Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Manzo family of Sicily
Food expenditure for one week: 214.36 Euros or $260.11

The Melander family of Bargteheide
Food expenditure for one week: 375.39 Euros or $500.07

United States:
The Revis family of North Carolina (Sure hope most American families eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and less junk food than this family. Plus 3/4 of that food is from food stamps.)
Food expenditure for one week $341.98

The Casales family of Cuernavaca
Food expenditure for one week: 1,862.78 Mexican Pesos or $189.09

The Sobczynscy family of Konstancin-Jeziorna
Food expenditure for one week: 582.48 Zlotys or $151.27

The Ahmed family of CairoFood expenditure for one week:
387.85 Egyptian Pounds or $68.53

The Ayme family of Tingo
Food expenditure for one week: $31.55

The Namgay family of Shingkhey VillageFood expenditure for one week:
224.93 ngultrum or $5.03

The Aboubakar family of Breidjing Camp Food expenditure for one week:
685 CFA Francs or $1.23


Monday, January 28, 2008

Griffith challenges Dookeran's Leadership

Past concerns that Congress of the People (COP) political leader Winston Dookeran had been selected, and not elected, into the leadership of the United National Congress (UNC) more than two years ago have now followed him into the party he founded, even though it gained 148,000 votes in the last general election.

Dookeran's leadership style is being directly challenged by one of the COP's frontline members and Port of Spain North/St Ann's West candidate in the last general election, Gary Griffith.

Griffith had written a letter to Dookeran that strongly criticised the COP political leader's leadership style about two weeks ago.

"Winston Dookeran has become a law unto himself," Griffith said in an interview with the Express this weekend.

"Our political leader was selected rather than elected and we need to have some electoral process to have the full support of the 148,000. I don't think we can get an extra vote with Winston Dookeran as the political leader," Griffith also said.

He said the COP's constitution only provided for an interim executive until the holding of its internal elections which are done sometime in the middle of this year.

"It was decided upon that because of the general election that was upcoming, that executive will operate in that manner until the internal election will be due within a year's time of the appointment of the interim executive, which will be in the middle of this year," Griffith said

Contacted by the Express, Dookeran said while he would not comment on any specific aspect of Griffith's claims, all of the COP's members were moving forward towards the goal of attaining a victory in Local Government elections due by July of this year.

"And we are proceeding very well and there are lots of people who are working and working at all levels, from the bottom level to the top level of the COP all over the country," Dookeran said.

Dookeran won the UNC political leadership unopposed while he belonged to the party during its internal election in October, 2005 but never become Opposition Leader.

This, among other factors, led to his forming the COP on the mantra of what he calls "new politics."

He said the COP is continuing to build on its founding principles of integrity in all our institutions, transcending all divisions in the society and advocating serious social reform.

"We are working to keep that alive and I am doing my part to ensure that happens," Dookeran said.

In response to Dookeran's comments, Griffith said, "For him to say that we are moving forward and everything is working well, that is a figment of his imagination."

Griffith said that Dookeran, as the COP political leader, has set up several parallel groups that are taking their instructions from him without any input from the executive.

Griffith told the Express the COP faithful must shift its focus to the party's internal elections which are due at around the same time as the Local Government elections.

Griffith said that while he had informed Dookeran that he is no longer willing to chair the COP national security council until its internal elections are held, no one should interpret his actions as indication that the COP is falling apart.

Now we can simply figure out who was the mischief maker in the UNC executive.

Now we can figure out who was givin the press all the confidential info on the goin ons in NAtex.

He come wid the same fockery wid the COP.

Anyhow all the bachannal comin to light. And oh! Dookeran is ah dictator????

Papa I didnt even know that.

Fockin wa goes around comes around.

Changes to protocol list

Monday, January 28 2008

GOVERNMENT is revising the “archaic” Table of Precedence which comprises the order of protocol of the nation’s highest office holders. A complaint from the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) prompted the Government to revise the list.

This was revealed yesterday by Foreign Affairs Minister Paula Gopee- Scoon who told Newsday that since she assumed office three months ago, she looked at the Table of Precedence and found that it was deficient.

“It is a very sensitive issue and we took the decision to have a review by March, and this review may involve Cabinet, but by then we will be announcing to the public the re-branding of foreign policies,” said Gopee-Scoon.

She added that the issue was very high on the agenda and admitted that the Order of Precedence which is almost 20-years old needs to be reviewed.

The Table of Precedence which is not an official list but was adapted from the 1966 official list, names the President as the country’s highest office holder, with the Prime Minister second, and the Chief Justice third.

Sources revealed that some members of the IRO had expressed concern over the Table of Precedence listing the Archbishop of Trinidad and Tobago, as being the country’s eighth highest holder of office, followed by the Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago in ninth position, with the Chief Representative of the Hindu Religion being the tenth highest holder of office.

The Chief Representative of the Muslim Religion holds the 11th spot and the Chief Representative of the Council of Evangelical Churches holds the 12th position.

In a 2005 survey, it was determined that Roman Catholics make up 26 percent of the population, while the Hindus consist of 22 percent, Anglicans are eight percent, Muslims are six percent, Seventh Day Adventists with four percent, and Baptists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians and other religions making up the rest of the population.

Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday holds the 13th highest office in the country.

The Table of Precedence was first adapted by the Governor Generals, but later used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Table of Precedence lists the 33 highest holders of office.
Table of Precedence
1) The President
2) The Prime Minister
3) The Chief Justice
4) The President of the Senate
5) The Speaker of the House of Representatives
6) Cabinet Ministers
7) High Commissioners and Ambassadors (according to the Diplomatic Table of Precedence)
8) The Archbishop of Port of Spain
9) The Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago
10) The Chief Representative of the Hindu Religion
11) The Chief Representative of the Muslim Religion
12) The Chief Representative of the Council of Evangelical Churches
13) The Leader of the Opposition
14) Justices of Appeal
15) Justices of the High Court
16) Ministers accredited to Trinidad and Tobago, Acting High Commissioners and Charges d’Affaires
17) Parliamentary Secretaries
18) The Vice President of the Senate
19) The Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives
20) Members of the Senate
21) Members of the House of Representatives
22) Consuls General, Counsellors in Embassies and High Commissions
23) Accredited Chief Representatives of International Organisations
24) The Chairman of the Public Service Commission, the Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission, the Auditor General and the Governor of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (precedence among them being in accor dance with respective dates of their appointments)
25) The Chief of Defence Staff
26) Mayors and Chairmen of County Councils
27) Permanent Secretaries
28) Members of the Public Service Commission and of the Elections and Boundaries Commission 29) Consuls de carriƩre, First Secretaries in Embassies and High Commissions and Senior Assistant Secretaries.
30) Trade Commissioners
31) Senior Government Officials and Heads of Departments
32) Chairman of the Statutory Boards and Authorities
33) Honorary Consuls, Vice Consuls, Second Secretaries and Third Secretaries.

Well look I learn something here today. I didnt realise that we this focked up in Trinidad.

Imagine the fockin Archibishop of POS is higher on this list than the leader of the Opposition. Somebody who geh elected by the fockin people of this country. Then all these PNM ole nigga go come and use as an excuse that the Opposition is the alternative govt. What assholeness?

Who the fock is the head of the Hindus and Muslims in this country?

I sure dem fockers dem self eh really even know.

