Wednesday, June 27, 2007

$16,000 salary for PM’s son

$16,000 salary for PM’s son
Wednesday, June 27 2007

THE CONTROVERSIAL National Professional Basketball League headed by Brian Manning — son of Prime Minister Patrick Manning — seems set to proceed as planned with full approval for State funding expected anytime soon.

As such, ten teams including one from the sister Isle, have already been drafted to compete after the grand opening of the league on September 1. The league’s Bye Laws and Operations Guidelines, a copy of which was sent to Newsday, reveals that Manning (B) will be paid a monthly salary of $16,000 in his capacity as league commissioner.

At a press conference yesterday at the VIP Lounge of the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Manning (B) revealed his application is still undergoing final inspection from the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SPORTT) before money is handed over for the September 1 start of the league.

June Rogers — vice president of Communications and Marketing at the National Basketball Federation made it clear the league has received its approval for the specified three-month duration.

She told Newsday the federation sees the competition as necessary since it focuses on growth and development of the sport. However she was quick to add that the matter surrounding the sponsorship of the tournament was solely in the hands of the organisation and proper procedure was followed.

Manning is expected to received a whopping $3 million each year for the next three years to stage the competition — which will carry a winner’s cheque of $100,000 and a runner-up prize of $75,000.

The third and fourth placed teams will each walk away with $20,000 while special cash prizes will be given for MVP of league and play-offs. Monetary incentives will also be given for most disciplined team, scoring champ, rebounds and assists. In addition each team will receive a monthly fee of $34, 000 which will cover salaries for managers, coaches and players.

The league Bye Laws and Operations Guidelines gave a breakdown of the competition which shows the deputy commissioner/secretary Albert Lee Young will be paid $10,000 monthly while the office manager will receive $7,500 and the Administrative Assistant - $4,500.

The league was mired in controversy when UNC Senator Wade Mark described funding for the league as a conflict of interest.

Brian Manning has applied for $9M in funding to run the league. Manning (B) described recent media reports about his league as inaccurate and stressed that in the interest of transparency and accountability there was a need to give an update on his application following consideration by the Sport Company, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and other relevant authorities.

He said his association is a non-governmental organisation which, for the first time in TT, will look after both the development and marketing of local basketball talent. Manning noted that the competition will create job opportunities for 200 young men and women.

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