Monday, June 25, 2007

Police welfare body selecting leaders today


The new executive of the Police Social and Welfare Association will be decided today, as more than 7,000 police officers are expected to cast their votes.

Incumbent Cpl Cedric Neptune, who has headed the association for the past three years, has expressed his eagerness to assume again the role of president.

The three teams vying for victory are Neptune’s party, under the banner “Motivated Dedicated Performers,” The BOLD (Builders, Organisers, Legislators and Defenders) Team, headed by Cpl Neal Rawlins, and Get In Dis CAMP team, under the stewardship of Cpl Emrol Bruce.

Feedback from some police officers last week said they were impressed by the campaigning strategies of all candidates.

The race leading to the election has not only been costly, but has also taken the three teams to far-flung areas, including the Deep South and Tobago.

Similar to T&T’s general election due this year, campaigning for the police vote has been a round-the-clock affair.

Candidates were, up to late last evening, visiting their colleagues in various stations, coaxing them to cast their ballots.

The BOLD Team has even distributed DVDs to their colleagues highlighting the group’s objectives.

Each team, however, expressed confidence.

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skeptic said...


So a second blog spring up.

Mark Jennings father give he permission? rofl

On to the article.

Why are these officers gallivanting to Tobago, down South etc on work time?

It is funny, when you get burgled they have no cars.

So how when "In De CAMP" giving out free rum and roti at a campaign event, they find a way to get there. If they have to borrow squad car, take maxi, taxi or donkey cart, they find a way.

"Motivated Dedicated Performers" indeed!