Saturday, December 29, 2007

‘Small Saleem’ gunned down


A FORMER state witness who was an ex-member of the Jamaat al Muslimeen was gunned down at Seventh Avenue in Barataria yesterday.

Saleem “Small Saleem” Rasheed, 38, died on the spot after he was shot ten times in the neck, head and chest, investigators said.

A police report said that around 10.45 am, Rasheed was on the sidewalk at Seventh Avenue, where he was contracted to do work for the Unemployment Relief Programme.

However, the other employees did not show up for work and Rasheed decided to mix the concrete himself.

A gunman ran up to Rasheed, called him by his name then shot him several times about the body.

He collapsed on the ground where he subsequently died.

Detectives said he was killed execution style.

Eight spent shells were recovered from the scene.

Residents and other members of the Barataria mosque, which Rasheed attended, gathered at the crime scene after the shooting.

Members of the mosque threatened media personnel, saying they did not want any photographs taken of Rasheed lying dead on the ground.

Asked to comment on Rasheed’s murder, one of the Imams said: “Inna lil Allah innas illa raa je oon.” (From Allah we come and to Allah we return).

One of the other members of the mosque said Rasheed had been good to all.

However, other men, purporting to be Muslims, were heard saying: “Them fellows don’t know they start the war.”

Rasheed testified last year in the conspiracy to murder trial against Jamaat al Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr.

Bakr, Brent Miller (also called Big Brent), David Millard (also called Buffy) were accused of plotting to kill Rasheed and Zaki Aubaidah, Bakr’s son-in-law, on June 4, 2003, at Diego Martin.
Some time later, Julia Bowen and her husband Adil Ghany and Rasheed were shot at while at MovieTowne Complex in Mucurapo.

Rasheed was shot about five times in the groin and leg region.

Bowen was killed and Ghany sustained gunshot wounds during the drive-by shooting.
Bakr was exonerated of the charge.

Meanwhile, no suspects have been held for Rasheed’s killing.

Homicide officers are continuing investigations.

And none ever will.

This is one fockin bandit and criminal. The state use em as ah witness against Abu Bakr. Fine

How the fock he get ah contract in the URP. Yuh see this is the PNM tool to repay their supporters and criminals for help in the election.

That is why crime unabated in this country. PNM supporting the fockin criminals through these fockin so called social programmes.

OH! none of the employess turn up and he decide to mix the concrete him self.

Fock man!!!

Mother of four shot dead at home


A 36-YEAR-OLD mother of four was shot dead yesterday morning at her Farm Road home in St Joseph.

Cheryl Gabrielle, of Raspberry Drive, was shot five times in her head. She died on the spot.
A police report said that around 1.30 am, residents heard several loud explosions and when they checked Gabrielle was found lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

The body was viewed by the district medical officer and ordered removed to the Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy.

Gabrielle’s children were at an aunt’s house when the gunmen stormed her home, relatives said yesterday, in an interview at the Forensic Science Centre.

Relatives, who asked not to be identified, said Gabrielle did not celebrate Christmas fully since she got furniture items late.

“She sent the children to another relative’s house because the place was not ready for Christmas,” she said.

Gabrielle wanted to purchase curtains and vinyl yesterday morning, in time to celebrate New Year’s with her children.

The relative said Gabrielle had been asleep when the gunmen kicked down her front door.
“She heard the commotion and ran to lock herself in the children’s room because it has a lock...She called the police and the men then broke down the door and killed her,” the relative said.

The family member said Gabrielle was gunned down as if she was a man.

“Don’t they have a mother or sister? They have no respect for human life. She is not a gangster but they kill her like she is a man,” the relative said.

One of Gabrielle’s close relative, close to tears, said: “God said vengeance is his. I leave it in his hands. I can’t do anything but pray. I hope and trust in God’s justice. Just as you kill a man they need to kill them back.”

Relatives described Gabrielle as a loving person “who was mother and father to all.”

Detectives suspect Gabrielle’s death may be linked to a shooting last week, when one of her relative’s was shot while he was going to take a maxi taxi at the Priority Bus Route.

The relative, who was shot in his foot and back, remains warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in stable condition.

No suspects were held by the police.

Homicide officers are continuing investigations.

Gabrielle’s death pushes the murder toll to 377 for the year, according to the Homicide Bureau.

Na na na na something aint right about this focking story.

This ole nigga ha to be involved in some kinda slackness for gunMEN to jus come and shoot she cont at half past one in the morning.

How come nigga never get the furniture yet and as such didnt get to celebrate Xmas, she went to buy vinyl and curtain so she could celebrate New Years. Wa kinda wanton fockery is that?

The mudder cont musbe some fockin ole hooker and bandit in one and OH "she was ah good mother and father."

This story so fockin inconsistent eh. Fockin niggas really capable of baflling you sometimes wid dey bullshit yes!
NB:- Check the schnaz nah, two yam toti could fit in dey all at one time.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Exonerated, not spared.

"Spared" is a word that strikes as a dagger into the heart of justice whenemployed as a malicious euphemism for "exonerated" . It is a word thatdiscredits those who use it to impugn the character of the CJ against thebackdrop of the explicit Mustill Report, which if it does anything at all,indicts the Prime Minister and his government shamefully.

Notwithstanding his injudicious garrulousness noted by the Tribunal, CJSharma has been completely vindicated and exonerated of all charges and hischief accuser now stands starkly naked in his public guilt.

At the very least the Prime Minister is guilty of over zealousness inpursuing unsubstantiated accusations described as "fragmentary calumny" inthe face of damning evidence against the Chief accuser.

Justice demands that Mr. John Jeremie be brought to justice for hisinvolvement in the affair as much as Mr. Sherman Mc Nicholls must beprosecuted for his own self serving role. He is already disgraced in thepublic eye and remains an excrescence upon the Judiciary.

The Sharma Affair has brought odium upon Government and its hirelings andrevealed the viciousness of business machinations in the arena of politics.The corrupt dealing of named land developers who collaborated with officialsto form the accusing corps demands prosecution.

Not only should Mr. Sharma's full costs be met by the Government withoutdemurring, but he should be compensated for the unjust persecution he suffered. His prosecution was hallmarked by vindictiveness.

One must now ponder in the light of the executive power which our PM covets,how dangerous is the path which this nation treads.

Even now, "Protected" as we are by the checks and balances of theWestminster system we have seen such flagrant abuse of power and patronageand nepotism. What could we anticipate then with an executive president whowields absolute power over all branches of government?

Charge McNicolls now

What has happened with regard to the humiliation of the Honourable Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago is an extremely serious matter. It is a matter that should receive a full examination as the systemic forces and the supporting characters that precipitated this monsterous perversion of our justice system must be exposed. If necessary criminal charges should be laid against John Jeremie for perverting the course of justice. There is now an abundance of evidence to suggest that Jeremie ought to face the full glare of the law.With respect to the criminal charges agsint Sharma we must note that they were laid on the basis of the evidence of one man, Sherman McNicolls.

Israel Khan - a legal bull frog

That act on the part of the McNicolls was supported by Israel "bull frog face" Khan who came on TV and supported the actions of the DPP and the Comissioner of Police to send machine gun carrying policemen to the residence of the CJ. We must not forget these Mugabe characters. Where is Bull Frog now? Why is he silent? Remember he talked about those lawyers from south of the Caroni. I ask again where is the big ugly bull frog?

Pamela Elder appaled

When the moment came for McNicolls to face Pamela Elder he folded. Elder commented after the collapse of the case agaisnt Sharma that it was a travesty of justice. When the Mustill Tribunal started many of the players vanished and put their tails between their legs and hide like rats all over the world.

Its Karma time folks.

Charge fockin Mc Nicols NOW!

Speaker lawfirms gets huge government contracts

Hobsons’ offices are located in San Fernando, Port-of-Spain, Chaguanas and Point Fortin and some of its clients include Caroni (1975) Limited, Petrotrin, National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (Namdevco), The Home Mortgage Bank, Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL), the San Fernando City Corporation and other regional corporations.

The annual earnings of this form of legal representation by Hobsons are said to be in the millions of dollars. But Sinanan said he saw no conflict in his being a senior partner in the law firm getting work from the State and his role as Speaker of the House, which office calls for transparent, impartiality.

Sinanan was re-elected House Speaker for a consecutive term.

“I do not personally handle government work at Hobsons,” he said.

He said he never used his public position and didn’t have the title of “MP” or “Speaker” behind his name on the firm’s letterhead. ---Newsday

Sinanan's hand is firmly placed in the cookie jar. This explains his partiality towards the government.

The speaker must be impartial.

Sinanan should not be speaker in the house.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

COP wants Mc Nicolls resignation

Saturday, December 22 2007

THE CONGRESS of the People (COP) yesterday charged that the Section 137 tribunal report, which cleared Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma and paved the way for him to resume duties, shows there was a “vendetta” to remove Sharma from office.

In a statement from the office of COP party leader Winston Dookeran, the Congress called for the immediate resignation of Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls and for President George Maxwell Richards to appoint a Commission of Inquiry to investigate whether or not a political conspiracy was hatched against the Chief Justice.

The COP was particularly harsh in its condemnation of Mc Nicolls in this entire affair, drawing reference to a section of the report’s conclusion, which said: “Either he (Mc Nicolls) was in the grip of conspirators who for some reason wanted to have the behaviour of the Chief Justice examined by an enquiry rather than in a criminal court, or at least wanted him to be removed from office without being in peril of prison.

