Saturday, September 29, 2007

PNM candidate charged with fraud

By FRANCIS JOSEPH Saturday, September 29 2007

CHARGED: Rose Howai, the PNM's candidate for Arouca/Maloney, at Balisier House on September 13 after she was screened and chosen. She has been charged...

A 31-year-old woman who was chosen as the candidate for the People’s National Movement (PNM) for Arouca/Maloney in the November 5 general election, has been slapped with five counts of fraud.

Rose Howai, of Avella Court, Smart Street, St Augustine, appeared before Magistrate Ejenny Espinet in the Port-of-Spain First Magistrate’s Court to answer the charges in which it is alleged that she defrauded five persons of $733,020.

Howai was screened by the PNM at Balisier House on September 13 and got the nod of approval from the Screening Committee and Prime Minister Patrick Manning. She was screened with two other persons, Denise Lewis and Patrick Rousseau for the seat.

Having been selected, Howai replaced Planning and Development Minister Camille Robinson- Regis for the constituency, which was previously known as Arouca South. With the laying of the charges against the chosen candidate, the PNM would now be seeking a new candidate in time for the elections in five weeks’ time.

Newsday learnt that investigations were being conducted into the alleged fraud involving Howai. But after she was successfully screened, Special Branch informed the Fraud Squad that the candidate was about to contest the general elections. Investigators completed their enquiries and on Thursday, they arrested Howai and took her to the Fraud Squad offices in Port-of-Spain.

She was slapped with the five charges and remanded in custody to appear in court yesterday.

She was taken to the Four Roads Police Station for safe-keeping. But she was bailed in the sum of $300,000 on Thursday night and released. Yesterday, Howai appeared in court wearing a dark-coloured suit and surrounded by members of her family. She was represented in court by Kenneth Munroe-Brown.

Oh gawd oye. They should make Rosy the fockin political leader of the PNM. Rosy eh even reach fockin parliment and she done start already. You could well imagine if Rosy get ah cabinet position. She will make Frankie and Rowley look like dunce.

Typical PNM nigga, practice first in the private sector and coming to rein the blows now on the treasury.

Ah bet all yuh if the PNM win the election, Rosy will get ah big post somewey. Keep all yuh eye out.

Sat sends election warning to PM

Carolyn Kissoon South Bureau
Saturday, September 29th 2007

The last time Prime Minister Patrick Manning called a general election before an East Indian festival, he lost to the opposition party, Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha secretary general Satnarine Maharaj warned yesterday.

"I hope the Prime Minister calculated his date correctly, because in 1995 when he called the election before the 150th arrival day of East Indians, the effect was that he lost to an opposition which is made up of predominantly East Indians," the leader of the country's largest Hindu organisation said yesterday.

Maharaj said a general election being held five days before Divali made no difference to the Hindu community.

"The celebrations will go on," he said.

The election date is November 5. The Divali public holiday is November 9.

However, Maharaj said he felt the election was long overdue.

"Elections were supposed to be held last year or the year before, because the country is deteriorating. The cost of living in this country is too high and crime, along with all its violence, is escalating. There is racial and religious division in the country and corruption surrounds us," he said.

Maharaj said with a new Constitution, there should be a fixed date for the next general election.

"I hope there is a fixed date instead of having to await the fantasy of a man who puts his hand in his back pocket," he said in reference to Manning's contention on the campaign trail recently, that he had the election date in his back pocket, but had not yet received the correct vibes to announce it.

Yeah Sat you tell it to him man. You know him better than plenty ah we, you workin with him so long and the SDMS collecting money from them so long. I think you should know better than we.

One thing doh Sat. STOP fockin blackmailing the fockin teachers and pundits in the SDMS to support fockin Dookeran. It is not ah nice thing to do to people and they will not forget you for it.

Allow those in your organisation the freedom of choice. It will come back and haunt you.

Mark my words.


PM reveals election date at last
Juhel Browne

Prime Minister Patrick Manning says he did not intend to cause any insult to the Hindu community when he announced yesterday that the general election would be held on November 5, just five days before the Divali public holiday.

Election Day is being held during the fasting period that is part of the lead up to the Hindu religious festival .

Acting on Manning's advice, President George Maxwell Richards ordered that the Parliament be dissolved at midnight last night, in accordance with the Constitution, which officially cleared the way for the long-awaited announcement of the date of the general election.

As the nation waited yesterday to see whether Manning would finally call the election date or wait to do so at a later date, he rose to his feet at around 2 .25 pm in the Parliament Chamber and put an end to the long-standing speculation.

"Mr Speaker, I would just like to state for the benefit of our honourable members and the national community, that I have today advised the President to dissolve Parliament with effect from midnight tonight. general elections will be held in Trinidad and Tobago on Monday, November the fifth, and Nomination Day is Monday, October 22," Manning said.

Soon after he left the Parliament Chamber and returned just before the entire Parliament was adjourned "sine die" at 2.55 pm by House Speaker Barendra Sinanan which confirmed the Parliament's dissolution.

Manning later told reporters that his decision for November 5 was not made as a reaction to any existing political issues in the country or his party.

"That date incidentally had been determined a long time ago. Long time ago. I was working towards, well, in accordance with a schedule and that date was not a date that is just so but that date had been determined a long time ago," Manning said.

Asked why he had not announced the date for the general election sooner since he had made his decision on it "a long time ago", Manning said the law give him as Prime Minister 'a minimum of 35 days" requisite notice to the Elections and Boundaries Commission.

"And I made the announcement on the last opportunity that I had to do it in the Parliament," he added.

He later told reporters after the dissolution of the Parliament that the decision on the election date was not meant to be affront to the Hindu community.

"No. No. By no means. That was never the intention. There are some who felt that it shouldn't be held on Divali Day, it would be all right to be held at the time when the fasting is on," Manning said.

He indicated that others did not support that view as he said there were "different views on the matter" but asserted he did not believe the election date would turn off any supporters the PNM may have within the Hindu community.

The Parliament was scheduled to be prorogued by midnight yesterday as this marked the end of the 12 month term of its Fifth Session but the deadline for the dissolution was midnight October 16.

The Eighth Parliament began sittings on October 17, 2002 and the general election was constitutionally due this year as it marked the fifth year it had been in operation.

It aint ha no nigga that could lie like this fockin one.

I know he woulda fockin announce the date somewhere inside the Divali season. Manning is advised by fockin people who have they disgust for Hindu people. They no when it comes to Hindu celebrations and periods of spirituality that Hindu people doh make joke. They fock well know that religion is most important to Hindus and as such they will be distracted for elections.

I hope that all the brothers and sisters take note of this fockin sinister move by the PM and vote all dem fockin niggas out in this election.

And fockin pretty please. Fock Dookeran to the cross, we doh want to see he after this election.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Enill: Customs House now costs $119 million

There has been a $5 million cost overrun on construction of the Government’s new Customs House and the project has been delayed by over a year, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Conrad Enill confirmed yesterday.

Enill was replying in the Senate to an Opposition question on the issue.

He said the project was initially estimated to cost $114 million. The new estimated cost was $119 million, he said.

It was also expected to have been completed by March 2006. However, Enill said delays caused by ground conditions and changes in aesthetics of the building had delayed completion.
Enill said the Government had been in talks with contractors—NH International—to have the project completed by December 31, 2007. (GA)

If you read the fockin post below you will see what Im talking about. The PNM continuing wid fockery and we studying to fight one another. Coolie fockin people so dotish eh.

Look some big PNM sawatee musbe pocketing ah extra 5 mill, with about half goin back to Balisier House to finance the next campaign.


September 25, 2007.

The United National Congress Alliance soundly condemns the suborning of taxpayer-owned resources for the general election campaign of the People's National Movement.

On behalf of civil society, the UNC-Alliance voices its outrage and disgust at the blatant and widespread use of State-owned material for politically partisan gain.

At public meetings of the PNM, including at Sangre Grande and Couva, the PNM utilised PTSC and Tourism Development Corporation buses to transport people from far-off areas. In addition, maxi taxis used for similar purposes were paid from funds of the Unemployment Relief Programme.

Employees of TTEC are being made to hang buntings and other election paraphernalia, while workers of several Government ministries, agencies and quasi-Government bodies are routinely instructed to undertake duties aimed at the political advancement of the PNM.

Contractors and workers of CEPEP are involved in on-going electioneering on the PNM's behalf, while being funded by taxpayers. In light of the manifest and palpable politicisation of CEPEP, the UNC Alliance anticipates that those resources would be exploited on Election Day, both as party machinery and as muscle to hound and harass supporters of rival parties.

The unconcealed politicking on behalf of the PNM compounds the dishonest utilisation of taxpayer-owned resources by Government ministries and agencies. This is evident by costly media advertising campaigns that unashamedly promote and propagate the PNM.

The timely public relations blitz is designed to brazenly suggest that whatever was accomplished by those ministries and agencies were the result of PNM politicians and not the product of commitment and hard work by public servants and other devoted employees.

