Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Blame Game‏

In Primary school a famous saying by my teacher was "Common sense is not so common". After viewing the general elections and its results, this quote rings true for the following reasons:

* The persons who voted either for the UNC-A or the COP did so because they did not support the PNM why then would they split their votes so that the said PNM would win?

*The UNC-A has been touted by all as having a track record of performance. If the business of elections is to put in a government that can perform, then why not the UNC-A? In America, former President Bill Clinton was re-elected for a second term, in spite of the fiasco with Monica Lewinsky, because he ran the country well. Is that not the more important issue?

*In law we always heard "innocent until proven guilty" yet this seems to work for everyone except Basdoe Panday. How can a man who the PNM has been after for over five years and could find nothing else on him other than he did not disclose a bank account and who even Mr. Anand Ramlogan says is "virtually incorrutpible" be the reason for not having an accomadation?

* That any party regardless of how many votes they receive will be of little value unless they get a seat in parliament. Could the COP then not have made a deal with the UNC-A that even if the only thing they do upon winning the election was to change the constitution to allow for proportional representation; so that in the case of a split we would not have this result of a minority government, rather than taking a stance of no compromise?

* That if Mr Dookeran, rather than being rock-headed in his refusal to dialogue with the UNC-A leadership had chosen instead to at least met once with the leadership council could not be accused of being egotistical and selfish.

*That accomadation with a party is not the same as integration with that party, and that if the COP had joined the leadership council of the UNC-A and not been in favour with certain decisions of the council, could have taken up stakes and left, which may have even given them greater leverage in the campaign.

*That had the COP put aside their hate for Basdeo Panday and rather focus on the issues of crime, food prices, flooding, education, health care, infrastructure, water, job security, pension, etc. that today, we would not have a post election crime situation of almost a murder a day with the rape of a woman and her daughter on Divali night and the slaughter of a woman by a gilted over in additio to the stealing of a newborn infant at one of the nation's health institutons.

*And finally, that common sense comes before book sense and all those who believed that because they were "intellectuals" could forget the basic principle that "divided we fall" will have to face the crime, flooding, food prices, poor health system, etc. just like the rest of us backward coolies.


Anonymous said...

* The persons who voted for COP did so because they did not support the PNM AND fawkin DuncE-A

* Panday will always be known as the first prime minister to make jail

*1 month after and allyuh still blaming COP. the 148000 comprises of former unc supporters , former pnm supporters AND the ones like myself who will never support unc/pnm

* "divided we fall" tribal politics

*instead of blaming winston dookeran for not joining with unc ,and crime, flooding, food prices, poor health system, etc you all should blame the one man whose fault it is pnm got in power 6 years ago (RLM AKA TWIST MOUTH)

Eye in the Sky said...

To the fuckin anonycunt above: Judging from your IP location, I'd say you are the typical COP cunt. A wannabee.

Panday will NOT be the first, last or only leader to go to jail yuh cunt.

For the next 5 years we will be blaming COP so get over it - idiot.

RLM is feared by all those fucking crooked COP vagrants - like yourself.

Don't study Panday - think about the people YOU are swindling - pretending yuh care - fuccking neemakaram!

Anonymous said...

TRINI said...

By 2020 :-

T&T would be one big massive traffic jam

Streets would be deserted after sundown

Nightlife would be non-existent

People would pay to play mas in enclosed areas like the Stadium, since the streets would not be safe

Small business would close and send staff home because people would not be able to afford to eat out

Then the Syrians will buy out their properties

Murders and kidnappings will continue

People will return their cable boxes, and antennas on top of homes will reappear

Price Smart will introduce a Gold Card for PNM friends and family and CEPEP contractors

The Water Taxi project will be promised by 2025

Everyone under 25 will be a graduate of the University of T&T, but will be unemployable anywhere in the world

UTT will still be spending millions on God knows what

A Panday will still control Indian votes

The sugar workers will still be waiting on their lands

Most of their lands will be bought by Syrian businessmen

The Police Service will introduce credit card and ATM facilities at Police Stations for easy payment

High rise buildings in POS will remain unoccupied

The Interchange Project will be stopped until the Commission of Enquiry into corruption is finished

Belgroves will open a kiosk at the Casualty Unit of all the main Hospitals

A doubles will turn into a singles, and be a once a week treat

Kiss Bakeries will introduce a sliced hops

The US and Canada will stop issuing visas to Trinis

Natural gas reserves will run out

Three smelters will be killing our people, but the environmentalists of the NW Peninsula will only be concerned with re-afforestation and landing some big UN job

There will be a demand for Jamaican and Guyanese dollars

The Piarco Airport corruption trial will enter its 2564th day of hearing

Dookeran will write newspaper columns from his home in Canada

Indians will be purged from the public service and Jennifer Baptiste will be smilingly silent

All persons south of the Caroni will have to buy a monthly pass or pay a toll to drive into POS

Manning will be Executive President for life

The rich will get richer

The poor will get poorer

The middle class will disappear

The PNM will continue tiefing and denying that we are a failed State


Anonymous said...

lol @ Trini...Trini if you feel things going to get so bad, why not say some prayers for the country....One thing I will add to what you are saying...qualified personnel with foreign qualifications will no longer reside in T & T.

Anonymous said...

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