Selected people occupy more important positions in this country, that is why we cyah go fockin forth.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Guyana Massacre

GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Gunmen stormed into a coastal village early yesterday and shot dead 11 people, President Bharrat Jagdeo said, in escalating violence blamed on a gang leader who has threatened widespread attacks.

The killings in Lusignan were the deadliest massacre in this small South American nation in more than 30 years, and came hours after gunmen attacked police headquarters in the capital, firing indiscriminately and wounding two guards.

Three children were among the dead in Lusignan, located seven miles east of Georgetown, the capital.

“This could not have been done by human beings, but rather by animals,” Jagdeo said as he prepared for meetings with security officials and the military.

He said he would go to the village to meet with grieving relatives later in the day.

On Wednesday night, suspected gang members killed a Guyanese soldier during a gunbattle in Buxton, a village two miles from Lusignan. Police and government officials say they suspect a gang led by Rondell Rawlins, a former Guyanese soldier, is behind the violence.

Rawlins has accused security forces of kidnapping his pregnant 18-year-old girlfriend days ago and police said he threatened to carry out attacks until she is found. Police stated they are probing the woman's disappearance. Rawlins is accused of being a crime boss since 2002, and blamed him for the April 2006 slaying of Agriculture Minister Satyadeo Sawh – a murder that authorities said was aimed at destabilising this former Dutch and British colony.

Reacting to the massacre in Guyana, Congress of the People (COP) in a release said that the growing trend of marauding gangs who now operate throughout the Caribbean with impunity must be reversed. COP urged regional governments, including the TT Government to offer logistical and technical support. “It may be time that the Regional Task Force be placed on standby,” COP said.

Independent Senator Gail Merhair said “the Regional Security Services should be strengthened to give quick and aggressive assistance to one another, especially in times of crisis.”

Nigga here, nigga there, nigga anywhere.

It simply doesnt make ah fockin difference. All over the world the culture of niggas is the same fockin thing.

And why the fock this mudder cont newspaper asking the opinion of the COP.

Who the fock is them and that PNM bottom licker Gail Merhair?

Aloes tells Panday: Look in the mirror

MICHAEL Osuna, known in the calypso world as Sugar Aloes, made a triumphant return to Skinner Park, San Fernando, yesterday as a contestant in the semi-final round of the National Calypso Monarch competition.

And the unapologetic People's National Movement (PNM) supporter was seen as he was never seen before-dressed in a t-shirt belonging to the United National Congress-Alliance (UNC-A), a silver wig, red beret and yellow flower garland.

After a one-year absence from competition, as a result of illness, Aloes received a rousing welcome from the large audience at the event billed as "The Battle at High Noon".

In an interview with the Express following his performance of "Reflections", Aloes said he wanted to send a message to his fellow competitors.

"I want to tell them to look out because I am back," Aloes said.

About his performance, Aloes said he felt confident and was glad to be back in active competition.

"I found the crowd to be very receptive. It seems like they were more happy that I was back than I was."

Armed with a mirror with a photograph of UNC-A leader Basdeo Panday, Aloes waded into the Opposition Leader for comments he made to his dejected supporters shortly after it was announced that the PNM was victorious at the polls on November 5. Panday called on those who voted in favour of the PNM and the Congress of the People (COP) parties to look at themselves in the mirror and bow their heads in shame every time a criminal act is perpetrated against one of the nation's citizens.

Aloes in his calypso told Panday he would see a reflection of himself if he looked in the same mirror.
Look at this big PNM stink cont. So fockin dotish!
The PNM and dey fockin gang leaders and the criminals dey mining under the CEPEP and URP programmes kill he mudder cont son and the fockin asshole aint learn one fockin ting.
What can I say " a nigga is ah nigga and will fock he self wid ah balisier, kill he mudder and rob he own fadder rather than give up dat fockin party.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bandits attack media at Chutney finals

Bandits attack media at Chutney finals
By CECILY ASSON Monday, January 21 2008

'Five suspects are made to lie on the ground for a police search after being held for attacking a group of newspaper photographers....'

NEWSPAPER photographers who covered the Chutney Soca Monarch Finals at Skinner Park, San Fernando, were attacked by a group of bandits outside the venue early yesterday morning.

Newsday photographer Anil Rampersad suffered an injury to his back, while Express photographer Dave Persad was allegedly slapped in the face and hit with a bottle on the head. Photographers Trevor Hackett (Express) and Rishi Ragoonath (Guardian) escaped unhurt.
Five suspects have been detained in connection with the incident which took place as the photographers were headed back to their respective vehicles parked on the “B” ground, Skinner Park, the designated parking area for the media workers on the night.
Rampersad said they were denied parking inside the venue and were shuttled into Skinner Park. However, after the event a shuttle service was unavailable.
The photographers were attacked at about 3.45 am as they were walking along the Rienzi/Kirton Highway, Cross Crossing, near Skinner Park. A gang of about eight men rained bottles on them when they reacted to their alleged attempts to rob them. Rampersad was struck in the back with a bottle as he tried to run for cover.
Plain clothes police officers on their way out of Skinner Park were alerted to the incident.
Five suspects were held and taken to San Fernando CID where up to late yesterday evening they were still detained.
The injured photographers were forced to seek medical attention at the Princes Town District Health Facility after waiting several hours at the San Fernando General Hospital without being attended to. Rampersad yesterday blamed organisers of the annual chutney event for the unfortunate incident.
He explained: “If only the media were shown some more respect with parking arrangements this would not have happened.”
Investigations are continuing.
Fockin niggas AGAIN nah.

Now tell me one good reason that these fockin niggas will attack photographers from the newpapers?
They aint try to rob them, just to beat them. Wa the fock really goin on in this country.
Now George Singh who hosted this event is ah fockin PNMite. Where you think he get all this money for this thing from.
George is really Lenny Saith (patrick blue eye boy) family. He married to one of dem Seukarans.
And Lenny married the one dey ketch teefin cheap ting from ah store in Miami.

Manning had cautioned on hanging

By SEAN DOUGLAS Monday, January 21 2008

PRIME Minister Patrick Manning has promised new legislation to implement the death penalty, but in 1998 he called for laws to support the general right of citizens, including persons convicted of murder, to appeal to two international bodies — the United Nations Committee on Human Rights and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

As Opposition Leader in July 1998, while backing executions, he said murderers must first have the right of appeal, saying: “A man fighting for his life should have the remedy of going to the two international human rights bodies.” Manning told a PNM rally at Arouca in August 1998:

“The fundamental human rights of people must be preserved. While you are trying to hang people, don’t do it at the expense of the fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.”

On Monday September 21, 1998, during a House of Representatives’ debate on the now-lapsed Constitution (Amendment) Bill (Number 2) 1998 which effects the Privy Council’s “Pratt and Morgan” ruling to ban execution more than five years after sentencing, Manning had said citizens need protection from State abuses.

At that time he told the Lower House: “The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations Committee on Human Rights were set up to protect victims from state abuse . . . Therefore, it is not necessarily the criminals, it is not just persons who find themselves on the wrong side of the law, it is also honest and upright citizens whose only responsibility and desire is to go about their own business without interfering with the fundamental rights of others.

It is the PNM’s view that when one is dealing with abuses by a state, it is an unequal match and, therefore, there is an advantage.

“Some additional protection is necessary by way of international oversight by some body or bodies who are outside of the political arm of any particular state. It is most important...