The UNC-Alliance calls upon independent and influential voices and institutions in the society, including the Transparency Institute and Inter-Religious Organisation, to speak out against the evil corruption of national resources for the political enrichment of a failed and incompetent regime.

Now did we expect any fockin thing better. This is how the fockin PNM operates and particularly at this time when dem fockin asshole COPpers not responding to calls for unity, every one is distracted and not paying attention to what the PNM is doin.

It is goin to get fockin worse.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Massive’ to donate partial winnings

Guardian Central Bureau

THE 2007 CHUTNEY Monarch Nirmal “Massive” Gosein has said he plans to donate part of his winnings to charity in the name of Jesus.

Gosein copped the crown and the $150,000 purse on Saturday night at the finals of the competition at Guaracara Park, Point-a-Pierre, singing Wave Your Balisier.

Gosein, a devout Christian, who attends the Marabella Open Bible Church, told the Guardian: “I was sick on Friday night, roasting with fever, and I felt that I did not have the strength to go to the show and I prayed.

“Jesus my saviour gave me that strength to rise beyond sickness and perform.

“I plan to give a substantial portion of that prize money to charity in the name of the Lord.”
Massive said he hopes to get the prize cheque before the upcoming general election. He said some of the winnings would also be pumped into the development of his five-year old Chutney-Calypso tent which gives free shows to the public annually.

Massive, who sang in the seventh spot, said he does not believe in luck but faith.

The entertainer said his song tells of the struggle and pressure he faced to get sponsorship from the United National Congress (UNC) while the party was in and out of government.

He said: “I am telling, through lyrics, the struggle I had as an artiste from the UNC as government and as a party who failed to recognise culture as an important force in uniting a nation. Culture is one area where they (the UNC) have failed miserably.”

Massive you is ah real bigo dog. Yuh sell out all yuh brothers and sisters for ah mess of pottage.

Indian people will have the fockin opportunity one day to spit or shit on immoral fockin humans like you and all all yuh fockers who selling out all yuh souls to fockin horse face Joan Yuille Williams.

People like you, Heeralal Rampartap, Rickki Jai, Edward Ramdass, Falco, The Shiv Shakti Dancers, Falco and not forgetting that neemakharam Hansraj Ramkissoon. All yuh feel niggas does support all yuh and listen to all yuh songs. They have they fockin ole niggas calysonian to follow. You think dey does listen to the fockin shit with Standard One lyrics all yuh does be puttin down on people.

One fockin day or maybe even today all yuh go have to fall back on Indian people for support and they should fock all yuh to the cross. I hope dey do, just like they did to Sundar Popo.

Ungrateful mudders conts.

'Express' employee drowns at Mayaro

South Bureau Monday,
September 24th 2007

KITANO Auguste, a 23-year-old employee of the Express newspaper, drowned at Mayaro yesterday.

Auguste, a newspaper dispatcher who worked on Saturday night, went to spend the weekend with friends at Mayaro. He was with a party of friends, celebrating the birthday of one of his colleagues from the electronic media.

They went into the sea around 9.30 a.m. yesterday. Police reports stated that Auguste, of Cane Farm Road, Trincity, complained of a headache while in the water. He came out of the water but eventually went back in. His friends decided to get out of the water because of the strong current.

When they arrived on shore, Auguste was not around. His body was discovered by divers around 12.30 p.m. yesterday.

Auguste, who has been working with the Express newspapers for two years, was described by his manager Robert Moore as "a very quiet guy".

A post mortem examination will be conducted tomorrow.

Mayaro Police are investigating the incident.

Now this have to be ah nigga from the Express.

I does always say nigga could only run around in the jungle wid fockin spear in dey mudder cont hand. Who tell niggas they could swim. You ever see any successful niggas in the Olympics swimming. All dey good for is athletics and to coach real simple. Just tell the conts after that 100 meters it have ah zaboca tree full. When the coach looking for a new record, he does tell them it have brand new sneakers to teef.

Anyhow the express blight wid dey PNM propoganda.

DNA has plan to stop Manning

...wants deal with UNC, COP
Kimberly Castillo

THE Democratic National Assembly (DNA) is proposing an electoral arrangement between the DNA /UNC Alliance and the Congress of the People to ensure that the People's National Movement does not win 28 seats in the upcoming general elections.

Political Leader (Trinidad) of the DNA, Dr Kirk Meighoo, made the disclosure last evening at the unveiling of the DNA agenda and campaign strategy at Angostura House in Laventille yesterday.

"Trinidad and Tobago is in great danger. The threat we face is the Manning-Clarke Constitution which will make Patrick Manning Executive President with the power to decide everything," Meighoo said.

"The DNA will contest 14 seats.

The UNC Alliance and COP can arrange the other 27 seats, so that we focus all our campaign resources and energy against the PNM. This is the only option to prevent Patrick Manning from winning 28 seats and imposing his executive president dictatorship."

He said that should the UNC Alliance unite with the COP without the DNA, it would lack national credibility and they would only win 15 seats.

Meighoo said a minimum wage of $20 per person, removal of all VAT and a $2500 pension for senior citizens are all part of the DNA's manifesto commitments.

Political Leader (Tobago) of the DNA, Collin C Coker, added that the main goal of the DNA was to liberate Tobago.

"Tobago is still suffering inequity such as below basic health care, the cost of living is 20 per cent higher there than it is in Trinidad, and Tobagonians are totally dependent upon the Tobago House of Assembly," Coker said.

He said the party proposes that there be a Prime Minister of Trinidad and a Prime Minister in Tobago, to ensure that all commitments to Tobagonians are fulfilled.

Coker said the DNA will launch its constituency office in Tobago west on September 29.

What total fockery I does be hearing sometimes boy.

This focking idiot doh even have 10 people following he but he want to cut deal with the UNC and the COP. Well nutten wrong wid that. Buh when yuh want to demand 14 seat, yuh trying to feel yuh smart.

But yuh is ah big cont Meighoo. Nobody will listen to you. You must have support to make fockin demands cont.

14 seat my mudder cont. So wait nah, Cadiz could demand a lil 10, Alvarez ah lil 10 and just leave the UNC and COP wid 7 to share up.

Boy look do like them minions and just join the fockin Alliance nah. Maybe they'll contemplate givin yuh ah position and stop playing up in yuh cacahole.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dookeran: Country in trouble if PNM wins

Monday, September 24th 2007

Congress of the People political leader Winston Dookeran has said if the PNM is returned to power, the country may be faced with a constitution made to order for an Executive President.

In his Republic Day message, Dookeran said on this 31st anniversary of the republic, constitutional change is generally considered a must have.

The critical outcomes of constitutional change should be enhanced entitlements for the citizens, and the protection of those rights.

"A new constitution for Trinidad and Tobago should therefore reinforce individual rights, protect the supremacy of Parliament, ensure the separation of powers, strengthen our democratic policies, improve the administration of justice, uphold the equality of opportunity and generally share in a vision of safety, peace and harmony for all in our society.

A constitution will serve our country best only if the people are involved in the process from which it emerges," he said.

He also delivered a warning.
"Should this government be returned to office, the country might well be faced with a constitution commissioned by and made to order for a prime minister who has already constructed a Presidential Complex for an Executive President, i.e. himself," Dookeran said.

"This prime minister has shown scant regard for Parliament; for process and protocol, and for the Constitution, according to a series of Privy Council judgments."

Trinidad and Tobago must be mindful of these harsh realities, "as we approach the moment of decision on the future governance of our republic", he added.

"We are faced with a leader who concludes every political rally with the declaration that his party is all powerful, and will be dominant over all groups in our society. Think about that consequence," Dookeran said.

This fockin pussy understands all this, yet still he is prepared to divide the opposing electorate.

Every body in Trinidad, Toabgo and Trinis all over the world understand one thing. If the opposing forces dont unite, they will clear the way for the PNM to win a constitutional majority.

Everybody except cont for General Election 2007 Winston Dookeran and the fockin lunatics in the half fockin dead COrPse.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hart accuses PNM of discrimination

Saturday, September 22 2007

Tunapuna MP Eddie Hart yesterday hit out at the PNM’s decision to not allow him to go up for reelection because of his age.

Hart, 70, was rejected by the Screening Committee as the candidate for the seat he has held for the past term, and has sent the constituency executive to search for other nominees. His age surfaced as a factor in his eligibility after the results of the controversial Bill Johnson performance poll on MPs.

Hart yesterday said the party should not engage in “age discrimination.” “I am fit and rearing to go with a clean bill of health. I think in this country we should fall in line if we are talking about developed nation status. We should not have age discrimination,” Hart told Newsday.

Hart’s supporters have openly lobbied for his candidacy, and let Prime Minister Patrick Manning know this during a walkabout in the east Trinidad constituency several months ago.

They also backed him by turning out for his screening at Balisier House, Port-of-Spain on September 13. “All 23 party groups in the area nominated me for the constituency and they are not pleased (with the committee’s decision).

The people will speak,” said Hart.

If this duncee head mudder cont crying discrimination. You could well imagine how this fockin PNM regime does discriminate against Indian people.

Little by little the fockin PNM is being exposed for what they really are.

