Thursday, November 27, 2008

Floods Nov 18th, 2008

A Pic speaks a thousand words.
Here are a few of HRH PNM's Colm Imbert fantastic drainage plans at work.
Enjoy, this is only Barataria.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Dear Mr. Manning

An essay on Democratic Parliamentarianism by the most eminent Burke noted that it is as mandatory for each, once elected, to realize their new role as taking precedence over the demands of the isolated groups of constituents whose vote may have put them into office—a simple extension of the axiom-the whole being greater than the part.

Mr Manning needless to say, you have fallen short as a Parliamentarian, Leader and Politician and history will accurately record the facts.
Your terms in office have been analysed as an ‘obsessional hatred for Indians’. This is not mere race talk as you may call it but the policy you have used to hold on to power .
Your greatest honour has been and will always be your ability to spread hate and divide people using race, religion. affirmative. ethnic preference .social programmes, guises of Caribbean integration, housing and education just for the purpose of personalized power.

The question is do you really care?

You will recall that, when Robinson won election, he said no witch hunting, when Panday won election, he said no witch hunting. Even the most honoured Obama has made friends with his opponents empowering them. But no, you have had an enduring fight against everything Indian:

You have closed down The Sugar Industry with promises of land and houses which never materialized.

You have hounded Sat Sharma and Panday out of Office and continue to do so.

You have devised a housing programme and social programmes that benefit only one sector of the population i.e. your supporters.

You have pursued frolics of your own without the support of the people-Caribbean integration, your mansion, your construction drive and it was inevitable that such enterprises will cost the country.

Now you are ordering your Ministers and their paid supporters to go to African areas to deal with flooding, where flooding has been endemic in Indian areas without a drum heard but criticisms of Indians lying about losing their products.

We are now seeing the beginning of the end Manning and one wonders if you have made plans to migrate like the many Indo-Trinidadians that you have hounded out of the country.

The psychologist believes Mr Manning that you hate Indians because you really love them and want to be like them but since you cannot be like them you punish them.
This developed from your early days at Presentation college in San Fernando where you were never in the top of the class or privileged and felt so hurt and frustrated that you developed an inferiority complex and blamed Indians for your misfortune. Hitler had similar experiences against Jews.

This will also explain why you hate powerful African men and surround your self with weak Indian and mixed persons and women without mamillary or testicular fortitudes.
They will do anything for you because their lifes are so empty that they don’t mind doing your bidding.

I feel sorry for you Manning and it is a pity that ‘monkey cyar see he own tail’- no pun intended but for one moment what you are doing is tantamount to genocide of an entire race and someone is looking. The tears that Indians shed have never fell on barren soil.

The Rum Shop Philosopher.

Friday, November 14, 2008


So we gone dong Maracas Beach last Tuesday (Divali) and saw 6 big nigga setting up a huge suction/pump generator.

After the machine had been pumping water out for over 2 hours I couldn't help but ask one of the niggas what exactly they were trying to achieve. He explained that they needed to lower the water level because the river continues all the way around to the Main Car Park (by Richard's Shark & Bake) and it causing flooding there.

I then tried to simply explain to him that sucking the water out from one point and pumping it back into the same river (see pics & video below) just doesn't make sense ! Duh ! His reply was, "We just doing what dey tell we to do!"

Hmmmm..... PS. The TDC (Tourism Development Company Ltd) has big plans for Maracas beach on their website: Asshole Colm Imbert again nah!

What conts!


Once again, the fuckin Manning is caught being less than honest with the population............ did a "deaL" (PERHAPS) fall through.......... a former senior Executive of BMW was very firm that this is not the way that Company does business.....

BMW says it has no deal with Manning

There's a new twist to the story about the supply of VIP vehicles for two international summits in Port of Spain next year. Now, the Trinidad Express is reporting that the German automaker BMW has denied that it has any deal with Prime Minister Patrick Manning to supply the vehicles for the conference.

Bavarian Motors Ltd, local agents BMW, issued a statement saying it has not had any direct discussion with the government of Trinidad and Tobago or Manning about the supply of the luxury vehicles for the summits.

It denied any connection between a recent visit by its managing director Gordon Borde to Munich, Germany and Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s statement about Government leasing vehicles for next year’s summits, directly from BMW.

Bavarian Motors said it had responded to tenders issued by the National Insurance Property Development Company (Nipdec) to provide vehicles for the summits and “is awaiting a response to its proposals.”

It said Borde attended the annual Importers Conference in Munich from October 28 to November 1 at the invitation of BMW and “had absolutely no knowledge of a visit being paid to Munich and BMW by the Prime Minister.”

It added, “Neither did Mr Borde have any contact with the Prime Minister during his visit to Munich...

There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in any suggestion that Mr Borde accompanied the Honourable Prime Minister on his visit to Munich.” That seems to contradict what Manning told reporters last week at his post cabinet news conference.

Manning announced that he had personally visited the showroom of a large BMW dealer in Germany and sealed the deal under which the Germans would ship the vehicles to Port of Spain for temporary use for both conferences and then take them back.

In dismissing local offers the prime minister said they were too costly. “The local people...put a price on the alternatives that is so high, that you have little alternative but to purchase the cars, which we are determined not to do. We don’t need 200 cars.”

Manning was in Munich from October 30 to 31, to address the “Day of the Americas” conference hosted by the Business Association of Latin America.

Both Borde and Manning were in Germany at the same time.

Manning did not say that he met Borde or any representative of BMW's local agents, Bavaria Motors Ltd. And he didn't say who he met. He told reporters, "I visited the BMW showroom in Munich, we had discussions on the matter and I have to discuss it with our people here.”

Based on Bavaria Motor's Ltd.'s statement and Manning's confirmation that he held talks with BMW, it would seem that the prime minister bypassed the local agent and went directly to the German company's representatives in Munich.