Monday, March 31, 2008

The real issue

The fucking issue is not that Panday was using a laptop in Parliament, and that he was suppose to ask permission from Speaker of the Latrine - Cacahole Barry Sinanan.

All that is a setta fucking petty bullshit.

In this day and age, why would anyone need permission to use a laptop in a Parliamentary debate? Is it an examination? Is it a contest? ... Does a laptop offend or disturb anyone?
And lets just assume Panday is breaking some law, couldn't Sinanan call Panday aside (during a break) and warn him? Is it the first time, this or any other member came to Parliament with a laptop? What exactly IS the rule on the use of laptops? And if there is one prohibiting its use, then that needs to be addressed.

I am certain not many member of Parliament are computer literate or savvy.

Nooo.. no my friends, the real issue ....

The fucking real issue is that muddercunt food prices hitting the sky. Basic food items are unaffordable. And just like the fucking crime wave, this goverment is clue-fucking-less as to how to control and manage the state of affairs.

And just because this issue was up for debate, in true fucking nigger style... a distraction was created. Simple.

Yuh know.. how ... when a nigger want to tief yuh zaboca.. how he does have to skin he cock and jock first .. dais jes in case yuh hiding with a gun looking at em. And jes as yuh turn yuh head in disgust.. 10 fucking zaboca gone up he asshole and 6 in he fucking nosehole.... and he gorn.

Well, that is PNM distraction strategy. We cyar dazzle dem with brilliance, then fucking baffle dem with bullshit.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday, March 26th 2008

Winston Dookeran should have resigned, not Gillian Lucky, according to COP member Gary Griffith.
In a statement issued yesterday, Griffith severely criticised Dookeran and Selby Wilson for "resorting to mudslinging" and to "attacking" Lucky for resigning.
"They (Wilson and Dookeran) were previous NAR supporters, then they became UNC supporters, then COP supporters, without even a sabbatical being taken from political parties altogether, holding posts such as Central Bank Governor, but they have the audacity to attack the character and intent for Gillian Lucky resigning, simply because it is not in their best interest," he said.
Griffith said the NAR "over the hill boys", such as Wilson and Joseph Toney, who were "roped in to strangle the COP" by Dookeran, have also been openly questioning the moral authority of Lucky, himself and others have to challenged the direction and productivity of the COP, simply because they (Lucky and others) have refused to attend two meetings.
"Gillian Lucky probably became frustrated because the COP was not properly serving the nation and going nowhere fast, with Winston Dookeran conveniently circling himself among a few clueless blind loyalist supporters, whose priority was grinding their axes on the PNM and UNC rather than trying to serve the people of Trinidad and Tobago," he said.
He said the party was doomed to fail if Dookeran continued as leader.
Yuh know, ah trying hard hard to not comment on this latest cat-fight within the COP eh.. . but gosh boy.. it hard to pretend.

First of all, leh we rewind..... They say:

The people wanted a new leader for UNC.. they make one setta noise... they want Dooks. Panday appoints Dooks. Yuh think they happy..?? Nah! Now Panday 'treating Dooks bad'. Panday 'undermining em'.... They wanted Dooks to form his own party.. he didn't deserve the 'treatment he getting'... They doh know he was playing a game and had already started his own party.. but was playing the role of 'damsel in distress' - hoping to whip some support...

Enters COP.. ting ting.... elections come.. they suffered a terrible defeat at the polls... all of a sudden Dooks this and Dooks dat.. Gillman resigns... Gharry Griffith cyar shut his dunce ass...

What the fuck going on? COP going or coming???

As I said before, whether we accept this fact or not, it is the reality: The political landscape of Trinidad & Tobago CANNOT accommodate more than 2 major political parties.

Friday, March 21, 2008

He Meets the Criteria

PM’s son applied for apartment
HDC says application was made two years ago. “He meets the criteria”

