Friday, October 5, 2007

Congress not bothered by ruling

By IRENE MEDINA Friday, October 5 2007

THE Congress of the People (COP) said yesterday “it is neither here nor there” whether UNC leader Basdeo Panday had gotten a new lease on his political life following the Privy Council’s ruling yesterday to stay Panday’s October 15 Integrity Commission re-trial.

COP campaign manager Gerald Yetming (a former UNC Finance Minister) said if Panday wished to fight the elections as UNC Alliance political leader, “The people will decide whether he still has any political life left.”

“We will fight him anywhere he goes,” Yetming added.

“At one stage, he said he was going up in Couva North, then he said he was going up against Ganga Singh in Caroni East, then he announced he will fight in St Augustine against Winston Dookeran. He does not seem to know where he wants to fight,” Yetming said.

“So whether he fights or not is neither here nor there...we will fight him anywhere he goes.”

Why the fock you doh fight ah seat. Because everybody know what ah fockin failure you was in the St. Joseph constituency. That is why you will never see the House of Parliment again.

Well everybody know all yuh COP conts not interested in BAS, the man who give all ah all yuh political life. But when you is ah neemakharam, some things just turn around and come back to fockers like all ah all yuh in that dead fockin party.

The mission of the COP with all the ole haggard NARites is to in this election simply get rid of Panday. That is all allyuh fighting. Some people done read all yuh like book.

Fock around, what goes around come ah fockin round.

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