“Or the Chief Magistrate really believed in the opinion that his statements were in some way his property, to be used by the organs of the State only in a way of which he approved an extra-ordinary misconception for an experienced magistrate. Either alternative raises more questions than it solves.”

The COP claimed Mc Nicolls’ action in the CJ affair has undermined public confidence in the Judiciary and said he should deliver all outstanding judgments and resign immediately.

“His continued presence cannot help restore public confidence in the administration of justice.

The party reiterated its March 30 call for the President to establish a Commission of Inquiry that would be able to subpoena witnesses so that the alleged role of persons in the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) in this matter could be determined.

“The country needs to know the truth and a commission of inquiry with the power of subpoena is what is required now,” the COP stated.

Who the fock is this? Who write this? Is this another politcal party?

How the fock dem get so big to call for somebody to resign.

They represent anybody?

Who is Winston Dookeran again, somebody remind me nah.

Faeces thrown at city Magistrate

Saturday, December 22 2007

PROCEEDINGS at the Port-of- Spain Eleventh Magistrates’ Court came to an abrupt halt yesterday morning after a prisoner threw faeces at the presiding magistrate.
Magistrate Michelle Maraj-Brown was sitting on the bench shortly before 10 am when Tyrone Clarke appeared before her.

Clarke who is charged with arson and malicious damage, told Maraj-Brown, “Mam, I have a paper from the doctor to show you.” He then reached into his back pocket took out a crix plastic bag and something wrapped in paper. By the time officers realised what was happening, Clarke flung the package (faeces) straight at Magistrate Maraj-Brown.

The petite magistrate screamed out in horror as the entire courtroom became engulfed with a foul stench. The clerk and prosecutor rushed to the aid of a traumatised Maraj-Brown and whisked her away to the back, while police officers subdued Clarke and dealt him several blows to the body.

Although the faecal matter did not reach the magistrate’s chair, the walls, benches, attorney’s bar and some officers were not spared. Persons waiting to have their matters heard, made a mad dash for the door as walls were splattered with the waste matter.

Reasons for Clarke’s behaviour remain unclear as there is no record to show that he suffers from mental problems. The court was immediately shut down and a MTS cleaning crew was brought in to wash and sanitise the area but, for all the soap, bleach and water, the scent remained and soon the unpleasant odour could be experienced throughout the corridors of the new wing.

Word of the unfortunate incident spread to other magistrates and like a chain reaction, matters were being dealt with quickly and prisoners sent back downstairs.

Fuss nigga like shit eh.

What kinda fockin person will sit down and shit in ah crix bag. Walk wid it in yuh back pocket, off course after being transported from prison and den want to throw it at somebody.

Ha to be ah nigga.

Dey like shit, smell like shit, eat shit, look like shit and they are shit.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Eric to know fate on December 28

FORMER Energy Minister Eric Williams will have to wait until next Friday to know if he would go on trial for corruption and misbehaviour in public office, or if the matter will be thrown out.

The proceedings hit a snag yesterday morning after a representative from the licensing office failed to show up. The defence led by Desmond Allum SC had summoned both the Head of the Immigration Department and the Transport Commissioner to verify documents but only a representative sent from immigration attended court.

Officer Lucienne Matthews stood in the witness box for about ten minutes to verify documents relating to the case. However when the defence called for the witness from the licensing department there was only silence.

According to the defence, a summons was sent to the Transport Commissioner’s office. Magistrate Lucina Cardenas- Ragoonanan sitting in the Port-of -Spain Fourth Magistrates’ Court was forced to stand down the matter as her clerk made enquiries on behalf of the defence.

When the matter resumed a short while later, defence attorney Allum attempted to have a document from the licensing department tendered into evidence. However, State prosecutor George Busby strongly protested arguing that under the Sections 37 and 22 of the Evidence and Admissions Act, documentation of that nature cannot be tendered into evidence, unless the Transport Commissioner or someone appointed by him, takes the stand.

Isnt that the oman magistrate who husband or she ha big contact wid the PNM.

Watch how this focker will get off eh.

Anybody taking bets?

Hobsons: Sinanan signature not in briefs

Friday, December 21 2007

THE LAW firm Hobsons yesterday said that even though House Speaker Barry Sinanan is a senior partner in its San Fernando law firm, his signature is not on record in legal briefs from State Corporations which the firm represents.

Attorney Sherwin Seenath, one of the three senior partners, told Newsday yesterday that all matters from State corporations are handled by a battery of other attorneys. “All contentious matters from corporations are handled by me and Roger Kawalsingh,” Seenath said.

Kawalsingh, who is a junior partner in the firm denied yesterday that Hobsons was one of the law firms which the Home Mortgage Bank retains for legal services. Kawalsingh said that House Speaker Sinanan’s senior partnership in Hobsons, was not connected to the law firm’s legal representation for some State corporations, among which are Petrotrin, Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance, Water and Sewerage Authority and First Citizens Bank.

The Speaker is being threatened with a judicial review lawsuit from UNC MP for Tabaquite Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, who heads the Civil Rights Association, and who intends to challenge his impartiality on the basis of his partnership in Hobsons.

The issue played itself out in the House of Representatives on Monday during the ceremonial opening of Parliament. The UNC opposition through its Chief Whip Maharaj failed to get the Speaker’s agreement to debate items on the Order Paper and Speaker Sinanan adjourned the House to a date to be fixed.

Seenath told Newsday that Sinanan’s speciality was conveyancing, but asked whether the Speaker was an active partner in Hobsons, he reiterated, “It is highly unlikely he is on record. All contentious matters are handled by myself and Mr Kawalsingh.”

Kawalsingh told Newsday that Hobsons has represented State corporations “through several various political administrations,” including the United National Congress. Maharaj is contending that the Speaker is obliged to declare his interest in the law firm to members of Parliament.

The Speaker said he declared the Hobsons interest to the Integrity Commission, stating that he did so instead of “hiding behind a trust” which he was entitled to do. The Speaker’s partnership in Hobsons was mentioned in a letter from Maharaj to the Speaker dated December 18.

Look how to teef fellas!

You see how these fockers know how to use the system to get state wok. Ah could imagine the kinda fees these fockin junior lawyers probably getting and how much goin back in Barry pocket.

Ah PNM know how to teef boy. Lard!

HOURS after he received an official copy of the Lord Mustill Tribunal report, President George Maxwell Richards revoked the suspension of embattled Chief Justice Sat Sharma, paving the way for him to return to his job at the Hall of Justice, Port-of-Spain, today.

In a 58-page report, the three-member tribunal concluded: “In light of the matters set out in our report, the tribunal humbly recommends to your Excellency that the question of removal of the Honourable Satnarine Sharma from the office of Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago should not be referred to the Judicial Committee (of the Privy Council).”

The report, dated December 14, was handed over to the President at 10 am yesterday by Ida Eversley, secretary of the tribunal which was appointed on May 16, to determine whether Sharma should be removed from office.

After perusing the report, President Richards dispatched a one-page letter to Sharma, pointing out that in accordance with Section 137 (4) (a) of the constitution, the suspension which he (Richards) imposed on Sharma on June 13, was revoked. A letter was also sent to acting Chief Justice Roger Hamel-Smith informing him that his appointment was revoked, with immediate effect.

Sharma has wasted no time as he will return to the Hall of Justice this morning to take up his duties. But he was not invited to last night’s Christmas dinner at the Queen’s Park Oval for judges, which was attended by President Richards. Contacted last night, Sharma was happy at being cleared by the tribunal comprising retired Privy Council Judge Lord Michael Mustill, Sir Vincent Floissac QC and Dennis Morrison QC.

Sharma told Newsday: “I want to thank God for giving me the strength and courage to be able to face what I have been through. I also want to thank all the people who prayed for me, sent me cards and letters. I am happy at the decision of the tribunal.”

The Chief Justice added: “I am anxious to get back to work, there are a few things which I started and which I want to complete. Based on the report, I think there is still some investigation to be carried out in this matter.”

According to the tribunal, the picture presented to them ‘almost defies belief.’ The report stated, “we find contradictory accounts given by the Chief Justice and the Chief Magistrate (Sherman Mc Nicolls) on oath, of meetings between them where the discrepancies cannot be explained away by misunderstandings or poor recollection.”

The report continued, “we see the Chief Justice publicly arrested, and later ushered three times into the dock in a criminal court to undergo a summary trial on charges based on allegations by the Chief Magistrate, and then on the last occasion, ushered out again in consequence of the refusal by the Chief Magistrate to give evidence against him.”

The tribunal heard during the oral evidence where counsel for the Chief Justice publicly accused Mc Nicolls of having been bribed to mis-try criminal proceedings against the Leader of the Opposition, former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday.

The tribunal said they heard allegations against the former Attorney General John Jeremie, who could have given oral evidence to rebut them, but he did not. “The air was full of rumour, innuendo and gossip, around and across deep political divides. We need not go on. The picture is ‘troubling’ indeed, both for the tribunal and for the peoples of Trinidad and Tobago.”

The tribunal members asked one question - has it been proved that the allegations against the Chief Justice are true, that he attempted to influence the Chief Magistrate to reach a verdict favourable to Panday in his integrity trial?