See also all dem other candidates that getting focked by Manning, who by the way only using ah setta fockin Arkhatiya Indians to fool the electorate.

AG Jeremie: CJ’s charges offensive

ATTORNEY GENERAL John Jeremie said yesterday that he is not going to respond to the scurrilous allegations made by the attorneys for suspended Chief Justice Sat Sharma.

Jeremie said he has had some experience with British Queen’s Counsel Geoffrey Robertson in Trinidad. “I am not going to be drawn into an unnecessary debate,” Jeremie added.

Robertson, lead attorney for Sharma, made allegations and imputations against Jeremie during his cross-examination of Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls before the three-member impeachment tribunal earlier this week.

As a result, the tribunal headed by Lord Mustill, on Thursday, invited Jeremie to appear before its members to defend himself. Jeremie, surrounded by bodyguards, arrived at the Winsure building, Port-of-Spain, at about 9.05 am yesterday and proceeded to the second floor.

Inside the courtroom, Reginald Armour SC, counsel to the tribunal, informed the members that a letter was sent to the Attorney General with a copy of the transcript on Thursday afternoon.

The letter invited Jeremie to appear before the tribunal to give evidence. A copy of the letter was sent to Jeremie’s attorney Douglas Mendes SC, who is in Barbados. Mendes responded yesterday by letter, which Armour read to the tribunal.

Mendes noted that Lord Mustill was of the view that an imputation had been made by Robertson that “the Attorney General has been a willing and active participant and possibly the instigator of a cynical plot to wreck the trial of Mr (Basdeo) Panday.”

Mendes said although Mustill did not mention it, he also observed that Robertson was also suggesting that the Attorney General and the Chief Magistrate conspired together to make a false report to the Prime Minister that the Chief Justice was attempting to influence Mc Nicolls’ decision in the Panday criminal trial.

“The Attorney General has advised that these allegations are wholly false,” Mendes declared. Mendes said the tribunal was minded to consider investigating the Chief Justice’s extravagant allegations of serious criminal conduct made against the Attorney General and the suggestion was that Jeremie should appear before the tribunal at less than 24 hours’ notice to answer these charges.

Mendes said the Attorney General was quite willing to assist the tribunal with any evidence of wrongdoing on his part, if any exists. According to Mendes, Jeremie plans to provide a written statement dealing with the imputations which Robertson had raised.

Mendes wanted to know whether Jeremie would be entitled to counsel, whether he would be entitled to cross-examine Sharma and his witnesses, in so far as they implicate him in any wrongdoing.

Mendes also wanted to know whether Jeremie would be able to cross-examine Mc Nicolls on matters relevant to the allegations which the Chief Justice made.

In response, Mustill, sitting with Sir Vincent Floissac QC and Dennis Morrison QC, said Jeremie was entitled to be represented by counsel. He also ruled that Jeremie is entitled to cross-examine Sharma and that Mc Nicolls should be recalled to be questioned by the AG’s lawyer.

Mustill then invited Jeremie into the court. The AG walked into the room and looked around before he was ushered to a chair in front of the lawyers. Mustill then directed his statement to Jeremie. Mustill said Jeremie should give his evidence before Sharma, mindful that he should get sufficient time to peruse the documents.

The tribunal chairman gave Jeremie two choices — provide a statement and do not give evidence, or provide a statement and come for cross-examination. Jeremie said he was given short notice and “summoned” to court.

Mustill told the AG he was not summoned. Jeremie added, “Given the unfortunate history of this matter in the Magistrates’ Court, I felt it necessary to be here today.” Jeremie said he got the message while leaving Cabinet on Thursday.

He also pointed out that he would be very busy next week as it was going to be the last of the parliamentary term. The AG said he was not sure he would be available next week for cross-examination, but he wants to assist the tribunal. Mustill told Jeremie that he must decide which course he wants to adopt — provide a statement or give evidence in court. Jeremie then got up and left.

If you doh have no cocoa in the fockin sun why worry bout rain?

He will never allow himself to be cross examined, just like he fockin coward boss. Because they know that they will be caught fockin lying.

PSA official warns of labour disunity

Rohandra John
Saturday, September 22nd 2007

VICE PRESIDENT of the Public Service Association (PSA), Stephen Thomas, yesterday warned that there were those who were trying to divide the labour movement and urged fellow union leaders to stick together, as it was the only way they would be "victorious" in the struggle for equity. (See page 5)

Thomas made this point as he addressed thousands of workers from within the public sector who assembled on the Brian Lara Promenade, after earlier marching through the streets of Port of Spain.

Thomas said that union leaders should be wary of the traps that are being set to bring about division in the labour movement at this time, as they needed to support each other.

He said that it seemed that at least one union leader, Robert Giuseppi, President General of the National Union for Government and Federated Workers (NUGFW), was already falling into the trap, judging from his recent attack on the PSA.

Thomas said he was surprised by media reports in which Giuseppi accused the PSA of trying to "piggy back" on daily-paid workers at the Water And Sewerage Authority (WASA), who were represented by the NUGFW in the wage negotiations.

He pointed out that the management has only so far offered a 15 per cent increase to the monthly paid workers at WASA, who are being represented by the PSA, while it was offering a 28-31 per cent increase to daily-paid workers.

But if the PSA settles for the proposal as is, this would result in subordinate daily-paid workers getting higher salaries than their monthly-paid supervisors, Thomas said.

"So that when we say that we are not going to accept such a proposal, we don't understand how a union leader could say such a thing," he added.

Giuseppi was not among the trade union leaders who participated in yesterday's demonstration, which was meant to put pressure on employers to complete outstanding wage negotiations for thousands of workers within the public sector.

Why he now fockin worried about the labour movement divided. When the fockin PNM brutalised and closed down Caroni, one of the largest unions went to the grave with it (ATSGWTU). Not one fockin other union or union leader did or said any fockin thing.

The fockin assholes closed down Bwee and so went 3 fockin unions. Not one union or union leader said or did anything.

They fock out the National Broadcasting Network. Another fockin union went under. No fockin ass say anything.

The doctors of this country looking for recognition through MPATT. To represent themselves and not one focker say anything.

Poor fockin people workin in the CEPEP program are not and cannot be unionised, so they are at the mercy of the contractors and the PNM. Not one cont say anything.

The PNM has and is literally destroying the labour movement by mashin up the unions and favouring those that support them politically like the PSA.

And this cont come to talk fockery now. Man u fock off.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Call him Dr Manning

Kristy Ramnarine
Friday, September 21st 2007

Prime Minister Patrick Manning will receive an honorary Doctors of Laws degree from the Medgar Evers College in New York, USA, next Wednesday.

The award ceremony is scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. in the Founders Auditorium of the College where Manning will be honoured with a Doctor of Laws degree-Honoris Causa.

The school's director of communications, Christopher Hundley, told the Express: "The award is in recognition of his contribution to the development of Trinidad and Tobago in terms of energy and oil."

He said the school's president, Edison O Jackson, took the decision to honour Manning and his Cabinet.

In a press statement Jackson said: "Medgar Evers College welcomes Prime Minister Manning in the spirit of ongoing international exchange. His visit is yet another indication that our work here at Medgar is receiving worldwide recognition."

Manning is expected to deliver an address on "The Role of Trinidad and Tobago in Shaping Regional and Global Affairs", at the ceremony.

Emmanuel Gonsalves, vice president for Institutional Advancement at the school, who was born in Trinidad and has been living in the United States for the past 31 years, said the award is in keeping with the school's role to honour people.

This is an ole nigga school in Brooklyn. This is where niggas learn to thief and also where niggas learn the art of the "world owes them."

This fockin dumb ass university givin out fockin degrees like hampers in Laventille. This fockin piece of shit for an institution for education is looking for international recognition. You know wa da mean. Nobody with any sense recognise what this fockin place is all about.

Look this is what they had to say on givin this dotish mudder cont an Honorary Doctors of Laws Degree.

“Medgar Evers College welcomes Prime Minister Manning in the spirit of ongoing international exchange. His visit is yet another indication that our work here at Medgar is receiving worldwide recognition,” says Dr. Edison O. Jackson, President of Medgar Evers College.

I wonder if these conts take the time out to realise how much fockin cases this rectum send to court because of his dumb assness and fockin lorse (LOSE).

He even afraid of appearing before any magistrate and or judge.

This fockin place really goin to the dogs yes. But then again, these are the actions of niggas....fock up anything......even ah doctorate too.

Job-Davis loses nod for Tobago: NOMINATION RIGGED’

By Gail Alexander

“IT was rigged.”

That was Tobago East MP Eudine Job-Davis’ reaction yesterday after Local Government Minister Rennie Dumas was approved by PNM’s Tobago Council as the nominee to be recommended for that seat.

Asked whether she would stay with the PNM and support Dumas’ expected candidacy, Job-Davis said: “Don’t ask me that now...”

And speculation that Foreign Affairs Minister Arnold Piggott might replace PNM Diego Martin Central MP Kenneth Valley in that seat for elections rose yesterday in the continued absence of any screening date for Valley.

