Sunday, June 10, 2007


By IRENE MEDINA Sunday, June 10 2007

There may be only three main political parties contesting the 2007 General Elections — the People’s National Movement, the United National Congress (UNC) and the Congress of the People (COP) but according to the Elections and Boundaries Commission, (EBC), as many as 45 parties have registered their symbols with the Commission.

Parties like the Organisation for National Reconstruction (ONR) and its Steel Beam logo, which went on to form part of the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) and the Tobago Fargo House Movement are now defunct, while newcomers like Hulsie Bhaggan’s Movement for Unity and Progress (MUP), and Lincoln Mayer’s One Accord continue to stay the course, either by forming alliances or working at the grassroots level.

Bhaggan a former MP said “most of the MUP members have joined the Congress of the People.”

She is co-ordinator of the Couva North Constituency, which is held by UNC political leader Basdeo Panday and she is on the COP’s campaign, strategy and screening committees.

Why these dead and half dead assholes doh find something better to do wid their lives. Hulsie is ah loose canon who have a beef with Panday ever since he kick she ass out of the party. I doh know who fool she and tell she she could take over the party from Panday when the man in he prime. She set up dem ole hoe and them to say d man wanted ah bull. Geez man.

Licoln Mayers should stay up in Gran Couva and leh somebody kill he maid or bull she or something like that. Who d fuck want to follow an arrogant cyat like that. He still feel that these days like the days of the NAR. He done mudder cunt handicap awready.

Well doh talk for people like Ishmael Samad (it look like all people wid d name Ishmael kinda off dey rockers) is he an placard forever. Garvin Nicholas and Carson Charles and rest of them should organise an orgy along wid Hulsie and Lincoln and just start bulling one another. Because that is what dey goin to do to we.

If anybody have sense is to join the UNC and fuck the rest. They not goin to win anything and at least we have ah good chance if everybody throw dey weight behind that party. Nobody else cyah win anything, unless u want back the PNM and take toti in u cunt for the next 5 years.

You daughter go get bull in school, you wouldnt geh no water, they go ration electricity jus now, when you buy two hops bread you salary done, you done cyah get ah fuckin panadol in the moder cunt hospital, somebody go kidnap u mudder cunt or teef u asss out and whatever whatever under this nigga run govt.

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Border Patrol said...

Boy! yuh last paragraf dey sung like Zimbabwe. Maybe we go be Trinbabwe & Tobabwe.