Saturday, June 30, 2007

Missing cops ‘kill’ 1,000 cases

Saturday, June 30 2007

SOME 1,000 court cases have fallen through because of the absence from court of police officers, revealed a Joint Select Committee (JSC) report on the Police Service Commission (PSC) chaired by Independent Senator Prof Ramesh Deosaran. The report was laid in the House of Representatives yesterday.

The JSC said: “The report by the Police Service Commission that close to 1,000 cases within a short time had to be dismissed largely for reasons of absenteeism deserves an urgent, immediate and separate inquiry which should lead to quickened disciplinary action where required.”

The JSC noted cases of dereliction of duty. “The failure of officers to attend court hearings in many cases and neglect of duty while engaged in employment outside the service have been identified as major problems.”

The report said the penalty for such moonlighting is the deduction of 12 days pay which it said is not a sufficient deterrent and that more stringent penalties be implemented. The report added that the Commissioner of Police (CoP) said the 7,000-strong Police Service is still short by 600 officers.

However, the committee heard evidence of the depletion of manpower through sick-leave, vacation-leave and study-leave, saying: “Your committee is of the view that there may well be serious irregularities in the processing (of) leave.”

The report said recruitment may be tainted by both alleged but unproven nepotism and poor performance in the entry exam.

History has shown in Trinidad that the niggas wanted to fully occupy the Police Service. That is why today we are faced with problems like above.

This is ah fuckin wanton waste of the courts, people's time and off course fockin tax payers money. The only fockers profiting from this shit is the lawyers.

Nigga police eh!

Armed bandits storm kindergarten

Armed bandits storm kindergarten
By RHONDOR DOWLAT Saturday, June 30 2007

TWENTY-NINE pre-schoolers between the age of five and nine faced death when two gunmen stormed a Longdenville, Chaguanas kindergarten school, announcing a hold-up and making off with a teacher’s car and $800 in cash yesterday.

Police sources said the children were left traumatised by the manner in which the bandits stormed the school and started shouting and waving their guns. Up to late yesterday, Central Division police were still searching several areas for the bandits.

According to a police report, at about 10 am, the bandits stormed the Ragoonanan Road Early Childhood Care and Education Centre and announced a hold-up. The men, police said demanded that the teachers — Melissa Dass, 26, and Nadira Samaroo, 25, hand over cash and the keys to their vehicles. Before leaving, the bandits ordered the two teachers and a parent — Melissa Adolphus — into a washroom and warned the women not to come out or else. After closing the door, the bandits walked out of the school with the 29 children innocently watching on. They managed to open Dass’ gold-coloured Toyota Corolla (PBZ 6309) and sped off.

Part of the $800 stolen was proceeds from a fund-raising event the school held to offset costs for a graduation ceremony.

An investigating officer said residents told them that for the past few days they noticed a blue Nissan Sentra with four men lurking near the school. Police were also told this same car was parked a short distance away from the school during the hold up. Residents claimed two men were in the blue car which sped off after Dass’ car left the compound of the Education centre.

Only fockin niggas from Enterprise would hold up ah fockin kindergarten. Wa d mudder cont really goin on in this country?

The imcompetent fockin police take ah fockin hour and ah half before they could arrive on the scene. Duncee head fockers.

Ah betcha nutten come of this.

Elias overpaid $21M

CARONI EAST MP Ganga Singh said the cost to build the new Scarborough Hospital rose from $135M to $474M, in-cluding a $21M overpayment to contractors NH International, who are not now interested in completing the project.

Singh yesterday moved a private members’ motion in the House of Representa-tives condemning the Government’s failure to act in the public interest with respect to this project which he said is entangled in allegations of corruption, conflicts of interest and cost overruns and with no resumption of construction in sight, to the detriment of Tobagonians.

He said despite assurances at the sod-turning ceremony that the construction was a fixed-price contract, the price had successively risen from an initial $135M to $286M, to $404M and now to $474M, with Princes Town MP Subhas Panday adding: “and climbing.”

Singh referred to the Gafoor Report’s criticism of the existing facilities of the 150-year-old Scarborough Hospital as being “atrocious” and to the Sealey Inquiry into “Landate” which he said had found the removal of $5M in materials from the hospital site.

Citing a new document he had “received in my mailbox,” Singh said, “They have moved from the siphoning of material from the Scarborough Hospital site to the siphoning of monies from the Treasury. This administration has been conned by NH International because the prime mover and shaker of NH International is a financier of the PNM.”

He quoted the document, the ICC International Court of Arbitration’s judgment on the case of “NH International versus National Insurance Board” (case #13455/JNK/EBF)” delivered by Robert Gateshill on 31 May.

Arbitration had been requested in August 2004, said Singh, after work commenced in March 2003. Singh condemned the bungling of the Ministry of Health and Nipdec, saying the project’s part-financier, the Inter American Development Bank (IADB) had gone “very quiet” on the matter.

Singh said the PNM financier was a “smart-man by half” who had set up Government, got his money and then cut out of the project.

Citing the judgment, Singh said NH International claimed $222M and there were 1,000 issues in dispute. “So he wasn’t building the hospital; he was engaged in a charade to milk the Treasury.”

Singh read a reference to July 2005 in the document, saying “claimant owes $21M” in overpayment to NH which Nipdec was seeking to recover. Singh said the arbitrator was condemning a profligacy, lack of scrutiny and lack of leadership.

He read: “It is beyond any reasonable doubt that shortly after the date of suspension of work in July 2005 and the subsequent purported termination of the contract on November 3, 2006, the claimant knew it had been substantially overpaid.”

Singh said NH had suspended work because it had claimed to be upset over a Ministry of Health letter which had been signed “without prejudice.”

Singh described NH’s behaviour as renegade and predatory. He remarked that despite this controversy, NH boss Emile Elias still has hundreds of millions of dollars in other contracts in Trinidad and Tobago, despite recently complaining to Prime Minister Patrick Manning about problems in accessing State projects.

Singh described the Government as “incompetents” who assisted in the rape and plunder of the Treasury. “There is one rule for us and another rule for PNM financiers.”

Singh urged the Anti-Corruption Bureau to act on the Sealey Report and apply the Larceny Act. He lamented that the IADB has urged the demolition of the old Scarborough Hospital — a claim immediately denied by Minister of Planning Camille Robinson-Regis — but insisted upon by Singh who said the Minister should consult the IADB

Elias yesterday denied totally the statements made by Ganga Singh, dismissing them as mischief and challenging Singh to make these statements outside of Parliament so that he could take action.

Elias typi "fockin cal" PNM reaction.

"Say it outside lemme take yuh to court."

This fockin project is now 4 times the original cost and these mudder cont want to complain about the airport, especially day fockin big teef Elias. Plus he teefin for Rowley too. Imagine $5 million in material moved from the hospital !

Where is the Anti Corruption fockin Bureau and fockin Lindquist?

Friday, June 29, 2007


Three girls have tied for first place in this year's Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) exam.
Eshanaa Maharaj of El Dorado North Hindu School in Tacarigua, Meagan De La Bastide of St Monica's Preparatory School in Port of Spain and Sushma Karim of San Fernando TML School in San Fernando all top scored in the March 27 exam.

At El Dorado North Hindu School yesterday morning, Education Minister Hazel Manning created a stir among the teaching and pupils when she arrived around 8 a.m. to break the news to 12-year-old Maharaj and her parents. Maharaj was placed in her first school of choice, Lakshmi Girls Hindu College.

In addition to Maharaj's achievement, six other pupils at the school also placed in the top 100.
Proclaiming the day "a very auspicious and historic one" for the school, principal Dave Harrysingh said the school had two reasons to celebrate-Maharaj's placement, as well as the 54th wedding anniversary of Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), Sat Maharaj and his wife.

In a brief address, Sat Maharaj said the success of an individual was a combined effort of many factors which included the dedication and commitment of the teachers, parents, students, and administration.

Prompting a loud round of applause from the entire school as she broke the news of Maharaj's placement when she delivered congratulatory remarks, Manning said all 56 pupils who wrote the exam at the school "did well".

Hugging Maharaj as she accepted her certificate, Manning agreed that the tone of the school spoke of discipline, good organisation, well mannered children, hard-working teachers and a lot of dedication.

Appealing to the parents, teachers and male students to work extra hard to achieve the same top-level placements as their female counterparts, Manning said "we need to work with them".
The two standard five teachers, Rishi Ramsingh and Sunil Sagram, later said while they were expecting great results from their young charges, they never dreamed of such an achievement so soon.

Revealing that he had made a friendly wager with his pupils, Ramsingh said he had told them he would give $100 to each student who placed in the top 100, and a further $700 to the student who placed first. Acknowledging that he would "be in the red" this month, Ramsingh said, "the one time they should not have listened to me they did".

Eshanaa's father, Satesh said his daughter had always demonstrated an exceptional level of intelligence right through from preschool to primary school, and endorsed Sat Maharaj's comments that it was the efforts of all involved, that was responsible for his daughter's success.

The beaming parents said a lot of prayers and long nights went into preparing Eshanaa, but that they also took great pains to ensure that she also maintained extra curricular activities

School manager, Raj Jadoo, said this was now a flagship primary school of the SDMS, and that the organisation would be striving to ensure it stayed this way every year.
See any niggas in that pic? Im sure if you see the list wid the top 100 yuh might hardly find any.
Now where are the lil fockin nigglets? Probably learnin to teef, run and kidnap fockin Indian people.
Wey the niggas, ah say wey the niggas??