“We are saying that the status of any decision or the result of the deliberations of those two bodies must be enshrined in the law of Trinidad and Tobago.

“We are not saying that those two bodies are superior courts of record in this country. We are not saying that at all. In no country is it that way. We are saying that those bodies have only a persuasive responsibility and jurisdiction in determining what happens here.”

Manning is ah two tongue ole nigga.

Now let us wait and hear what he'll say when the proposed legislation comes to Parliament.

The focker said the same thing about Caroni, oh, how so fockin many families will suffer and this and that and the first fockin thing he do as he became PM is to close down Caroni.

Yuh cyah truss dat nigga, or any as a matter of fact.

Support for end to $2 billion subsidy

Monday, January 21 2008

THERE IS strong support for Trade Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s suggestion that Government review the annual $2 billion vehicle fuel price subsidy.

University of the West Indies (UWI) lecturer Gregory McGuire said yesterday that he is happy that a Minister of Government has finally come forward and made the statement on the record.

McGuire, an Energy Economics lecturer, said of the huge subsidy, “It is wastage of our natural resource assets, artificially keeping the cost of vehicle maintenance down. Once oil went beyond US$50 a barrel, it ought to have been capped.”

He also lamented that people do not recognise the extent of the subsidy they have been getting.

Some well known businessmen also agreed that the time has come for Government to review its position on the costly endeavour.

One of the entrepreneurs, said, “This $2 billion a year subsidy is horrendously too much of a brunt for tax-payers to bear. It is time that people in this country pay the full price for their fuel consumption, as the financial bonanza TT is currently experiencing will come to an end. When the money runs out, they will still have to pay the full price.” The businessman said Government should have started reducing the subsidy to a zero rating over a three or five year period and continue tallying what it would have subsidised on an annual basis to place the money in the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund. At September 2007 the HSF stood at $11 billion.


Wap SHOT! Take it in all yuh mudder cont. That is PNM for you.

Subsidy goin, rise in gas price and wap shot, everything goin to sky rocket again.

All yuh love the PNM and COP.

Take it in all yuh cyat.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Public really paying for Paul?

POLICE COMMISSIONER Trevor Paul is right. He has every reason to be upset with members of the public who have condemned his decision to enjoy an Old Year’s night party with his wife.
After all, Commissioner Paul, is a true, true Trini and if he chooses to put on a Tribe costume and join Minister Martin Joseph, and take a lil wine—or even a big one—on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, why should anyone be upset?

The only thing we have to ensure is that the Commissioner wines like a Trini, or else everyone should be disappointed.

In this day and age, a lil wine, even if it is on Old Year’s night, could go a long, long way in easing the tension and stress to which some of us are daily exposed.

And believe me, some of the people who are in positions like Commissioner Paul, could do with something that allows them to free up and come down to the level from which you and I operate.
It is almost as if the moment they are given an elite position where bodyguards and other security personnel becomes part of their world, they are closed off from the rest of the society.
In other words, they become disconnected from the citizenry.

It took the Security minister all of four years to realise that “some of” the Government’s crime initiatives were not working.

Imagine murders, rapes and kidnappings rapidly climbing day by day and the minister not aware that crime initiatives were not working. Hello!

Was he in T&T during those four years? I wonder.

But back to Paul.

The Commissioner, as I said before is absolutely within his rights to feel aggrieved by the personal attacks.

After all, he was scheduled to go on pre-retirement leave last year and it was only because we begged him to remain that he is still there.

So don’t you expect him to be in a vacation mode?

The way things are going with the criminal element, if I were the Commish, you could be sure the minute my time was up, I would be dusting my pants and riding out.

But I guess Commissioner Paul is made of sterner stuff.

We begged him to stay and he was kind enough to agree.

What I am kind of worried about is that “crew of garbage collectors” to which he alluded.
Of course, he is right again.

Police officers face some of the most frightening situations. I have seen officers biting their teeth as they are being provoked and showing the patience of Job as they are tested by decadent forces. They took it like men, and emerged from those situations with distinction.

Some risk their lives in shootouts with bandits and are credit to the service. For those officers, we need to give thanks and say a prayer.

But it is at this point at which Commissioner Paul and I go in opposite directions.
I have heard of too many instances of people calling stations to beg for help and their pleas being ignored.

The old story of never having vehicles appears to be a time-proven excuse for officers who are a disgrace to the service. Yet in all my life, I have never heard of any officer being investigated for failing to act in one of these situations unless, as was the case most recently, someone is killed.

I want to ask the Commish what exactly has he, as leader of this crew of garbage collectors, done to inspire his men, to get them to understand their own roles in the communities in which they operate?

We hear of guns coming into the country illegally, drugs making its way into the lives of our youth, more and more corrupt officers and I wonder in this tiny country of ours, why it is that people who want us to believe that they mean well, that they care, can’t deliver on a solution to stop it.

The reality is that the public’s confidence in the service has fallen to unbelievable lows, a level from which if I am hearing Paul correctly, he is saying, there is no hope.

The Commish talks about his own passion and desire to change. I have no doubt he is sincere.
But the wicket on which he is batting is too tricky for someone who is faced with the kinds of challenges to which he is exposed.

I really would like to look at the Commissioner’s term and say I remember something significant about criminal activity that he has dealt with.

The reality though, is there is nothing to which I can point.

So in all fairness, we should let the man fete and enjoy himself. His message was almost clear enough to suggest he is fed-up and tired of having to deal with thrash.

I guess that if you too, had to deal with the kind of garbage he has to confront every day, one Old Year’s Night fete, would never be enough to stop the stench!
This is what you may call one lick bottom fockin Indian, probably looking for some wok from the PNM.
Feel he is ah tong boy.
Niggarised arkhatiya!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taking Care of the Niggas in T&T

Now this is after wokin in the CEPEP and URP programmes and just collecting for voting the PNM.


This is health care PNM style, catering for the handicap in our beloved nigga T&T.
Modern Care Emergency Ambulance Service for the sick and poor of the nation.
This is what Indians in this country have to go through. Thanks COP!
(see above for the niggas that feeding at the nations trough)
VOTE PNM again for Local Government Elections.

Cabinet considers $20M buyout for cops’ leave

Cabinet considers $20M buyout for cops’ leave
Saturday, January 19 2008

GOVERNMENT would have to find at least $20 million to “buy out” the leave of 120 First Division police officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Last week Thursday, Minister of National Security Martin Joseph took a proposal to Cabinet for Government to “buy out” the leave of all first division officers, in an attempt to deal with the manpower shortage in the Police Service.

First Division officers are those from the rank of Assistant Superintendents, Superintendents, Senior Superintendents, Assistant Commissioners, Deputy Commis-sioners and the Commissioner.

Newsday learned that the proposal was discussed at several weekly Commissioner meetings and at the end of last year a firm decision was taken to send a proposal to the Minister of National Security. In early January, Police Commissioner Trevor Paul took the proposal to Minister Joseph.

Yesterday, Deputy Police Commissioner in charge of Crime, Gilbert Reyes, confirmed that the first division officers had all agreed to the proposal for their leave to be bought by Government.

High ranking officers claimed in the proposal that the service will be disrupted if some of the officers go on leave because of the critical manpower shortage. Sources revealed that Minister Joseph was given the green light to proceed with the recommendation and submit a budget for the purchase of the leave of all the first division officers.

