Saturday, September 8, 2007

Enill defends Rahael

Enill defends Rahael
By Clint Chan Tack Saturday, September 8 2007

MINISTER IN the Ministry of Finance Conrad Enill defended the stewardship of Health Minister John Rahael by disclosing that the health sector was allocated some $11 billion over the last five years to improve the quality of health care delivered to the population.

Enill said the UNC has proven it cannot manage the country’s economy properly and there will be no devaluation of the TT dollar. Prior to the Budget’s passage in the Senate on Thursday night, Enill said the former regime was “disjointed” in its economic planning because during a period of high oil prices from 1995 to 2001, “they did absolutely nothing” to improve revenue collections from the energy sector and cost the country billions of dollars in the process.

The minister said the UNC has shown it is unable “to think long term” and does not understand how global economic forces impact on the country’s economy. On repeated allegations of financial squandermania by Gover-nment, Enill said this was another instance of a lack of foresight by the UNC. He revealed that the ministries of education, health and national security received sums of $16 billion, $11 billion and $13 billion over the last five years.

The minister also highlighted financial allocations made to the Judiciary ($1.1 billion), Tobago House of Assembly ($6 billion) and Agriculture Ministry ($2.7 billion) over the same period and challenged the UNC to say where the PNM was spending too much money.

Enill said with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasting international oil prices to rise between US$60 to $78 per barrel and the country’s macroeconomic indicators all positive, “we see no absolutely no need for devaluation.”

The minister added that devaluation of a currency is the end result of a weakening economy and the national economy “has never been stronger.”

Now this is real nigga mentality. Hear the dotish allegations that he making.

1. Health received over 11 billion in the last 5 years.
2. Education 16 billion in the last 5 years.
3. National Security 13 billion in the last 5 years.
4. and off course Agriculture, the most important thing for any country "food security" a fockin meagre 2.5 billion over the last 5 years.

Now tell me anyone, what the fock have you seen that improve in any of these areas under the last 5 years.

1. Health: people cyah even get ah fockin bed to sleep on. Pregnant women are made to stand up and all over the fockin newspapers and somewhere else on this site. It is the worse period of health care over the last 5 years. Plus dem PNM niggas only running all over the world to attend to their health including the fockin Prime Minister.

2. Education get what ah UNC had to spend on ah whole country for 1 fockin year. Yet still all we churnin out of the state schools is one setta fockin criminals and dunces.

3. Though talk bout security...nobody not safe at all in this country. Ask anyone.

He want to talk about the UNC disjointed in its economic planning. Well yuh bald head cont, if you fockin dotish here are some facts about when the UNC was in office between 1995 and 2001 that might interest you. Cacahole!

Economic performance among the strongest in the Caribbean and Latin America – IMF 2001 Staff Report

Robust growth, more job creation, low inflation, balanced fiscal and external trade accounts, as well as poverty reduction – IMF 2001 Staff Report

The strongest and most vibrant economy in CARICOM

One of the most successful small states in the world

6.4% Growth in 2000, higher than the US, Europe and Japan

US$2.4 Billion in Foreign reserves

One of the 5 countries of the developing world that have been most successful in overcoming severe poverty

6 Straight years of strong economic growth

6 straight years of growing foreign investment

40% Drop in Unemployment Rate

85,000 new permanent jobs

Inflation 2.5% in 2001

6 straight years with no new taxes

6 straight years of Increased Personal Tax Allowances

Universal Free Secondary Education

52 new primary, 35 new secondary schools

Dollar for dollar Education Plan

6 straight yeas of increased and stronger social safety net programmes


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