'Court can't tell Panday to sit...'

'Court can't tell Panday to sit...'
Darren Bahaw
Friday, June 29th 2007

THE APPEAL Court's decision to quash the convictions and sentences of former prime minister Basdeo Panday did not restore his position as a sitting Member of Parliament since no steps had been taken to keep his seat alive after the expiration of six months.

This was the submission of Reginald Armour, SC, the lead attorney representing the Clerk of the House of Representatives Jacqui Sampson, in a vacancy petition now before the court seeking to clear up if Panday, the MP for Couva North, can return to Parliament.

Armour said Panday had been granted 180 days to pursue his appeal against his criminal convictions and when that time elapsed no one brought a resolution seeking to extend the time and as a result the Couva North seat fell vacant on October 24, 2006.

He told Justice Charmaine Pemberton, who presided in the Port of Spain Sixth Civil Court at the Hall of Justice that the court cannot tell the House of Representatives to restore Panday's position as a sitting Member of Parliament.

The judge continued hearing arguments even though there was an electricity blackout around 2.25 p.m. and only emergency lights powered by a standby generator dimly illuminated the courtroom.

Hearing into the matter is expected to be completed on Monday.

Armour said Panday was not deprived of any of his fundamental rights, as suggested by his lawyers, rather he benefitted from the full protection of the law and due process by his appeal against his convictions and sentences.

He added that there were no "factual basis" to support another suggestion that the magistrate which found Panday guilty was an "incompetent court" since no question arose regarding the judicial officer's competence before the Appeal Court.

His arguments were supported by attorney Ian Benjamin who represented the Attorney General.

Now it is issues like fockin this that keep this fockin place in ah constant backward state.

Jus imagine, in every Westminster democracy the Parliment is the highest court in the land. According to that piece of shit called the constitution, this body has the ability to regulate its own affairs. As such a simple vote could have been taken and re instate the fockin ole man to represent the people of Couve North.

But nah. Leh we waste fockin tax payers money and the fockin courts time. Fock dat, this is PNM country and so we sink any and every oppostion we come across.

The kinda dostihness we indulge in sometimes eh. Fock man.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

House Clerk: No quick return for Panday

House Clerk: No quick return for Panday
By SEAN DOUGLAS and ANDRE BAGOO Thursday, June 28 2007

LAWYERS for the Clerk of the House of Representatives said the case of British MP Fiona Jones is not a valid precedent for UNC leader Basdeo Panday to simply walk back into Parliament to resume the Couva North seat.

Yesterday, the High Court vacancy petition brought by House Clerk Jacqui Sampson to determine the status of the Couva North seat came up for hearing before Justice Charmaine Pemberton in a packed courtroom of the Port-of-Spain High Court.

Panday, who also had another matter going on in the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court yesterday, turned up for the hearing shortly after 11am flanked by his wife Oma and MP Chandresh Sharma.

Panday’s lawyer Anand Ramlogan, is arguing that the Court of Appeal quashing of his Panday’s April 2006 Integrity trial conviction means the penalties that flowed from the case including his exclusion from Parliament are now null and void. Yesterday, he placed heavy reliance on the Jones case in which a British MP who had her seat vacated after being convicted of election fraud was allowed to return to Parliament after that conviction was quashed.

Ramlogan said that this case stood for the proposition that “justice requires that when a conviction is set aside all penalties should also, as far as possible, be set aside.”

However, the House Clerk’s attorney, Reginald Armor SC, said yesterday the ruling in the Fiona Jones case is not a valid precedent for Trinidad and Tobago, but is only specific to the British jurisdiction.

Further, he said the Trinidad and Tobago Constitution clearly spells out a different outcome for the Panday case. He argued that the interests of both justice and the electorate are served by the TT Constitution as opposed to any High Court declaration to return Panday to the House.

He added that sections 49 and 69 of the Constitution afford Panday due process. The sitting will resume today in the Port-of-Spain High Court.

Ah have to ask this question in decency.

Why is it that there is opposition to Panday returning to Parliament?
What can he do so that will interrupt or bring the House into disrepute?
Why is it that the people of Couva North not be represented?
Why is it that taxpayers fockin money is being wasted by these fockin PNM goons in an exercise of futility and pettiness?


CHECK THIS OUT - May 16th, 2007

Super10 to make statement soonThe Super 10 Basketball Committee which met in an emergency session on Monday said it will make a release on the National Basketball Federation decision to grant the Caribbean Basketball Association a professional league licence on Wednesday.

The Executive members of the National Basketball Federation granted Brian Manning, the son of Prime Minister Patrick Manning a Professional Basketball League license which he did not apply for.

This is surprising since the Trinidad and Tobago Basketball Association had applied for a similar license in 2003 but it is yet to get approval.

Also, the executive members which makes up the Board of Directors which comprise the Chairmen or vice chairmen of the four operational Zones - North, South, East and Tobago were never informed about the decision to grant approval and scrap the National Championship.

The granting of the license was revealed by accident at the Board of Directors meeting on Saturday at the Maloney Sports Complex.

The National Championship comes on the heels of the conclusion of the Zonal competitions between October & November.The Executive members - Earl John (President), vice presidents Lloyd Bernard, Josef Baptiste, Richard Mungo and June Rogers and secretary Nekeisha Alfred - decided to approve the Pro League to for September - November.

In fact, the President Mr. Earl John, who read all the outgoing and in-coming letters during the meeting because of the late arrival of the secretary - never read the April 23 letter that gave Mr. Manning approval.

Also, the President also skipped one of the item/pages of the April 14 Minutes which had directed the Vice President of Organisation and Development Mr. Lloyd Bernard to report his committee findings concerning the operations of a professional league in Trinidad and Tobago.

JLSC to move against Mc Nicolls

By ANDRE BAGOO and NALINEE SEELAL Thursday, June 28 2007

THE JUDICIAL and Legal Service Commission (JLSC) is drafting two disciplinary charges of misconduct to be served on Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls no less than 12 days from now.

The charges are expected to be served on Mc Nicolls shortly after he delivers a ruling in the five-year-long Piarco I preliminary inquiry due on July 9.

The disciplinary charges will allege Mc Nicolls brought the administration of justice into disrepute. When the Commission completes the drafting exercise, Mc Nicolls will be notified and given an opportunity to respond.

Sources said the decision to proceed with the charges was taken at a meeting of the JLSC on Tuesday. If the Chief Magistrate denies the charges, the Commission will move to appoint a Disciplinary Tribunal to investigate the matter and produce a final report, recommending what action, if any, is to be taken against Mc Nicolls.

However, in the event Mc Nicolls admits wrongdoing, it will be within the discretion of the Commission to impose an appropriate penalty ranging from suspension to dismissal.

The JLSC is the body constitutionally responsible for appointments, removal and exercise of disciplinary control over judicial officers. The Commission, comprising acting Chairman Selby Wooding QC, retired Court of Appeal judges Lionel Jones, Jean Permanand and the head of the Police Service Commission Christopher Thomas, met at about 2.15 pm on Tuesday at the Hall of Justice to again discuss the issue of Mc Nicolls’ conduct.

The matter was first considered at a JLSC meeting in April which had before it a report by Justice Sebastian Ventour who concluded the Chief Magistrate may have compromised the rule of law and administration of justice by refusing to be cross-examined in the criminal inquiry against Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma. This refusal caused the case against Sharma to collapse.

Newsday understands the decision to draft charges was taken on Tuesday in the face of the possible replacement of Thomas from the JLSC on June 30 – the date his tenure expires and will come up for renewal by the President. June 30 will be three years since

Thomas was appointed after assuming the post of the head of the Police Service Commission. Under the Constitution his office becomes vacant every three to five years. The decision was therefore taken to avoid the need to have the JLSC go over again its deliberation on the Mc Nicolls issue if a new member is appointed.

Vice-President of the Law Association, Hendrickson Seunath SC, yesterday questioned why the DPP had not yet taken a decision in the matter, saying Mc Nicolls could potentially be charged with wasting police time.

A legal source questioned the role Mc Nicolls will have to play in the upcoming Tribunal against Sharma, saying his credibility, already affected by his refusal to be cross-examined, will be now brought even more clearly into focus.

Israel Khan SC, who has been retained to represent Mc Nicolls’ interests in the upcoming Tribunal against Sharma, yesterday said he had not received word of the decision to bring disciplinary charges against Mc Nicolls.

Sharma, when asked to comment on the decision to bring disciplinary charges against Mc Nicolls said, “That’s a matter for the Commission” and added, “the man (who) is my main accuser has been charged and that will seriously undermine his credibility.”

The focker can now be described as ah mischief maker.

They should dismiss he mudder cont. And ah hope they charge the fockin asshole for wasting police time. If was me and you, we get it in we cyat long time.

How come that nasty coolie man representing Mc Nicholls. Israel Khan only lookin for big brief and big money from the gov't.

Biche report author gets contract again

About the contract
Contract awarded to Global Competitive Strategies Ltd.
It involves developing two systems for all schools.

The Ministry of Education has been called upon for answers on the award of a February contract to the company of Global Competitive Strategies Ltd (GSCL), owned by Education Ministry consultant Kenrick Burgess.

The contract involves developing two systems for all schools.

Burgess fell into the spotlight in 2002 after doing a report which recommended that the Biche High School— built by the United National Congress Government—be aborted.

The contract which Burgess’ company received from the Ministry in February is the second.
GCSL had a $636,000 seven-month project management contract with the Ministry in 2002.
The ministry’s permanent secretary Angella Jack issued notification of the latest contract in a February 27, 2007, memo to all principals and school supervisers.