He will present this budget to Cabinet next Thursday. Some First Division officers have accumulated leave up to two years. Yesterday, President of the Police Second Division, Cpl Emrol Bruce told Newsday that the Second Division which comprises more than 75 percent of the Police Service has expressed interest in having leave purchased, but Government has not even entertained this proposal.

He said that officers in his division are the ones who matter and they are the ones who carry out duties in charge rooms, do foot and mobile patrols, respond to distress calls, carry out raids, searches and other key aspects of policing, and it is these officers who should be retained and not allowed to go on any long leave, in the interest of the service.

“This is why some of the crime initiatives will fail because the people who are responsible for the Police Service are not consulting with the rank and file,” said Cpl Bruce.

He added that with half of the service on leave, the manpower crisis remains. The service has 6,000 police officers and currently, more than half are on sick leave, accumulated leave, study leave and other special leave.

PNM and every nigga solution to any problem.

Fix it wid money. Wa d fock. We have plenty.

Just think when there is none, wa dey go do.....

Lose elections?

30 murders 12 days to go in January

WITH 12 days still to go in the month, the country has already surpassed the murder figure for all of January 2007. Police sources said that for all of January 2007, 27 persons were murdered. As of yesterday, 30 persons were murdered in this month, so far.

And with almost two weeks left in this month, if this month’s murder rate continues, the country could very well surpass the January 2006 record tally of 38 murders. January 2005, saw 23 persons murdered.

Homicide officers said yesterday that they expect more gang-related murders and expressed concern over the brutal killings.

Wa the fock yuh expect? Anything better.

This is PNM country. This is wa all yuh vote for.

Take it in all yuh cyat!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Annisette-George: East to get special criminal court

Annisette-George says:
Special court to be established in east Trinidad to reduce criminal case load.
Manpower and equipment would not be an issue


A special criminal court is to be established in east Trinidad to fast track the pace of criminal justice in the country, Attorney General (AG)Brigid Annisette-George signalled yesterday.
She made the announcement during a news conference at her office at Cabildo Chambers, St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain.

“The ministry has acquired a parcel of land in east Trinidad for setting up a special criminal court, which would be focused on aiding the administration and fast tracking of criminal justice,” Annisette-George told reporters.

The AG added that her office would shortly be convening a consultative group of a wide number of stakeholders to solicit input in the design of a new criminal court.

“So, there are some projects in here aimed at easing the administration of justice,” she added.
The Government has long been criticised for the slow pace of the administration of criminal justice in the country.

Annisette-George said the new court would be adequately staffed.

“I would say, if it’s one thing we do not have a shortage of in T&T is lawyers,” she said, acknowledging the public’s concerns about lengthy case loads in the magistrates courts.

The AG said the proposed construction of new magistrates courts at Sangre Grande and Arima would also assist in reducing the case load.

“The judiciary has been looking to upgrade some of the courts...That is why the issue of the Judicial Complex in Arima and the new Sangre Grande Court is so very pertinent because that allows for the introduction of technology into the judicial process, which is not novel.

“It is just that we do not have the hardware, the building to support that,” she said.

Annisette-George assured manpower and equipment would not be an issue.

“The new criminal court will certainly be equipped with all the wherewithal for the technological advances to be employed in helping the cases,” she said.

Annisette-George said the recently-established Criminal and Justice Commission was presently reviewing the operations of the Police Complaints Authority as part of its
general remit.

Solve the fockin problem. Eliminate Niggas.

Build one fockin court in Laventille and one in Enterprise along wid 2 huge fockin jails.

All the criminals and bandits are niggas that come from these two hotspots.

You could even save on transportation, stupid ass oman.

AG: Vigilante groups illegal

By Clint Chan Tack and Sean Douglas
Tuesday, January 15 2008

ATTORNEY GENERAL Bridgid Annisette-George yesterday warned citizens that “vigilante groups are not recognised by law.”

She also cautioned that vigilantism “is really a dangerous course to be encouraging citizens to adopt.”
Annisette-George made the comments at her Cabildo Chambers office in Port-of-Spain. Although she did not directly comment on UNC A MPs Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and Jack Warner’s launch of a community policing initiative in Macaulay, Annisette-George said any role citizens want to play in the fight against crime must be done in accordance with the law.
“While I think that all citizens have to play a role in fighting the scourge of crime, I would have thought that the national community’s support would have been enlisted in another way in accordance with law.”
She said the lines between a community group from a vigilante group may be difficult to distinguish but advised that vigilantism can leave participants “open to criminal proceedings. So that one has to be careful. ”
While the State and the police have their roles in fighting crime, the AG said all citizens have “a primary responsibility” to play to bring crime under control. From parents looking after their children’s well-being to adults obeying the country’s laws, Annisette-George added, “I think that is how the public should really be enlisted in the fight against crime.”
Reacting to critics of his hiring of security guards to protect villagers in Macaulay, Maharaj yesterday said private guards are used to protect Government offices and private business in cities like Port-of-Spain plus gated communities, and to transport prisoners.
“They are precepted by the Commissioner of Police and have powers of arrest. I don’t understand how they are called vigilante groups.”
He said the criticisms were an attempt to divert public attention from the Government’s failure to solve the crime problem.
“The real issue is why do people have to resort to paying private security guards?”
Why she doh haul she ole mudder cont.
How the fock this is now vigilantism? When the fockin big shots in all them gated communities and bourgeois areas like Lange Park, Valsayn and places dong Westmoorings hire private security to patrol their areas. Any fockin body call dem vigilantes.
As the UNC do the same thing for fockin poor people in Tabaquite, it fockin illegal.
Look she should gone fock with Trevor "Party Boy" Paul. Tow ah dem over fockin dotish the same way.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Nicole Dyer-Griffith assumes new office

By Malissa Lara
The new Ansa McAL’s group corporate communications manager, Nicole Dyer-Griffith, lives by the mantra that life is too short for regrets.

“That’s wasting time; in that time you can be thinking about what’s next,” she said.
Dyer-Griffith took up the position last Monday, and spoke last week to the Sunday Guardian at Ansa McAL’s head office on Maraval Road.

She planned to get T&T’s people to recognise the significant contribution of the group.
Dressed smartly in a red skirt suit, she said when she gets involved in something she can be passionate and gives it 100 per cent.

She was also in charge of ensuring the image and reputation of the group was intact, along with managing the public’s perception of it.

Dyer-Griffith represented the Congress of the People in last year’s general election as the Diego Martin Central candidate. She was unsuccessful. That campaigning took up a lot of her time.
The deciding factor in accepting the position at Ansa McAL was the need to be driven. She also wanted to put her personal and professional life on track.

She described her personality as “red.” She stressed that she was passionate and did things with purpose.

Dyer-Griffith added that her mother instilled many values in her, some being strength, persistence, sharing and caring for others. This she attributed to much of her determination to follow through with her ideas.

Doin it the Mc Al way. The Congress of the People's way!
This is how the Sabga family and Mc Al group is paying back the fockin COP and their supporters for splitting the Opposition and keepin the PNM in power.
All these Syrian fockers want to do is make more and more money.

Imbert: Ramesh's plan on 'vigilantism' is foolish

Ria Taitt Political Editor
Monday, January 14th 2008

Government has denounced as "vigilantism" the plan of Opposition Chief Whip Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj to use watch groups assisted by armed private security personnel to protect communities against criminals.

Works Minister Colm Imbert yesterday claimed that Maharaj was trying to set himself up as some kind of "overlord".