“We start with the evidence of the Chief Justice. His conduct during the time under review was not in our judgment, without blemish. The jovial chat with Sir Timothy Cassel (on a BWIA plane) about a pending case, his raising of the Hindu wives topic on more than one occasion, his intemperate press release, the overheated terms of his complaint to the (Judicial and Legal Services) Commission.

“All these combined with the impression gained during the oral evidence to suggest a propensity to speak and write more freely than was wise, without the balanced sensitivity and distance which should be the hallmarks of a senior judge.”

The report continued, “in contrast, when we come to the Chief Magistrate the picture is quite different.”

The tribunal wondered what could have been the motive of the Chief Magistrate in filing his complaint when both he and Sharma had been on good terms for years. The tribunal found it strange that the Chief Magistrate took so long to file his complaint to the Attorney General. They also found that Mc Nicolls’ conduct was shrouded in mystery which they have not been able to dispel. They also touched on the land transaction which Mc Nicolls was involved in, in the middle of the Panday trial. They could not figure out why Mc Nicolls took so long to report the allegation.

“The Chief Magistrate had ample time to put together the document destined for two high officers of State, yet his effort of May 5, 2006, was so thin that it had to be reinforced less than a week later by a second statement, and the various later versions were not wholly consistent with those which launched the present proceedings.” The tribunal found that Mc Nicolls had no explanation for his last minute change of heart by not testifying against Sharma on March 5 causing the criminal trial to collapse.

“Either he was in the grip of conspirators who for some reason wanted to have the behaviour of the Chief Justice examined by an inquiry rather than in a criminal court, or at least wanted him to be removed from office without being in peril of prison.”

It didnt take a fokin genius to figure this out.
Why the mudder cont we ha to pay 3 ole fockers to tell we what we already know.
Wa Sharma should do now is to sue the fockin State and collect a pile ah money. Now the fockin man reputation tarnished anyhow you look at it.
All courtesy fockin Manning, the PNM and dat big lying bribe takin CM.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Very interesting!


The sad thing about this article is that the essence of it is true. Thetruth hurts. I just hope this sets more Black people in motion towardsmaking real progress. Chris Rock, a Black comedian, even joked that Blacks don't read.

Help prove them wrong! Read and pass on.

Please Note:

For those of you who heard it, this is the article Dee Lee was readingthis morning on a New York radio station. For those of you who didn't hear it, this is very deep. This is a heavy piece and a Caucasian wrote it.

CFP Harvard Financial Educators
Dee Lee

THEY ARE STILL OUR SLAVES We can continue to reap profits from theBlacks without the effort of physical slavery Look at the current methods of containment that they use on themselves: IGNORANCE, GREED,and SELFISHNESS.

Their IGNORANCE is the primary weapon of containment. A great man oncesaid, 'The best way to hide something from Black people is to put it in a book.' We now live in the Information Age. They have gained the opportunity to read any book on any subject through the efforts of theirfight for freedom, yet they refuse to read. There are numerous books readily available at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and, not tomention their own Black Bookstores that provide solid blueprints to reach economic equality (which should have been their fight all along),but few read consistently, if at all.

GREED is another powerful weapon of containment. Blacks, since the abolition of slavery, have had large amounts of money at their disposal. Last year they spent 10 billion dollars during Christmas, out of their450 billion dollars in total yearly income (2.22%).

Any of us can use them as our target market, for any business venture we care to dream up, no matter how outlandish, they will buy into it. Being primarily a consumer people, they function totally by greed. They continually want more, with little thought for saving or investing.

They would rather buy some new sneaker than invest in starting abusiness. Some even neglect their children to have the latest Tommy or FUBU, Andthey still think that having a Mercedes, and a big house gives them 'Status' or that they have achieved their Dream.

They are fools! The vast majority of their people are still in poverty because their greed holds them back from collectively making better communities.

With the help of BET, and the rest of their black media that oftenbroadcasts destructive images into their own homes, we will continue to see huge profits like those of Tommy and Nike. (Tommy Hilfiger has e ven jeered them, saying he doesn't want their money, and look at how thefools spend more with him than ever before!). They'll continue to show off to each other while we build solid communities with the profits from our businesses that we market to them.

SELFISHNESS, ingrained in their minds through slavery, is one of themajor ways we can continue to contain them. One of their own, Dubois said that there was an innate division in their culture. A 'Talented Tenth' he called it. He was correct in his deduction that there aresegments of their culture that has achieved some 'form' of success. However, that segment missed the fullness of his work. They didn't read that the 'Talented Tenth' was then responsible to aid The Non-TalentedNinety Percent in achieving a better life. Instead, that segment has created another class, a Buppie class that looks down on their people or aids them in a condescending manner. They will never achieve what wehave. Their selfishness does not allow them to be able to work together on any project or endeavor of substance. When they do get together, their selfishness lets their egos get in the way of their goal Theirso-called help organizations seem to only want to promote their namewithout making any real change in their community.

They are content to sit in conferences and conventions in our hotels, and talk about what they will do, while they award plaques to the bestspeakers, not to the best doers. Is there no end to their selfishness? They steadfastly refuse to see that TOGETHER EACH ACHIEVES MORE (TEAM)

They do not understand that they are no better than each other becauseof what they own, as a matter of fact, most of those Buppies are but one or two pay checks away from poverty. All of which is under thecontrol of our pens in our offices and our rooms.

Yes, we will continue to contain them as long as they refuse to re ad,continue to buy anything they want, and keep thinking they are 'helping' their communities by paying dues to organizations which do little otherthan hold lavish conventions in our hotels. By the way, don't worryabout any of them reading this letter, remember, 'THEY DON'T READ!!!!

(Prove them wrong. Please pass this on! After Reading it..)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gov't already spent $500-million to develop Caroni 'sites'

Gov't already spent $500-million to develop Caroni
2007/12/16 19:30:00

For the second time since the last General election, we, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are hearing the startling disclosure from a senior Manning-Cabinet Minister that he did not know the magnitude of the cabinet portfolio which he was given.

"In a litany of "prayers" Senator Dr. Lenny Saith's confesses that "the government" cannot meet Justice Lennox Deyalsingh's judicial deadline to honour its contract with the ex-Caroni workers.

Why so? Because "it was a very time-consuming and difficult exercise.

"Dr. Saith's confession is an insult to the intelligence of us mere mortals and may, yet, prove to be an albatross around the PNM's neck!

Here is the superman who, for the past four years, has been chairing the Cabinet Committee responsible for implementing the different aspects of the Caroni VSEP package "deal", coming now to tell us that, having spent over TT$500,000,000 of the people's money, not a single agricultural site is as yet ready to be handed over to the former workers!

Compare that, if you would, to a certain TT$148,000,000.00 castle that was built in mere months. What conclusion would the reader draw?

Aha! That the Chinese possess the magic wand and they should have been given those TT$500,000,000! They would have gotten the job done, on time!

Seriously though, Dr. Saith needs to identify the contractors who won those TT$500,000,000 worth of contracts and the basis/bases upon which they got and, despite their tardiness, still have, those contracts.

Now, at first reading, Dr. Saith's apology suggests that, in fact, a helluva lot of work has been done and that nearly everything is completed insofar as on-site infrastructure works are concerned.

Allow me to quote from the early portion of the Sunday Express of December 16th, 2007 story headlined "Saith: Tough to meet deadline.":

Dealing with (VSEP) package, Saith said, "Government had spent $500 million developing the Caroni lands for distribution to the former workers. He said that by May 2008, sites at Jerningham would be 100 per cent ready, at Waterloo-95 per cent ready, Orange Grove-85 per cent, Longeria-80 per cent, Exchange-70 per cent and Felicity-65 per cent. Accordingly offers for some 1,369 sites at Orange Grove, Longeria, Caroni, Waterloo and Jerningham would be available to former workers".

In fact, the goodly doctor was not referring to farming lands at all! He was talking about residential lands, nothing more, or less! Because, lower down in the same article it is stated:

"On the issue of the two acre agricultural lots, Saith said government, recognised that it too would take time, given the construction in the country and the problem of getting contractors to prepare the sites. It therefore decided to carve out the two acre (sic) lots once the land was graded and allow some people to see and have access to their lots, he said. He said Government also relaxed the conditions so that persons could get licences to register as farmers which would enable them to access all the incentives offered by government. And this was being done, he said, prior to them receiving their leases. He said over 1,000 people had already received farmer's licences under this arrangement.

"When he says, "government, recognised that it too would take time", I ain't sure if, by the word "it", he means, "the government" or "the logistics".

In any event, it is clear that the issue of providing the ex-Caroni workers with the tools to become independent income earners was never a priority, as far as the Manning/PNM administration was/is concerned.

So, a situation exists where TT$500,000,000.00 has been spent, so far! To do what?

To develop residential plots on ex-Caroni lands! How many plots? We do not know! What we know is that all that money was not spent to develop just the 1,369 plots (Dr. Saith calls them "sites"; we know what he means) that are "earmarked" to be leased to ex-Caroni workers.

Yeah? Says who? Common sense does! For, to suggest that it was would mean that each of those 1,369 lots cost, on average, some TT$365,200.00 to develop! Not so?

It would also mean that the ATSGWU and the other unions involved in negotiating the VSEP packages for their members would have had to have been the biggest financial jackasses that every existed!