According to the memo, the ministry has contracted GCSL to: “Develop a detailed asset register for each school and implement a computerised maintenance management system that can be accessed via the Internet.”

The project involves collection of physical information on school buidlings, car parks, recreation grounds and all other facilities.

It also encompasses a physical inventory by rooms of the school’s furniture, computers and other electronic equipment, office equipment, lab and other equipment.

Burgess and his wife Margaret of Tunapuna, are listed as GCSL’s directors in company registry records of 1998 when GCSL was established.

UNC senator Tim Gopeesingh raised the issue of Burgess’ latest involvement with the ministry in the Senate on Tuesday.

No tendering—Gopeesingh

Gopeesingh called for answers on whether tendering took place for GCSL’s February contract and “how many millions of dollars,” it was worth.

“We understand there was no tendering process and that runs into million of dollars,” he said.
“This contract will go on for years because there are approximately 700 schools that have to be looked at.

“A senior adviser to the Minister of Education has landed a contract for a development of an asset register and computerised maintenance management system for the Ministry of Education.

“Mr Burgess is special adviser to the Minister...”

However, Education Minister Hazel Manning interjected:

“That information is not true...Mr Burgess is not a special adviser to the Minister of Education.”
Gopeesingh replied: “We want the minister to indicate to this Senate what is Burgess’ position in the Education Ministry.

“The second question is what tendering procedure was used to give Global Competitive Strategies Ltd the contract?”

Manning replied: “Put it in a question.”

Gopeesingh claimed Burgess had sat in meetings with Manning and threatened denominational school boards to sign the memorandum of understanding in the concordat.

Attorney General John Jeremie disputed that, telling Gopeesingh: “I sit on those meetings with the denominational boards and I never heard Mr Burgess speak.”

Yesterday, however, Sat Maharaj, secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, said Burgess has been at every meeting the ministry has held with denominational school boards over the last two years.

“Burgess has led the discussions...At the last meeting with the ministry a few weeks ago, I had to object since Burgess attempted to lead when the Attorney General came to give us a legal perspective,” Maharaj said.

Burgess: I don’t advise the minister

Yesterday, the Education Ministry’s Facilities Management Division confirmed Burgess is a consultant with that unit, providing contact numbers for him.

Burgess said he was not adviser to the Education Minister.

Look how these fockers does lie to save one another and in the process trip over each other.

Firstly the mudder cont write ah report just for the PNM to say the focKin Biche High School is not suitable for humans to remain in that environment. They leave the fockin school unopen, to be overtaken by bush, but recently wanted to use it to train duncee head fockin police. If it aint good for teachers and students, how the fuck it will be good for monkey police ?

Now the fockin nigga get ah contract worth about ah $100.000.00 a month for 7 months from the Ministry in 2002. Strange ? Nah this is PNM land. Now he land one that could run into millions.

Hazel learn to lie good too. She say he is not a special advisor to the Minister of Education. But they sit in meetings with the denominational boards together and threaten people. Hear the next lying focker Jeremie. "he sat in meetings and I have never heard him speak." So what d fock he doin there, collecting money under false pretences. Now Sat come and say he has been to every meeting over the last two years.

Wa kinda fockin rigmarole mudder cont thing is this ?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NP CEO assures ‘gas for all’

By CLINT CHAN TACK Wednesday, June 27 2007

THE National Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) is confident any gas shortage headache experienced by the population will be a thing of the past, once its $132M nationwide service station upgrade is completed within the next two years.

The company also said its products are not subsidised by Government. It is ready to compete against any new players in the petroleum retail sector and will not be affected by the relocation of the Port-of-Spain port to Sea Lots.

In an interview at NP’s Sea Lots headquarters yesterday, company CEO Richard Callender said NP started to implement its service station upgrade in January and the process has been going smoothly to date. He added that the upgrade was part of a broader strategic plan developed for NP last year.

Recalling NP inherited a 40-year-old service station network from the foreign multinationals, Callender said, “Most of the stations of the old network have inadequate storage (2,500 to 3,000 gallons). They have very small storage and from an Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) perspective, single walled steel tanks.” Stating these tanks pose serious environmental hazards, Callendar said the new storage tanks at NP stations will be upgraded to double-walled tanks that are either fibre-glass reinforced or glass-steel. He added that these new tanks will be able to store 10,000 gallons of gasolene and would need to be replenished after three to four days.

Callender said five stations will be demolished and rebuilt over the next eight months while another nine stations (mostly in rural areas) will be retrofitted within the next four months.

NP technical services manager Garnet Redwood said the company is on schedule to open new service stations in Beetham, Mon Repos and Valencia in the next four months.

Wey these dense conts come out from.

Since 1998 nearly fockin 10years ago the UNC had started this programe of the refurbishment of all the Gas Stations throughout the country.

As a matter of fact this programme coincided with the implentation of the QuikShoppes as part of the scheme to upgrade all the stations througout T&T.

So wa these conts come to talk about now....u doh see these PNM niggas are a bunch of coppycats and boldface about it too.

Lawyer knocks letter to Prez

Wednesday, June 27 2007

“NO ONE must give the President of the Republic an ultimatum,” Senior Counsel Hendrickson Seunath said yesterday, referring to attorney Cindy Bhagwandeen’s letter to President Maxwell Richards, which the President viewed as “disrespectful in the extreme.”

Seunath said people ought to show more respect for the office of the President. Bhagwandeen, a junior attorney in the law chambers of Anand Ramlogan, signed a letter which questioned Richards’ suspension of Chief Justice Sat Sharma when a tribunal was yet to be appointed to hold an enquiry into alleged wrong doing.

President Richards in his reply, described the tone and content of Bhagwandeen’s letter as disrespectful. Seunath, who is president of the Assembly of Southern Lawyers, commented that Bhagwandeen’s letter could have been worded differently in her quest for the President’s explanation on the matter.

“I would not have done what the junior lawyer did. We ought to show more respect to the President of the country. Even if there is some ground to make such a request, it could have been done a different way. It is clear the President took offence,” Seunath told Newsday.

The President, the senior counsel added, does not exercise his constitutional functions in many instances, except on the advice of the Prime Minister. Since he did not act on his own in the removal of CJ Sharma, Seunath said, “The whole thing is the manner in which you treat with the Head of State.”

Asked his view on the matter, former Speaker of the House of Representative Nizam Mohammed, said the issue was not whether or not Bhagwandeen was disrespectful. “That is a side issue,” Mohammed said, “because most people feel that the suspension of the CJ was premature.”

Let Seunath haul he ole stinking mudder cont. He think we still livin in colonial times. The President mudder cont. Is we ole assholes that mining he. So what the d fuck wrong if we question wa he do?

This is not 1910 mudder cont.

In any case, which fockin Indian woman whose surname is Seunath would name dey fuckin chile HENDRICKSON.

Wa d fock kinda name is that ?

Govt man’s son gambled $.25M

Govt man’s son gambled $.25M
By SEAN DOUGLAS Wednesday, June 27 2007

LEADER of the Opposition in the Senate, Wade Mark said the reason Government is seeking to clamp down on casinos is because a Government official’s son ran up gambling debts of $250,000.

Mark made his claim in the Senate yesterday during debate on the Finance Bill 2007 which contains a section that reiterates Government’s opposition to slot-machines. As Mark made lengthy allegations against the official’s son, he vowed that a future UNC government would expand the gambling industry.

To emphasise the UNC’s commitment to gambling, their absent Senator Raziah Ahmed was replaced by Cindy Gibbs-Nicholas, who is the manager of a private members club. Further, the public gallery included about a dozen women who work in such places.

Mark asked why was Government imposing its view on casinos onto the population relative to the Finance Bill’s tightening of the Betting and Gambling Act, despite giving a $11M subsidy to horse racing?

“If I have a son who is a chronic gambler and gambling all over the country, I must call in my son and put him under pressure and tell him how to conduct himself. But if my son is behaving in that way, I will not allow that to influence my behaviour as a Government,” Mark said. “I understand if I have a son that went and burn $250,000 in a place they call Casablanca which is now closed, opposite Long Circular Mall, I don’t think for instance I should come here and punish the whole country. “I don’t believe if my son used my credit card and maxed it out at a place they call Island Club in Grand Bazaar, I don’t think I should come here and punish the population because of my son maxing out the credit card,” Mark continued.

At this point, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Christine Sahadeo objected saying Mark was imputing improper motives to which Mark loudly disagreed and was allowed to continue by Senate President Dr Linda Baboolal who said he had not yet referred to any particular person or called any name.

Mark said the UNC would not support the Bill’s measure against gambling, but is committed to democracy and freedom of choice. “We do not believe any Prime Minister of this country should impose his personal will and morals on a nation.

This is a personal matter involving the Prime Minister and we do not believe the Prime Minister should come to Parliament and impose his will on the people in his capacity as Minister of Finance,” Mark thundered.

Brian Manning ah fockin again nah.

The fockin parents teefin so much, he dont know what to do wid all the money at he disposal. Doh forget the amount ah money he make wid the street lighting programme and selling the police SUV's from Neal & Massey.

ANyhow it is a known fact that he is a chronic gambler and he fadder cyah do nuttin about it except to make the casinos illegal.

Christine Sahadeo must object because she hornin she husband wid Manning. Brian ketch dem bullin!

Nasty oman!