Responding to Maharaj's crime plan, Imbert stated that it was "foolish".

"What powers would these private security personnel have and what law would they be operating under?" Imbert asked.

"Because private security personnel would not have police powers of arrest and so on. And therefore, by no stretch of the imagination could that be compared to the authority of the police. That is why they call it vigilantism.

"I don't see the point. That would be like a state within a state. It is the kind of thing you have in countries where you don't have the rule of law and where you have warlords."

Saying that there were such occurrences in Africa, where warlords decided who came and who went and declared the law, Imbert charged: "He (Maharaj) wants to become the overlord of some territory in Trinidad and Tobago."

Imbert said he was not taking on Maharaj, who was "on a frolic of his own" with all his allegations and plans. "He wants to be the next leader of the UNC and he is clearly trying to promote himself at the expense of Kamla Persad-Bissessar and others," the Works Minister said.

Maharaj has argued that the crime watch groups assisted by security personnel are legal and are created to protect the people and assist the Government and police in upholding the rule of law.

Responding to Maharaj's criticisms about Government's decision not to continue debate on the crime motion on Friday and instead to debate the Finance Bill, Imbert claimed that Maharaj knew that Government would have had to bring this Finance Bill in January. (See page 6)

"It is a routine measure and when the UNC was in office, the party did this five or six times," Imbert said.

Stating that the closing of the accounts was well known standard procedure, Imbert added: "So when I told him it was no surprise to him. But he said he was going to allege that Government was ducking the crime debate, so I just laughed at him."

For the first time I tend to agree wid ah cont from the PNM.

I agree that the crime plan is foolish according to Imps Bert. But what the fock yuh want the people to do cont? The niggas all yuh train running rampant in the fockin man constituency. Raping, robbing, beating fockin innocent people. At some point in time people are goin to retaliate. This is what is being done asshole, only in a structured way.

All the fockin time all yuh blamin the people for the state of crime in the country. From all yuh fockin Prime Minister to the Min of National Security to all yuh duncee fete loving CoP beggin the people to assist in the fight against crime. Now the people are responding all yuh calling it foolishness.

Look fock you eh Imps Bert and all yuh dumb ass PNM nigga mentality. If ah bandit come by me and I ha gun, ah blowing way he mudder cont.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sando stroke patient sleeps in wheelchair

UNCOMFORTABLE NIGHT: Michael Worrell, 78, who suffered a stroke, spent Wednesday night in a wheelchair.

Michael Worrell, 78, who suffered a stroke, has been forced to sleep in a wheelchair because of bed shortage at San Fernando General Hospital.

Worrell, who sat in front of Ward 11 in a white T- shirt covered with blood stains, was unable to speak properly yesterday but managed to mumble a few words about how he felt, as he lay with his head tilted back on the wheel chair.
“They put me here, I don’t know why. I want to go home, where is my son?” he asked.
Worrell is the father of seven children. He resides at Buenos Ayres, in Erin. One of his sons, Christopher Preddie, said he found his father on the floor of his house on Wednesday night.
He called for an ambulance and Worrell was taken to the Point Fortin Hospital and later transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital where doctors confirmed he had suffered a stroke.
Preddie said his father waited all night for a bed but none was available so Worrel had to sleep in a wheelchair.
“For somebody who has a stroke it would be normal procedure for that person to get proper treatment. However, he has been just thrown aside in a wheelchair because they have no beds,” said Preddie.
Worrell is due to celebrate his birth on January 31. Preddie said his father had several tests done but has not been cleaned up.
“I brought clothes for him to change. They didn’t even change his clothes which smelt strongly of urine. He was not even given any prescription, neither anything to eat or drink.” he said.
SWHRA officials were unavailable for comment yesterday.
A picture is worth a thousand fockin words.
All I can add is that he real lucky because most of the other patients have to sleep on the fockin floor.

I will fete again

COMMISSIONER OF Police, Trevor Paul yesterday slammed detractors who said he should not have been at an Old Year’s night party at Soong’s Great Wall with his wife, when the country was at the mercy of cold blooded killers.

Critics hammered that given the gruesome barbarism inflicted by a murderous criminal element which has run amok, Paul should have stayed out of the party limelight. But he lashed back at them yesterday at the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association Crime Symposium, rebutting that he is entitled to a personal life and that the police have been unfairly and solely blamed for the sordid state of crime in the country.

People have been “very shallow” in their analysis of crime, he surmised.

“It has reached the point that if I try to socialise it’s an issue. So if my wife says to me, this year I want to go to an Old Year’s night party and let us go, there are those who say that I should not be there. I should not go to an Old Year’s night party. Well, I’m sorry, because I will go,” Paul said.

Recapping what the Police Service has come to, he described policemen as “practical garbage collectors taking what comes downstream, trying to clean it up. “If we were not taking up garbage probably our prisons would not be bursting at the seams with prisoners. Probably the courts, magistrates and judges might have had a very easy time, nothing to do, if we were not doing anything. The just under 400 illegal firearms we pulled off the streets, would not have been pulled off. The tonnes of drugs we were able to seize that would not have been done,” he stressed.

He noted that the problem is as they “collect downstream,” there isn’t an eye looking upstream calling for all social interventions to work together to slow “the rate of the badly produced youths that we are producing.”

“I recall… the then principal of St Augustine Girls’ High School and in her writing, she said that the people who are now shooting us, shooting others outside there, were once nice little babies in their brand name pampers, being hugged in peoples’ arms.”

Referencing a Newsday story on the high failure rate at police exams, Paul said it points to problems emanating out of the education system.

He said he is convinced that the police recruitment policy could be enhanced, but still feels strongly that it is not the policy that is bad.

“We are now doing psychological evaluations, polygraphs, so we are doing more. The problem still remains that the people who are coming forward to be police officers, probably are not our best graduates from our schools. But who come, we are able to select the best from among those.”

While technical advisor to the Minister of National Security, Richardson Franklin said that 18 new police stations are to be built to combat crime, former TTMA president, Anthony Aboud called on the head-table to take cognisance, that while there is good work by the police force, there are definitely some policemen who are not doing their jobs.

The symposium took place at the Hilton Trinidad, St Ann’s.

You fete cont! That is all you have been doing since Manning hand you that letter of appointment.

Let us get one fact straight.

You will go down in the history of T&T as the worse fockin Commisioner of Police this country has ever seen. You want to tell me you so bold that you blaming the fockin education system for the garbage that you have in the Police Service. It is because all yuh niggas accostumed to hiring all yuh friends and family. Only niggas pack the service. All the bright people that have applied are refused. Ask plenty fockin Indian with ten time more passes than the niggas all yuh hire.

What about dem ole farts that all yuh bring back. One setta crooks and the serious officers were denied the fockin opportunity to get back in.

Look as ah say you is the worse.

Fockin go home fast.

Politicians urged to lay off magistrates

POLITICIANS are being asked to refrain from making statements which has the likelihood of impugning the integrity of magistrates.

The call came from the Association of Magistrates yesterday after it said it noticed an alarming trend by politicians.

In a three-line statement, the association said it “strongly denounced this as these statements can have the effect of eroding public confidence in the magistracy and the administration of justice generally.

“In light of the influence that these politicians exercise over their constituents, the association urges politicians to desist from making unsubstantiated public pronouncements,” the statement added.