In the Tobago issue, Job-Davis was screened by PNM’s Tobago Council, along with Dumas and YTEPP’s director June Elder for the Tobago East candidacy.

This took place at PNM’s Scarborough office yesterday afternoon.
It was confirmed that Dumas obtained nominations from 24 party groups. Job-Davis and Elder received one each.

The Council subsequently called in Job-Davis and informed her that Dumas had obtained the majority nomination for the seat.

After yesterday’s process, PNM’s Tobago Council will now recommend Dumas as the Tobago East nominee to PNM’s screening committee, headed by political leader Patrick Manning.
Screening for that seat was expected to be done sometime next week or thereafter, PNM officials said.

Dumas declined comment after yesterday’s development.
However, Job-Davis did not conceal her reaction to the Tobago PNM Council’s decision. She said: “God has his purposes for people. My philosophy is that when one door closes, many others open. My options politically depend on me, so c’est la vie.

"I have work to do, and I will do my work however I can. I knew it was going to happen—they set it up. The process was manipulated against me.

"They put people whom they can control in party groups to get their votes for the nomination process. People called me and told me that they were being told whom to nominate.

"People who had never been seen before were suddenly turning up in party group meetings. It was all obviously rigged.

“But I’m not unhappy. I have no problem with the situation. It shows a lot about the people who are running for election.

“If you can’t trust them in little things, how can you do so with bigger issues. So this is unfortunate for them, not me. I’m not bothered. I’m simply relieved.”

Job-Davis had bidden farewell indirectly—and voiced acceptance of her impending fate—in her recent budget debate contribution.

PNM leader Prime Minister Patrick Manning, on a walkabout in Tobago last month, said the party was doing a poll to test various names for candidacy in the seat.

“I knew it was going to happen— they set it up. The process was manipulated against me. They put people whom they can control in party groups to get their votes for the nomination process.”
—Tobago East MP Eudine Job-Davis speaking yesterday in an interview

Valley: No one called me

Meanwhile, on the simmering Diego Martin Central issue, MP Kenneth Valley said he was still awaiting notification of a date for his screening.

Valley said his constituency was also awaiting a date for expected screening. He was in the dark as well about reports that he was being referred to PNM’s Central Executive/disciplinary committee by the party leader.

“Ask the disciplinary team about the issue, because I’m busy walking the seat that people have said I’m not servicing,” Valley added from his constituency office in the midst of seeing members of the public.

Valley also held a cottage meeting in his constituency last night.

He said there was no animosity between himself and PNM leader Patrick Manning, who heads the screening committee.

PNM PRO Jerry Narace, a member of PNM’s screening team, referred both issues to the screening team chairman and PNM’s general secretary.

Narace could not say when or if Valley would be screened.

New constituency chairman Osbourne Charles—who replaced Dave Sheppard—had no comment.

PNM sources hinted that if the process “moves forward” without Valley, the front-runner for Diego Martin Central may likely be Foreign Affairs Minister Arnold Piggott.
Calls to Piggott’s office—fielded by a secretary—were not returned yesterday. (GA)

Breaking News

Now Hinds out

It’s the end of the line for incumbent Laventille East/Morvant MP Fitzgerald Hinds, as his chances for re-election were nixed last evening after the PNM constituency executive was ordered to get a new candidate to contest the seat for the upcoming general election.
When Hinds was screened at Balisier House, on September 13, he said his fate was in the hands of the screening committee.

What fockin new ? Everything about the PNM is rigged. The entire population including their most ardent fockin assholes know the PNM is a corrupt entity. Yet still these fockers continue to lick the General Council bamcee.

Anyhow I just glad some people inluding Valley getting focked, but the best is my cacaphonious Fitz fockin Gerald Hinds...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah I could just fockin dead now yes!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Minister’s brother a judge

By ANDRE BAGOO Thursday, September 20 2007

THE BROTHER of Christine Kangaloo, the Minister of Legal Affairs, was yesterday sworn in as a temporary High Court Judge by President George Maxwell Richards, triggering mixed reactions from both political and judicial circles.

No members of the press were invited to see Colin Bernard Kangaloo, who is also the brother of Court of Appeal Judge Justice Wendell Kangaloo, take the Judges’ Oath at President’s House, St Ann’s at about 11am.

Justice Colin Kangaloo, whose father was a lawyer, was called to the bar 14 years ago. He was made partner in the firm Fitzwilliam, Stone, Furness-Smith and Morgan in 2000. A graduate of the University of the West Indies, he currently tutors at the Hugh Wooding Law School and is a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

Kangaloo has practiced in the areas of civil law, land law, telecommunications, product liability, constitutional law, contract law, information technology, money laundering, banking and insurance law. The one-time dentistry student is married to Nadia Kangaloo, also a lawyer. He has presented papers on money laundering and the Electronic Transfer of Funds Act.

But UNC Chief Executive Senator Dr Tim Gopeesingh yesterday greeted Kangaloo’s appointment with serious concern. “This is dangerous,” he said. “The Judiciary must never be seen to be a family affair. Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done. His sister is a member of the PNM hierarchy. How would that be perceived by the general public?”

On January 30, Gopeesingh had raised objection to Kangaloo’s appointment in the Senate. Asked whether family relations were irrelevant in light of an individual’s qualifications, Gopeesingh, whose own brother the late Lloyd Gopeesingh was once the Ag Chief Justice, said that it was all about appearances.

But Vice President of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago Hendrickson Seunath SC had no objections to the latest appointment, saying, “people with due qualifications should be given the posts... One would have preferred to see someone with more experience but he is a bright young man.” Kangaloo took the oath in the presence of Acting Chief Justice Roger Hamel-Smith yesterday.

Also taking the oath and swearing to “bear true faith and allegiance to Trinidad and Tobago...without fear or favour” was Ronnie Boodoosingh. Boodoosingh has been course director at Hugh Wooding Law School since 2001 and has practised in both civil and criminal law. He was called to the bar in 1992 and worked as a Senior State Counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Judicial appointments are made under Section 104 of the Constitution. Judges are appointed by the President acting in accordance with the advice of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission (JLSC). The Chief Justice may advise the President that the business of the courts require more judges be appointed.

Now notice wa Hendrickson said eh ? It is highlighted in red just in case you cyah fockin see.

This is how the fockin PNM getting dey claws into Judiciary. Notice dey get rid of Sharma and now set up man Roger is now in charge. They fockin only bringin in more PNMites in the fockin thing to fock up all dem fellas in the UNC after Dookeran (that flying cont) hand the PNM the next election.

Next thing yuh go hear Manning win a constitutional majority and its off to the CCJ.

Coolies cooked in fockin Trinbago.


POLITICAL Leader for the Congress of the People (COP) Winston Dookeran did not leave his audience in Aranjuez guessing as to what he thought about the UNC Alliance's calls for unity on Tuesday night.

"Poor fellas. He ready to fight after the battle is already won," Dookeran said.

It was during a meeting in Sangre Grande on Monday night that UNC Alliance chairman Basdeo Panday and Deputy Political Leader Jack Warner issued calls for the COP to unite with them.

"I publicly invite Winston Dookeran to meet with me to discuss how we can achieve total unity of the opposition forces. We ain't want nobody else, two of us alone, manos y manos, face-to-face in a room all by ourselves without disturbances," Panday had said.

But Dookeran appeared resolute at the meeting in Aranjuez on Tuesday.

"Your leader will never fall prey to the political tricks, traps and treachery. I got out of that and I will never go back into it," Dookeran said, drawing cheers from the audience.

He added that whenever the Prime Minister calls the election, the COP will be ready.

"Mr Manning does not have an option anymore, whenever he calls the election, the tide will be at its highest for the Congress of the People," he said.

Dookeran said the COP's Real Red event on September 9 left the past and present prime ministers in a daze.

"Those who were once in charge of the country, who at one time sat at the head of our country's Cabinet, they became bewildered at what happened; that bewilderment suddenly became a sense of panic," he said.

Responding to Warner's calls for Dookeran to meet with him in 21 days, Dookeran said when the 21 days was up, the COP would get together to have a 21-gun salute to form the new government of Trinidad and Tobago.

"I feel sorry for the guys; they used to say I cannot fight and they lost without my even making 100," said Dookeran.

He also issued a challenge to the political leaders to debate the issues facing Trinidad and Tobago, including poverty "anywhere and anytime".

Responding to Prime Minister Patrick Manning's concern about how the COP finances its campaigns, Dookeran said: "We can take so little and make much out of it; he doesn't understand this because he has taken so much and done so little with it."

Here is the biggest coward in electoral politics in Trinidad & Tobago.

This man like he is mortally afraid of Basdeo Panday and refuses to sit and even talk to this man. If yuh doh have nothing to hide. Why not have a discussion in the open so that John Public can determine who is the fockin deceiver of the people.

What fockin war he win already. Somebody tell me that this asshole done make plans to lecture in some fockin university abroad.

If true, this is really the PNM B Team.