$16,000 salary for PM’s son

$16,000 salary for PM’s son
Wednesday, June 27 2007

THE CONTROVERSIAL National Professional Basketball League headed by Brian Manning — son of Prime Minister Patrick Manning — seems set to proceed as planned with full approval for State funding expected anytime soon.

As such, ten teams including one from the sister Isle, have already been drafted to compete after the grand opening of the league on September 1. The league’s Bye Laws and Operations Guidelines, a copy of which was sent to Newsday, reveals that Manning (B) will be paid a monthly salary of $16,000 in his capacity as league commissioner.

At a press conference yesterday at the VIP Lounge of the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Manning (B) revealed his application is still undergoing final inspection from the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SPORTT) before money is handed over for the September 1 start of the league.

June Rogers — vice president of Communications and Marketing at the National Basketball Federation made it clear the league has received its approval for the specified three-month duration.

She told Newsday the federation sees the competition as necessary since it focuses on growth and development of the sport. However she was quick to add that the matter surrounding the sponsorship of the tournament was solely in the hands of the organisation and proper procedure was followed.

Manning is expected to received a whopping $3 million each year for the next three years to stage the competition — which will carry a winner’s cheque of $100,000 and a runner-up prize of $75,000.

The third and fourth placed teams will each walk away with $20,000 while special cash prizes will be given for MVP of league and play-offs. Monetary incentives will also be given for most disciplined team, scoring champ, rebounds and assists. In addition each team will receive a monthly fee of $34, 000 which will cover salaries for managers, coaches and players.

The league Bye Laws and Operations Guidelines gave a breakdown of the competition which shows the deputy commissioner/secretary Albert Lee Young will be paid $10,000 monthly while the office manager will receive $7,500 and the Administrative Assistant - $4,500.

The league was mired in controversy when UNC Senator Wade Mark described funding for the league as a conflict of interest.

Brian Manning has applied for $9M in funding to run the league. Manning (B) described recent media reports about his league as inaccurate and stressed that in the interest of transparency and accountability there was a need to give an update on his application following consideration by the Sport Company, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and other relevant authorities.

He said his association is a non-governmental organisation which, for the first time in TT, will look after both the development and marketing of local basketball talent. Manning noted that the competition will create job opportunities for 200 young men and women.

Wey the mudder cont really goin on in this place?

Fockin baskerball my ass. It ha people in this country cyah get a fockin glass ah water to drink or wipe dey ass and this nigga govt goin to give fockin Manning teefin nigga son $9 million to run a basketball league?

Niggas killing, teefin, pickpocketing, robbin, bullin and we goin to give dem 9 million now to fockin shoot one another when they lose the fockin competition.

If skull man Brian (who like he fadder) feel he league so great, why d fock he doh get sponsors to run it. But Nah! My fadder is PM, look he appoint meh mudder and nobody cyah squack!

Niggas Niggas, oh how we need a nigga hater like Hitler!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

AG: No plans to phase them out

AG’s office
Nafeesa Mohammed: It’s not an official position
We have been working with them: Communications specialist

Justices of the Peace do not have to fear that they will be replaced by legal aid attorneys.a
This was the assurance coming out of the office of the Attorney General yesterday.

Communications specialist at the AG’s office Kristy Quintal said the allegation that the Government might be phasing out JPs was the furthest from the truth.
“Absolutely not. On the contrary. In fact, about two weeks ago there was a meeting with the Attorney General and other officials from the office and JPs.

“We have been working with them and we are planning a consultation with the JPs in early July. There is no plan to phase them out. The AG’s office is moving toward working with the JPs,” Quintal said in a telephone interview.

The JPs concerns arose when attorney Israel Khan, SC, warned that JPs faced the possibility of being phased out and have their responsibilities, including witnessing and signing confessions and statements, handed over to legal aid attorneys.

Khan was speaking at the second quarterly meeting of the JPs at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation on Sunday.

He said if the authorities could not eradicate perceived corruption among the members, then drastic action might be taken to erase the office of the JP.

JPs recently took the decision to stop authenticating statements after JP Asquith Clark was murdered a few weeks ago, shortly before he was due to give evidence in court.

Senior counsellor attached to the AG’s office, Nafeesa Mohammed, said the phasing out of the JPs was “not an official position.”

Buh wey the fock is this!

It look like Israel Khan is the new fockin spokesman for the PNM. How d fock he arrive at the conclusion that they goin to phase out the JP's.

Now the AG office saying something different.

Watch it eh! Next thing yuh see JP's gone.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Police welfare body selecting leaders today


The new executive of the Police Social and Welfare Association will be decided today, as more than 7,000 police officers are expected to cast their votes.

Incumbent Cpl Cedric Neptune, who has headed the association for the past three years, has expressed his eagerness to assume again the role of president.

The three teams vying for victory are Neptune’s party, under the banner “Motivated Dedicated Performers,” The BOLD (Builders, Organisers, Legislators and Defenders) Team, headed by Cpl Neal Rawlins, and Get In Dis CAMP team, under the stewardship of Cpl Emrol Bruce.

Feedback from some police officers last week said they were impressed by the campaigning strategies of all candidates.

The race leading to the election has not only been costly, but has also taken the three teams to far-flung areas, including the Deep South and Tobago.

Similar to T&T’s general election due this year, campaigning for the police vote has been a round-the-clock affair.

Candidates were, up to late last evening, visiting their colleagues in various stations, coaxing them to cast their ballots.

The BOLD Team has even distributed DVDs to their colleagues highlighting the group’s objectives.

Each team, however, expressed confidence.

Yeah man! While fockin Trinidad bun and run over by all kinda fockin criminals and bandits, these fockin niggas campaigning.

Imagine an escape bandit playin wid he fadder toli and he pardners carry em dong ah track and it take the Police half ah fockin hour to arrive. Other big boy officers sons fockin fightin and bussin man head wid beer bottle outside Smokey and Bunty. And the big sawatees say crime dong.

Ah wonder if they campaigning wid the fockin police vehicles too.

Trinidad Police is the greatest yes. Anyhow most of dem are niggas. We cyah expect better.

$35m drug bust at PoS port

A Malaysian ship captain is expected to appear before a Port-of-Spain magistrate today to answer both police and customs charges for a shipment of cocaine valued at $35 million.

The man was detained for questioning on Friday night after 83 kilos of the illegal drug was found in a 40-ft shipping container on board his vessel, by the Marine Interdiction Unit of the Customs and Excise Division, according to a release from Ministry of Finance communications manager Beverly Foster.

“After several days of intense investigation and surveillance, the drugs were discovered at the Port-of-Spain wharf in a 40-ft container being transhipped to Europe on board the MV CSAV Peru.

The container, which was packed with a consignment of fresh pineapples, had originated in Panama, she added.

How these fockin Trini Police so mudder cont dotish. Oh fock man, follow the fockin container and see wey it goin and who looking after it. Yuh need the big fish. Europe my mudder cont! Somebody woulda geh bribe and the shipment off loaded at the appropriate place.

Better yet. Check and see if it was goin by AS Bryden and if any warehouse bunnin down afterwards.

Oh see if any Syrian geh dey head chop off and sent to Colombia.

Dookeran’s COP fights alone

Monday, June 25 2007

THE Congress of the People (COP) has completed screening of candidates for all 41 constituencies up for grabs in this year’s General Election and will meet at its Gaston Court, Chaguanas headquarters Wednesday to determine the composition of its national slate of candidates.

This was the word yesterday from COP chairman Roy Augustus who reiterated that there will be no UNC-COP alliance to contest the upcoming polls.

Augustus told Newsday the party screened candidates and the only certain candidate is COP Political Leader Winston Dookeran for St Augustine. He said COP MPs Ganga Singh, Gillian Lucky and Manohar Ramsaran “are in the mix” of candidates currently being considered. Incumbent St Joseph MP Gerald Yetming has said he will not be facing the polls this year and will be coordinating COP’s election machinery from the sidelines.

Augustus said although the party has already screened potential election candidates and it was possible for other persons to be considered if the ones screened do not meet necessary requirements, to face the polls. He described the COP’s election preparations as proceeding “very serenely” to date.

Augustus dismissed claims from Fyzabad MP Chandresh Sharma that he and Yetming were the “obstacles” to a UNC-COP alliance to challenge the ruling PNM in the General Elections.

Augustus said Sharma had no idea what he was talking about and there was no UNC-COP alliance on the cards at all. He explained that while COP opened its doors to all persons and groups interested in uniting for the common good of the country, this was not the kind of unity the UNC wanted.

The COP chairman said the unity which the UNC wanted was “unity on their own terms of leadership” and this was not what the country needed at this time.

Look how this party fuck up eh! First dey like to talk about "new politics" and democracy, yet the fuckin big boys pick dey own executive. Nobody vote for dem!

And who screening the candidates? How come Roy Augustus is the spokesman for the COP? Who actually goin to sit down and select the candidates?

Is this the new politics?

Only fockin bad mouthing the UNC from which all of dem came.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Attorney hits back at President in new letter

ATTORNEY Cindy Bhagwandeen, in another letter to President George Maxwell Richards, has said that it was "disrespectful in the extreme" of him to suspend Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma on the eve of his retirement after a long and distinguished career in politically strange and suspicious circumstances.

She added that it was also "disrespectful in the extreme" of the President to suspend Sharma "knowing full well that the Attorney General has not yet provided him with any funds to secure legal representation".

On Thursday, Bhagwandeen, acting on behalf of United National Congress MP Chandresh Sharma, threatened to launch legal proceedings to revoke the Chief Justice's suspension, since no steps have been taken to commence the work of the tribunal set up to investigate the complaint of misconduct.

