Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday 10th June, 2007

Cops probe mystery of missing barriers

The concrete barriers near Gulf City Shopping Complex, into which three young women crashed and died on Friday, were removed early yesterday morning.
Police investigators said they received reports yesterday that several of the concrete barriers had been removed from the scene.
Placement of the barriers, used to divide the South Trunk Road and an access road to the newly-opened RBTT Bank in Gulf View, was not authorised, police said.
These barriers were placed around May 11, when the new RBTT branch was opened by Energy Minister Conrad Enill.
Police has since launched a probe to determine why the barriers had been placed on the site and by whom, as well as to find out who had subsequently removed them.
Interviews are expected to be conducted with both the owners of the mall and the executives of RBTT. If it is found that the law was broken, investigators said charges of negligence could be laid.

Wey d mudder cunt is this. I didnt know RBTT and Mall owners does place barriers on the fuckin road. I sure dem mudder cunt puh dem barriers for Connie Enill to scream thru wid he Beemer to open the RBTT.

And off course the fuckers who put dem forget to move dem. Is either the Ministry of Works or the fuckin Police.

Who dem foolin?

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