Although not referring to a particular incident, only recently claims of bias in the judicial process were made by Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday as he was commenting on the dismissal of corruption charges against former PNM energy minister Eric Williams by Senior Magistrate Lucina Cardenas-Ragoonanan.

Where is the fockin statement coming from this dead mudder cont association on the behaviour of the CHief Magistrate.

I didnt hear nutten from them, I didnt even know ah fockin piss hole association like this even exist.

The fockin magistrate that free Eric Williams is ah big fockin PNM supporter. That is fact! (check one of meh previous posts where you will see the ugly mudder cont pose off at the PNM 60th anniversary celebration) She husband and Manning is real pardners. That is fact! He is ah big sawatee for the PNM in the Oropouche constituency. That is fact!

What the fock you expect we to think?

Justice must only be done, but must also seen to be done.


The boast by Prime Minister Patrick Manning and his security chief Martin Joseph that Trinidad and Tobago was secured by a 360-degree coastal surveillance radar was off by several degrees for at least three months.

That is how long the "coastal surveillance" radar station on the San Fernando Hill-one of ten dotting the nation's coastline-was out of service.

Manning and Joseph have often spoken about the 360-degree radar coverage being crucial in stopping the flood of illegal guns and drugs fuelling many of the violent crimes in the country.
The radar had helped Coast Guard and Organised Crime, Narcotics and Firearms Bureau officers make several drug busts in the Gulf since it began operating in 2006.

Technicians spent the day yesterday working on the radar, which is capable of detecting and tracking boats as small as fishing pirogues, as well as being able to follow the target, provide real-time updates on its location, direction and speed.

The equipment was being tested yesterday evening after being removed and dismantled under the security of Special Anti-Crime Unit (SAUTT) officers. Workmen at the scene declined to speak with the Express.

And no one wanted to say how much of the Gulf of Paria-where intelligence officials believe much of the narcotics, guns, South American sex workers and contraband are smuggled into Trinidad-had been left without surveillance while the system was being fixed.

Southern Division police said they were aware the installation went down last October, since it had stopped rotating.

Mon Repos officers patrol the installation.

The radar installations were the State's best-kept secret until August 2006, when it was revealed in the Red House that Government had used the Vehicle and Maintenance Company of Trinidad and Tobago to buy the devices from Israel.

The Advanced Coastal Surveillance Radar (ACSR), built by Israel's Aircraft Industries Limited, cost more than $130 million.

The company has advertised the system as having the ability to prevent illegal immigration and drug smuggling, illegal fishing and terrorist activity.

It has the capability to detect submarine periscopes and airborne targets on a 24-hour, all-weather basis, from a command centre on a colour screen showing an outline of the country's coastline.

Payments for the equipment were made between 2002 and 2006.

In 2001, Prime Minister Manning visited Israel and met then prime minister Ariel Sharon to discuss security matters.

$130 million and the fockin thing not working. Just like everything else this mudder cont govt buy. The fockin blimp, the eye in the sky, the police vehicles, the focking boats.

Imagine niggas cyah even make ah decent purchase!

But what is worse, is that during the last election campaign and even at press conferences after election these fockers including the CoP (duncee fockin ass Trevor Paul, the party man) telling the population that is drugs responsible for the state of crime in the country and that the installed radar around the country will be able to monitor the illegal stuff coming in.

What a BIG fockin LIE!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Act still to be proclaimed

Anna Ramdass
Thursday, January 10th 2008

Legislation to deal with dangerous dogs in this country has been lying around for the past seven years waiting to be proclaimed by the President.

In 2000, under the United National Congress government, then attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj piloted to Parliament an act entitled "The Dangerous Dogs Act, 2000", to provide for regulating the keeping of dangerous dogs which present a serious danger to the public, to make further provision for ensuring that such dogs are kept under proper control and for connected purposes.

The act was debated in both the House of Representatives and the Senate and was passed.
In order for a bill or act to become law, however, it must be proclaimed by the President.
The UNC government demitted office and never proclaimed the act. The People's National Movement government has been in power for the past six years and also failed to proclaim the act.

Under the act, where a dangerous dog injures a person, the owner or keeper of the dog commits an offence and is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of $100,000 and imprisonment for five years.

The act also states that where a dangerous dog kills a person, the owner or keeper of the dog commits an offence and is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of $200,000 and to imprisonment for ten years.

The act states that a person who incites a dog to attack another person commits an offence and is liable, in addition to any other penalties he may incur under the act, on summary conviction to a fine of $25,000 and imprisonment for one year. The act also prohibits persons from importing and breeding dangerous dogs. If a person does so then he or she is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of $100,000 and two years imprisonment.

Persons who breed dangerous dogs and advertise them for sale or even give as a gift a dangerous dog also faced penalties under the act-a fine of $100,000 and imprisonment for two years.

If the act had been proclaimed within three months of coming into force, every owner of a dangerous dog would have been required to register that dog to the authorities.

It seems as though any fockin Bill that was passed by the UNC whilst in Gov't is totally neglected by this fockin duncee ass nigga fockin PNM administration.

The same thing happened to the fockin Equal Opp. Bill. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Act and so many others.

These fockin illiterate niggas feel they have the divine right to rule this fockin land and despite the fact that a legitimate Parliament passed these fockin Bills, they apparently have no intention of honouring them.

Wa the mudder cont the President doin that he so fockin busy that he cyah proclaim the Act. Like if the proclamation is this big fockin process.

Fock man.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Parliament rules against COP

Wednesday, January 9 2008

Eight members of the Congress of the People (COP) could not enter Parliament on Monday wearing shirts with their party’s symbol of a series of circles because they are neither elected nor nominated members of the Lower and Upper Houses, Parliament officials said yesterday.

In response, attorney Prakash Ramadhar, one of the eight COP members who were denied entry into Parliament, said he could see “no logic” in this decision and said it begged the question about whether political party symbols should be worn in Parliament by anyone at all.

Ramadhar unsuccessfully contested the Caroni Central seat for the COP, which was won by the UNC Alliance’s Dr Hamza Rafeeq.
Parliament officials said the Parliament’s rules clearly state that no member of the public can enter the Red House wearing the insignia of any political party. They explained PNM and UNC parliamentarians (elected MPs and senators) are allowed to wear party emblems such as balisier ties and rising sun pins because they are elected and nominated Members of Parliament.

Told about this yesterday, Ramadhar said he understood the rationale for not politicising what goes on inside the Parliament Chamber because the essence of Parliament is to deal with the people’s business as opposed to satisfying partisan interests.

However, Ramadhar questioned whether the parliamentarians, who proudly display the insignia of their parties at every sitting, were representing the people who elected them or their parties political agendas.

Why the fock these assholes galavanting dey mudder cont self so much?

Like them still to realise that dey lorse the fockin election. Dey aint win one fock. Why the mudder cont all yuh want to go in Parliament for? Like fockin Ganga, Winston, Gillian, Yetming and contspany feel like they missing out. What poor fockin tings.

Realise this, the focking electorate reject all yuh cont.

Go and get ah lawyer and contemplate how all yuh teef the fockin logo (see above) from the London Metropolitan University.

Deceitfull cacaholes!

Joseph mum on ‘resignation’

Wednesday, January 9 2008

NATIONAL SECURITY Minister Martin Joseph yesterday declined to say whether or not he would resign after Opposition MP Roodal Moonilal penned a draft resignation letter for him and offered on Monday to present it to Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

Asked yesterday whether he felt pressured to resign after Monday’s crime debate in Parliament, which included Moonilal’s mock resignation letter and with the homicide rate already in double digits for the new year, Joseph said: “I have no comment to make.”