In response on Friday, President Richards described a letter calling on him to reappoint Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma back into office as "disrespectful in the extreme".

The President's secretary Jacqueline Serrette said that certain parts of the letter Richards received were "factually incorrect".

The President, through his secretary, stated that he would address the other concerns raised in the letter in due course.

In this new letter Bhagwandeen said: Whilst I am grateful to know that you will respond to the substantive issues outlined in my letter because it concerns a matter of national importance, I am at a loss to understand how you could consider the tone and contents disrespectful in the extreme."

She added: "My letter was written based on instructions provided by my client Mr Chandresh Sharma, MP but I did pause to verify the facts stated therein before sending this letter. The limited information available to the public about the ability and readiness of this tribunal to function and commence hearing the enquiry into whether there is good and substantial cause for the removal of the Chief Justice remains a matter of great political mystery. The public is yet to be informed about what steps (if any) have been taken to ensure that this tribunal is able perform its duty."

Fuck em to the cross Cindy baby! We wid yuh all d way.....

Wey to go Baby!

Cops hurt in fracas with SRPs

Monday, June 25th 2007

An investigation is yet to be launched into the conduct of a member of the T&T Police Executive who ordered the release of four people-one of whom is his 22-year-old son, following a fracas at St James on Saturday morning.

The incident resulted in three police constables of the St James Police Station seeking medical attention at the Port of Spain General Hospital for soft tissue damage and other injuries sustained during the fracas.

When the Express contacted the senior officer he denied the claims saying: "That is not so and I do not wish to comment further."

Following the incident, officers were treated by a foreign doctor at hospital and given medical certificates.

Entries of the incident were made in the station diary, while the senior's time of calls to the station were recorded in the telephone message registrar.

The senior's son is a Special Reserve Police (SRP) officer who lives at Boodoo Hill, Sangre Grande.

Upon his arrest, he was expected to be charged with attempted larceny of a Mitsubishi Galant car, resisting arrest, using obscene language and assaulting police officers.

Another SRP who is stationed at the Valencia Post and is the son of a woman police inspector attached to the St James Barracks, along with two women, who are from Maraval and Valencia were to be charged with resisting arrest, assaulting police officers and using obscene language.
Reports state the SRPs and their female friends were liming outside Smokey and Bunty's around 5.05 a.m. on the Western Main Road, having left a car show, when a joint army and police patrol arrived on the scene.

The officers told the group they had received reports about loud noise and warned them.

The senior officer's son started shoving one of the constables and cursing him.

A call was placed for back-up, but the officers were further abused by the SRPs and their female friends.

One officer was bitten, another hit on the head with a bottle, while the third was beaten about the body.

All four were arrested and taken to the St James Police Station where they were to be charged
When officers arrived they received a call from the senior officer who gave the order around 5.20 a.m.

The senior officer is said to have called an inspector at the station and an acting corporal who was on duty at the time.

Following the incident several officers at the station have expressed disgust at the situation and see the order as undermining their authority.

Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul and Senior Supt for the Western Division Roderick Roach could not be reached for comment.

Ah anxious to see what will become of this. Yuh know these duncee head mudder cont police like to make all kinda excuses.

Next thing you will hear is that the officer that received the call saying he couldnt remember who call him. Just like what Manning did to the police officer in Tobago who released the Bajan fishermen. And you know what ? That mudder cont get promoted. Betcha bottom dollar these mudder cont in St. James will say they dont remember who called them. Ah wonder if my family geh lock up if I could call a police station and tell them to release dem boy ?

Anyhow this is what the PNM does encourage. The Primate Minister could do it, so we could do it too.

And the duncee fockin police cyah even lie good to cover it up.

That is Trini Police for yuh.

Confusion as ex-Sando mayor dies

As her relatives and family gather to mourn her death, the South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA), of which she was a board member, is investigating how Hazel Rogers-Dick was allowed to go home with more than $50,000 worth of equipment from San Fernando General Hospital.

Rogers-Dick, 60, died at around 3 pm yesterday, after a battle with breast cancer.

Yesterday, SWRHA heads of department, including chairman Imtiaz Ahamad, all denied giving permission for one of the authority’s vehicles to transport a cardiac monitor, valued at $27,000, a new bed worth $17,000, plus an oxygen tank to Rogers-Dick’s Vistabella home on June 12.
Rogers-Dick, a former San Fernando mayor, had been a patient of the Nephrology Unit between May 15 and June 12.

A letter, written by a nurse in the unit (Ward 16B) to the bio-medical engineer, dated June 15, and obtained by the Sunday Guardian, revealed Rogers-Dick told the nurse in charge of the ward that SWRHA CEO Michael Harris had given her permission to take home the cardiac monitor.

Hospital staff said the monitor was assigned to the ward, and with Rogers-Dick having taken it, patients were denied its use.

Staff were also upset that Rogers-Dick was allowed a new bed to take home, while hundreds of patients were forced daily to sleep on the cold concrete floors of the hospital’s corridors.

According to the letter sent to the biomedical engineer from a nurse in the Nephrology Unit (Ward 16B), the monitor (serial No MC17230, model No 09980-600) was allocated to the ward on May 25.

The nurse said in her letter that this item was no longer in the ward’s inventory.
The monitor in question was taken home on June 12 at 4.50 pm by Rogers-Dick, who was a patient of this ward from May 15.

The nurse’s letter said Rogers-Dick told the nurse in charge on that shift that Harris gave her permission to take the monitor home.

The letter noted that no written document was obtained from Harris to that effect, and advised that the necessary adjustments to note the missing items be made to the records.

Focking selfish niggas! Only niggas could be so mudder cont bold to do something like this. But then again this is focking PNm country.

How the fuck you could carry these things home and poor fockin people ketching dey mudder cunt, sleeping, pissing and shiting right on the mudder cont concrete floor.

And she is ah big fockin liar like she Prime Minister and all dem fuckers in the PNM.

The big nigga should rot in hell, along with the rest of the PNM.

Bun dem niggas!


McNicolls accused Sharma of misconduct because Sharma accused him of impropriety
Camini Marajh

Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls said he "never contemplated criminal proceedings" against Chief Justice Sat Sharma when he accused him of improperly trying to influence the outcome of the Basdeo Panday case.

And, in a shocking admission to the investigating officer appointed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission (JLSC) to probe allegations of misconduct against him, McNicolls said he "cooperated with the police" because of impropriety allegations levelled against him by Chief Justice Sharma on a land transaction.

In the latest of several contradictory statements prepared by the Chief Magistrate and obtained by the Sunday Express, McNicolls, in private correspondence to the JLSC-appointed prober, Justice Sebastian Ventour, said that in the weeks leading up to the March 5. 2007 collapse of the criminal case against Sharma, he made his position clear that he was "not willing to testify".

In his three-page statement of defence entitled, "Explanation", McNicolls declared that he expressed his reluctance to testify both in writing and verbally to the State's team of prosecutors. In his March 21, 2007 explanation to Justice Ventour, McNicolls cited the February 13, 2007 correspondence he sent to deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Carla Brown-Antoine on the matter.

McNicolls, Sharma's main accuser, said he was reluctant to swear to four of his statements prepared for criminal and impeachment proceedings against Sharma. "Ultimately, I swore to the statements but I was under the impression that the deputy DPP would revert to me on the concerns I had expressed," he wrote, in attempting to justify his refusal to have his evidence tested on cross-examination.

The Chief Magistrate's explanation also spotlights the controversial role of Attorney General John Jeremie in Impeachment I and II of Chief Justice Sharma. McNicolls said he had told the Attorney General of his concerns not to be cross-examined in the criminal proceedings and briefed him on the February 13 letter he had dispatched to the deputy DPP the week before.

My fockin word! Look how the fockin truth does eventually come out eh!

This clearly shows that this is a PNM plot to chase Sharma cont from office. I hope the day would come when they will pay dearly for this.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Food inflation plummets

Food inflation plummets
By SEAN DOUGLAS Saturday, June 23 2007

LEGAL and Consumer Affairs Minister Christine Kangaloo boasted that food-price inflation fell from 26 percent last November to 18 percent as of March. She made this disclosure at Thursday’s post-Cabinet media conference at Whitehall.

Kangaloo revealed that the cost of fresh food sold at supermarkets has become a lot closer to prices charged at local markets, as shown by Ministry figures. To make the point, she divulged figures from her Ministry’s food-price surveys done over the past six months at supermarkets and markets in Port-of-Spain (November 2006 to June 2007) and Tunapuna (December 2006 to May 2007).

“Of the 28 fruits and vegetables surveyed at the Port-of-Spain Central Market, 17 items showed price increases, ten items showed decreases and one item fluctuated.” She said conversely, the Port-of-Spain supermarkets saw a fall in the prices of 17 items and a rise in the prices on 11 items.

“Supermarket prices remained higher overall but there were more decreases in fruit and vegetable prices in the supermarkets than in the market. More importantly, over the period there was a narrowing of the gap between prices at the supermarket and prices at the Central Market,” Kangaloo said.

She said that in December, 28 items surveyed cost some $46 extra in the PoS supermarkets than if bought at the Central Market and by this month the food-basket cost $23 more. At Tunapuna, in December, the 28-item basket had cost $32 more in the supermarkets compared to the Tunapuna Market and by May this price-gap fell to a mere $7.

