Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ganga: No deal with PNM

Thursday, June 21 2007

CARONI EAST MP Ganga Singh yesterday dismissed claims from UNC Political Leader Basdeo Panday that he (Singh) had struck a deal with the PNM that would protect him from any criminal charge that might arise out of investigations into the Inncogen and Desalcott projects. Singh was Public Utilities Minister during the time of the controversial Innocogen deal and part of the time when the Desalcott agreement was reached under the former UNC government.

Speaking at a UNC meeting in Cunupia on Monday, Panday claimed his relationship with Singh deteriorated rapidly after Prime Minister Patrick Manning spoke of arrests being made in connection with the Inncogen and Desalcott projects.

Panday wondered if members of the Congress of the People (COP), which Singh joined last year after he resigned as Opposition Chief Whip, had colluded with the PNM to keep their MPs from going to jail.

Informed of Panday’s comments during yesterday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Singh said: “Mr Panday’s statement is false, untrue and unbecoming of a former Prime Minister.” He advised his former political leader and prime minister to “spend his (Panday) time and energy in the winter of his political years to deal with the plethora of legal and political problems facing him.”

But Bas know of this a long time. Why in the hell you think he would launch such a vitriolic against Bas in Parliment.

Now is Ganga who appoint this arrogant cont call Devanand Ramlal to head up T&TEC. Dev and Patos is real pardners. Ah hear is Devanand who cut the deal for Ganga after he rob the ole lady she land that TT Post headquarters on right now and turn round and sell it for a whoppin profit. Ganga make good money with the water meters too, ah hear he get $1.00 US for each meter that come into the country. Apart from that the deals he must have made wid the Desal & Inncogen plants.

So he have plenty cocoa in the sun and really cyah handle any heavy showers.

So who is the fuckin PNM B Team now?

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Trindy said...

'Plethora of legal and political problems". Watch your tongue, Ganga and see if you din't bite it up trying to use big words (wot you don't understand) like a white man. The boo boo man manhandling allyuh ass and is fraid allyuh fraid to confront him.