How so? Because that would have been tantamount to them saying to Caroni, "Okay sirs! We want you to take, on average, $365,000.00 plus, of YOUR hard cash, and develop each lot. Our members would then rent these lots from you for a limited time, paying with $20-30,000.00 THEIR hard cash. We give you those instructions because, in our considered judgment, we find that to be a much better deal for our members than you keeping your land and, instead, giving each of our members the $365, 000.00 in cash, up front, punto final!

"Everything considered, the following questions need to be answered:

How many residential lots have been actually developed? Where?

Who, besides ex-Caroni workers, are the persons to whom these thousands of other lots are to be "given"?

Who selects those other persons? And, At price would those other persons pay for ex-Caroni lands?"

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dookeran wants Rowley for Security

By SEAN DOUGLAS Friday, December 14 2007

CONGRESS of the People (COP) leader Winston Dookeran wants Trade Minister Dr Keith Rowley to replace Martin Joseph as National Security Minister.

Leading an anti-crime rally outside Whitehall, Dookeran gave his party’s anti-crime plan to advisor to the Prime Minister, Herbert Atwell. Dookeran also urged the establishment of a Ministry of Justice separate from the Minister of National Security.

He called on Prime Minister Patrick Manning to explain what he meant by his claim of a peculiar crime surge after the PNM’s recent General Election victory. “He owes it to the nation to go on public television and explain the ‘politics’ behind the crime situation.”

Dookeran hit Joseph whom he claimed had admitted he is not up to the task and said that Joseph should be replaced. “I am suggesting as a citizen that Mr Keith Rowley, who has demonstrated some competence in his track-record in his previous Ministry (Housing) and has shown grit in tackling problems head on, be made the Minister of National Security,” Dookeran said.

Dookeran said that failing that, Manning himself should take up the national security portfolio to show he is taking responsibility for TT’s unprecedented crime surge.

“I also said we should perhaps take the unprecedented step of going back to the polls on the issue of crime and we are ready for that contest.”

However, Rowley scoffed at Dookeran saying the COP leader could only allocate Ministries when he wins a General Election. Rowley said the COP boss must accept that the General Election is over and the Congress lost.

Rowley have every right to fock up this biggest cont Trinidad ever see.

First he want to run the fockin UNC now he want to run the fockin PNM.

This big fockin CYAT aint realise that he and he dotish setta fockin assholes lorse the election big fockin time.

Just go away nah fockin plague.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gopeesingh, Joseph talk crime

Tuesday, December 11 2007

CARONI EAST MP Dr Tim Gopeesingh yesterday expressed cautious optimism that a crime wave affecting his constituency over the last month, would be curbed by a heightened presence of security forces in the coming days.

Gopeesingh said he received assurances from National Security Minister Martin Joseph that Government will ensure the DNA Bill and the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Amendment Bill (breathalyser legislation) would be en-forced during the Ninth Parliament which convenes next Monday.

In a statement, Joseph assured Gopeesingh the police would put measures in place to address the concerns of Caroni East constituents.

Police Commissioner Trevor Paul said additional police officers have been assigned to the Las Lomas Number One and Two areas following concerns raised by residents. In addition, Paul said joint army-police patrols and operations by the Inter-Agency Task Force and the Guard and Emergency Branch in Caroni East have intensified.

“We are considering the request for a permanent police post (in Las Lomas) but we will only be able to make that determination after we have completed a feasibility study on the construction of such a post,” Paul added.

Gopeesingh confirmed he met with Minister Joseph and CoP Paul and other top officials at the ministry’s Temple Court office in Port-of-Spain.

The Caroni East MP said while he and the rest of the Opposition was prepared to work with the Government to deal with the country’s crime problem, it did not want more “ole talk” but wanted action.

Now now now Timmy boy....ah know as ah Gynoe yuh does be in cont whole day. But da doh mean to say you have to be one too.

You really expect these fockin incompetent assholes to do anything. How much promises are you goin to take from the fockin PNM before yuh realise that they always fail.

Yuh forget these fellas know who the criminals are, how they use them for the previous election, how they get contracts and generally how the fock they profit under the PNM.

Yuh really expect dem to do something....come Timmy, get masculine, ah know all dem cyat musbe have yuh lil totolbay.

Bailed criminals blamed for upsurge in murders

...gangs moving to other parts of country

Darryl Heeralal
Tuesday, December 11th 2007

CRIMINALS on bail and several who have won court cases are mainly responsible for the recent upsurge in murders, a study of recent homicides has shown.

This, coupled with gangs and criminals moving out of their traditional turfs to other parts of the country, has led to an increased murder rate, DCP Crime Operations Gilbert Reyes has said.
For the first half of the year, there was an average of a 29 per cent comparative drop in murders in 2007 over 2006.

The murder rate shot up from July, Reyes said yesterday, and has now gone past last year's figure with 356 homicides recorded compared with 352 in 2006.

"Based on information, several murders are being committed by known repeat offenders, some of whom come out of prison with murder contracts," Reyes said.

"Crime displacement is also a big factor and has made it a little more difficult for law enforcement. Criminals are not staying in one place, they are on the move and crime is spreading with them."

Reyes gave the murder figures at the police's weekly press conference yesterday.
Based on an analyses of murders done by the Crime and Problem Analyses Unit (CAPA) in the second half of the year, Reyes said the upsurge in killings coincided with several known criminals securing bail and with several others winning their cases in court.

CAPA is attached to the Homicide Bureau and was set up by the Ministry of National Security and police to analyse crime figures and come up with initiatives to deal with trends.

More gang-related murders have also been committed this year, with 192 compared to 151 in 2006, a 27 per cent increase, with the majority of these killings occurring in the second half of the year.

The prison's service, Reyes said, works closely with the Criminal Records of the police, notifying them when known criminals are released on bail or after winning court matters.
Reyes said the police have put in place initiatives to deal with the upsurge in killings.

Commissioner Trevor Paul said tackling the situation needed a "multi-faceted approach, as crime is multi-faceted and not one dimensional".

Paul, who attended the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police intercessional meeting in Barbados last week, said it was agreed that crime was having a negative social and economic impact on the region.

The issues of deportees and juvenile involvement in crime was also discussed, he said.
Out of the meeting, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is expected to provide better training for forces within the region, while the FBI is to help in the setting of a regional database and in dealing with computer aided crime.

Paul said the Canadian government has also said it is willing to give the region $600 million to help fight crime.

It fockin cripples me to know that these fockin big senior fockin police officers and also that cont the Minister of National Insecurity always seem to know who committing all the fockin crimes in T&T.

Yet still they are unable to apprehend and put these fockin pests behind bars.

What ah waste of a service....the fockin Trinidad & Tobago Police Service!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Prison population declining

Monday, December 10 2007

THE PRISON population in this country is declining because a restorative justice approach adapted by the Prisons Service is directly reducing the amount of repeat offenders, Prisons Commissioner John Rougier said yesterday.

“What we are beginning to see as a result of our restorative justice a change. Our records show that there has been a decrease in prison population in the convicted section (as opposed to remand). Four or five years ago the population was heading to 5,000. At this time, the population is between 3,400 to 3,500,” he said. This trend, he said was in face of an increase in remand (new) prisoners. “It means therefore, that as far as our convicted population is concerned it’s working.”

Rougier was speaking with Newsday at yesterday’s 31st Annual Children’s Christmas Party hosted by the Recreational Club of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service (TTPS) at the TTPS Sports Club Complex, Arouca.

“There are a number of young people in the system now,” he said. “It suggests that when people are discharged from prisons, they are getting themselves involved in activities which keep them from re-offending.” Asked if a restorative, as opposed to a retributive, approach was the wrong one to adopt in the face of spiralling crime, Rougier firmly disagreed.

He noted that a restorative approach was in no way “soft;” as it involves a more “comprehensive disciplining” of the prisoner, by demanding community and family involvement in the process of accountability. Rougier noted that the approach was not inconsistent with the use of physical force against prisoners and that there were some who have rejected it.

He said there was a need to improve the physical conditions of prison, in addition to the adoption of the approach.

This ha to be the biggest piece of mudder contry that I ever come across in my life.

Now who would take time to write this piece of shit in the Newsday today.

It ha more crime in the country today than ever before in the history of T&T. So how come the prison population declining.

Simple you nigga mudder conts.

The fockin police involved in crime and they not ketching any fockin body. And even if they charge somebody, the fockin assholes so incompetent that the criminals getting off in court.

Obviously less people will be heading Golden Grove you fockin cacaholes!

Ask Chandraban Maharaj!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Letter to Manning

Dear Patrick,

I know you are probably wondering why a lil girl like me writing the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago. But after reading last week's Sunday newspapers in the latrine, I just had to write you.

Pat, my parents voted for UNC in the last election, so we thought Bas would be the Prime Minister, but lo and behold that dead-prick Robbie gone and make you the Prime Minister.

So we say, well okay, no problem we can't change that so we going with the flow. But then my father's boss was kidnapped and after he paid the ransom, he was released so he closed down the business. So my father, who has 14 children, got a job painting stones with CEPEP.

Then my oldest sister gone and elope with Mr. Big from Laventille and next thing you know somebody with a gun wipe out Bigs and his whole generation, my sister died too - I think you called it collateral damage.