Chief Magistrate: I don’t know of AG’s role in land sale

Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls said he was not aware that Attorney General John Jeremie “facilitated” the eventual sale of his parcel of land at the Millennium Park development.

He also denied knowing Jeremie had cleared him of any impropriety in the sale of the land.

He was read a copy of a press statement the AG issued on May 11, 2006, in which Jeremie sought to clear the air on his meetings with Mc Nicolls on the Sharma affair.

But Mc Nicolls said he was not aware of it.

Both men met twice—once in March, 2006, when Mc Nicolls told him of his receipt of a $400,000 cheque from Anthony Maharaj, head of CL Communications, as a downpayment for the sale of a $4 million parcel of land, a day after CL Financial executive chairman Lawrence Duprey gave evidence at Panday’s trial.

Mc Nicolls denied the cheque was a bribe for favouring the former prime minister, adding that he returned the money after he had reservations.

The chief magistrate also met with AG Jeremie on May 1, the same day he also met with Sharma who confronted him about the land transaction and told to write a statement saying the CJ did not influence him in anything.

He said he told Sharma he would do so, but really meant he would not.

Mc Nicolls was also questioned at lenght on his first intention to sell the million-dollar property to Maharaj.

He could not say how a deed for the land, which he said he sent to Maharaj before the March 20, 2006, start of Panday’s trial, was stamped as being certified on June, 2006.

Copies of the deed, which both Maharaj and Mc Nicolls produced to the police, showed a certification date sometime in June, 2006, while both men claimed the deed exchanged hands in March.

He insisted he did not “ fabricate” the land sale with Maharaj as a way to give credibility to the transaction.

Sometimes Im really begininng to wonder if this lying mudder cont lives in Trinidad or is he really the fockin Chief Magistrate.

Ah phone call was made in his presence and he spoke to the AG man. It was reported in one of the dailies.

Or is it that he doesnt read the fockin newspapers?

They fockin lying. How come they claim that the deed was exchange in March but was stamped in fockin June?

C'mon Mc Nicolls stop the fockin lying to facilitate the PNM.

Rats feeding on corpses at Sando mortuary—Subhas


Rodents are nibbling away at corpses in the mortuary of San Fernando General Hospital, claims Princes Town MP Subhas Panday.

He made the claim in the House of Representatives yesterday during debate on the Medical Board Amendment Bill.

Speaking against the backdrop of recent reports about a bed shortage at the hospital, Panday said the problem was not the only one being experienced at the institution.

“Mr Speaker (Barrendra Sinanan), it is not only the living that is having problems at San Fernando General Hospital, but also the corpses...The corpses are a problem, both outside and inside,” he said, regarding the development as scandalous.

An attorney, Panday claimed he had received information from one of his clients that rodents were eating away at corpses in the facility.

Waving a photograph of a male corpse, which, he claimed, had been bitten by rats in May, Panday said:

“Mr Speaker, when the undertakers went to collect the corpse, it was found—as my client has indicated—that rodents, rats, had gone into the mortuary and eat the man.
“I have the photographs here.”

The UNC MP then showed parliamentarians another photograph which, he claimed, were deeply gouged spots on one of the legs of the corpse.

“That happened at the San Fernando mortuary,” an upset Panday declared.

“How could we, today, be discussing about doctors when you have a corpse in the morgue being eaten by rats?”

Panday, saying his client had given him permission to use the photograph in Parliament, said he had done his own investigation into the matter.

“I saw there were trenches, underground drains and when I checked with certain members of the hospital, they said there were also rats in the kitchen,” he said.

“These are the things people are suffering... This is a case where the Government should be ashamed of itself.

“Instead of coming with legislation to deal with doctors, they should come with other action to deal with this situation.”

Lard! Whilst people are sleepin on fockin bench and dying in the ground in hospitals in this country. The PNM big jefes flying out to various parts of the world to seek medical attention.

Big big fockin colour ads in all the newspapers to highlight the achievements of the fockin half dead Minister of Health, just to buy the media houses.

Now how much fockin lower can we go as RATS eating fockin dead people in the mortuary down in Sando.

Yes fockin PNM, leh we hear all yuh now. Or is Bas put the fockin RATS in the fockin mortuary?

2,500 houses for new P/Town seat

By Richardson Dhalai Wednesday, September 19 2007

A new town with 2,500 houses is to be created on the outskirts of Princes Town and work on the infrastructure is expected to get underway from October 1.

Housing Minister Keith Rowley made this announcement on Monday night to supporters at a public meeting at the Triangle, High Street, Princes Town. Princes Town’s expansion has led to its division into two constituencies, Princes Town North, where the established town centre remains and Princes Town South/Tableland, where the development project Rowley spoke of is to be located.

Rowley said Town and Country Planning Division had given the Ministry of Housing the approval to develop the Fairfield/Broomage agricultural estate as part of a plan to develop a town centre within the Princes Town South/Tableland constituency. It will include the 2,500 unit residential community, he said.

“What we are building is a new town centre with all that goes with that: commerce, roads, drains and housing,” he added, and joked that Princes Town may now have to change its name to either “Kings Town or Queens Town.”

In keeping with the development policy for the constituencies, Education Minister and co- ordinator of the Princes Town North constituency, Hazel Manning, announced that a new five- year secondary school is to be built. This is to take place after the deshifting of Princes Town Junior Secondary School, which is to undergo an expansion as well.

Oh fockin gawd! Ah new niggaville. Now here is where you will find ah new set of bandits waiting to decimate the usually pleasant place called Princes Town.

Just imagine Hazel as your member of Parliment. And she promise to build a new school..when? Maybe in time for fockin 2020.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Gang leader shot dead after fete

By NALINEE SEELAL Monday, September 17 2007

KERWIN PHILLIP, alias “Fresh”, the head of the G-Unit gang, was shot 20 times by gunmen armed with semi-automatic guns, while walking to his car at the corner of Oxford and Henry Streets, Port-of-Spain, at about 1.45 am yesterday.

A stray bullet also struck firefighter Natasha McNicolls, 34, in the face and up to yesterday, she was listed in stable condition at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital. The shooting death of Phillip caused patrons attending a fete at the Communication Workers Union (CWU) at Henry Street, to scramble to safety bringing an end to the party.
According to reports, Phillip of Charford Court, Port-of-Spain, attended a $40 fete with a female friend at the CWU Hall on Saturday night. At about 1.45 am yesterday, he left the party and was walking towards his car barebacked. Reports revealed that he was confronted by two men armed with a Galil rifle and another with a 9 mm gun. The gunman began firing shots at Phillip who slumped to the ground. His female companion managed to escape unhurt and police reports revealed that a group of persons fleeing the fete robbed Phillip of his jewelry.
Firefighter McNicolls who was on duty at the fete was shot in the face by a stray bullet which remained lodged in her jaw. Yesterday, she underwent emergency surgery to remove the bullet. Her common-law husband, who is also a firefighter based at the Wrightson Road Fire Headquarters, was at her bedside all of yesterday, praying for her recovery.
Phillip, 34, was a deportee from the United States, and was well known to the police. His brother is a police constable. On September 3 last year, he was one of the many gang leaders who signed a truce to put a stop to gang killings along the East/West Corridor. Reports revealed that Phillip also got a government contract to build a health centre at Charford Court.
On March 15, 2005, Phillip and another man Nazim Christian, of East Dry River, Port-of-Spain, appeared before Port-of-Spain Magistrate Avason Quinlan charged with armed robbery and possession of arms and ammunition.
On May 4, 2005, Christian was shot dead by the police at Basilon Street, Port-of-Spain. Police reported that Christian shot at them and they returned fire.
Police investigators told Newsday that based on information received, Phillip was ordered executed by the head of a San Juan based gang. They added that they expect reprisal killings as a result of the death of Phillip.
At Charford Court, Port-of-Spain, friends and gang members of the G-Unit told Newsday that with the death of their leader, the country will witness several murders. “We will deal with the people responsible for the death of ‘Fresh,’” insisted the gang members yesterday.
Most of the G-Unit gang members have tattoos on their backs or abdomen with the markings G-Unit. The killing of Phillip pushed the murder toll to 237 for the year thus far. Officers of the Homicide Bureau are investigating.
You know what continues to fockin baffle me.
How come the police and media have all this information on these mudder cont criminals. How they was deported and what gang they belong to and all sort ah fockin shit. But they continue to parade dey mudder cont in fete and here and there and everywhere continuing with dey fockin banditry.
Wa happen? It doh have Police to monitor these people? What d fock dey does be doing so?
This is real fockery.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

‘We would rather vote for a dog’

Sunday, September 16 2007

Constituents of Diego Martin Central yesterday said that if their MP Ken Valley is not the candidate for the area they will vote for the Congress of the People (COP).

Sunday Newsday visited residents in Green Hill Village, Patna Village and Diamond Village in Diego Martin. Dion Lewis of Salandy Street, Diego Martin, pulled out a COP placard from her purse, and declared: “COP all the way.” Stephanie Peters, of Sea Trace warned Manning,

“He should watch out because he could lose this election. Manning is going against his own.

Valley is a PNM stronghold in this area.”