Sources yesterday said Prime Minister Patrick Manning would not fire Joseph despite the minister’s admission last week that some anti-crime measures had not worked.

Up to he mudder an all too fockin "mum" on he.

She shudda jus plant ah fockin fig tree and send she husband to jock on it.

What ah fockin waste of a human being.

Another G-Unit gangster slain

Wednesday, January 9 2008

A 22-YEAR-OLD man who was questioned by police in connection with over 20 murders committed in a three-year period, was himself murdered outside an apartment building in Cocorite yesterday.

However, investigators claimed the mortally wounded man was taken by persons unknown to Port-of-Spain General Hospital. He was dropped off at the Accident and Emergency Department by the persons who left without telling hospital officials anything. When doctors checked on the man, he was already dead.

The victim was identified as Keiron “Blood” Burnette of Waterhole, Harding Place. Police said he was a member of the G-Unit gang. According to a police report, at about 10.30 am, residents of Building 5, heard several loud explosions and on checking, saw blood on the ground and a car speeding off.

An investigating officer yesterday confirmed that Burnette was a member of the G-Unit gang and was questioned numerous times for murders in Port-of-Spain, Cocorite and surrounding areas. However, the officer said that a motive was yet to be determined.

Burnette, police said, had several matters pending before the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court for firearms possession, shooting and wounding. At the scene yesterday, family members and residents refused to comment on the incident.

On September 16, leader of the G-Unit gang, Kerwin “Fresh” Phillip of Charford Court was shot 20 times by gunmen armed with semi-automatic guns, while walking to his car at the corner of Oxford and Henry Streets, Port-of-Spain at about 1.45 am. He died on the spot.

Another member of the gang, Allan “Mento” Wills of Siparia Hill, East Dry River, was gunned down three days later, on September 19 near the Corner of Prescott Alley and Quarry Street in Port-of-Spain.

On October 5 at about 9 am another gang member Kwame “Butters” Julian, 26, was seen standing along Observatory Street talking to a taxi driver when a lone gunman walked up behind him and shot him in the back. Police said that when Julian slumped to the ground, the gunman stood over him and fired several shots killing him instantly.

Police confirmed that he was shot more than three times in the head and back. Investigations are continuing.

My word! This is lovely.

I now feel I basking in the paradise of T&T.

Imagine the niggas killing one another.

Oh fuck, I sincerely hope that they continue.

Less votes for the PNM, more nigga oman to fuck and in the process creating a civilised Trinidad & Tobago.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Security heads have no new plans

COUNTRY SORREL: Colonel Roland Maundy (right) Head of the TT Regiment and a colleague with their bags of sorrel which they purchased from a shop in Salybia at the end of a three-day crime retreat yesterday.

Tuesday, January 8 2008

NATIONAL Security heads summoned to a retreat at the Salybia Beach Resort from Friday afternoon to yesterday, failed to supply any meaningful new anti-crime initiative to Minister of National Security Martin Joseph.

A dejected-looking Joseph left the beach resort shortly after 10 am, without any of the new measures he had hoped to get from the security top brass, to add to Government’s crime motion which was delivered in Parliament yesterday.

Almost all of the initiatives offered to Minister Joseph were already used and those proposed were reportedly shot down, sources said.

During the retreat, the high-ranking officers were addressed by security consultant Anthony Watkins of Watkins and Associates.

They were also addressed by Joseph who spoke on key issues relating to management structures. He advised officers of the importance of putting certain management structures in place for the security agencies to perform at its best.

The participants were also reminded of the need to work more closely and get to know each other rather than operating alone. Participants were also reminded of the need to set up better systems for disseminating work plans.

The officers were introduced to the officers of the newly formed National Information Co- ordinating Centre, which is based at Long Circular Road, Maraval and was established to deal with the upsurge in crime.

Senior officers told Newsday that setting up the Special Anti-Crime Unit (SAUTT) and other elite agencies to deal with crime, is not the answer to fighting crime.

They maintained yesterday that they see nothing wrong in a gun amnesty being introduced and again questioned the refusal by government to put this amnesty in place.

Yesterday, Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday told Newsday he too is baffled as to the reason why government has shot down the proposed amnesty, especially at a time when the country is facing an upsurge in murders in which the gun is the weapon of choice.

“Try it and see if it will work and if it does not, then the government can tell the citizens that they tried and the initiative failed,” Panday said.

At the end of the retreat at Salybia yesterday, officers were treated to buffet-styled lunch consisting of vegetable soup, pigeon peas rice, coo-coo, callaloo, flying fish, stewed lamb, green salad and a choice of very sweet grapefruit juice or fruit punch. Dessert consisted of Vanilla ice- cream.

Colonel Roland Maundy used the opportunity to venture out of the hotel to purchase freshly picked sorrel from a nearby shop.

In the first instance their purpose for goin up Salybia is to put money in the Boynes family pocket. Payback.

Second, these useless mudder cont was lookin for ah lime this weekend gone. Play ah lil All Fours, drink some booze and good food to wid that.

It seems as though some even went lookin for sorrel.

Wa fockin crrime talk. Same fockin result.

Cops score high failure rate

Cops score high failure rate
Tuesday, January 8 2008

More than half of the total number of police officers who wrote examinations in 2006 failed to make the grade.

As a result, the Police Service Commission, in its 2006 report, has expressed its concern over the high failure rate at the exams.

Officers seeking promotion to the rank of corporal totalled 1,322. Of that amount 254 were absent, which meant 1,068 wrote the exam. Only 74 were successful, while 994 failed.

There were 1,436 who sought promotion to the rank of sergeant. Of that total 64 were absent, while only 100 were successful. Those who failed totalled 1,272.

Overall, the examination figures told a sorry tale. Of the 2,440 who wrote the exams; 174 were successful, while 2,266 failed.

In relation to discipline, the report pointed out that disciplinary matters that do not carry a penalty of dismissal were delegated to the Commissioner of Police by the commission.

Such matters are heard by “one man tribunals.”

A total of 35 matters were heard and determined.

Penalties included reduction of remuneration, transfer, imposition of a fine, or the officer was reprimanded.

The commission, in its report, has also expressed its concern about the number of court matters against police officers. Some cases are dismissed for want of prosecution due to non-appearance in court of police complainants

The commission subsequently sought legal advice, and now has introduced disciplinary procedures, concurrent with criminal proceedings.

However, if it is found that disciplinary proceedings may compromise the criminal proceedings, the commission will hold its hand on taking action.

The commission had noted with concern over the delay by the Commissioner of Police to appoint investigating officers to start disciplinary proceedings against officers who are the subject of court charges.

This proves my point all along. Go back to some earlier posts and you will see that I have said that the Police Service in T&T is plagued wid ah setta niggas that totally illiterate.

These fockers get they job through nenen, mammy, pappy was ah officer, meh cousin ha ah big man wokin in the Service and so on.

I could bet anybody that the successful ones were Indians in the majority.

Duncee fockers have we wey we is today.

Ever listen to Trevor Paul ?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Where is the fockin "missing" witness in Williams' case?

It is very suspicious the way in which the case against Former Energy Minister Eric Williams was wrapped up by the prosecution. Out of reports published in the press on December 8, 2007, five very troubling questions arise.