Mr. Patrick we don't have electricity, so if you having problems reading this, it is because I writing in the dark, and if you are getting a bad scent is because we have to conserve the one barrel of water we have, so after I read the papers in the latrine, I did not wash my hands. And while you and that dumb cunt Hazel having breakfastes, me and my remaing 12 siblings have to eat provision with saltfish and mauby for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Well one of my brothers was working in Caroini Limited, but you closed that down, so he selling weed. My mother was afraid you will close down BWIA because you and that dick, Valley taking too long to make up your minds, so she working on George Street, she wears these nice fish net stockings and halter back tops to work. Sometimes she works until wee hours of the morning, so she comes home so tired, she can't walk properly. She is hourly paid, so her black purse is always full of money. But we always spend out the money at the pharmacy because thanks to Gold Teeth Raheal, Monostat T (for yeast infection) is not covered by the CDAP program

Well one of my sisters was working at NBN, but you closed down that too, so she just moved out of home and when we saw her in Port of Spain yesterday, she said her new address is Tamarind Square. It sounds posh, but I did not understand why she walking around ruffled-haired & topless in the city.

Well, I was listening to your last budget from the neighbor's radio, and I hear that my parents would not be paying tax next year because they are earning under $60,000 for the year. Well, they were not paying tax anyhow because Daddy does pay the Gang Leader in CEPEP the tax and Mummy say her salary tax free long time now.

One of my brothers joined the Police force and the whole village had a big Ramayan Yagna because he was the first Indian in this village to be a policeman. But after a few months he left the job and sold his uniform and gun to Mr. Big's cousin in Laventille. Now he have a real good business packaging the powder he brought home after a raid.

During one of my mother's rare sobre moments, she said: "Don't worry, the Prime Minister is a visionary, he knows what he is doing!" Well I don't know if she was being sarcastic, because I think you are a duncy head fucking asshole. How the fuck you expect poor mudder cunt people like we to survive. I wish the mystery bomber blow up Hazel pussy while you taking your Viagra. And that whole pack of pricks you have for ministers, I wish someone will lasso them all together and feed them fucking provision saltfish and mauby until it comes through their mudder cunt noses, and they are all poisoned to fucking death. We did not need a blimp, with your fucking head full of so much air, we could just let you go, and maybe, just maybe you will get lost in fucking space.

Indian people this fucking God forsaken country doh have a mudder cunt chance, after all the fucking contribution we make to all yuh lazy, teifing sorry ass. All ah allyuh is a set of neemakarams, and all yuh only care about branding and blinging. Doh save a fucking cent for the future and fuck away with education, even if it free.. That is why all yuh so fucking clueless and most of all yuh either in jail or fucking dying from Aids.

Little Jenny


Tuna Puna, Trinidad

December 26, 2005

Dear Santa,

know yah probly wonderin why I writin yuh on BoxsingDay,but after opening meh presents and dem yesterday, I just had to write yuh. Santa ah was a real good gyul all year round, ah lissen to meh muddah when she talk to meh, ah help out with house wuk, ah even help de neighbour chilrren and them do dey chaws too. Ah helped dat old Mr. George across d road when d oddah chilrren just watch him and leave him dey. Santa ah study hard in school dis year, so hard that ah come fuss in meh class.

Santa when ah write meh Christmas List to yuh, ah axk yuh for a Barbie princess doll, ah Barbie kitchen, ah Dora the Explorer computer game and a monopoly.

So Santa . . . how the fock after reading meh list you would leave under d blasted Christmas tree ah shitty focking light up yo-yo, ah mudder focking plastic tea-set and ah focking no name dollylookin like she have polio. Santa is like yuh focking blind or yuh cyah read! Every year ah say ah would stop believing in yuh focking ass and like ah fool ah does always give yuh ah nex chance but ah fock again. Yuh focking fat ass dead with me, yuh hear what ah say, yuh dead. Ah go wait for yuh muddahass next year, yuh better don't try to squeeze yuh fat bolockscious ass thru meh louvers, because Santa ah swear ah go fock yuh up, it go be me, you and a guava wood.

Just imagine you give that little cokey eye, knock knee, moddaacunt Laurel from across de road, she get everything that she axk for, till she doh even have room to walk around she house. And Santa, yuh see you and dem focking reindeer and dem, all yah better tink twice bout landing on my house next year, especially dat focking Red nose prick Rudolph, ah go stone he muddacunt, yuh go have to walk back to d focking north pole when ah done with dem. I swear nex year, ah waiting patiently for yuh fat focking ass to come Ho-Hoin' on meh galvanise roof.

Ah go do fuh yuh, ah promise, watch and see....

Kerri Ann.

Parliament looks at vehicle overpopulation

Sunday, December 9 2007

With thousands of new cars being licensed for TT roads each year, the government intends to take an in depth look at the consequences of this, when Parliament reconvenes.

This was stated by PNM party chairman John Donaldson at a media briefing yesterday afternoon at Balisier House, which immediately followed the party’s first general council meeting since the November 5 elections.

Donaldson said there were also plans for the re-direction of the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP), with the purpose of dedicating part of it to the development of agriculture.

Wa John D and the fockin PNM should look at is the over population of niggas in T&T.

They should take ah close look at Laventille where every nigglet is ah whore, churning out chirren like ah fockin sweety factory. Then they usually cyah find the father or doh know which man is the fockin father.

The next thing yuh hear is that they carry the chile by the lady on George Street (who according to neighbour reports, runaway wid ah man in Tobago) who leave the chirren to go an fock dong the place to baby sit. Ah next retard push the chile through the window and tax payers money have to take care now of the chile at the hospital.

So the best thing is to sterilise all dem nigglets and keep the niggs population in check.

Any other ideas?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cox to reporters: Don’t call me ‘junior minister’


“Don’t call me junior minister. I’m a Minister of State,” an upset government minister told a Guardian reporter.

Speaking to the reporter during Wednesday night’s National Heritage Preservation Awards Ceremony at the Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza, Wrightson Road in Port-of-Spain, Cox said the title “junior minister,” to which she was being referred, did not exist.

Cox, the MP for Laventille East/Morvant, wants the media to stop referring to her as a junior minister.

“I’m not a junior minister. There is no such thing as a junior minister. The correct title is Minister of State, that’s what I am. So you all must stop calling me that,” she said.

Cox then reached into her purse and pulled out a call-card which read: “The Honourable Donna Cox, MP Minister of State.”

The function which Cox was attending, honoured people dedicated to the preservation of our national treasures.

Cox, who successfully won the Laventille East/Morvant constituency for the ruling People’s National Movement at the November 5 general election, was sworn in as a Minister of State in the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Genders Affairs at President’s House.

However, she said the print media referred to her as the junior to Marlene McDonald, Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs and she was not pleased with that.
Look at this fockin hideous Laventille monster!
That is what the fock dey take your gorilla ass up Salybia for ?
Mudder cont now get ah lil wok and telling fockin people doh call she fockin Junior...they should call yuh fockin PNM big teef.
Leh Camille train yuh ape!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

All Yuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Murders up to 1 every 23 hours.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

The little nigga boys go continue to fockin rob allyuh at gunpoint, breakdown your front door at 3:00am while they shouting "police police" and wearing Interagency Task Force gear and army fatigues (obviously they getting it from they brethren who on the force or in the army or they relative or friend who on the force or on the army - the Commissioner of Police and his deputies must be think all T&T people stupid).

Allyuh wanted PNM, Take PNM!

The little nigga boys go continue to ram allyuh fockin car with dey silver B13 Sentra while allyuh driving with your loved ones and then they go kidnap your children, rape your wife in front of the whole family, hit your husband 3 gun butt to force him to keep his head straight and watch the fockin rape, and then later on the following morning at 6:00am they go call your home and demand $2 hundred thousand to $3million dollars ransom that you don't have and could never afford. So too bad for you, they go find your daughter's nude, spread eagle, decapitated and decomposed body off the Caroni old road or down by the Caura River.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

This Christmas season allyuh go have to shop scared, scared and continuously look over allyuh shoulder because allyuh know the little niggas on Fredrick and Charlotte Street only waiting to see some "blues or purples" to put a cold gun noozle behind your head or nice ice pick to your neck and tell yuh "pass de money." Allyuh go be lucky if they pick allyuh pocket instead.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Some of you would have to cut back on groceries, eat mangoes from Ma Williams backyard instead of buying apples and grapes this Christmas or have a smaller Christmas dinner at your home because you can't afford the high prices of groceries and produce.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Your relatives "down en de country" did not have electricity and water for the last 5 years, Christmas came and went 5 times and this year would be no different. Even some of you who live in upper poor to middle class neighborhoods are not sure if you will have pipe borne water on Christmas day.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Some of you would have to settle for two 2-litres of "Solo Sorrel" because you cannot afford to pay the vendor on Charlotte Street "what ah pound" he asking for. Some of you may even have to settle for some "nice chicken back" because you cannot afford to buy a whole nice, fat chicken for Christmas, much less the ham! Maybe you could beg your cousin who coming from "the cold" for Christmas to bring a frozen chicken and ham for you.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

If grandma, grandpa, aunty, uncle, ma or pa fall sick for the Christmas, bet your fockin bottom dollar SFGH, POSGH, or EWMSC don't have a single bed to accommodate the old folks.