Another angry resident, Lyndon George, of Salandy Street, shouted: “We would rather vote for a dog.”

I doh find nutten so fockin strange about this. For all the past elections you conts have been voting for fockin dogs.

And all yuh like it so!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Deane dares abductors: Try it again

Deane dares abductors: Try it again
Friday, September 14th 2007

Atlantic LNG chairman Gordon Deane has recovered from the recent attempt to kidnap him, and will be back in Toco this weekend to see if his would-be abductors are brave enough to try it again.

This was the statement given to the nation by Attorney General John Jeremie at yesterday's Senate sitting.

In his contribution to the debate on the Bail Amendment Bill, Jeremie disclosed that he spoke with Deane on Monday, and reported to the Senate that the former chairman of the Integrity Commission was "fine and happy".

"He will not be leaving the country or bad-mouthing us. He is a soldier," Jeremie said.
"He will be back down in the country this week, and he wants the people who came for him to come back," the Attorney General went on, prompting UNC Senator Wade Mark to ask whether Jeremie was "setting up" Deane.

Deane was at his estate in Toco on September 8 when he was ambushed by three men around 1 p.m. and forced into the back seat of his own van, which his captors drove off in.

Deane managed to escape from the van, and was chased through the forest. He managed to escape by jumping over a waterfall, and then made his way to the Toco Main Road and then to the police station in the area.

Three men were subsequently arrested in possession of Deane's van in a road block along the Toco Main Road. However, they were subsequently released by police.

Yes Deaney boy, we know yuh is ah fockin PNM till yuh mudder cont drop fockin dead. Imagine they kidnap you mudder cont and you is still soldier according to yuh fagget pardner Jeremie.

You soldier on for the fockin PNM like when you was Chairman of the Integrity Comm.

Ah just sorry dem fellas didnt get to drop some toti in yuh batee and well bruise it till you have to stand up and shit and lemme see how much Balisier juice you woulda sap da bamsee wid.


By Yvonne Webb

THE South-West Regional Health Authority has launched a probe into the circumstances surrounding the death of a patient at San Fernando General Hospital on Wednesday.

Allan Ragbir, 35, of West Battoo Boulevard in Marabella, reportedly died after he was forced to lie on the cold concrete floor of Ward 11. He died around 4.05 pm

Ragbir had been admitted to the ward on Tuesday, suffering with colic gastritis and seizure disorder, communications specialist of the SWRHA Nalini Parasram said yesterday.

“He was in a wheelchair because no beds were available at the time due to the chronic overcrowding.

“Because of his condition, he preferred to lie on the floor. The nurses made him as comfortable as possible until a bed was made available for him and that is where he died,” Parasram said.

However, there are conflicting reports over Ragbir’s death as one report said he had been placed on a bed only after he had collapsed in the corridor.

This was moments before he died.

Other patients and visitors to the hospital, who observed him writhing in pain, attributed his death to a blow he sustained to the head when in his weakened state he fell.

A post-mortem is expected to be conducted on Ragbir’s body today.

There are also reports suggesting that Ragbir’s cries for help were ignored.

One of Ragbir’s sisters, who did not want to disclose her name, said in a telephone interview yesterday: “I heard he had fallen. I was not there. I do not know what happened.”

One patient on Ward 11 said yesterday: “That boy was lying down on the bare corridor floor all night, crying out for help. They got a bed for him, but he died on Wednesday evening.”

Jason Chatoor, who was waiting with his mother Dolly, a heart patient who also spent three nights on a bench in the corridor, said he was present when Ragbir fell and hit his head.
“He (Ragbir) was so weak,” Chatoor said.

“What was so disheartening was that he wanted some water and an employee saw him pressing the cooler which was empty, but she never stopped to help him.”

Since Monday, patients admitted to the medical and maternity wards have been waiting in the corridors of the hospital for bed spaces to become available.

The Guardian reported exclusively yesterday the severe shortage of beds at the hospital. Several patients either had to sit on benches or lie on the ground.

However, the corridors were clear yesterday when the Guardian visited during the lunch hour.

Chattoorgoon responds

Acting medical director of the hospital, Dr Anand Chattoorgoon, said when hospital officials made their rounds on Tuesday morning they saw Ragbir lying on the floor.

“When we asked why he was there, the nurses said he preferred to lie on the floor, rather than on a wheelchair, until he could get a bed.

“During the course of Wednesday morning they got him a bed. It hurts us to see patients on benches and chairs, because San Fernando General has no bed space. I feel like I want to cry myself.

Why somebody just doh shoot this mudder cont. Kill the focker Anand Chattergoon. Like a real fockin goon.

Anyhow this is Vision 2020 PNM style.

Drop dead on the mudder cont concrete floor.


Vidya Lall, senior researcher, Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of the West Indies, delivers a presentation on juveniule delinquency at Servol’s Pembroke Street, Port-of-Spain, office.


There is a high incidence of violence and disruptive behaviour among primary schoolgirls in T&T.

This was revealed by a random study conducted by the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of the West Indies.

Funded in part by the US INL Programme, the ground-breaking study—titled An Impact Study of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Graduates: A Comparative Assessment With Servol—was conducted in March, 2006, by senior researcher Vidya Lall.

It focused on the ECCE model that has been used by Servol since the 1970s.

The study, undertaken during a six-month period, examined the attitudes of some 589 Standard Three students, as it related to juvenile delinquency, drug use, bullying and other forms of aggressive behaviour.

The students, aged nine to 11, were selected from 13 primary schools across the country.
Lall said 59 per cent of the girls surveyed admitted to disobeying and answering back teachers, while 51 per cent had been in fist fights.

Forty-three per cent, she added, admitted to answering back their parents, while 35 per cent said they had threatened to hit.

“While the girls' frequency might be less then the boys, the girls show rather high scores in violent and delinquent behaviour in schools...

“So, we have to note these trends very, very carefully,” Lall said, while presenting the results of the survey during a simple function at Servol's office on Pembroke Street in Port-of-Spain.

She said while the report provided an interim assessment of delinquency at the primary school level, it also indicated the need for a more comprehensive study of the cognitive, emotional and behavioural development of students after graduating from ECCE programmes.

Lall lamented, though, that the girls “appear to be following very closely on the heels of the young men.”

Giving an idea of how the boys fared in the report, Lall revealed that 74 per cent of them admitted to being in fist fights, while 72 per cent said they disobeyed their teachers.
Fifty-four per cent of them had threatened to hit.

Lall said the data mirrored trends in secondary schools.

“So we have to take stock with what our school intervention strategies are about,” she warned. “If we don’t attend to it now, this situation will probably get quite worse as time goes along.”
Criminologist Prof Ramesh Deosaran, who supervised the project, regarded the trends as disturbing.

“I think that is too much for the female population at that early stage. Even for the boys, at that young age, I do not think that these indicators give us any cause for comfort,” he said.
Copies of the report were distributed to representatives of the participating schools.
Now Miss Nice Looking Vidya. You only fockin giving me useless information.
I want to know what is the percentage of niggas givin all this trouble and the same for the coolies. Because I fockin dead sure is only niggas involved in this bad boy bad girl kinda imaging.
We would also like to know how the niggas take prick from early and ending up wid 5 fockin children when they reach 20.
These are what we would like to see and know.

Begging for Beds

Patient Dolly Narine, 74, lies on a bench in the corridor of San Fernando General Hospital yesterday. Narine and several other patients said they had been waiting for medical attention since Monday.
Photo: Innis Francis

No beds for women
Pregnant women sleep on floor
Elderly women spend nights on chairs
Heart patient begs for bed
Patients awaiting attention since Monday
“I will be very thankful, if I could get a bed please.”

—Heart patient Elsie Manoo, of Syne Village, Penal, appealing to health authorities yesterday.

BOTH pregnant and elderly women say they are going through torture at San Fernando General Hospital as they are forced to sleep on wooden benches, chairs and the cold floor in corridors because of the unavailability of beds.Yesterday, about 12 expectant mothers, some of whom were past their due date, were seen sitting on chairs inside Ward 13, the Maternity Ward of the hospital.