Where is state witness Natasha Beharry who failed repeatedly to show up in court to give evidence? If she is alive and can be found, why has she not brought to court and failing cooperation from her, why has she not been prosecuted for wasting court time or contempt refusing to attend court? Does the State intend to pay for the incomplete services of British Prosecutor Peter Thornton QC? Why was the presiding magistrate not moved by the fact the Thornton was unavailable because of his appointment to the High Court in London, to grant even a short adjournment so that a new prosecutor could be appointed? Why did the magistrate also not take more forceful steps to bring witness Beharry to court?

On December 7, 2007, the prosecution was forced to close its case without Beharry's evidence - because she has failed on several occasions to come to court - and without a lead prosecutor - as Thornton was unavailable. The prosecution asked for an adjournment to get a new prosecutor and the magistrate refused, forcing the prosecution to close its case and leaving it with no lead prosecutor to cross examine Williams' witnesses.

The people of TT got short-changed because the magistrate's decision was not based on ALL the evidence available. The State had no prosecution at the most critical point of the case.

DPP Geoffrey Henderson needs to explain this situation to the nation because it looks like one of three things - the prosecution threw away the case, the magistrate made an injudicious ruling or both.

We have already seen how the justice system can be manipulated in other cases. It was a top PNM official who said the PNM takes care of its own. That statement was in relation to these same Dansook allegations.

Sat slams ‘bogus TT democracy’

By SANDRA SINGH Wednesday, January 2 2008

SECRETARY General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) Satnarine Maharaj yesterday lashed out at politicians over the state of the country, deeming TT as a “bogus and sham democracy.” He claimed although it appeared people were free, “there were elements around which were organised to deny us the freedom we should enjoy.”

Maharaj made these strong statements at Maha Sabha headquarters in St Augustine where a ‘puja’ (Hindu prayer) was held to mark the start of the New Year. “While the firecrackers and fireworks had expelled its energy, people were now forced to go back to ordinary living by facing the crises that plague us day after day,” Maharaj said.

He added that last year the country experienced a peaceful General Election as compared to the carnage in Pakistan and Kenya. However, he questioned whether this was sufficient. “We see leaders on a daily basis going to and from court, judges being threatened with the Chief Justice being tormented for two years and almost destroyed. There is rising crime where more blood is flowing on the streets than water in WASA pipes, a healthcare system in disarray, high food prices and a nation starving in the midst of prosperity,” Maharaj slammed.

He further remarked that “we may have survived but we survived in a bogus democracy.”

Maharaj also lamented that TT was “the first democratic country that never held a referendum on any topic”, with “policies and programmes being introduced” without consultation of the people. He cited an example of the proposed smelter plants, saying health concerns were raised by the citizens but instead of having a referendum on the issue, “it was being rammed down the throats of the people.”

He added that the brainpower of the land was also moving away with businessmen having to conduct their business abroad. “Don’t congratulate yourself that we are a democracy. We are a bogus democracy where only those with political power enjoy the benefits,” he said. He stated that “to be a true democratic nation everyone had to enjoy the benefits of democracy.”

He claimed that it was almost six years ago, “judges in London ruled that we (the Maha Sabha) should be given our democratic right” and should be paid cost and compensation and loss of earnings. However, it is more than two years and the matter has not been heard.” “How could this be democracy? This is bogus democracy,” Maharaj said as he was dealing with the Maha Sabha case which went before the Privy Council on the issue of the granting of a radio station licence.

He further called for any matter dealing with the constitutional rights of the people to be cost free, saying that people should not have to pay to preserve their constitutional right. “The biggest culprit in denying the people their right is always the Government and the state who are always trying to erode the people’s rights,” Maharaj insisted.

He added that “the ordinary man did not have access to the courts and only those with money could afford to preserve their rights.”

Maharaj ended by calling upon the people “to become vigilant and always stand up, speak out and fight against anybody who would deny us the freedom.” He also called upon the politicians to involve the citizens in the state’s administration.

Why Sat doh haul he mudder cont and talk about his support for the COP that have the fockin PNM wey dey is and that is why we have ah fockin bogus democracy.

Why he doh talk about how he have to pander to the whims and fancy of the fockin PNM who continue to keep the Maha Sabha alive wid PNM money.

Why the fock he doh talk about Thirbhawan who is the President of the Maha Sabha but ah big fockin PNMite.

Talk about the fockin COP and how much money some of dem fellas make to keep the UNC a and the COP apart.

Talk about yuh self as ah fockin dictator, how yuh force pundits and teachers to wok and support the COP for free otherwise the fockers would be lookin for wok dis morning.

Talk about the fockin radio station all yuh kill all yuh self over, saying the Hindu community needed to communicate with its people and supporters, but yuh turn into a COP campaign machine. (They shouldnt give yuh one fock)

Is ah wonder yuh aint blame Panday for all of the fockin above.

Big mudder cont dictator talkin bout bogus democracy.

My mudder cont.

Cardenas-Ragoonanan stands behind decision

See the focker at the PNM's 50th Anniversary celebrations at Crown Plaza in September 2006.
By Kimberly Mackhan

Senior Magistrate Lucina Cardenas-Ragoonanan has slapped down allegations by Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday questioning the impartiality of her decision to free former Energy Minister Eric Williams of corruption charges.

Cardenas-Ragoonanan said in a telephone interview with Cable News Channel Three yesterday morning that shadows cast over her objectivity and non-alignment were “without merit.”

“Why does everything have to be politics. I do my job and I wish he (Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday) would really read the evidence,” said Cardenas-Ragoonanan.

“Maybe the time has come for me to say something because this is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, so what does that mean: that one, whatever position you are in, you are not a citizen of this country and whether you are aligned to anything. I am not aligned to anything.”

On Monday Cardenas-Ragoonanan discharged Williams of seven counts of unlawfully accepting $75,000 from People’s National Movement Mayaro Councillor Dansam Dhansook for a seismic project in Galeota in 2003.

Williams had served as Energy Minister from 2002. He resigned from the post in January 2006 after being charged.

Cardenas-Ragoonanan’s judgment prompted Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday to question whether Cardenas-Ragoonanan, who became a senior magistrate in 2000, was “too closely aligned to the ruling party” of which Williams was a member.

But Cardenas-Ragoonanan, who has served more than 12 years on the bench, said that the case against Williams did not suffer from inadequate and undemocratic decisions.

“I went to the law. I went to what I am required to do and I made my decision purely based on that. Absolutely nothing else. I have absolutely no alignment with the PNM,” she said.

Her ability to perform duties as a senior magistrate and her integrity have suffered several assaults from members of the Opposition United National Congress in the past following the active participation of her husband, Harry Ragoonanan, in the PNM.

Ragoonanan is the chairman of the party’s Oropouche East constituency.

“Obviously, it is absolutely unfair. So what, I am not an individual? I do not have a mind of my own? I’m almost 50 years old, I didn’t come out yesterday. I’ve been sitting on the bench for the last 13 years, acting very impartially all the time. I always have and will continue to do so,” Cardenas-Ragoonanan added.

The appointment of Cardenas-Ragoonanan as a temporary judge last year was withdrawn by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission following the opposition of the UNC.

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since he geh charge we say that he is goin to be freed. This is how the fockin PNM does operate.

You aint see they put fockin Harry wife to handle the case. Oh fock man she husband is Chairman of ah PNM constituency.

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The above pic was taken from a Mirror article.