rock, the pinnacle upon which the family was held together,” he said.

Oh fock ah feel sorry for the man eh. At lease lemme extend meh sympathies to him and his family.

But why the fock everybody hiding the man weakness and sickness. Everybody know about the health of Bas and Patos. But Dookeran is ah sick man. He have diabetes and does suffer from high blood pressure. Now we also have to bear in mind that this is the second brother to pass away for the year.


Friday, October 5, 2007

Is Sudama the new politics?

As a foundation member of the Congress of the People (COP) and a youth of our nation, I was so proud to be in the COP with Winston Dookeran as a clean and decent leader. I subscribe to the new politics of issues, ideas and plans for the youth and depressed communities.

However, after a COP meeting in San Fernando on Tuesday night where I heard that COP brought back Trevor Sudama from the UNC and this former, now washed-up politician attacked Basdeo Panday, Jack Warner and Dr Roodal Moonilal, I was very upset.

Is this the new politics? Is Sudama an indicator of new politics? And to see him sit side by side with my leader Dookeran was most disappointing.

Our “new politics” was never about bitter attacks against anyone, but about progress. Dookeran has surprised me.

Now I cannot vote for the UNC, PNM or COP. Another youth who will not vote since all the parties are the same. But the COP, which promised to be different, ended up just as the others.

Riaz Mohammed
San Fernando

Poor Trevor is ah fockin political vagrant.
The neemakharam come back to the UNC with the hope of fighting ah seat. When he realise that he cyah get no seat to fight, he gone.
Why the fock all yuh ole coolie like that for. Yuh like ah fockin political prostitute, jumping from one political party to the next.
Jus for ah fcokin seat boy? Laard

Congress not bothered by ruling

By IRENE MEDINA Friday, October 5 2007

THE Congress of the People (COP) said yesterday “it is neither here nor there” whether UNC leader Basdeo Panday had gotten a new lease on his political life following the Privy Council’s ruling yesterday to stay Panday’s October 15 Integrity Commission re-trial.

COP campaign manager Gerald Yetming (a former UNC Finance Minister) said if Panday wished to fight the elections as UNC Alliance political leader, “The people will decide whether he still has any political life left.”

“We will fight him anywhere he goes,” Yetming added.

“At one stage, he said he was going up in Couva North, then he said he was going up against Ganga Singh in Caroni East, then he announced he will fight in St Augustine against Winston Dookeran. He does not seem to know where he wants to fight,” Yetming said.

“So whether he fights or not is neither here nor there...we will fight him anywhere he goes.”

Why the fock you doh fight ah seat. Because everybody know what ah fockin failure you was in the St. Joseph constituency. That is why you will never see the House of Parliment again.

Well everybody know all yuh COP conts not interested in BAS, the man who give all ah all yuh political life. But when you is ah neemakharam, some things just turn around and come back to fockers like all ah all yuh in that dead fockin party.

The mission of the COP with all the ole haggard NARites is to in this election simply get rid of Panday. That is all allyuh fighting. Some people done read all yuh like book.

Fock around, what goes around come ah fockin round.

Government buys a LeRoy Clarke painting for $1.2 million.

The painting Weavers of the Dust by master artist LeRoy Clarke was purchased by the Government for $1.2 million.

Weavers of the Dust had been on loan to the museum for the past 23 years.
In the ’80s, its sister painting Queen of the Band was purchased by TTT.

Government has acquired a painting done by master artist LeRoy Clarke for $1.2 million.
The painting, Weavers of the Dust, was done in New York while Clarke was living there in the 1970s.

The 12-foot by eight-foot oil on canvas mural was on loan to the national museum for the past 23 years.

Community Development Minister Joan Yuille-Williams announced the Government’s recent acquisition during yesterday’s post-Cabinet news conference at Whitehall.

Clarke also donated 18 drawings from his Douen series to the museum.

The painting—inspired by Alfred Codallo’s Trinidad Folklore—was viewed as an important acquisition as it was an essential part of this country’s artistic heritage and history, Yuille-Williams said.

Contacted yesterday, Clarke expressed delight that the Government had purchased his painting.

“I feel honoured to be part of this event…it is part of our patrimony,” Clarke said in a telephone interview.

“It is a history-making event and I believe that it is the most expensive local art purchase in our country’s history.

“It is a significant moment for the country and the artist.”

More value to T&T’s heritage

Clarke said he had had invitations to send the mural abroad, but preferred that it stayed in T&T.

“It has more value to T&T’s heritage, and it is more important than any amount of money offered abroad, to me,” he said.

He said the Government had made the decision to purchase the painting two years ago, and was pleased to know that it would remain in this country.

“I have welcomed the purchase whole-heartedly because it sends a message that Government is starting to point art in the right direction,” he said.

Clarke said he hoped that with the sale of the painting, aspiring artists would spend more time on their art form.