“Overall, for the period under review, there were more decreases than increases in the price of fruits and vegetables at the supermarkets and markets.”

Kangaloo noted Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams’ praise for the positive impact and possible “calming effect” her Ministry’s regular publication of food prices had. She read his March newsletter which in part stated: “Greater comparison-shopping continues to impact on the prices of fruit and vegetables, significant items in the consumer food basket”.

Can someone tell me what fockin planet this ape loving, bald head mudder cont living on ?

Prez slams ‘disrespectful’ letter

Saturday, June 23 2007

PRESIDENT George Maxwell Richards has taken offence at a letter sent to him from an attorney acting on behalf of the Opposition UNC. President Richards called the UNC attorney’s letter “disrespectful in the extreme and also factually incorrect.”

On Thursday, attorney Cindy Bhagwandeen wrote to the President asking for “clarification” as to his decision to suspend Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma, given the fact that to date, no Secretariat has been appointed to the Tribunal constituted on May 18, to investigate claims of misconduct on the part of the Chief Justice.

The letter asked the President – who is immune from court inquiries under Section 80 of the Constitution – to specify the exact date of the appointment of the individual members of the Tribunal; the proposed date for the appointment of a Secretariat; the proposed date for the start of hearings; details as to whether the hearing will be in camera or open to the public and where the proposed hearings will take place.

The letter also suggested that the President’s decision to suspend Sharma may have been unconstitutional and gave President Richards a 36-hour deadline in which to respond. Through a letter sent via Private Secretary Jacqueline Serrette, President Richards replied saying, “the contents and tone of your letters are disrespectful in the extreme and also factually incorrect in certain respects.” He nonetheless gave the undertaking to respond to the queries “out of courtesy.”

President George Max "not fuckin Well" Richards haul yuh stinkin PNM mudder cont!

You and all yuh cock sucking PNM pardners feel Trinidad is all yuh own and could do what all yuh wa!


Murder accused Steve McGillvery continued to elude capture yesterday, despite calls made by his father, Christopher Lopez, to the police, informing them of his sons whereabouts.

McGillvery, 23, of Pioneer Drive, Sea Lots, escaped prison custody on Wednesday night, while receiving treatment at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope for injuries he sustained during a brawl at the prison.

Following his escape through a window at the hospital, the police issued a wanted bulletin for McGillvery, noting too that he was armed and dangerous.

Yesterday, however, McGillvery's father first sought to convince him to surrender, before he eventually called the police when it seemed his son had a change of heart.

Lopez's call to the police came after a fist fight between father and son around 5.30 p.m. at Pioneer Drive, which was witnessed by several residents and the Express.

Emotions ran high as father and son cussed and threatened to kill each other over McGillvery's decision not to surrender. They had to be separated by residents as the fight intensified.

Tears welled in McGillvery's eyes as he spoke about his daughter, whom he had not even told goodbye since being charged for murder.

"I can't do this, is best they come and kill me. I cannot provide for her while in jail. Who will care for her?" McGillvery said.

"Light me up? I always provided for you, I am trying to help you surrender to the police so you can live. Forget it then. You crossed the line by threatening me, I am calling the police to come for you now," Lopez said, as he pulled out his cellphone to call the police.
However, it was not until half an hour after Lopez placed the call that two police vehicles came into the area.

By that time, however, McGillvery had already been led through a track by friends.

Typical fuckin duncee head police response!

Lard he fadder gone to take ah rest and den he would make arrangements for his release after he get up. Yawn. Stretch!

Oh Gawd, tears well up in he eyes and he didnt get to tell his daughter goodbye. Oh fuck and who go take care of she?

Who taking care of Vindra children nigga? Who goin to rob, maim and kill Indian people so dat my lil nigglet could geh bling?

Fock dat yes, meh friends carry meh dong ah track!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bandits stalling construction

Friday, June 22 2007

HOUSING Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Wednesday said that building new housing developments in Morvant was difficult since contractors and their employees were fearing attacks by bandits.

He made this announcement during a handing over of keys ceremony for 60 families at Las Alturas, Lady Young Gardens in Morvant on Wednesday.

“We have a few parcels of land which we tried to initiate construction on as far back as 2003. When we went out for tenders we got not one single bid from any contractor. The reason being, contractors and their employees were afraid of what they would face in communities they were asked to work in,” Rowley said. He revealed that after some time had passed the contractor turned down the job because he was threatened by certain criminal elements who made demands on him forcing him to abandon the job so no houses were built.

“It is now 2007 and while we identified the lands in Morvant and Laventille which should have been built upon and which should have been occupied by families who are desperately in need, who are still on our database, we have not been able to build on those sites because small groups of miscreants have behaved in such a way to threaten the workers resulting in no work,” he explained.

He explained that finding land to build additional houses was “challenging” especially when these criminal elements were hindering projects. He further explained that Laventille/Morvant was the only part of the country, where in the face of a galloping housing programme, the Government has not been able to deliver because they have had to face that kind of obstruction by the criminals.

The minister pointed out that an army camp had to be set up near the Las Alturas housing development in order for work to be done.

What he didnt explain too is that these fuckin niggas bandits who livin in these areas do NOT pay their electricity bills, the fuckin T&TEC workers are afraid to go and cut the electricity from these niggas for non payment of their bills. The same applies to WASA and other utilities.

What he fail to realise too is that the PNM take these mudder cont criminals and call them communtiy leaders, give dem CEPEP contracts and supervisor wok in URP. All just for votes to win election and to go to the marginals and intimidate and harass innocent people from goin to vote.

So now nigga. Pay the price for your actions! Its the PNM that create these monsters!

13 Year Old Mother

A 13-YEAR-OLD girl has given birth to a baby at the San Fernando General Hospital. The baby girl was delivered on Saturday by Caesarean section, following the girl’s admission to the hospital ill with high blood pressure.

Because of her age, the Social Services were called in and police are said to be investigating the matter. After the girl was warded and treated for high blood pressure, doctors said they had to deliver the baby by C-section because of her (the mother) age and health and the size of the baby, which weighed eight pounds at birth. The girl’s mother has said that she did not know of her daughter’s condition until a doctor told her she was five and a half months pregnant. The girl is a Form One student and is determined to keep her baby and return to school in the next academic year.
The girl lives with her parents who said they would stand by her and accept responsibility for their care but would be grateful of any help. The family has an appointment to meet with officials of the Ministry of Social Services next month.
Yessss. This is what the PNM encourages. You may ask how but THINK!
Imagine Form One and she taking big 12" black nigga cock. What is worse the parents say dey goin to stick by her.
Ah wonder if dey know who d fadder is? Which nigga?
I leaving this one for Josey.
Check the Trini Outlaw.

Weeping Cop

About the crying cop:
A policeman for the past five years

He was assigned to Mon Repos Highway Patrol Unit

A POLICEMAN charged for shooting at his colleagues, a series of robberies, possession of marijuana, arms and ammunition has been denied bail.

Nigel Walker, 32, wept when he appeared in San Fernando First Magistrates' Court before Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington, who denied his request for bail.

A policeman for the past five years, Walker was assigned to Mon Repos Highway Patrol Unit at the time the offences were allegedly committed.

As he stood in the prisoners’ dock, tears streaming down his cheeks, Walker shook his head from side to side as Wellington read the 21 charges to him.

The offences are alleged to have occurred on June 16 and 17.

It is alleged that on June 16, during a high-speed chase on Southern Main Road in Marabella and Battoo Avenue, Walker shot at Cpls Dave Ramroop, Kishore Harrikisoon, Richard Smith, PCs Marlon Bruce, Marlon Mendoza, Lennard Charles, Brent Agostini, Andre Morris, Glen Singh Antonio Ramdeen, Khemraj Sahadeo, and WPC Ann Marie Edwards, with the intent of causing them grievous bodily harm.

It is also alleged that on that same day, Walker, armed with a firearm, together with a group of men, robbed Jason Charles of his wallet containing $1,000 at Southern Main Road, Marabella.
The men then headed to St James Street in San Fernando, where they allegedly robbed Radica Maharaj of her gold ring and gold chain valued at $500.

On June 17, at a house at Ixora Lane, Carapichaima, it is alleged that Walker was found with 24 rounds of .25 ammunition.

Walker was also slapped with a charge of wasteful employment of police time on June 17, when he allegedly walked into Mon Repos Police Station and reported that his silver B15 Nissan car was stolen. He also reported that the thieves made off with a pair of sneakers valued at $500 and his driver’s permit and identification card.

The charges were laid by Insp Stephen Maynard.

In his application for bail yesterday, attorney Patrick Godson-Phillip told Wellington that Walker had an unblemished record, and the court had the discretion to fix bail to fit the circumstance.

Unblemished my mudder cont!

What I want to know is how d fuck he get into the Police Service. But I know. They doh want Indian in there. Lets just take all the niggas we could get, their education is not important, background is unimportant nothing is important. As long as its a nigga.

They should shoot and kill the mudder cont who allow this fuckin maniac to become a Police officer.

Weeping asshole. When he was shooting at the 12 other officers ah wonder if he was weeping. When he rip off Radica gold chain and gold ring, ah wonder if the fucker was weeping. Oh dey teef he B15, he million dollar sneakers and fuckin gold teeth.

Lock the nigga up and throw way the key. Doh forget find out how he entered the Police Force and bull the person who allow him to legitimately rob fuckin Indian.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Privy Council rules against Govt

Privy Council rules against Govt
By RIA TAITT Thursday, June 21 2007

THE Privy Council yesterday ruled against Government and handed victory to the Opposition MPs, delivering judgment which recognised the constitutional right of an MP to be paid whether or not he/she takes the Oath of Allegiance.

