Saturday, June 23, 2007


Murder accused Steve McGillvery continued to elude capture yesterday, despite calls made by his father, Christopher Lopez, to the police, informing them of his sons whereabouts.

McGillvery, 23, of Pioneer Drive, Sea Lots, escaped prison custody on Wednesday night, while receiving treatment at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope for injuries he sustained during a brawl at the prison.

Following his escape through a window at the hospital, the police issued a wanted bulletin for McGillvery, noting too that he was armed and dangerous.

Yesterday, however, McGillvery's father first sought to convince him to surrender, before he eventually called the police when it seemed his son had a change of heart.

Lopez's call to the police came after a fist fight between father and son around 5.30 p.m. at Pioneer Drive, which was witnessed by several residents and the Express.

Emotions ran high as father and son cussed and threatened to kill each other over McGillvery's decision not to surrender. They had to be separated by residents as the fight intensified.

Tears welled in McGillvery's eyes as he spoke about his daughter, whom he had not even told goodbye since being charged for murder.

"I can't do this, is best they come and kill me. I cannot provide for her while in jail. Who will care for her?" McGillvery said.

"Light me up? I always provided for you, I am trying to help you surrender to the police so you can live. Forget it then. You crossed the line by threatening me, I am calling the police to come for you now," Lopez said, as he pulled out his cellphone to call the police.
However, it was not until half an hour after Lopez placed the call that two police vehicles came into the area.

By that time, however, McGillvery had already been led through a track by friends.

Typical fuckin duncee head police response!

Lard he fadder gone to take ah rest and den he would make arrangements for his release after he get up. Yawn. Stretch!

Oh Gawd, tears well up in he eyes and he didnt get to tell his daughter goodbye. Oh fuck and who go take care of she?

Who taking care of Vindra children nigga? Who goin to rob, maim and kill Indian people so dat my lil nigglet could geh bling?

Fock dat yes, meh friends carry meh dong ah track!


Trindy said...

The person who write the story was dey to witness this:
"Tears welled in McGillvery's eyes as he spoke about his daughter, whom he had not even told goodbye since being charged for murder."

You sure you wasn't one of the people who help the killer dissapear through some track?
I cyan't believe you was on the scene while this thing was playing out for hours.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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