“With this event, perhaps the people who are involved in the arts would devote a little more time to bring forward the art in their work, rather than just simply paint for expediency or mere commodity, or to simply decorate our space,” he said.

In the early 1980s, the mural Queen of the Band, the sister painting to Weavers of the Dust, was purchased by the now defunct Trinidad and Tobago Television for $95,000.

“The price created quite a scandal that a painting could cost so much,” Clarke said.

He said when the company folded years later, the painting was donated to the museum.
“They are now reunited at the museum,” Clarke said.
Pure wholesale fockery. I wouldnt allow this cont to do ah face painting on ah fockin child.
This is the PNM way of patronising their fockin supporters. The same thing was done in the 80's when Grenfell Kissoon bought ah fockin piece of shit with paint splattered all over for $95000.00. And then people want to turn around and ask how the fockin TV station buss.
This is PNM style running every state institution into the fockin ground. Nada new!

URP workers wait outside bank again

Friday, October 5 2007

EVEN AS hundreds of Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) workers formed long lines for the second consecutive day outside FCB in San Juan yesterday, Local Government Minister Rennie Dumas publicly apologised to the approximately 15,000 URP workers who will not be paid today because of a glitch in the processing of the workers’ debit card.

As was the case on Wednesday, the frustrated URP workers stood outside the bank waiting to register for the debit card which Government introduced to make payment easier and to eliminate the need for cashing of cheques at the old Treasury Building in Port-of-Spain.

“We are quite concerned about the delay. Our apology must be tendered to these people, but we also want to point out that the bank has now assured that the arrangements made, these dates will be kept, and the benefits to the participants in the URP who will be using that debit card system remain,” Dumas remarked at yesterday’s Post Cabinet press conference at Whitehall.

The registration process will see a URP worker assigned an account at FCB and a debit card. The Ministry announced on Wednesday that “pay-day for Fortnight Number One” which was scheduled for today, had been deferred to next week Friday, October 12.

Approximately 15,000 workers in Fortnight Number One are affected. Yesterday, several angry URP workers said the Ministry should have made up the cheques to facilitate the old method of payment until the new method came on stream. A number of URP workers and foremen called in to radio stations to voice their displeasure at the delay and to remind Government that hundreds of URP workers were supporters of the PNM.

“They were supposed to pay us the day before they (the PNM) have their big candidate launch in Woodford Square. But now we are broke. What are we supposed to do?” a URP worker asked.

“This means that my family will have to squeeze by to eat for this week, because I don’t have money to feed my five children and right now I am the breadwinner in this family,” another lamented.

Others called in to the radio programme saying regardless of the pay problem, they were prepared to “band our bellies” for the coming week and still support the PNM at tomorrow’s rally.

Niggas like it fockin so. Niggas like easy wok or no wok at all, that is why they have this inclination towards URP and CEPEP. Just suckin money from the treasury.

But you cant blame them. This is how the PNM has cultured them over the last 50 years and as such they are now heavily dependent on the PNM for this handout.

The problem is look at how they are treated like dogs and slaves just to collect the money. This is an ongoing saga. If you see them yesterday outside FCB in San Juan and sometimes down St. Vincent Street like cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

They like it so and that is what they want for dey children. So fock that. Go kiss Patrick Manning ass in Balisier House.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jack, Kamla compete for Alliance leadership

Anna Ramdass aramdass@trinidadexpress.com
Wednesday, October 3rd 2007

THE leader of the United National Congress Alliance will be determined tomorrow.

Members of a high-powered meeting agreed to select the new leader at that time last night, after meeting for two and a half hours at the House of Chan Restaurant at Emerald Plaza in St Augustine.

Speaking after the meeting, Stephen Cadiz, of Yes TT, told the media that "serious proposals were made" and when UNC Deputy Political Leader Jack Warner returns tomorrow morning, the leadership council would meet again and a final decision would be made.

"Mr Panday is the leader of the UNC. Can we win the general election with that? That is the question that needs to be answered," he said.

When questioned on whether the potential leaders would come from either Basdeo Panday, Kamla Persad-Bissessar or Warner, he sidestepped the question. But he did say "the population would be pleased".

The Express understands that Persad-Bissessar and Warner are the two front-runners for the position.

Earlier, after about 20 minutes of meeting with Panday, Political Leader of the Democratic National Assembly (DNA), Dr Kirk Meighoo, stormed out the meeting.

At 6.15 p.m., Meighoo angrily flung open the doors and walked away from a meeting which was discussing the leadership of the UNC Alliance.

He was accompanied by Salim Muwakil and an unidentified woman.

When confronted by the Express, a visibly upset Meighoo offered no comment.
Meighoo was not there to attend the meeting. He went specifically to speak with Panday on a possible alliance with the party.