The Privy Council also acknowledged the deservedness of the Opposition’s claim to be paid for work during the 18-18 parliamentary deadlock.

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, in “welcoming” the “landmark” judgment, said she was sure the UNC lawyers would be seeking “interest” on this “judgment debt” (ie salary plus interest).

“It should be something that should certainly be taken into account,” she said adding that with the current inflation the dollar value of monies earned in the 2002-2003, it would be a lot less now.

The judgment granted much better terms to the Opposition MPs than the Government’s offer of the Members of Parliament (Payment of Emolument) Bill which was tabled in the House last Friday and which granted backpay (minus interest) and which made no mention of legal costs.

Dumb fuckin ass niggas again nah!

Once again the niggas lost in Court!

Now the conts will have to take tax payers money to pay the Opposition MP's with interest. Tax payers money to pay legal fees and so on and so on. They shoulda make them pay the extras from dey own pockets and then yuh woulda see the difference.

Fockin PNM losers!

Ganga: No deal with PNM

Thursday, June 21 2007

CARONI EAST MP Ganga Singh yesterday dismissed claims from UNC Political Leader Basdeo Panday that he (Singh) had struck a deal with the PNM that would protect him from any criminal charge that might arise out of investigations into the Inncogen and Desalcott projects. Singh was Public Utilities Minister during the time of the controversial Innocogen deal and part of the time when the Desalcott agreement was reached under the former UNC government.

Speaking at a UNC meeting in Cunupia on Monday, Panday claimed his relationship with Singh deteriorated rapidly after Prime Minister Patrick Manning spoke of arrests being made in connection with the Inncogen and Desalcott projects.

Panday wondered if members of the Congress of the People (COP), which Singh joined last year after he resigned as Opposition Chief Whip, had colluded with the PNM to keep their MPs from going to jail.

Informed of Panday’s comments during yesterday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Singh said: “Mr Panday’s statement is false, untrue and unbecoming of a former Prime Minister.” He advised his former political leader and prime minister to “spend his (Panday) time and energy in the winter of his political years to deal with the plethora of legal and political problems facing him.”

But Bas know of this a long time. Why in the hell you think he would launch such a vitriolic against Bas in Parliment.

Now is Ganga who appoint this arrogant cont call Devanand Ramlal to head up T&TEC. Dev and Patos is real pardners. Ah hear is Devanand who cut the deal for Ganga after he rob the ole lady she land that TT Post headquarters on right now and turn round and sell it for a whoppin profit. Ganga make good money with the water meters too, ah hear he get $1.00 US for each meter that come into the country. Apart from that the deals he must have made wid the Desal & Inncogen plants.

So he have plenty cocoa in the sun and really cyah handle any heavy showers.

So who is the fuckin PNM B Team now?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PM sings T&T’s praises to Trinis in Washington

Port-of-Spain will soon be transformed to the most modern city in the Caribbean and the largest conference centre in the region, boasts Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

Manning told T&T nationals in Washington, while on his trip to the US, of the major construction projects in progress in Port-of-Spain and of the Government’s ability to “set the stage for a solid economic base and the building of a solid economic platform for unprecedented socio-economic development.”

He said: “We proceed inexorably to developed nation status by the year 2020.”
Manning boasted that T&T was the world’s largest exporter of methanol and ammonia, the sixth largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the world and the largest supplier of LNG to the US.

He was speaking at a function hosted by the T&T Embassy at the Inter-American Development Bank Headquarters in Washington DC.

Yes cont, yuh really take the cake. Yes fadder Trinidad will be transformed into the most modren city in the Caribbean that is goin to set ah stage for a solid economic base.

Yes cont, ah next 5 years of PNM rule will see niggas gnawing at the same big fuckin buildings, hanging around waiting to rob fuckin people. Because by that time if it aint have food to eat, the niggas will not be able to afford it.

This is typical nigga mentality. Have on a Nike shoe worth over a thousand dollars and begging for a $2.00 to buy sumtin to eat. Gold fuckin teeth and broken to teef. Brand name jockey shorts on dey head and beggin for a cigarette. Bling, looking nice and doh have one fuck to dey name.

Build skyline in tong and have nutten to eat.

Typical niggas. Typical!

McLeod renews unity call for labour

The trade union movement faces a new challenge to unite under the chairmanship of Errol McLeod, president general of the Oilfields Workers Trade Union.

At yesterday's Labour Day rally at Charlie King Junction, Fyzabad, McLeod, in his feature address said, "In the past, all utterances regarding unity were made with forked tongues, but this time I will use the office of president general of the OWTU to invite every union to come together to discuss unity in the trade union movement.''

McLeod said the attempt at unifying the unions will have no input from either of the two groups under which unions are currently affiliated - FITUN (Federation of Independent Trade Unions and Non governmental Organisations) or Natuc (National Trade Union Centre).

McLeod said he will be writing every union head within two days to come together in an effort to protect the sanctity of the free bargaining process.

In previous years, labour leaders were invited to discuss unity under the banner of FITUN, but this initiative was never successful.

In his call, McLeod said: "Together we can do something about the labour problems, so let us demonstrate that we can bring about unity''

Buh look at dis fucker nah!

Wa mudder cunt unity he talking bout. When the PNM was closing down Caroni and sending 9 fuckin thousand workers home, why d fuck he didnt call for unity? Where was the fuckin OWTU? Or is it that the ATSGWTU was fuckin Indian based ?

When the PNM niggas lick up Bwee and send home all the workers, why d fuck he didnt call for unity and why the mudder cunt OWTU didnt stand up for those workers?

When the dunces close down NBN, why the fuck he didnt call for unity and where was he and dat orangutan Jennifer Baptiste Primate?

The fuckin doctors of MPATT only want the right to represent themselves as a Union. Why d fuck all yuh doh tell Papa Bois in the interest of the Labour movement to grant them that right, or is it that Primate only want to collect for she self and get grant from Gov't.

Fuck you Mc Cleod and Prmiate. Dey should decimate all yuh mudder cont by now!

Jeremie: McNicolls' integrity still intact

Juhel Browne
Wednesday, June 20th 2007

Attorney General John Jeremie has said Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls's integrity remains intact despite his actions that led to the dismissal of criminal proceedings against suspended Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma.

Jeremie said this was the conclusion of the Court of Appeal and Prime Minister Patrick Manning would have taken this into consideration before deciding to advise President George Maxwell Richards to suspend Sharma last week.

"So his creditability emerged intact and I don't think that the Prime Minster would have acted without credible advice on the basis of what the Chief Magistrate did or did not do," he said.

Jeremie was responding to questions from reporters on the Sunday Express exclusive regarding the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC) decision to defer the question of suspending McNicolls, while a decision was still outstanding on the Piarco Airport enquiry.

Jeremie said, however, that McNicolls' decision not to allow himself to be cross-examined in criminal proceedings regarding his allegations against Sharma, has raised questions about what example this might be setting for witnesses in criminal cases.

"As a judicial officer, I think the argument is that he is called upon everyday to insist that people give evidence in matters and that there is the question of whether or not he is showing proper example to those persons that he insists should give evidence in matters," Jeremie said.

He noted that in its decision in the matter, the Court of Appeal did not question McNicolls's judicial character.

"His integrity and bonafides were left intact by the Court of Appeal. And they were left intact also by the prosecutor who adopted what some would say was an unusual course in not seeking to discredit him on the day that faithful events occurred."

This is the fuckin AG of Trinidad & Tobago who has never done a case before and has never been in front of a judge or a magistrate. Do you think we should really respect any fuckin opinion from this la basse nigga?

Maybe he should come on the blog and read the fuckin Ventour report which by the way was published in its entirety in last Sunday's Express. Read all the columns by the so called experts in the legal profesion and everybody saying the mudder cunt man guilty of misconduct and we now have this anus face AG saying this man "integrity still intact."

Wa d fuck is this ?

Cops in a bind

Fingerprint loophole in new Police Service Act
Hayden Mills
Wednesday, June 20th 2007

THE NEW Police Service Act omits the court's power to force people in police custody to give their fingerprints if they refuse to do so.

The "la cuna" (loophole), as Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Carla Brown-Antoine described it, has now left the State helpless with respect to two murder accused who are refusing to give their fingerprints.

And she said the situation has left her baffled since omission of such an "obvious" subsection raises the question if it was deliberate.

She described the omission as nonsensical and referred to the DNA Act which called for the taking of more "intrusive" substances such as saliva, tissue, semen and other body samples.
She asked if there would be problems for the police to obtain such samples if they were having trouble to get fingerprints under this new Act.

When the issue was brought to the attention of Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls on Monday at the Port of Spain Eighth Magistrates' Court, he too appeared surprised and said it was something magistrates "will have to look at".

Im just begininng to wonder if these are the same fuckin assholes that is drafting the new constitution. Ah mean how the fuck you could leave out something like that, unless off course as the article says it may have been done on purpose.

Once again the PNM niggas prove incompetent.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ACP: Violent crime unacceptable

ACP: Violent crime unacceptable
Tuesday, June 19 2007

Assistant Police Commissioner Gilbert Reyes yesterday admitted that the rate of violent crimes remained unacceptable, especially homicides.

Seven persons were killed over the weekend and the deaths of two others are yet to classified. Although ACP Reyes said the Port-of-Spain Division has experienced a 65 percent decrease in homicides for the year thus far, too many persons were still being killed.

