Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Annisette-George: East to get special criminal court

Annisette-George says:
Special court to be established in east Trinidad to reduce criminal case load.
Manpower and equipment would not be an issue


A special criminal court is to be established in east Trinidad to fast track the pace of criminal justice in the country, Attorney General (AG)Brigid Annisette-George signalled yesterday.
She made the announcement during a news conference at her office at Cabildo Chambers, St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain.

“The ministry has acquired a parcel of land in east Trinidad for setting up a special criminal court, which would be focused on aiding the administration and fast tracking of criminal justice,” Annisette-George told reporters.

The AG added that her office would shortly be convening a consultative group of a wide number of stakeholders to solicit input in the design of a new criminal court.

“So, there are some projects in here aimed at easing the administration of justice,” she added.
The Government has long been criticised for the slow pace of the administration of criminal justice in the country.

Annisette-George said the new court would be adequately staffed.

“I would say, if it’s one thing we do not have a shortage of in T&T is lawyers,” she said, acknowledging the public’s concerns about lengthy case loads in the magistrates courts.

The AG said the proposed construction of new magistrates courts at Sangre Grande and Arima would also assist in reducing the case load.

“The judiciary has been looking to upgrade some of the courts...That is why the issue of the Judicial Complex in Arima and the new Sangre Grande Court is so very pertinent because that allows for the introduction of technology into the judicial process, which is not novel.

“It is just that we do not have the hardware, the building to support that,” she said.

Annisette-George assured manpower and equipment would not be an issue.

“The new criminal court will certainly be equipped with all the wherewithal for the technological advances to be employed in helping the cases,” she said.

Annisette-George said the recently-established Criminal and Justice Commission was presently reviewing the operations of the Police Complaints Authority as part of its
general remit.

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