Panday, Persad-Bissessar, Stephen Cadiz, DPTT Political Leader Steve Alvarez and leader of Laventille for Laventillians, Lennox Smith, were all in attendance.

The Express understands that the members of the coalition were torn between either keeping Panday, or appointing Warner or Persad-Bissessar to the post of leader of the coalition.

Meighoo had recently made a proposal appealing to the opposition parties, which included the Congress of the People (COP), to merge to contest the general election. With confidence, he said his party was crucial to ensure victory at the polls.

First things first. If people think that Bas have too much weighing on his shoulders to be the leader, they fockin lie. Bas is the fockin leader. Second, Jack is not a sufficiently popular leader in the Alliance to lead. Like fockin Robinson in 86 and asshole Dookeran in 2006 the UNC will splinter again if we put an unpopular figure to lead. Apart from that Kamla can command a better support than Jack. She has also done a good job as Leader of the Opposition for the last year or so. So fock Jack. This is not football.

Now who the fock Kirk Meighoo think he is? Refer to meh previous post about this wannabe cont.

Ruling party slams ‘ethnic appeals’

THE People’s National Movement has criticised what it sees as attempts by UNC Alliance and COP to introduce race and ethnicity into the general election campaign.

A release sent yesterday by the PNM’s public relations officer, Jerry Narace, said no sooner had the Prime Minister announced election, the UNC Alliance and the COP began to make “ethnic appeals.”

The release said the most brazen were statements made by Kamla Tewarie, leader of the Hindu Women’s Organisation, which attempted to criticise the PM for choosing an election date within the Divali period.

Tewarie is the mother of COP candidate for Chaguanas East, Nirad Tewarie.

“The PNM rejects this naked attempt at using an ostensibly religious organisation for naked politicking,” the release said.

“It is clear that both parties are growing worried over the massive support enjoyed by the PNM.”

Why Jerry Narace doh haul he nigga ass lickin mudder cont. Is so fockin dotish he is one time? Why he doh send ah press release saying how he and fockin wife Rani own Trinre and dey get all the government business makin millions.

It has been proven in the fockin courts that the mudder cont PNM does discriminate yuh asshole. Time and time again. The PNM love to lick up coolie ass all over the country. That is how they could win an election.

Everybody understand that dick tator Fat prick Manning put the date right smack into the pre divali season because the pundits in SWAHA know very well that for Hindus is of more significance and value than an election. They fock well know that people will be fasting and in a different frame of mind. Niggas dont have an inclination of what it is like to fast and to maintain a spiritual state a la eastern mentality. So some fockin SWAHA pundit ha to be advising these fockers.

Now fock off Jerry Narace, now that I have educated yuh cont a lil bit.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

T&Tec pleads: Save energy

PowerGen contracted to supply the Electricity Commission with 957 megawatts of electricity per day.
Demand for electricity usually peaks between 8 am and 4 pm and 6 and 9 pm daily.
If consumers fail to respond to T&Tec’s appeal, then load-shedding and blackouts may take place during these peak periods, says PowerGen
Problems force shutdown of two generating units at Point Lisas

The Electricity Commission (T&Tec) is asking the country to cut down on the use of electricity to avoid load-shedding and blackouts.

This is because problems at PowerGen’s Pt Lisas power station caused a reduction in the amount of electricity being supplied to T&Tec for distribution to consumers.

PowerGen spokesman Omar Khan said yesterday load-shedding might not become necessary if the public responded well to T&Tec’s appeal.

Khan said the problem caused the shutdown of two generating units, resulting in a shortfall of 208 megawatts of power from PowerGen to T&Tec.

PowerGen is contracted to supply the Electricity Commission with 957 megawatts of electricity per day.

Khan said demand for electricity usually peaked between 8 am and 4 pm and 6 and 9 pm daily.
He added that if consumers failed to respond to T&Tec’s appeal for conservation, then load-shedding and blackouts might take place during these peak periods.

Khan said the problem began yesterday, when engineers discovered high levels of vibration and cracking on the nozzles of the gas burners on two generating units at the power station.
The Nos 13 and 14 units were taken out of service.

Khan said engineers from Siemens, manufacturer of the units, are working on the problem.
The spare parts were due to be flown into the country last night, and the repairs expected to be completed within two to four days.

Yes mudders conts!

When the fockin UNC built Inncogen, the nasty PNM fockers bawling corruption. Now remember this was built at no cost to the taxpayer. The UNC recognised that within 5 years our demand for electricity would outstrip supply. Now this is something that the niggas should take note of. Especially since they building all these barracks all over the marginal constituencies. Obviously the demand will increase! But the niggas cyah see that.

So we've arrived at a situation where the demand has finally outstriped supply and the conts aint do nutten about it. So as usual the poor have to feel the burden of load shedding and no electricity. They obviously not goin to cut current in town and the urban areas.

That is fockin PNM Vision 2020 for fockin you.