Sunday, May 18, 2008

T&T visit just what Miss World needs


REIGNING Miss World, Zi Lin Zhang, is convinced that a visit to T&T was just what she needed to gather her thoughts, in the wake of the devastation caused to her native China by a massive earthquake.

She said her decision to travel to T&T, while her countrymen were still coming to terms with the disaster, was a necessary sacrifice at this time.

Zhang believed that she could do more for the people of China by creating greater awareness of the effects of the natural disaster, while the search for survivors continues and the death toll rises.

Authorities in China have mounted a massive relief and rescue operations.

Meanwhile, international aid agencies remain alert, monitoring the situation, to lend assistance to those in need.

Using her limited command of the English language, Zhang said she hoped that her visit would brighten her spirits and consequently allow her to do more for the people of China.

“As you know, my country has had a terrible earthquake. I was sad and everything. I hope I can come here to be more happy and do more for my country.

“All of us (are) working hard. We are raising funds for the earthquake. I don’t know how to do more, but I would try my best.”

During a media conference in the VIP Lounge at Piarco International Airport, Julia Morley, chairman of the Miss World Organisation, who accompanied Zhang on this trip, defended her decision to fly to T&T.

She said thousands of Chinese troops had been deployed on the grounds and had the reigning Miss World gone back home, “all she could have done was stand and stare.”

Morley disclosed that there were discussions on whether Zhang should return to China at this time, but it was decided that she could do more “useful things here,” rather than stand and stare.

“Unless you are a qualified person working, digging people out you are only able to stand and stare.

“Is it not better to come and do something useful here?” she asked.

Morley made it clear that on their return to China, a big fund-raising exercise would take place in that country.

Zhang arrived at Piarco International Airport on Friday, almost an hour past her scheduled arrival which was caused by a flight delay.

Her visit to T&T was on the invitation of the National Aids Co-ordinating Council (NACC) for this evening’s 19th National Aids Candlelight Memorial in the borough of Chaguanas.

Zhang and her entourage were received by former Miss World, Giselle La Ronde-West; former Miss T&T/World delegate, Valene Maharaj; Angela Lee Loy, chairman of the NACC, Andy Fearon, acting head of the NACC; and Peter Elias, national director of the Pageant Company of T&T.

Also present were reigning Miss T&T/World representative Gabrielle Walcott; Miss T&T/Universe delegate Anya Ayoung-Chee; and Adrian Raymond, of the Pageant Company.
Morley said: “We work very hard around the world to do the best we can to bring awareness to the problem (HIV/Aids) that we all face.”
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Le Gendre: Moonilal insulting students

EDUCATION Minister Esther Le Gendre is disputing UNC-A Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal’s claim that the nation’s schools are a breeding ground for the recruitment of young criminals to gangs.

And a lot of criminality also took place on school compounds, Moonilal accused.

During debate on proposed legislation to rectify the pensions of certain senior officers in the Teaching Service, he called on the Government to take urgent steps to protect teachers while they were on the job.

It was a task that needed political will, said Moonilal, as he urged Le Gendre to heed his call.
In winding up debate on the Bill, which was passed without amendment, Le Gendre took issue with Moonilal.

She said it was an “insult” to the over 300,000 students on roll at over 700 schools for Moonilal to say that the nation’s schools were a breeding ground for the making of criminals.

Schools may have “a few recalcitrant elements” but that did not make them a breeding ground for criminal activity, Le Gendre argued.

She stressed that the statement was unbecoming of the Moonilal.

He had claimed the Education Ministry was not operating smoothly because deans and heads of departments were complaining that despite their seniority in the system some teachers were earning more than them.

Le Gendre explained that a number of allowances had been approved for the deans and heads of department; the accounts department was preparing the pay sheets and the grousing officers would get retroactive payments to rectify their salaries.

The UNC had boasted of their rapid-pace school building programme, but all the schools built between 1996 and 2001 were now “giving trouble.”

She said she had never seen buildings deteriorate so fast and they were turning out to be the “bane” of the ministry.

In respect of repairs to schools, she said doing this maintenance work during vacation periods have proven to be unsatisfactory and now work would take place also during the school term.

Cumuto Manzanilla MP Harry Partap was told that a new Biche High School was in the planning stage.

