Friday, June 15, 2007

Acting CJ named

PRESIDENT George Maxwell Richards yesterday brushed aside objections made by Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and appointed senior Appeal Court Judge Roger Hamel-Smith to perform the functions of Chief Justice.

Hamel-Smith received his instrument of appointment at President's House, in St Ann's, during a low-keyed ceremony and the media were not invited to the event.

Judiciary sources said that they hope Hamel-Smith's appointment will once again bring some calm to the administration of justice and help restore public confidence in the judicial system and re-open the doors for speedy negotiations with the Executive on several issues.

The President suspended Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma from office on Wednesday, based on Prime Minister Patrick Manning's recommendation.

No one was immediately appointed to fill the vacancy of the top judicial post, creating a scenario where for the first time in the country's history there was no sitting Chief Justice.

The situation affected the issuing of subpoenas from the criminal registry and other court orders which had to be delayed until the appointment of an acting Chief Justice, judiciary officials said yesterday.

Richards did not immediately appoint a replacement, the Express was told, because he wanted to first get the views of the Opposition Leader as required under the Constitution. Persad-Bissessar had previously objected to the President seeking her views over the telephone.

Section 103 of the Constitution requires the President to appoint an acting Chief Justice after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader.

Aint ah say yesterday that these fuckers wanted to appoint Roger real bad to act as the CJ!

Now we have to ask our selves the question. Why would this failing fuckin PNM Nigga mentality government would want to appoint Roger and get rid of Sat?

Well for starters dey ketch that ugly ass oman called Camille teefin via the credit card so the heat was too much. This action by Manning take the heat off she.

They figure out he son Brian in the teefin business as well. Basketball league, Neal & Massey and police vehicles and Street lighting programe. Take the heat off he!

Huda Ibrahim say the fucker lying and she could prove that she fadder know Manning and the neemakharam does eat by them after meetings plus she fadder spoke on the PNM platforms. Take the heat off he!

The health institutions of the country crumbling, people shitting and pissing all over the hospital floors, no accomodation for patients and Rahael posing wid he dotish mudder cunt self in full colour ads on the papers. Take the heat off he!

Sat Sharma would not be able to open the new law term that begins in September and so would not make any reference to the dictatorship executive trying to control the Judiciary. Remove fuckin he!

And finally, the corrupt gorillas going to engage in so much fraud in this upcoming election that when citizens take them to court dey fraid dey goin to be uncovered, so put ah white zombie who will put PNM judges to hear the cases and as such the dutty PNM will get away scotch free.

Fact is Manning hate what is happening in the JUdiciary, because the courts have higlighted what a dictator he can be overturning almost all decisions that he has made....

So Fuck Sat Roger Hamel Smith.

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Border Patrol said...

The whole plan is to get Panday out of the Political mix and they, the PNM and all the Port of Spain-centric homosexual types are pulling out all the stops.

Panday must Go!! and we will drag anyone through the Mud to get Panday. That for the PNM and their clear skinned unseen masters is JOB 1.