Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Deane kidnap a lesson for all

Tuesday, September 11 2007

Minister in the Ministry of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds said yesterday that one of the lessons in the kidnapping of businessman Gordon Deane was that the citizen was responsible to some degree for his own safety.

He said the incident also demonstrated the need for the Bail Amendment bill, which among other things denies bail to those charged with kidnapping for ransom.

Piloting the legislation in the House of Representatives yesterday, Hinds stated: “I want to commend Mr Deane because he picked his moment and was able to throw himself out of the vehicle as they were driving away with him. It is a lesson for all of us. It shows that in dealing and responding to crime — the Police and law enforcement have a responsibility which they will not shirk, the Government has a responsibility which it will not shirk, but the citizenry have a responsibility in responding to criminal behaviour too. This is why we buy padlocks, use burglar-proofing and why we become conscious of our own personal safety and security. Citizens have a responsibility too and in this case that citizen (Deane) demonstrated that kind of responsibility, Thank God!”

“Nonsense!” Chandresh Sharma said. Deane was robbed and kidnapped on Sunday, but he was able to escape.

What kinda dotish fockery is this? Again them come back with this fockin Bill, people still getting kidnap and this mudder cont deaf and dead COP supporting this govt with this focking stupidness.

Firstly a magistrate or judge have the flexibility to deny bail.
Secondly, a person is fockin innocent until proven guitly
and finally I rather ten fockin guilty people go free and to sling one innocent man.

Hinds could haul he mudder cont with his constant brambling.

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