Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lawyer knocks letter to Prez

Wednesday, June 27 2007

“NO ONE must give the President of the Republic an ultimatum,” Senior Counsel Hendrickson Seunath said yesterday, referring to attorney Cindy Bhagwandeen’s letter to President Maxwell Richards, which the President viewed as “disrespectful in the extreme.”

Seunath said people ought to show more respect for the office of the President. Bhagwandeen, a junior attorney in the law chambers of Anand Ramlogan, signed a letter which questioned Richards’ suspension of Chief Justice Sat Sharma when a tribunal was yet to be appointed to hold an enquiry into alleged wrong doing.

President Richards in his reply, described the tone and content of Bhagwandeen’s letter as disrespectful. Seunath, who is president of the Assembly of Southern Lawyers, commented that Bhagwandeen’s letter could have been worded differently in her quest for the President’s explanation on the matter.

“I would not have done what the junior lawyer did. We ought to show more respect to the President of the country. Even if there is some ground to make such a request, it could have been done a different way. It is clear the President took offence,” Seunath told Newsday.

The President, the senior counsel added, does not exercise his constitutional functions in many instances, except on the advice of the Prime Minister. Since he did not act on his own in the removal of CJ Sharma, Seunath said, “The whole thing is the manner in which you treat with the Head of State.”

Asked his view on the matter, former Speaker of the House of Representative Nizam Mohammed, said the issue was not whether or not Bhagwandeen was disrespectful. “That is a side issue,” Mohammed said, “because most people feel that the suspension of the CJ was premature.”

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