Rahael cry crocodile tears and his ethnic group hug him up, kiss him up, shake his hand and tell him what a fine job he did, this time people still sleeping on the floor, doctors doing surgeries and forgetting scissors and cotton balls inside mammy chest, people newborns being kidnapped in broad daylight, people's chirren being misdiagnosed and dieing 2 days later, they burning people's children with hot water bottles, and relative's decomposing bodies being found in hospital beds 5 days after the actual death and nobody don't know anything.

Jerry Narace come on board as the new Minister of Health with one set of "PNM Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary and Head," swagger or whatever the hell Manning does call him, Narace give one set a orders to "make the public health system of T&T a better place for its citizens." Bullshit! Look at the headlines in yesterday's Newsday, "No beds at Priority Care." Narace "eh what ah fart neither." He and Rahael on the same boat.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

You living in San Fernando , Chaguanas, Arima, Tunapuna, or any of the environs and you work in Port-of Spain . Your job requires you to be there at 8:00am or 9:00am so you have to leave home at 4:00am in order to be not punctual, but "on time." (Better off taking ah fockin flight to Miami, yuh go reach faster.) The children have to shower the night before, eat breakfast in the car and wash the "yampy" out their eyes with a damp face towel daddy give them before he lift them up and put them in the car, and while you driving your head "bopping" because you still sleepy. All that just to help you out with being on time just so that you could continue to pay the bills, put food on the table and send them to school.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

You have to buy "ah piece ah cloth" from the Syrian man store and make "ah dress" and every other piece of clothes and carry lunch from home to work everyday just so that you could afford to put gas in your car (not necessarily full the tank).

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Next 5 years I hope allyuh have better since than that!

The Blame Game‏

In Primary school a famous saying by my teacher was "Common sense is not so common". After viewing the general elections and its results, this quote rings true for the following reasons:

* The persons who voted either for the UNC-A or the COP did so because they did not support the PNM why then would they split their votes so that the said PNM would win?

*The UNC-A has been touted by all as having a track record of performance. If the business of elections is to put in a government that can perform, then why not the UNC-A? In America, former President Bill Clinton was re-elected for a second term, in spite of the fiasco with Monica Lewinsky, because he ran the country well. Is that not the more important issue?

*In law we always heard "innocent until proven guilty" yet this seems to work for everyone except Basdoe Panday. How can a man who the PNM has been after for over five years and could find nothing else on him other than he did not disclose a bank account and who even Mr. Anand Ramlogan says is "virtually incorrutpible" be the reason for not having an accomadation?

* That any party regardless of how many votes they receive will be of little value unless they get a seat in parliament. Could the COP then not have made a deal with the UNC-A that even if the only thing they do upon winning the election was to change the constitution to allow for proportional representation; so that in the case of a split we would not have this result of a minority government, rather than taking a stance of no compromise?

* That if Mr Dookeran, rather than being rock-headed in his refusal to dialogue with the UNC-A leadership had chosen instead to at least met once with the leadership council could not be accused of being egotistical and selfish.

*That accomadation with a party is not the same as integration with that party, and that if the COP had joined the leadership council of the UNC-A and not been in favour with certain decisions of the council, could have taken up stakes and left, which may have even given them greater leverage in the campaign.

*That had the COP put aside their hate for Basdeo Panday and rather focus on the issues of crime, food prices, flooding, education, health care, infrastructure, water, job security, pension, etc. that today, we would not have a post election crime situation of almost a murder a day with the rape of a woman and her daughter on Divali night and the slaughter of a woman by a gilted over in additio to the stealing of a newborn infant at one of the nation's health institutons.

*And finally, that common sense comes before book sense and all those who believed that because they were "intellectuals" could forget the basic principle that "divided we fall" will have to face the crime, flooding, food prices, poor health system, etc. just like the rest of us backward coolies.

Vision 20/20

When I was a child, I distinctly remember my siblings leaving home at three in the morning to go for their passport. The reason being, that if you did not go at that ungodly hour, then you would not be able to secure a place in the line.

Now I think everyone will agree that this was a very retrograde practice and as such could not have lasted very long. How surprising for me, then, when I decided to renew my passport on Friday gone, to be told that I would need to be at the (San Fernando) passport office at four in the morning, to ensure I had a place in the line. To make matters worse, I had to carry along my one year old child to get her passport as well.

Why the reason for this line? It seems that this “office” for want of a better word, can only accommodate one hundred persons at a time, so if you want to get a passport, then you better be in the first hundred.

Is this what we are moving toward? Is this Vision 20/20? After twenty plus years, could a simple situation such as this not have been rectified? How difficult would it be for there to be a standing appointment where persons called in one week before and were given an appointment for a specific day and time?

Would this simple solution not completely remove the need for persons leaving their home at ungodly hours of the morning especially in these crime infested times? Also, would this not allow for persons to arrange their day to be more productive instead of wasting it away at the office?

The US Embassy, realising this very problem came up with solutions to prevent us, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, from facing these inconveniences. Is it that we are our own worst enemies?

Alas, who can we blame for this? A government that seems deaf to the needs of its citizenry? Or the citizens themselves who sit quietly and allow their pride and self-respect to be trampled underfoot by a public service that needs a serious attitude adjustment?

Vision 20/20 is not about the infrastructure or lifestyle of a people, it is about the way they think about themselves in relation firstly to their fellow citizens and then to the wider community. Hence, if we continue to allow ourselves to be treated as second-class citizens, then Vision 20/20 will remain nothing more than a vision.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bandits terrorise couple at Las Cuevas

A ROUTINE trip to Las Cuevas turned into a nightmarefor Cassandra Patrovani-Smith and her boyfriend DarioConstantine recently.

On August 23 this year, the couple headed to the NorthCoast and stopped off at Las Cuevas.

"Dario met up with a friend on the beach so we chattedwith them for a while but they eventually left. Thewater was choppy but Dario and I decided to go for aswim," said Patrovani-Smith, human resources managerof Caribbean Communications Network (CCN), parentcompany of the Express.

Constantine said they kept watch over the vehiclewhile bathing. While doing so, he noticed three menheading in the direction of his pick-up.Two men were carrying cutlasses and the other had agun.

One of the men was mixed while the other two were of East Indian descent. Patrovani-Smith said they were dressed like hunters."I got a strange feeling and I told Cassandra, 'Let's get out of here'. As we got close to the vehicle, I said to the men, 'Like you all going to make a hunt',they said 'yes', (and) shortly after that, they said"this is a hold-up!" recalls Constantine.

The men then commanded Patrovani-Smith and Constantineto lie on the sand. "One of the men felt I was taking too long to hit the sand, so as he was about to planass me, I just fell to the ground,"said Constantine.

While the older of the three men rummaged through the pick-up, the other men kept watch over the couple withthe gun pointed at them.The men took five phones, $800 in cash, a cutlass anda bag with clothes from the vehicle. They then slashed one of the back tyres.

Before leaving, one of the mentold the couple to walk towards the sea.

"It was then that I thought, this is it-goodbye to theworld, to everybody. I really thought they would have shot us,"said Patrovani-Smith.

However, she said the men realised they were being watched by a couple who were picking coconuts so they calmly walked away and disappeared into the mangrove.

The incident on that Thursday evening hasn't stopped the couple from visiting Las Cuevas but they are more cautious now than before.

"It's something we do all the time. Everybody up on the North Coast knows me. I know that those guys arenot from the village, otherwise I would have known their faces. When we went to the police after the incident happened they told us that there was an upsurge of cases such as these on the beach," he said.

Constantine believes that the string of robberies at Las Cuevas has already had an adverse effect on thevillage.

"Because of the actions of those men, villagers believe that young, innocent men are now being targeted (as suspects) as a result," he said.

Constantine said the police know one of the bandits but they have been unable to catch him.

"The police are trying but to be honest they are not doing it the right way. To catch them you have tobehave like a hunter, you have to know the area well.I have even offered to help the police because I am a hunter and I know the terrain well," he said.

Constantine, who has been conducting eco-tours for thepast 15 years, said he will not continue touring unless he is fully armed.

"In all my time on the North Coast, I have never experienced anything like that evening on the beach,it was not easy, said Constantine. "Once that is going on, I will not take the chance and go to the beach at night-it's too dangerous."

How come these ole niggas at the Express does only notice when Indian commit crime.

They should take ah walk by the Magistrates Court in town and see all the fockin ole niggas who geh charge for teefin zaboca, fridge, stove, microwave, Kidnappin Indian, shooting they own brethren and so fockin forth.


Today November 26 the City of Toronto with 2.48million people heard with alarm of its 78th homicide.This gives Toronto a current murder rate of 32.5murders per million people.

Today also Trinidad and Tobago with an estimatedpopulation of 1.3 million heard of its 334th homicide.This gives Trinidad and Tobago a current murder rateof 256.9 murders per million people.Trinidad and Tobago therefore has a murder rate 7.9times higher than Toronto.

Round it out to 8 times higher for statistical purposes.That's actually pretty good for Trinidad and Tobago.In past years T&T has seen murder rates ten times higher than Toronto.

This year New York City with 8.2 million peoplerecorded 428 murders up to November 18 and is on trackto record 500 murders by December 31, one of its lowest rates in years. Those 500 murders will give NewYork a murder rate of 60.9 per million.

Trinidad'scurrent murder rate is 4.2 times higher than NewYork's estimated murder rate for this year of 60.9.New York's record year for murders was 1990 when 2,262 homicides made it the murder capital of the UnitedStates.

