Friday, June 22, 2007

13 Year Old Mother

A 13-YEAR-OLD girl has given birth to a baby at the San Fernando General Hospital. The baby girl was delivered on Saturday by Caesarean section, following the girl’s admission to the hospital ill with high blood pressure.

Because of her age, the Social Services were called in and police are said to be investigating the matter. After the girl was warded and treated for high blood pressure, doctors said they had to deliver the baby by C-section because of her (the mother) age and health and the size of the baby, which weighed eight pounds at birth. The girl’s mother has said that she did not know of her daughter’s condition until a doctor told her she was five and a half months pregnant. The girl is a Form One student and is determined to keep her baby and return to school in the next academic year.
The girl lives with her parents who said they would stand by her and accept responsibility for their care but would be grateful of any help. The family has an appointment to meet with officials of the Ministry of Social Services next month.
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