Designs had been received and work would soon start on the new school.


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Joseph: Blame the CoP, not me

By peter balroop

IN ONE fell swoop National Security Minister Martin Joseph swept all blame for there being 79,989 unsolved serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping, rape and robbery with aggravation, in the six-year period 2002-2007 on to the broad shoulders of Police Commissioner Trevor Paul.

Joseph stressed Paul was the man to call to account, when responding to UNC-A Chief Whip Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj crime motion in the Lower House on Friday.

Reached yesterday for his reaction to Joseph saying as the head of the Police Service he was the State’s front man for the curbing of runaway crime, Paul said he did not hear Joseph’s response, so was not prepared to comment on the say-so of the Sunday Guardian.

Paul recently got a six-month extension of his employment contract and Joseph told the House on Friday that soon MPs would be debating the appointment of a new commissioner.

In a motion on the adjournment of the House, Maharaj said in the period the National Security Ministry had spent over $15 billion, yet had failed to keep crime under control.

Citizens did not feel safe to venture out of their houses; the issue had gone beyond the pale of political rivalry and the fact of the matter was a solution had to be found.

Pitiful rate

As an MP, said Maharaj, he had seen first-hand the suffering, the fear and the trauma that families endured at the hands of criminals.

Maharaj said Prime Minister Patrick Manning had assured Senator Joseph was his best Cabinet Minister.

If that was so, he added, then something must be wrong with Manning’s judgment.

He had got the crime statistics from 2002-2007 from the Police Service’s Crime and Problem Analysis (CAPA) department and they were frightening.

He proceeded to read them out in all their detail, emphasising the pitiful rate at which serious crimes were being solved.

They showed that over the period murders had risen by 40 per cent; the detection rates was less than ten per cent and the conviction rate of those charged was less than one per cent.
Maharaj said he did not want Joseph to tell the nation about future plans, or about the activities of police units like SAUTT or the IATF.

The nation wanted to feel safe. They wanted assurances from the Minister that they could be secure in their homes and on the streets, in the day, and particularly at nights, Maharaj stressed.
To his mind, the solution in the first instance was to have officers posted throughout the streets of T&T on a 24-hour basis, even if it meant re-routing traffic police and court officers to crime duties.

Police also needed motivation to rise to the occasion, Maharaj added.

“Forget the politics, tell the people what you are going to do to prevent crime,” Maharaj urged Joseph. “We cannot go on like this... time is running out.”

Joseph responded saying that since Police Service reform legislation had come into force the Police Commissioner was no longer a toothless bulldog.

He had the power now to promote and fire up to Assistant Commissioner.

His job as Minister, said Joseph, was to provide the financial and human resources to the Commissioner and leave the job of solving crime to him.

Any interference in the performance of the Commissioner’s duties by the Executive would be seen as politicising of the Police Service, Joseph said.

Yes, there was a shortage of officers, but recruitment of 500 new officers a year was the plan, with the recruits all having at least five “O” level passes and being subjected to a polygraph test.
The CAPA department provided “real time” crime statistics, which was essential to curbing crime, he added.

Joseph assured once the Police Commissioner made optimum use of his resources the incidence of serious crime would be reduced.

Thanking all officers for their contribution to the fight, Joseph assured: “We’ll stem the flow

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Manning would make clean sweep

INSISTING that Prime Minister Patrick Manning has done no wrong, newly appointed chairman of the Diego Martin Central constituency Dr Joe Laquis says he will support the PM for the leadership post in the People’s National Movement’s party election.

A PNMite for 33 years, Laquis said it would be idiotic for anyone to oppose Manning, because the PNM was closely knit and united, which no one could penetrate or destroy.

Laquis was commenting about former Diego Martin Central MP Kenneth Valley, who last month had urged sacked trade and industry minister Dr Keith Rowley to press on with plans to fight Manning for leadership of the PNM.

Manning’s post of political leader is up for contest as well as other PNM executives at the PNM’s June 28, 29 convention.

Rowley fought Manning for the post in a bitter fight in 1996, which Rowley lost, having mustered only 40 per cent of the votes cast.

“We don’t disagree and go against one another in this party. This is how PNM politics works. Everybody would surround and protect Manning at the end of the day. You just wait and see,” Laquis added.