On Ward 11, four pensioners were among eight women who were agonising in pain because their were no beds.Among them was 53-year-old wheelchair-bound heart patient Elsie Manoo, of Syne Village, Penal, who has only one leg, which is deformed.Manoo said she and the other women had been waiting in the corridor of the hospital since Monday for treatment.
Up to midday yesterday, the elderly women were in discomfort and appeared to be agonising in pain.They complained of mainly chest pain and breathing difficulty.Some of them were hooked up to drips, but had to hold the bags in their hands.Their clothing and other personal items were lying on the floor next to them.With tears streaming down her face, Manoo begged for a bed.
She said, “Since Monday morning I here. I have plenty pain in my chest and I cannot breathe. I have one foot and it complicated.”She said, too, her soiled diaper had not been changed.“I can’t help myself. Whole night I turning and twisting. I using a urine bag and that thing paining me because I only sitting down.
“I will be very thankful, if I could get a bed please,” she pleaded.Another patient, Doyah Samaroo, 64, of Fullerton Village, Cedros, said she went to the hospital around 8 am on Monday with high fever and body pains.Sitting on a bench, she complained: “I feel to drag these drips out of my hand and go home...I cannot take it.
“My back hurting me from sitting on this bench.” Samaroo said.“Is over 20 people it had here on Monday night lying on the floor and the bench.“I was sitting on the bench and when I get fed up I had to put my head on my bags and lie down on the floor.“
People real suffering here.”Hardly able to speak, Manyee Mangroo, 89, of Barrackpore, who sat on a chair, said, “Whole night I so. It don’t have no bed.”Lying on a bench, Dolly Narine, 74, also complained: “My back hurting me from sleeping on this bench.”
Her daughter, Sandra, added: “See what people have to go through? People suffering and they (politicians) want vote.”The women said they were told by officials that the hospital was trying to source beds for them.
Not too far away, however, on the main corridor outside the ward, were at least four empty beds.On the Maternity Ward, several pregnant women held their swollen tummies as they sat in discomfort and pain.First-time mother, Candice Fingal, 22, who is one week overdue, said, “Pleas help us...last night around 7 o clock I here and I cannot get a bedSince yet.’
She said the nurses said there were only 21 beds and there were more than 40 patients.“The nurse say the cannot help us because there are no beds..But we are in pain,” she said.Donnawatee Harripersad, 27, of Debe, who is expecting her second child, said, “I am five days late.“They have to induce labour but they are also attending to emergency cases because there are no beds,” she said.“I left the hospital three o’clock this morning (yesterday) because they told us we could leave and return later...I came back 8 am and I am still sitting here.”
Another woman, who did not want to give her name, said she was two weeks overdue.Worried about her unborn child, she said, “This is not right...I also left here around 2 o’ clock this morning (yesterday) and came back about 8 am.“I am having a lot of back pains,” she complained.

A perennial problem

Acting medical director of the San Fernando General Hospital Dr Anand Chattoorgoon said he was aware of the situation and visited the wards yesterday morning.He said authorities were trying to source beds for the patients.“That is a perennial problem...That is nothing new,” Chatoorgoon said.“More and more people are accessing the hospital. People are coming from all parts of the island. We are doing our best to find beds for them.”Chattoorgoon also said another option was to seek alternative accommodation.“As a matter a fact, we intend to house patients at the Point Fortin Hospital if we did not have enough beds at this hospital,” he said.Told about the empty beds on the corridor, he said: “Yes, yes, those are some of the beds we are trying to get for them.”
A similar incident occurred at the Ward Three months ago when patients did not have any beds to sleep on for days because of overcrowding.One woman took a bed for her husband Jimmy Smyke, 55, who had been in pain lying on a bench on the ward for two days.Last month pregnant women were also forced to sleep on wooden benches at the Maternity Ward because of the unavailability of beds.
This in essence is the fockin problem here in Trinidad and Tobago. While we Prime Minister jet off to Cuba for check ups, and horse fockin face Camille Robinson running down sperms in NY City, whilst shopping for wigs and all the PNM big pappies jetting off, the fockin poor people in this country suffering like dogs.
Ah doh even want to start on the biggest cont imposed on the people down South. Anand Chattergoon. Fockin PNM dog, medicine for money.
Yuh know what? Fockin PNM nigga asses still vote Raheal in the poll as the best fockin Minister.....we Min. of Health...
This fockin place gone.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


UNC's financial backers want unity move but...
Louis B Homer South Bureau
Thursday, September 13th 2007

Basdeo Panday, chairman and political leader of the United National Congress (UNC), is facing growing opposition by an influential section of the party and has been asked to step down and hand over the reins of leadership to Opposition Leader Kamla Persad- Bissessar, the Express has learnt.

"With Panday out of the way, the unity between the COP and UNC could begin in time for the general elections. Many financial backers would only support the UNC if Panday is removed as leader," sources close to the UNC said.

One source said ripples were also being caused over the loss of prestige by senior party members of the UNC following the formation of the Alliance with several "small" political parties.

Panday was cited as one of the main driving forces for the Alliance hook-up.

Panday and Deputy Leader Jack Warner met in London last week concerning the handing-over of the party to Persad-Bissessar, but Panday has not agreed to step down, the Express was told.
Efforts to reach Panday and Warner yesterday were fruitless as several calls from the Express remained unanswered.

During the tea break in Parliament yesterday, Persad-Bissessar told the Express she had no knowledge of a plan to remove Panday.

"In a political climate anything is possible even rumours, rumours and more rumours," she said.
She also denied having any knowledge of uneasiness over Panday by party financiers.

"I don't know anything about that. We recently had a leadership meeting and that matter was not discussed. I don't know that there is a vacancy for a leader," she said.

Persad- Bissessar said the UNC Alliance was still interested in unity talks with any party that wanted to talk unity to remove the People's National Movement from office. "We remain open to unity talks, as we had stated earlier," she said.

This week, Panday did not attend the UNC Monday night forum in Tabaquite, where he was scheduled to give the feature address.

A party spokesperson said Panday had a digestion problem and was "not well enough" to give an address.

Asked about whether there were any plans to unite with the UNC, Congress of the People chairman Roy Augustus said: "That is a UNC talk, our business is not to unite leaders but to unite people. Unity is about people and that is our mission."
I have never seen or heard such utter fockery in my entire mudder cont life.
How the fock people could be so boldface?
You ever hear anybody in the UNC tell the fockin PNM that Patrick Manning must go? You ever hear anybody in the UNC tell COP that Dookeran must go? You ever hear anybody in the UNC ever tell the Pakistan cricket board who should skipper the fockin side?
Why the mudder cont must people who not in the UNC tell the UNC and its members who dey leader should be!
Utter fockery and a set up wid the media, Ken Gordon and the parasitic oligarchy to get rid of Panday from the scene.
FOCK all ah dem Bas.....tell dem fock off and only the membership of the UNC will tell you when to go.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Police now to serve with Pride


THE Police Service has a new crest and a new motto.

Not only will the members continue to protect and serve, but will do so with pride, according to the new watchwords for the service.

The new emblem and motto were officially revealed yesterday by Deputy Police Commissioner Glen Roach during the Police Commissioner’s weekly media briefing at the Police Administration building on Sackville Street, Port-of-Spain.

The new motto—To Protect and Serve with Pride—is expected to be placed on all police buildings and vehicles.

The changes are part of the transformation of the Police Service, Roach said.

The new crest features the coat of arms, the police crest and the new motto.

Already, some police vehicles have been painted with the new emblem.

“A new image will be seen on the buildings and vehicles to ensure the public trust and confidence in the service by creating a professional organisation,” Roach stated.

He said the change in the Police Service would not happen overnight, as there was the need to educate the public on what was being done.


The new word added to the Police Service’s motto—Pride—is also an acronym, meaning:

P: Presence made available by the police in commercial, residential, and the community.
R: Relationships committed to develop relationships with external and internal clients with respect and fairness.
I: Image, mannerly, friendly, balanced, and aggression—when needed—with necessary force to take care of the situation.
D: Devotion, a reliable officer who is objective, and deals according to the law and not his beliefs.
E: Efficiency, if we are to provide a professional service. Officers must be efficient.

Deane kidnap a lesson for all

Tuesday, September 11 2007

Minister in the Ministry of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds said yesterday that one of the lessons in the kidnapping of businessman Gordon Deane was that the citizen was responsible to some degree for his own safety.

He said the incident also demonstrated the need for the Bail Amendment bill, which among other things denies bail to those charged with kidnapping for ransom.

Piloting the legislation in the House of Representatives yesterday, Hinds stated: “I want to commend Mr Deane because he picked his moment and was able to throw himself out of the vehicle as they were driving away with him. It is a lesson for all of us. It shows that in dealing and responding to crime — the Police and law enforcement have a responsibility which they will not shirk, the Government has a responsibility which it will not shirk, but the citizenry have a responsibility in responding to criminal behaviour too. This is why we buy padlocks, use burglar-proofing and why we become conscious of our own personal safety and security. Citizens have a responsibility too and in this case that citizen (Deane) demonstrated that kind of responsibility, Thank God!”

“Nonsense!” Chandresh Sharma said. Deane was robbed and kidnapped on Sunday, but he was able to escape.

What kinda dotish fockery is this? Again them come back with this fockin Bill, people still getting kidnap and this mudder cont deaf and dead COP supporting this govt with this focking stupidness.

Firstly a magistrate or judge have the flexibility to deny bail.
Secondly, a person is fockin innocent until proven guitly
and finally I rather ten fockin guilty people go free and to sling one innocent man.

Hinds could haul he mudder cont with his constant brambling.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Atlantic LNG boss escapes kidnappers

Atlantic LNG Chairman Gordon Deane had to jump out of a speeding van to escape from kidnappers who snatched him from his Toco estate on Saturday afternoon.

Police quickly detained three suspects after they set up a roadblock on the Toco Main Road as they sped en route to Sangre Grande in Deane’s van.

