Friday, January 11, 2008

I will fete again

COMMISSIONER OF Police, Trevor Paul yesterday slammed detractors who said he should not have been at an Old Year’s night party at Soong’s Great Wall with his wife, when the country was at the mercy of cold blooded killers.

Critics hammered that given the gruesome barbarism inflicted by a murderous criminal element which has run amok, Paul should have stayed out of the party limelight. But he lashed back at them yesterday at the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association Crime Symposium, rebutting that he is entitled to a personal life and that the police have been unfairly and solely blamed for the sordid state of crime in the country.

People have been “very shallow” in their analysis of crime, he surmised.

“It has reached the point that if I try to socialise it’s an issue. So if my wife says to me, this year I want to go to an Old Year’s night party and let us go, there are those who say that I should not be there. I should not go to an Old Year’s night party. Well, I’m sorry, because I will go,” Paul said.

Recapping what the Police Service has come to, he described policemen as “practical garbage collectors taking what comes downstream, trying to clean it up. “If we were not taking up garbage probably our prisons would not be bursting at the seams with prisoners. Probably the courts, magistrates and judges might have had a very easy time, nothing to do, if we were not doing anything. The just under 400 illegal firearms we pulled off the streets, would not have been pulled off. The tonnes of drugs we were able to seize that would not have been done,” he stressed.

He noted that the problem is as they “collect downstream,” there isn’t an eye looking upstream calling for all social interventions to work together to slow “the rate of the badly produced youths that we are producing.”

“I recall… the then principal of St Augustine Girls’ High School and in her writing, she said that the people who are now shooting us, shooting others outside there, were once nice little babies in their brand name pampers, being hugged in peoples’ arms.”

Referencing a Newsday story on the high failure rate at police exams, Paul said it points to problems emanating out of the education system.

He said he is convinced that the police recruitment policy could be enhanced, but still feels strongly that it is not the policy that is bad.

“We are now doing psychological evaluations, polygraphs, so we are doing more. The problem still remains that the people who are coming forward to be police officers, probably are not our best graduates from our schools. But who come, we are able to select the best from among those.”

While technical advisor to the Minister of National Security, Richardson Franklin said that 18 new police stations are to be built to combat crime, former TTMA president, Anthony Aboud called on the head-table to take cognisance, that while there is good work by the police force, there are definitely some policemen who are not doing their jobs.

The symposium took place at the Hilton Trinidad, St Ann’s.

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