By Gail Alexander
Brian Manning, son of Prime Minister Patrick Manning, applied two years ago for an apartment in the Housing Development Authority’s upscale Fidelis Heights development in St Augustine, HDC managing director Noel Garcia confirmed yesterday.
The Fidelis Heights development is one of HDC’s pricier projects, located at Gordon Street and Santa Margarita corner in the upscale eastern suburb—opposite the Hugh Wooding Law School.
Garcia spoke on the situation, after queries on the matter to Planning and Housing Minister Emily Dick-Forde at yesterday’s weekly post-Cabinet media briefing.
Dick-Forde said she was not aware of an allocation for Manning.
However, Garcia confirmed Manning’s application was made to HDC two years ago “like that of any normal citizen of T&T.”
“Mr Manning (Brian) is currently going through the assessment process,” Garcia said.
“As far as I am aware no allocation has been made for Fidelis Heights yet, so if there is any question whether he has been actually allocated an apartment there, it is very much a premature question as far as I’m concerned.”
Garcia said Manning’s application came through normal channels—via an application form submitted to HDC and entered into the Authority’s database. “He’s made an application and it is being assessed like any other citizen— he’s one of thousands who apply to HDC.
“Quite a number of people applied for Fidelis Heights units and this development will be allocated shortly.”
Garcia said the Government had taken a decision not to subsidise this particular development.
It is being sold at market rates in HDC’s thrust to expand and attract an open market clientele.
The development is therefore not part of HDC’s provision of subsidised housing for low-income earners. HDC’s promotion puts the prices for units at Fidelis Heights in a range between $566,000 and $877,000.
Female co-applicant
Guardian checks confirmed that Manning’s application was made jointly, in name with another—female—applicant whose workplace is listed as a Federation Park research institute.
Manning, 33, was a business analyst with the Inter-American Development Bank and a business development analyst with Neal and Massy.
In 2006, he became head of PNM’s Web site committee.
Speaking then, Manning said he was a businessman and did not intend to follow his father into politics. He said he was concentrating on projects.
Last year, young Manning was the centre of some controversy when he submitted a proposal to the Basketball Federation for establishment of a semi-professional basketball league.
Estimates were that it would cost taxpayers $3 million. The plan had not got off the ground to date, sports officials said.
Yesterday, calculations revealed that in order to afford a mortgage of one of the Fidelis Heights’ apartments, a prospective homeowner may have to have a salary range of around $30,000 monthly.
The development which cost more than $140 million was completed recently. It was in construction over the past four years. Sod-turning for the development took place in 2004.
The development comprises 180 units in its Phase 1 and Phase 2 plan.
The apartments involve three-bedroom units and three-bedroom plus basement townhouses.
Former housing minister Keith Rowley—now Trade Minister—was not in office yesterday.
At the sod-turning for the Fidelis development, Rowley had noted that low cost-housing was a thing of the past due to high-priced land and property value.
Panday calls for disclosure
Yesterday, Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday called for full disclosure on the matter.
“We have heard that HDC houses are allocated on a lottery system,” he said.
“In this case if the houses are for sale and young Manning can afford it, it will be interesting to know where he got the money from and if he is getting an allocation ahead of anyone else.
“We’d like to know how many other people have applied and how many have been refused for this particular development,” Panday said.
Doh waste yuh energy Bas, yuh need it for Oma.
He 'meets the crieria'..
1. He is a nigger
2. He is an ugly nigger
3. He is an ugly nigger PNM party cardholder
4. He is an ugly nigger PNM party cardholder related to Hazel and Patrick
He going to get that fucking house come what may. Fuck the other 1million muddercunt starving, homeless, poor and mal-nourished plebs in Trinidad. Brian Manning wants a house in Fedelis Park, Brian Manning gets a house there.
Take that in all yuh ass!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kuta get Cut

While many Standard Five students were relieved after writing the Secondary Entrance Assessment exam yesterday, one 11-year-old was greeted with the news that her father had been murdered during a family row.
Sean Joel Pollard, also called Kuta, 33, a URP labourer of Jojo Lane, El Socorro Road in San Juan, died on arrival at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope.
Relatives said he was stabbed to death by a male relative, who remained on the run from police up to late yesterday.
Pollard’s grieving common-law wife Natalie Nurse, also a URP employee, said, “Is better he had stabbed me and kill me instead. He (Pollard) was a good one and (name called) know that.”
She explained that an argument started between she and the suspect earlier in the day and when it got heated Pollard intervened.
She explained that after he was stabbed Pollard cried “boy we so good and this is what you go do?” According to relatives, Pollard was stabbed once in the left side of his abdomen and took his last breath at the emergency ramp of the Mt Hope Hospital. The stabbing took place just after midday.
Police said the arrest of a 20-year-old San Juan man was imminent.
All I have to say is this is the first time I agree with a nigger, and I find the relevant person(s) can heed to her wish:
Pollard's grieving common-law wife Natalie Nurse, also a URP employee, said:
"Is better he had stabbed and killed me.."

Hello again

Ok fellas, everyone asking - who, what, why and where is the Oleblagger.

Truth be told, Oleblagger went to the North Pole. That is one place he knows will have no niggers cuz shit cyar be frozen. Plus, there is no animal there that a nigger cud fuck and start up some disease. They cyar get into an igloo to rob an Eskimo, and there is no KFC up there. But he bounce up Colon Imbert trying to sell sno-cone to an Eskimo - ole habits die hard eh.

Next thing, I am reading where one reader wanted to know if Oleblagger is a radio personality. Where dat come from, I dunno.. but anyone really think Oleblagger cud last on a radio in Trinidad? But I wish we cud get a station where indians cud say what we really want. That, and a nigger scholar we will never see - so dream on.

Don't worry folks Oleblagger will be back from his travels soon.

In the meantime, there is so much to fucking talk about eh.

PNM stilling fucking around with my blastid tax money, indians still getting side lined and robbed. On the bright side however, niggers falling by the grop in La Vant Ille. Water taxi going to launch later this month. By the way, who de fuck going to use that on a regular basis? Niggers don't go to work - so dey ent using dat. Indians have cars - so dey ent using that. The price will be high. Zero impact on the traffic problems.

More children suffering in Mt. Hopeless. Food prices going up at the same rate as Manning's fucking ego. The saga continues in this stink hole.

On a bright side:
Let us big-up Y and Slim Shady for the fantastic site - great job fellas.