Laquis said when one looked at Manning’s performance over the last six-and-a-half years much had been accomplished for T&T.

Laquis said if one had to choose between Manning and Rowley, the favoured candidate would likely be Manning because of his leadership qualities.

“There is no reason to remove Manning.... while at the same time there is no clear indication that he should go.”

Getting feedback from the ground level, Laquis said he was optimistic that when the final vote was counted, Manning would make a clean sweep.

“He would net everything in the bag.”

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Boynes gets $20M tax break
By SEAN DOUGLAS Friday, May 9 2008

FORMER Minister of Sport and Toco/Manzanilla MP Roger Boynes and his brother Ronald Boynes, chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation chairman, have enjoyed a $20 million tax break on their Salybia Resort and Spa.

This was revealed by Legal Notice 54 in the Trinidad and Tobago Gazette of April 10. The document cited an order, made under the Tourism Development Act, for a tax-break in the form of a capital allowance on the brothers’ investment of $20,566,731 on the resort as an approved tourism project. The order also exempts the resort from paying any tax on its gains or profits for five years.

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Food crops bulldozed

Food crops bulldozed
By CHARLENE BHARATT Friday, May 9 2008

A TRACTOR yesterday bulldozed five acres of agricultural land in Spring Village, Valsayn destroying fields of produce including ochro, pepper, dasheen bush and coconuts, leaving farmers very upset since the produce was ripe for harvest.

The angry farmers told this reporter that when they asked the driver of the tractor on whose instruction he was acting, to destroy the crops, he (the driver) said he was authorised by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

However, several efforts by Newsday to verify this with HDC yesterday proved futile with several calls to the corporation’s corporate communications department, going unanswered.

The farmers said that in the midst of spiralling food prices and a public plea by Consumer and Legal Affairs Minister Peter Taylor for increased local farming to reduce food costs, they cannot understand why anyone would want to destroy their gardens. The farmers added that for the past few years, they have applied for regularised land tenures but this has not been done. They are appealing to Agriculture Minister Arnold Piggott to intervene on their behalf and have them regularised so they could legitimately plant their crops on State lands.

According to brothers Vijay and Sonnylal Jagdeo, who have earned their living from working the land for the past 16 years, workers claiming to be contracted by the HDC were instructed to clear the land. Vijay said the destruction of the gardens came without warning and the five farmers were left with no choice but to watch their only source of income being destroyed. “I begged them to at least leave something behind...but they just kept going,” Vijay said.

“Government talking about agriculture but they are doing something else and now with this (the gardens) gone, we do not know where to turn. We do not know what to do,” Sonnylal cried.

National Food Crop Farmers Association’s Education and Research Officer Norris Deonarine, who represented the farmers, called on the Agriculture Ministry to give priority to regularisation of land tenures to enable farmers to take control of their land and develop it efficiently to ensure ample local food crop production.

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Govt spends big bucks for Laventille peace initiatives

Thursday, May 8 2008

GOVERNMENT spent approximately $48,000 out of a total of $197,000 through the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs to help “keep the peace” in Laventille in 2006.

These figures were contained in a document which Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs Minister Marlene McDonald brought to the Senate on Tuesday to respond to a question posed to her two months ago by Opposition Senator Wade Mark to list all of the organisations that received funding/grants and/or financial support from her ministry from the period January 2, 2002 to December 31, 2007.

Under the section of the document entitled “Community enhancement and safety programme,” for 2006, it said the ministry allocated $12,000 to the Laventille Peace Initiative Against Crime $12,000 to stage a “Caravan for Peace in Laventille.” Another $14,500 was allocated to this group for a “caravan for peace” in Arima in the same year. The Executive Council for Laventille received $8,746 for a peace caravan in Morvant. The Laventille United Safety and Enhancement Group received $7,000 from the ministry to host a cultural exchange and the Beetham Gardens Police Youth Club was allocated $7,000 to host a Christmas Lunch and Award ceremony.

At Tuesday’s sitting of the Upper House, Senate President Danny Montano did not allow McDonald to read from the document. He apologised to her and the Senate for not directing that the answer to Mark’s question be written and not oral.

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