Up until yesterday 22 persons were murdered in the Port-of-Spain Division, compared to 62 for the same period in 2006. ACP Reyes, who released the latest crime statistics at yesterday’s weekly media briefing at the Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain, said between January and June last year,102 persons were kidnapped compared with 80, so far this year. Kidnappings for ransom stood at five last year and five to date this year.

Last year, the police had 6,581 reports of serious crime, while 5,958 serious crimes have been reported so far this year. Assistant Police Commissioner Maurice Piggott,who also addressed the media conference, said that up until yesterday 131 persons were murdered.

Compared with the same period last year in which 186 persons were killed in violent circumstances. Up until yesterday, 14 persons were killed for the month.

During the same period last year 20 persons were murdered. Piggott expressed concern over the increase in murders in the North Eastern Division in which 37 persons have been killed for the year.

It take five (5) fockin years, 5 fockin years for these duncee head mudder cunt to realise this. Ah wonder how long it would take for dem to ketch these culprits.

Under the UNC the annual figures were not even as high as this. And all these mudder cont including the Minister of National Insecurity and he fuckin boss and dem big Police sawatees could say is that crime is on the decrease.

What ah bunchof illiterate fuckin niggas...

Just demonstrates that Indians CAN do a better job than Niggas.

SPORTT split on PM’s son

SPORTT split on PM’s son
By Irene Medina Tuesday, June 19 2007

Brian Manning’s $9M proposal for funding to run a professional basketball league has been handed to the Sports Ministry for final approval before it goes to Cabinet, which is headed by his father Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

But while the Sports Ministry’s Deputy Permanent Secretary Ashwyn Creed and chairman of the Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SPORTT) Gerard Ferreira confirmed that Brian Manning’s plan is one step closer to going before Cabinet, the situation has caused some dissension within SPORTT. Several SPORTT members want to know when did the SPORTT Board approve the Brian Manning plan.

Some officials told Newsday that the proposal was to have come before the Board last week, but the meeting was postponed to tomorrow.

But yesterday Creed confirmed that the proposal is already in the hands of the Sports Ministry for Cabinet to approve. “It has already been handed in to the Ministry”, but, he said, “there are certain areas that need to be revisited before any approach can be made to the Cabinet.”

Creed said once these areas are attended too the proposal will be sent to Cabinet. Newsday has learnt that a business plan which is supposed to accompany the proposal was not attached.

The issue of funding for the PM’s son’s basketball league was first raised about two weeks ago in the Senate, by UNC Senator Wade Mark. Ferreira at the time slammed Mark’s “irresponsible” statements, saying that no approval for funding had been given by the Board.

But yesterday Ferreira said there was no need for the Board to meet tomorrow, since the “SPORTT company had already approved the proposal in principle and sent it on to the Ministry.”

This is fuckin rampant nepotism. I honestly hope that if someone else wins the next election, dey charge and lock up all these teefin mudder cunt.

Niggas could only teef.

Suspend the Chief Magistrate

By NEWSDAY REPORTERS Tuesday, June 19 2007

KENNETH LALLA SC, former member of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission (JLSC) yesterday described the present Commission members as “confused” and said they were wrong not to have suspended Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls.

He criticised their reported decision to defer disciplinary action against Mc Nicolls on the grounds that suspension would do more harm than good and was not in the public interest.

Lalla, who is also a former chairman of both the Public Service and Police Service Commissions, said the reason given by the JLSC that the Chief Magistrate was involved in a number of important matters had no merit.

“Suppose the Chief Magistrate dies or decides to go on vacation, what happens to these matters? If he dies they will have to be restarted,” he said.

“If he goes on leave they will have to be postponed. But to suspend the Chief Justice and allow to preside in court, the Chief Magistrate who made serious allegations against the Chief Justice and then refused to be cross-examined, is not even-handed justice and adds to the view that the Judiciary is under siege,” he added.

Why these mudder cont doh follow the oleblagger. We said it before and dont need any experts to say....Suspend he mudder fuckin corrupt bias cont!

Help save my wife’s life

Lucy Valentine wanted to give her common-law husband Marlon Vincent a child.
While Valentine already has two children from a previous relationship, this baby would be Vincent’s first.

However, instead of bringing home a bouncing baby girl, Vincent’s baby daughter died after living less than 24 hours. She was born at seven months.

Valentine had an ectopic pregnancy and Vincent is blaming hospital officials for notaddressing the issue sooner.

“Lucy knew that she had an ectopic pregnancy, but the doctors never explained the gravity of the situation…the dangers involved.

“And even though she knew the baby was in her abdomen, she still chose to have our baby,” Vincent said tearfully.

He is now seeking the public’s help in sourcing 15 pints of blood to save his wife’s life as she lies in the Intensive Care Unit at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital.

Yes niggas, this is what happens when you support the PNM.

You see PNM supports crime and criminals mainly by givin dem URP bog wok, CEPEP Gangs and contracts to community leaders. The dumb assholes take the money and buy drugs and guns. Simple so far. Then they proceed to rob fuckin Indian people and sometimes in the process some of the cunts get shoot.

When they go in the hospital, de natty head fuckers does get all the Blood from the blood bank. When innocent people want blood there is NONE.

Apart from that you would notice in a previous article that the unmannerly fuckin nigga nurses give civic minded citizens ah hard time just to donate blood.

So its incompetent, nincompoop niggas at best.

Fuck dat, we go go in ah private nursing home. All niggas dead in the pubic hospitals.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Privy Council will decide for MPs

Privy Council will decide for MPs
Ramlogan: No out-of-court settlement ever made
Monday, June 18th 2007

There was never any question of an out-of-court settlement for those 18 Members of Parliament who were not paid their salaries when there was no functioning Parliament in 2002, an attorney representing the MPs has said.

Attorney Anand Ramlogan told the Express at the weekend that the MPs were still interested in pursuing their lawsuit claiming the unpaid salaries and allowances, and when the matter was argued before the Privy Council last month, there was never any question of the case being settled.

Ramlogan said it was therefore wrong for anyone to say that the lawsuit could be dropped, as judgment had already been reserved.

His statements followed a denial from Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar - herself one of the 18 MPs - that there was never any deal between the UNC and the PNM to agree to the Police Service Reform Bills in exchange for the year's worth of salaries and allowances.

She made the declaration in the House of Representatives last Friday, even as Ken Valley, Leader of Government Business, tabled a Bill which provided for the payment of the salaries to the 18 MPs.

Ketch the fuckin niggas lying again. Geezan ages! Lie lie lie.. Like Idi Amin brother (Idiot) teach valley and dem well.

Lying niggas!

MP hurt in Nigeria crash

MP hurt in Nigeria crash
Eye injury, cracked rib
Juhel Browne
Monday, June 18th 2007

Port of Spain South MP Eric Williams is now at home recovering from an injury to his right eye and a cracked rib he suffered in motor vehicle accident in Nigeria about three weeks ago.
Although, Williams said in an interview yesterday that he was suffering more from discomfort than pain, he will be undergoing surgery for the injury to his right eye.

"I have a cracked rib and also the bone at the base of the eye socket, they call it the orbit, of the right eye, they call it a blow out fracture. It's pretty much gone. They have to pretty much reconstruct it or put in a (metal) plate," he said.

"I could have lost the eye, I could have lost my life."

Williams said he is now suffers from double vision with his near vision but his sight is fine with far distances.

He said he realised that many people were questioning his absence from the Parliament and other functions, and decided to let the public know why.

Williams was absent from the two sittings of the House of Representatives last week including that which debated the Bail (Amendment) Bill on Friday.

Despite his present circumstances, Williams, whose voice conveyed his discomfort, was praising God that the entire incident was not worse.

He could fuckin see real good to collect brown bag by Smokey & Bunty full of cash from Dhansook though. The mudder cunt eye doh give no trouble for receiving corrupt cash.

And by the way, wa d fuck u gone Nigeria for. Every fuckin body looking to go to the States, Canada, England or some first world country u gone Africa.

Maybe he hiding some aa d bribe money over dey?

Spiritual Baptists ring bells for Achong

By Richardson Dhalai Monday, June 18 2007

Bells rang out and white candles, signifying angelic protection lit up the perimeter of the Point Fortin constituency office on Saturday night as Spiritual Baptists gathered to show support for Point Fortin MP Larry Achong.

The support was not only as he faces a magistrate in Point Fortin today on an obscene language charge, but to put their stamp on his selection as their choice of candidate for the forthcoming General Election.
Achong and his wife, San Fernando City Corporation CEO Marlene Coudray, sat in the front row under two large tents which were erected in the constituency’s Market Street compound as the Baptists sang and prayed for him.

Achong, who has been the PNM MP for Point Fortin for seven years, remains extremely popular in the constituency.

Out of 425 votes cast from nominees for this year’s Election, Achong received 400 votes.

Niggas eh, oh lard. The fuckin former industrial court judge, geh ketch red handed telling ah lil Indian gyul "FOCK YOU" and these nasty scum of the earth human cockroaches will have ah "Bells rang out and white candles, signifying angelic protection lighting up ee mudder cunt."

Before dey make he cunt spend ah 2 weeks taking some heavy black cock in Golden Grove, niggas invoking the spirit of the Lard on he. maybe he associated wid the Flamin Wood Ministry.

Now dey even had yag for he to go back up for election and u know he goin to win, because dat constituency only full ah niggas.

Niggas, niggas, niggas. Lard help we. Maybe Josey could give some advice.