Monday, June 11, 2007

Imbert: Possible political link in computer theft

THE Ministry of National Security will be called in as part of Government's investigation into the theft of a computer from the Airports Authority, Works and Transport, Minister Colm Imbert said yesterday.

The computer, containing classified financial and accounting data, including information on contracts awarded for the new Piarco Airport terminal, was stolen by a former high-level employee in the Authority's finance department.

Yesterday, Imbert said that he would be contacting the Ministry of National Security to get more detailed information on the theft and a report on the actual police investigation.

You know I really doh understand these people in the PNM nah! Who the mudder cunt in dey right mind going to steal ah WHOLE computer. If this is some big oman, she should at least know how to fuck up a computer. Just format the fuckin hard drive and bingo everything gone. Or at least just take out the fuckin hard drive, close up the case and yuh good to go. The duncee head niggas the PNM does put to work in these places wouldnt even notice the hard drive missing from the tower.

Now the big question is. In whose interest should the computer information be destroyed most of all ? The UNC, the PNM or dead ass COrPse?

The PNM only flinging ah set ah ole charge to tarnish the image and reputation of the UNC when in government. You see dey performed, gave people goods and services without the increase in the cost of living. The fuckin waster time PNM ole niggas cyah do that. So, dey charge people left right and center. Tell dey duncee mudder cunt supporters they corrupted and they believe the biggest liar it have in Politics (Manning).

Fuck dat yes, the PNM teefin out everything and we not getting nada in return. At least if the UNC teef, we had goods and services. And we didnt have to live by looking over we back after 6 in the evening. Well it reach 24hours now.

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