In 1990 if we take New York's population as 8million, that would give the city a murder rate of282.75 murders per million people.

Trinidad and Tobago's current murder rate, one of the highest on record, at 256.9 per million is just underNew York's worst every murder rate of 282.75 recorded17 years ago.

These are some figures as at the end of November.

Thanks to the fockin PNM, things real sweet in T&T eh?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

About 20 bathers at Las Cuevas beach were terrorised and robbed by three men armed with cutlasses, a gun and two dogs on Sunday afternoon.
The scene yesterday at the beach was a far cry from the terror of Sunday-bathers were wading in the water with pelicans sitting behind them, a game of cricket was being played and stray dogs were running on the sand.
Carl Hernandez, one of the lifeguards who was on duty Sunday, said a couple who were bathing in the sea ran to his post and alerted him that there were three slim, dark men who were robbing people on the beach.
"I ran to the office and called the police, but there was no response," he said.
"We then called the lifeguard office in Maracas Bay, who (the guards) drove to the police station and told them what was going on."
By the time the police got to Las Cuevas, Hernandez said, about 20 people had been robbed of their jewelry, money and cell phones.
The men escaped by running through the nearby swamp.
One of the victims of Sunday's attack said she was liming with several friends on the beach when the men pounced on her group and announced a hold-up.
They threatened to let the dogs loose on them and shoot them if they tried to escape. They then robbed them of cash and cell phones, the victim told the Express on condition of anonymity.
One of her friends was treated by a doctor yesterday because she was traumatised, the female victim said, adding that she saw two other people run into the choppy water to escape the bandits.
Lifeguard Hernandez said the robberies took place on the eastern end of the beach close to Las Cuevas Point-an area approximately 1.5 miles long-which is not manned by the lifeguards.
The three lifeguard booths, which are on the beach, are on the western side, closer to the fishing depot area.
Hernandez said robberies on the beach had been taking place for some time.
"Bathers need to be aware and they should not pass the lifeguard patrol area," he said.
"Long time, they used to run and snatch your bag but now they doing it at gunpoint. The police should be patrolling the beach and if they wanted to catch the thieves, they could. They need to make time."
When the Express visited the Maracas Police Station yesterday, officers on duty said they could not divulge any information and would not confirm if there was a robbery.
In July the Tourism Development Company issued tenders to improve security at Las Cuevas and other areas.
It said in a paid newspaper advertisement: "The TDC, the implementing arm of the Ministry of Tourism, is seeking to improve security services offered at each of the following visitor facilities in Trinidad: La Brea Pitch Lake, Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas Beach, Manzanilla Beach and Vessigny Beach."
The deadline for submission of the tenders for security services was July 20. It could not be determined yesterday if anyone has been awarded a contract to supply security services.
Former TDC president Dr James Hepple said: "The security companies would be responsible for the security of visitors, their cars, the TDC's personnel and its assets, inclusive of inventory stored at site, as well as the Ministry of Tourism's jet skis, ambulances, ATVs (recreational all terrain vehicles) boats, etc located at our core sites. They will be posted in all the areas on a daily basis 24/7."

And who does pitch tent and cook curry duck and play blast chutney music in Las Cuevas?? Indians! So the bandits terrorising indians on the beach now. Yuh cyar stay in yuh house, yuh cyar shop in the malls, yuh cyar go to the Waterloo Temple to pray.. and now yuh cyar go to the beach.

How fucking long now the life guards asking for guns? How muddercunt long? The police station closest to the beach is the worse one in Trinidad, so no wonder the lifeguards cudn't get back up.

20 persons robbed and terrorised by bandits, and not a police in sight. Imagine the lifeguard had to leave his post and drive to the police station to make a report. What kinda fuckery is that?

But yet yuh hearing bout all these grand plans for the beaches. Bullshit.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

2008 Budget

Breaking news….


1. 2.5 milion for breast refirmation surgery for Hazel
2. 1.75 million to try and close in Glenda Morrain nose hole.
3. 1 million for Gillian Lucky gender transplant
4. 1 million to send Christene Sahadeo on an accounting course so that sugar ain't go run out again
5. 1.5 million to Robinson Regis to freeze she eggs so when she is 60 she aint go tief d people focking credit card money for infertility treatment
6. 1.15 million for a prostethic leg for Joan Yuillie Williams to replace the one Hazel fling way when Hazel find Yuillie foot under Manning bed
7. 1.25 million for vicco turmeric cream for Rowley so he could glow in the dark
8. 5 million for the prophetist. She done c how the budget go balance. I hear is she wey telling dem way to dig for oil
9. 2 million for a blow up doll for Imbert
10. 4 million for Love mudder….remember Love is Manning outside child
11 2.5 million to grease Hazel womb
12. 3.5 million for a face lift for Eddy Hart
13. 17 million for Patrick himself for a new brand prick…..cause dis time he going and screw d country left, right and center.


I think its time to disclose many of the facts about the intrigue within the COP camp that worked against that accommodation. My sources are numerous, and include (among others) one of their key ground campaign coordinators, family members of candidates, and individuals both directly and indirectly linked with the key financiers of their election campaign. I freely admit that some of what follows is subject to further clarification, but that does not in any way devalue or negate the general truth of what I have been told.

To begin with, let us revisit the factors that led to the break with the UNC and the formation of the COP. We all know that Panday 'anointed' Dookeran as his successor. Many have charged that Panday did so as a means to politically 'cut his throat' afterwards, but in reality it is Dookeran who set the stage for the troubles that beset him soon thereafter. He did so by announcing - even before his position as Political Leader of the UNC was formalized - that he would be cleaning up the party, and getting rid of many individuals he deemed to be 'tainted'. Big surprise therefore when those individuals - several of whom were either members of the Executive or were key members of the UNC - then openly rebelled against him after supporting him in his nomination. Their loyalty to Panday became their rally cry, and this led Dookeran to ultimately demonize Panday. The irony is that some of those very individuals that Dookeran termed as 'tainted' and to be discarded ended up joining him in the COP (no need to call names...). One other factor that must be stressed is the role of Gerry Yetming in all of this: Yetming reportedly believes himself to be a political genius, and has aspirations of one day being Political Leader and even Prime Minister. He realized that no such opportunity existed in the UNC for him, and he therefore was one of the key persons who pushed Dookeran to split from the UNC and form what would become the COP. This is important, because it exposes the hidden agenda that fuelled Yetming's vicious resistance to accommodation with the UNC-A.

When the COP went into the elections, the triumvate that actively killed any and all attempts at unity or accommodation was made up of Roy Augustus, Roy Boyke, and Gerry Yetming. They were collectively referred to as 'the Wall', both inside and outside of the COP. Dookeran was unable to make any decision without first taking it to 'the Wall' for approval. Yetming's motives are already known: he wants to be Dookeran's successor as leader of the COP (and he will get that wish if Dookeran does in fact depart T&T...). But Boyke and Augustus are another matter altogether. My sources tell me that they worked out a sweetheart deal with EDGE Advertising that saw them getting a 20% kickback on all ads placed through that agency. Since the COP reportedly spent over $20 Million on their campaign, that means they netted over $4 Million in kickbacks from that deal. Had they re-aligned themselves with the UNC-A in either unity or accommodation, they would no longer be in charge of advertising and would have earned zero. This is the root of their resistance to accommodation: money. [For historical reference, in the 2002 elections Boyke charged the UNC 17.5%]

The question of who was financing the COP needs to be clarified as well. While Panday has been talking about 'the drug mafia' and so on as the main sources of COP funding, that really only panders to the true-believers and rings somewhat hollow in the full light of day. My information is that the key financiers were the ANSA-McAl Group and also Beacon Insurance, both of whom had invested millions in a new methanol plant on the strength of an MOU executed with the PNM for the supply of natural gas, only to be told that the MOU would not be honored as the gas supply would instead be needed for the planned aluminum smelters. Both parties decided to fund the COP - to in effect 'buy' a political party (so much for 'new politics'), with ANSA-McAl donating free advertising and pro-COP coverage (even doctoring its opinion polls accordingly), and Beacon plowing several millions into their campaign. This explains what was printed/broadcast in the Guardian, CNC3, and other media anomalies that pointed to a non-existent COP victory. There are lots more to this, but because it involves my family, I will say nothing further.

On the issue of finances, I am told that even Sadiq Baksh is in deeply the hole having taken out a personal loan of $1 Million for the COP. Lets just say that Yetming and the rest of 'the Wall' have alot of explaining to do...

I am advised that by the last week of the campaign, many candidates and campaign coordinators were actively working around Boyke and Augustus when they realized what was happening. Many are now openly crying 'Betrayal' and 'Sabotage', and openly spewing invectives at 'the Wall'. Closed door meetings have been going on to bring many of them back into the UNC, but more on that at another time. The level of disgust and disaffection in the COP machinery however is fuelling this 'abandon ship' drive.

All of the above was made clear to Dookeran at the beginning of the final week of the campaign, but he reportedly felt cornered and utterly powerless by then, although he was becoming more open to the idea of accommodation (something that kept getting shot down by 'the Wall'). A private meeting with Dookeran - lasting over 2 hours - was held just this past Monday to lay these things bare for him once again. He acknowledged that he made a huge mistake in trusting these 3 guys, and has been advised to wait an appropriate period of time for nerves to be soothed before engaging in discussions with the UNC for either re-integration or an accommodation of some sort. He is very open to this (I got this directly from the person who met with him).