Deane, the former chairman of the Integrity Commission, had to receive minor surgery after he dislocated a shoulder after escaping from the van. He was resting at his Haleland Park, Maraval home yesterday and was unavailable for a comment.

Police report that Deane was carrying out repairs on his Timber Estate, Angles Road, Cumana beach house when, at about 12.30 pm, three men stormed the premises and announced a hold-up.

Police said Deane was robbed at gunpoint of valuables of an undisclosed value. The kidnappers bundled Deane into his pickup van and sped off. But there was a struggle and Deane, who once served as managing director of American Life and General Insurance Co, jumped from the van, dislocating a shoulder when he hit the ground.

He however made his way to the Toco Police Station, from where an all-points bulletin was sent out and a roadblock set up on the main road leading to Sangre Grande.

ACP Crime Gilbert Reyes yesterday confirmed that three men were arrested and taken to the Sangre Grande Police Station, where the van was impounded. Up to late yesterday, the three men, who are between the ages of 21 to 27 were still being interrogated.

Now ah glad this mudder cont getaway eh!

Buh you see what fockin goes around must come around.

This is the mudder cont who was Chairman of the Integrity Commission, responsible for harrasing the fockin Opposition to the point of causing Panday to go to jail for failing to declare a bank account. But 3oo other fockers do the same thing, mainly PNM fockers and this mudder cont called them back to correct the forms.

What is good for one is good for all man. Fock. The only thing I regret is that the fellas and them shoulda push a huge dildo in he mouth and fock em in he bottom, so he would know not to play politics wid people.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Vision 2020: Towards first-world status

In his budget for fiscal ’08, Prime Minister Patrick Manning reminded Trinidad and Tobago that the PNM government, when it came into office in 2001, began to implement proposals developed during its period in opposition for transformation of this country into a developed nation in the shortest possible time, but certainly by the year 2020.

Yeah right, we still fockin waiting!

He emphasised that the driving force behind this transformation was the PNM’s enduring passion and determination to bring sustained prosperity, accompanied by a higher quality of life to every individual, family and community throughout the length and breadth of T&T.

Now this is ah big fockin lie. The PNM is determined to bring about sustained prosperity and ah higher quality of life for the fockers that support the PNM.. Once you have ah party card and you could give a nice kickback to Balisier House, you in fockin business. The ole niggas down Lavtille could geh lil CEPEP wok and so. That would suffice for fockin dem.

The vision that emerged—Vision 2020—was more than just an economic vision, but the distillation of the hopes and aspirations of the founding fathers of the People’s National Movement (PNM), as enshrined in every one of the articles of our constitution.

20 is fockin Dog in Play Whe., so in actuality Vision 20/20 mean fockin Dog eat Dog.

It has been articulated by our prime minister and his ministers that successfully achieving Vision 2020 will enable us to attain first-world status and all that comes with that status.
But what is meant by the term first-world status, and what are the parameters that indicate the attainment of such a paradigm?

What do we have to put in place to qualify for such recognition, and who are the judges to confer such an exalted status?

Well we are aware of what you have fockin done to achieve this so called fockin exalted status. Build ah setta fockin 2 X 4 styrotex fockin house to put niggas in to voter pad for the upcomin election.

Build about 3 high rise building in town for yuh party supporters to get big contract and so more money for Balisier House.

Let’s define and qualify the term first world, which means that when such a phrase is used, it refers to a country that is democratic, industrialised, socially responsible and capable of functioning efficiently and profitably within a highly-competitive globalised environment.
In a discussion among government and financial experts in London, recently, a consensus was arrived at as to what is necessary to be done by aspiring third world countries with advanced economies (T&T is included in the world’s top 60 countries in this category) to achieve first world status.

Yeah well if that is the fockin defination we ah million miles away under this fockin dictator. Can we really say that we're fockin democratic when at every turn this fockin Prime Minister makin undemocratic moves and actions. Are we industrialised ? We only fockin dependant on the energy sector. That is fockin it! Are we profitable ? Every fockin thing these niggas do incur some cost overrun and cannot function fockin efficiently. Or we buying some fockin second hand equipment and the fockin thing breakin down in two twos.

The discussion described all the physical attributes that one would normally associate with the developed world, like health, education, infrastructure, security and transport.

All of the above are total fockin failures under the PNM!

The discussants also spoke about the Human Development Index (HDI) which is published annually by the UN, and measures the average achievements of a country in three basic dimensions of human development viz: a long and healthy life, as measured by life expectancy at birth; knowledge, as measured by the adult literacy rate and the combined primary, secondary and tertiary gross enrolment rate; and a decent standard of living, as measured by its GDP per capita.

Yeah well we fockin doomed, well really niggas. They murdering one another like fockin fleas, so life expectancy over focked. We only churning out ah setta duncee niggas who only studying to make porn flicks wid dey camera phones.

Since T&T, as part of its Vision 2020 goal, is seeking to establish itself as the region’s financial centre, certain prerequisites will have to be met in keeping with this objective.

In the interest of transparency, the financial regulatory agency would need to be independent, consistent with what obtains in successful financial centres.

An appropriate legislative framework would, therefore, have to be enacted to oversee such an important sector in our country. Government would, of course, be required to pursue policies that will keep under constant review such parameters as, for example, the value of the currency, inflation and GDP trends.

A well-founded financial centre could serve as an inducement to many of the major financial entities to establish their presence here, thereby further enhancing the country’s prestige as a financial banking centre.

Well fockin inflation killing the poor mudders cont and dem here. And off course these assholes dont know what to do. Transparency is something that you really doh really cyah ask the fockin niggas anything and they know the answer too. Just refer to parliment and you'll see how dey refuse and delay in answering questions.

As Minister Enill told Parliament when wrapping-up the 2008 budget debate in the Senate on Thursday night, such a development would allow T&T to protect its future away from oil and gas.

It would also provide challenging career opportunities in capital market operations for many of our brightest sons and daughters, enabling them to apply their talents at home, rather than being forced to migrate to do so.

Let us look at ourselves and ascertain how far along the road to first world developed status we have reached.

We reach real far. All the fockin business people and their children are fockin running from Trinidad faster than fockin Ato Boldon. Up to fockin he run and all too. So we really reaching first world status...First to fockin flee.

In a recent speech at the handing over of the official prime minister’s residence and diplomatic centre, Udecott’s Chairman, Calder Hart, said through the development programme:

  • jobs are being created and unemployment figures being reduced; through fockin CEPEP and URP.

  • facilities such as community centres and recreational facilities are being provided; where, show meh one that gone up and running nah?
    affordable housing is being made accessible to more and more citizens in varying income brackets; only for fockin PNM supporters, otherwise they breaking down yuh mudder cont home even wid 2 year olds in it.

  • police and fire stations and facilities for the coast guard are being provided; call ah fockin police station, and they'll tell yuh dey doh have no vehicles. Plus police men now running from their own stations.

  • opportunities are being provided for our nationals to benefit, learn and enhance their vocational skills through training programmes; social programmes for niggas to vote for the PNM.

  • the education, skills and technical abilities of all players in the construction sector from the architects, contractors and project managers to the lawyers are being enhanced and developed; yeah right, by importing fockin Chinese.

  • long-term investments are being made in the healthcare sector through the construction, refurbishment and upgrading of a number of primary and secondary healthcare facilities; again, yeah. People have to walk wid they own fockin bed when they goin in the hospital.

  • much-needed training facilities for our sportsmen and women are being provided; by what ? Building the Brian Lara stadium that was supposed to finish in time for the fockin World Cup. The fockin thing come and gone and it still building, plus the cost gone up about 4 fold.

  • cultural facilities are being constructed, expanded and/or upgraded; which part in fockin Trinidad have a cultural center built by any govt?

  • Renovation and refurbishment works are being undertaken on a number of our historical landmarks; yeah, like desecrating the fockin Siewdass Sadhu temple in the sea.

  • Improvements are being made in our transportation sector; what supposed to be goin from point A to B in ten minutes in terms of distance, takes 10 fockin hours.

  • through the construction of modern and ergonomic office buildings, the Government is enhancing accommodation for public servants, while reducing rental costs and initiating public sector reform. greater awareness in T&T’s enormous potential and possibilities is being promoted; to only give yuh party supporters contracts so that they could sponsor the next election campaign and

  • T&T is broadening and deepening its relations with the international community. yeah right , with fockin Communist Cuba and almost dead Castro.

Manifestly, T&T is already a functioning democracy with a market-driven economy; we are an active member of the equally democratic Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and though small, is well-respected within the international community. By whom? And Chavez done buy out three quarter of CARICOM>

As T&T embarks on its 46th year of independence and nation-building, our people are generally accepting of the transformational vision of the PNM; demonstrating quiet confidence in its leadership, given its determination to steer the ship of state towards the achievable goal of developed nation status.

We, the people, will reaffirm this confidence when called upon in election 2007 to make a critical decision for T&T’s continuing development within our existing democratic framework of peace, order and good government.

Fock the nigga oriented PNM!!!!!!!!!
Magnum est PNM
et praevalebit
May God bless our nation