Friday, November 14, 2008


So we gone dong Maracas Beach last Tuesday (Divali) and saw 6 big nigga setting up a huge suction/pump generator.

After the machine had been pumping water out for over 2 hours I couldn't help but ask one of the niggas what exactly they were trying to achieve. He explained that they needed to lower the water level because the river continues all the way around to the Main Car Park (by Richard's Shark & Bake) and it causing flooding there.

I then tried to simply explain to him that sucking the water out from one point and pumping it back into the same river (see pics & video below) just doesn't make sense ! Duh ! His reply was, "We just doing what dey tell we to do!"

Hmmmm..... PS. The TDC (Tourism Development Company Ltd) has big plans for Maracas beach on their website: Asshole Colm Imbert again nah!

What conts!


Anonymous said...

So if dey de ask dem to pump it up dey assholes, dey wouulda do it?! Typical niggas can't think for themselves. Why you tink the country suffering so? Is de same ting everywhere yuh go - I rel sorry for bama

Anonymous said...

nigger really dottish. wow!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whether the blue collar workers know what to do or not, they won't go against the wishes of their bosses especially if their paycheck comes into play.

When things go bad, blame the people on the top, not the 6 men who are being 'paid' to put up a bad set up like what we are seeing in these pictures.

matthew said...

if it was coolies they would be sitting down drink babbash, or gramazone (depending on the day) thinking bout havin sex with their daughter/neice. blaming kidnapping on niggas, although they dealing in drugs and rich indian business men and syrians are the the ones in charge.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the river flowed out to the sea...I didn't know the sea flowed into the river. I guess all the water flooding out Richard's is sea water and not fresh water from the mountains. Also, even though it is might be remotely possible during high tide for the levels to be the same, the tide is clearly not high in the picture. You need to go back to school.

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Completely agree at all makes sense what they are trying to make the images speak for themselves

Anonymous said...

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