Winston is definitely NOT going to be leading the COP into the next election, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary. He will remain at the head of the party for 6 months to a year for the sake of optics, then he will demit leadership and take up his posting abroad.

Despite all public claims to the contrary, the COP will NOT be contesting the Local Government Elections. They have no money or financial backers willing to plow funds into the party, and cannot afford to proceed. They will instead begin talks - once some wounds have healed - to realign with the UNC.

Wendy Lue Yuen - deputy political leader of the COP - is determined to be the next Leader once Winston goes. She continues to make most of the statements to the press on behalf of the COP, but they are neither sanctioned nor policy, and she has no internal following. The COP is rudderless and adrift.

'The Wall' is gone ('The Wall' = Roy Boyke, Roy Augustus, and Gerry Yetming). In the COP's election post-mortem, the candidates openly and viciously went especially after both Yetming and Augustus, blaming them for misleading the party and even for betrayal and sabotage. It is now commonly believed that at least Yetming and possibly Augustus were bought by the PNM. Fingers were pointed at the meeting held at Trotters Restaurant the week before the elections between Yetming, John Rahael, and John Donaldson, and answers were demanded. Not surprisingly, none were forthcoming. 'The Wall' is finished, and no one wants anything to do with them any more. Roy Boyke will never work for another political party in T&T. Augustus is Chairman in name only. And Yetming is in hiding, his hopes for becoming Leader after Dookeran now in shambles.

Winston was advised to drop the 'dual citizenship' court challanges - he has already done so at the time of writing.

Winston was advised to stay quiet for a few months, let wounds heal, then, using local government elections as the mechanism, begin reaching out to the UNC for reconciliation. This is not an exercise for him personally - he intends to depart T&T, as noted earlier - but to at least give his followers a home. He feels beaten and depressed, and totally misled by his own key advisors. Expect that Sadiq Baksh will likely be one of those who will begin the overtures to the UNC. Winston himself remains very warm and open to either Rudy Moonilal or to Kamla, so some overture to him - if desired - is possible through these individuals.

Several ground campaign managers are already seeking accommodation in the UNC. Some recipients of this email will know who I refer to immediately, but I will not expand on that here, not yet.

I will continue to update you all on new information as it comes in. There are many other stories to be told, but this is a brief synopsis of what was happening inside the COP. I hope it is useful information, although it changes nothing in terms of the outcome of the elections.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Parliament before March ’08

Friday, November 30 2007

PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday said while Government has until March 28, 2008 to convene the Ninth Parliament, it will do so “well before that.”

Addressing the first post-Cabinet news conference at Whitehall since the November 5 General Election, Manning said, “At next week’s Cabinet meeting (December 6) we will identify a date at which Parliament will be convened.”

After revealing that the convening of Parliament was discussed at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Manning explained under Section 67 (1) of the Constitution: “There is a six month hiatus maximum that must exist between the sittings of the Parliament by law. But of course, the Government proposes to convene Parliament well before that.” Parliament was dissolved on September 28 when Manning announced November 5 as the General Election date.

Constitutional experts such as former President Sir Ellis Clarke and former Police Service Commission chairman Kenneth Lalla SC said Manning has not erred, constitutionally, by not convening Parliament to date despite criticisms from the Opposition UNC Alliance.

The Prime Minister said the Government did not want to convene Parliament without any business to conduct. “At next week’s Cabinet meeting, we will see what legislation is available, legislation that may have lapsed from the last Parliament. We will identify a series of priorities for consideration in both Houses of Parliament (Senate and the House of Representatives) so that we will start the Parliament with an agenda.”

Sources said it is possible that Parliament may be convened in mid-December and Manning would not wait until January.

Ah will allow the ole fockin silver fox to respond to this one:

Leader of the Opposition
Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
Media Statement
People's Parliamentary Agenda…

Mr Manning has prolonged the opening of Parliament for an unacceptable length of time while he went on a holiday in Uganda. He now returns to say that Parliament cannot open yet because there is no Parliamentary Agenda.

On what basis did the PNM campaign in the last election? Their Manifesto and platform promises should have been the basis of their agenda as a government? So it is unacceptable that they now claim not to have an agenda.

If Budget 2007-08 is themed "Continuing the Transformation", then whatever was not done in the last term should be continued now.

There are several important pieces of legislation that lapsed because the PNM did not give them priority last time around. There is the Equal Opportunities Bill and the package of Children's Legislation. That is enough to start the Parliament especially when the government has nothing else on its plate.

Further, there are pressing issues such as crime, high food prices, the health care system and education system which need urgent attention. So there is more than enough work for the members of parliament to do.

The problem is that the PNM is on a honeymoon and they are feting for Christmas and they do not care what happens to the people.

The Opposition demands that the Prime Minister waste no more time and summon the Parliament. If they do not have a Parliamentary Agenda, we the Opposition have one and the citizens have one.

Hon Basdeo Panday
Leader of the Opposition, MP Couva North
Friday, November 30, 2007.

PM: Panday should shut up

By Clint Chan Tack Friday, November 30 2007

Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday ought to shut up and stop criticising the Government about the upsurge in crime, Prime Minister Patrick Manning said yesterday.

“He ought to be told to shut up. I think that would help all of us.

The comments I made on the crime situation had nothing to do with the Honourable Leader of the Opposition. It had to do with the levels of security that our people enjoy.”

Manning gave this response to remarks Panday made that the Prime Minister was irresponsible for saying he found the rise in crime since the November 5 General Election “very strange”.

This was Manning’s reaction when questioned by reporters at the post-Cabinet news conference at Whitehall on the spate of murders on his return from Uganda, where he attended the Common-wealth Heads of Government summit, on Wednesday night.

“I could easily invoke the comments of the very distinguished King of Spain when he was dealing with the President of Venezuela,” Manning quipped. He was referring to King Juan Carlos I who told Venezuela President Hugo Chavez to shut up at summit of Latin American leaders in Chile on November 10.

The King had chastised Chavez for his interruptions during the summit and the Venezuelan leader retorted by inferring that Spain new of the plot to overthrow him in a previous coup attempt.

Manning hit out at Panday and said his concession speech after the election demonstrated that the UNC leader was in no position to lecture anyone about national responsibility.

Panday had lashed out at the electorate who he said should not complain about murders and kidnappings because it got a government it deserved.

Hours before the press conference, Panday said Manning’s comment about the crime upsurge being “strange” and hinted that it may be political was “most irresponsible.”

Panday said it was another admission of the PNM’s “total failure” to deal with crime. He added that as Prime Minister and chairman of the National Security Council, Manning could not make any inferences about the crime wave without evidence.

Why the fock Manning doh stop pussyfooting and get started on running the fockin country.

First he and all he fockin baboons run up to Salybia to fockin fete after the election and as if that wasnt enough, he gone to some fockin useless Commonwealth shit to spree with the fockin guerilla leaders in Africa.

For God sake, Panday is not the fockin leader of the fockin government and ah doh know when some people will realise that. He not running the fockin country man.

The people have spoken in the election and all yuh get wa d fock all yuh deserve.

Friday, November 23, 2007

New minister ducks questions

NEWLY-appointed Education Minister Esther Le Gendre stormed past reporters at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Port-of-Spain, yesterday, in an effort to evade answering how 103 pupils at Cap-de-Ville Government Primary School were hospitalised for food poisoning on Wednesday.

Le Gendre, a communications professional, refused to field questions from the media attending the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) Women’s League breakfast meeting at the Wrightson Road hotel.

Rather than apply her oratory skills to indicate likely measures her ministry would effect to prevent a recurrence, Le Gendre showed the benefits of her early morning walks last week at Salybia—where the Patrick Manning-led Cabinet held a retreat.

She bowed her head, crashed through a line of reporters on the first floor of the hotel, trotted down the staircase and hustled her way into the lobby, without even uttering “no comment.”
She was on her way to a Cabinet meeting.

However, her dress code for yesterday’s early morning sprint, to avoid the media, was nothing compared to the sports gear in which media photographers captured her at Salybia.

At yesterday’s PNM Women’s League function, she was elegant in a cream designer suit with matching stocking and shoes, which did not impede her athletic ability.

Dietary Services doing tests
A teacher and 103 pupils at Cap-de-Ville Government Primary School fell ill on Wednesday, after consuming boxed lunches prepared by a caterer for the school feeding programme.

The food was said to be infested with worms. The children were rushed to hospital after they began vomiting, experienced dizziness and stomach cramps. Some were treated at Point Fortin Area Hospital.

Joycelyn Bodden, chairman of the National Schools Dietary Services, sought to assure the public that action would be taken after tests were completed.

She said: “My understanding is we went down to the school, checked the kids and they were discharged. All is well with the kids. We are doing investigations.

“The Ministry of Health went down to the school and took samples of the water. All the checks were made.”

typi fockin cal PNMite.

Dey carry dem fockers down Salybia to teach dem how to lie and make the press lie for you. But she so duncee that she forget how. So she couldnt answer the press.

Fockin nigga know how to dolls off good though, dandy up wid all the brands and make big fockin impression, but the fockin head empty.

Ah feel Dookeran was lecturing to them up dey in Salybia.