Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Where is the fockin "missing" witness in Williams' case?

It is very suspicious the way in which the case against Former Energy Minister Eric Williams was wrapped up by the prosecution. Out of reports published in the press on December 8, 2007, five very troubling questions arise.

Where is state witness Natasha Beharry who failed repeatedly to show up in court to give evidence? If she is alive and can be found, why has she not brought to court and failing cooperation from her, why has she not been prosecuted for wasting court time or contempt refusing to attend court? Does the State intend to pay for the incomplete services of British Prosecutor Peter Thornton QC? Why was the presiding magistrate not moved by the fact the Thornton was unavailable because of his appointment to the High Court in London, to grant even a short adjournment so that a new prosecutor could be appointed? Why did the magistrate also not take more forceful steps to bring witness Beharry to court?

On December 7, 2007, the prosecution was forced to close its case without Beharry's evidence - because she has failed on several occasions to come to court - and without a lead prosecutor - as Thornton was unavailable. The prosecution asked for an adjournment to get a new prosecutor and the magistrate refused, forcing the prosecution to close its case and leaving it with no lead prosecutor to cross examine Williams' witnesses.

The people of TT got short-changed because the magistrate's decision was not based on ALL the evidence available. The State had no prosecution at the most critical point of the case.

DPP Geoffrey Henderson needs to explain this situation to the nation because it looks like one of three things - the prosecution threw away the case, the magistrate made an injudicious ruling or both.

We have already seen how the justice system can be manipulated in other cases. It was a top PNM official who said the PNM takes care of its own. That statement was in relation to these same Dansook allegations.


TriniOutlaw said...

Typical PNM styling. You do the crime and you never have to do the time, unless of course you don't support the PNM, then you get persecuted and not prosecuted, case in point, CJ Sharma.

Anonymous said...

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