Monday, June 25, 2007

Dookeran’s COP fights alone

Monday, June 25 2007

THE Congress of the People (COP) has completed screening of candidates for all 41 constituencies up for grabs in this year’s General Election and will meet at its Gaston Court, Chaguanas headquarters Wednesday to determine the composition of its national slate of candidates.

This was the word yesterday from COP chairman Roy Augustus who reiterated that there will be no UNC-COP alliance to contest the upcoming polls.

Augustus told Newsday the party screened candidates and the only certain candidate is COP Political Leader Winston Dookeran for St Augustine. He said COP MPs Ganga Singh, Gillian Lucky and Manohar Ramsaran “are in the mix” of candidates currently being considered. Incumbent St Joseph MP Gerald Yetming has said he will not be facing the polls this year and will be coordinating COP’s election machinery from the sidelines.

Augustus said although the party has already screened potential election candidates and it was possible for other persons to be considered if the ones screened do not meet necessary requirements, to face the polls. He described the COP’s election preparations as proceeding “very serenely” to date.

Augustus dismissed claims from Fyzabad MP Chandresh Sharma that he and Yetming were the “obstacles” to a UNC-COP alliance to challenge the ruling PNM in the General Elections.

Augustus said Sharma had no idea what he was talking about and there was no UNC-COP alliance on the cards at all. He explained that while COP opened its doors to all persons and groups interested in uniting for the common good of the country, this was not the kind of unity the UNC wanted.

The COP chairman said the unity which the UNC wanted was “unity on their own terms of leadership” and this was not what the country needed at this time.

Look how this party fuck up eh! First dey like to talk about "new politics" and democracy, yet the fuckin big boys pick dey own executive. Nobody vote for dem!

And who screening the candidates? How come Roy Augustus is the spokesman for the COP? Who actually goin to sit down and select the candidates?

Is this the new politics?

Only fockin bad mouthing the UNC from which all of dem came.

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