Thursday, November 27, 2008

Floods Nov 18th, 2008

A Pic speaks a thousand words.
Here are a few of HRH PNM's Colm Imbert fantastic drainage plans at work.
Enjoy, this is only Barataria.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Dear Mr. Manning

An essay on Democratic Parliamentarianism by the most eminent Burke noted that it is as mandatory for each, once elected, to realize their new role as taking precedence over the demands of the isolated groups of constituents whose vote may have put them into office—a simple extension of the axiom-the whole being greater than the part.

Mr Manning needless to say, you have fallen short as a Parliamentarian, Leader and Politician and history will accurately record the facts.
Your terms in office have been analysed as an ‘obsessional hatred for Indians’. This is not mere race talk as you may call it but the policy you have used to hold on to power .
Your greatest honour has been and will always be your ability to spread hate and divide people using race, religion. affirmative. ethnic preference .social programmes, guises of Caribbean integration, housing and education just for the purpose of personalized power.

The question is do you really care?

You will recall that, when Robinson won election, he said no witch hunting, when Panday won election, he said no witch hunting. Even the most honoured Obama has made friends with his opponents empowering them. But no, you have had an enduring fight against everything Indian:

You have closed down The Sugar Industry with promises of land and houses which never materialized.

You have hounded Sat Sharma and Panday out of Office and continue to do so.

You have devised a housing programme and social programmes that benefit only one sector of the population i.e. your supporters.

You have pursued frolics of your own without the support of the people-Caribbean integration, your mansion, your construction drive and it was inevitable that such enterprises will cost the country.

Now you are ordering your Ministers and their paid supporters to go to African areas to deal with flooding, where flooding has been endemic in Indian areas without a drum heard but criticisms of Indians lying about losing their products.

We are now seeing the beginning of the end Manning and one wonders if you have made plans to migrate like the many Indo-Trinidadians that you have hounded out of the country.

The psychologist believes Mr Manning that you hate Indians because you really love them and want to be like them but since you cannot be like them you punish them.
This developed from your early days at Presentation college in San Fernando where you were never in the top of the class or privileged and felt so hurt and frustrated that you developed an inferiority complex and blamed Indians for your misfortune. Hitler had similar experiences against Jews.

This will also explain why you hate powerful African men and surround your self with weak Indian and mixed persons and women without mamillary or testicular fortitudes.
They will do anything for you because their lifes are so empty that they don’t mind doing your bidding.

I feel sorry for you Manning and it is a pity that ‘monkey cyar see he own tail’- no pun intended but for one moment what you are doing is tantamount to genocide of an entire race and someone is looking. The tears that Indians shed have never fell on barren soil.

The Rum Shop Philosopher.

Friday, November 14, 2008


So we gone dong Maracas Beach last Tuesday (Divali) and saw 6 big nigga setting up a huge suction/pump generator.

After the machine had been pumping water out for over 2 hours I couldn't help but ask one of the niggas what exactly they were trying to achieve. He explained that they needed to lower the water level because the river continues all the way around to the Main Car Park (by Richard's Shark & Bake) and it causing flooding there.

I then tried to simply explain to him that sucking the water out from one point and pumping it back into the same river (see pics & video below) just doesn't make sense ! Duh ! His reply was, "We just doing what dey tell we to do!"

Hmmmm..... PS. The TDC (Tourism Development Company Ltd) has big plans for Maracas beach on their website: Asshole Colm Imbert again nah!

What conts!


Once again, the fuckin Manning is caught being less than honest with the population............ did a "deaL" (PERHAPS) fall through.......... a former senior Executive of BMW was very firm that this is not the way that Company does business.....

BMW says it has no deal with Manning

There's a new twist to the story about the supply of VIP vehicles for two international summits in Port of Spain next year. Now, the Trinidad Express is reporting that the German automaker BMW has denied that it has any deal with Prime Minister Patrick Manning to supply the vehicles for the conference.

Bavarian Motors Ltd, local agents BMW, issued a statement saying it has not had any direct discussion with the government of Trinidad and Tobago or Manning about the supply of the luxury vehicles for the summits.

It denied any connection between a recent visit by its managing director Gordon Borde to Munich, Germany and Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s statement about Government leasing vehicles for next year’s summits, directly from BMW.

Bavarian Motors said it had responded to tenders issued by the National Insurance Property Development Company (Nipdec) to provide vehicles for the summits and “is awaiting a response to its proposals.”

It said Borde attended the annual Importers Conference in Munich from October 28 to November 1 at the invitation of BMW and “had absolutely no knowledge of a visit being paid to Munich and BMW by the Prime Minister.”

It added, “Neither did Mr Borde have any contact with the Prime Minister during his visit to Munich...

There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in any suggestion that Mr Borde accompanied the Honourable Prime Minister on his visit to Munich.” That seems to contradict what Manning told reporters last week at his post cabinet news conference.

Manning announced that he had personally visited the showroom of a large BMW dealer in Germany and sealed the deal under which the Germans would ship the vehicles to Port of Spain for temporary use for both conferences and then take them back.

In dismissing local offers the prime minister said they were too costly. “The local people...put a price on the alternatives that is so high, that you have little alternative but to purchase the cars, which we are determined not to do. We don’t need 200 cars.”

Manning was in Munich from October 30 to 31, to address the “Day of the Americas” conference hosted by the Business Association of Latin America.

Both Borde and Manning were in Germany at the same time.

Manning did not say that he met Borde or any representative of BMW's local agents, Bavaria Motors Ltd. And he didn't say who he met. He told reporters, "I visited the BMW showroom in Munich, we had discussions on the matter and I have to discuss it with our people here.”

Based on Bavaria Motor's Ltd.'s statement and Manning's confirmation that he held talks with BMW, it would seem that the prime minister bypassed the local agent and went directly to the German company's representatives in Munich.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Hunt criticises UNC-built stadia

Government plans to spend some $102 million to refurbish the four stadia which were built under the UNC government for the 2001 Youth World Cup, Sport Minister Gary Hunt stated yesterday.

The stadia were built through the instrumentality of FIFA vice president and Concacaf boss Jack Warner and there was a controversy over the tendering procedures.

"It speaks to the quality of construction," Hunt said, as he noted that the 30-year-old Hasely Crawford Stadium, which was close to the sea, never had a need for that kind of upgrade.

Giving details of the breakdown in cost, Hunt said Government would spend $23.5 million on the Dwight Yorke Stadium in Tobago, $27.5 million on the Larry Gomes in Arima, $22 million on the Ato Boldon in Couva and $29 million on the Manny Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella. He said the Government proposed to put down two artificial fields on the two stadia - Manny Ramjohn and Larry Gomes- which were in high use.

"We would be using the highest specs in the refurbishment and upgrade of the stadia," he said.
Hunt said Government was doing a general refurbishment on the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Shaw Park in Tobago, Woodford Lodge and Saith Park, all in preparation of the Trinidad and Tobago Games next year.

Stating that international athletes such as Usain Bolt would be competing here, Hunt said the Games would be "as close to Grand Prix status as possible". -RT

Gary "Isaac" Hunt must fockin criticise the stadia the UNC built.

How fockin long now this nigga run regime trying to build one stadium (the Brian Lara Stadium) in Tarouba.

Cost overuns galore. It suppose to finish for the cricket world cup. Maybe for the fockin one in 2011.

This is only about givin contracts to dey fockin conts to milk the fockin country some more.

Due to lack of funds, baby Marissa dies

The Ministry of Health could not help nine-month-old Marissa Ramlal—who died on Tuesday— with funding for a liver transplant because of “budgetary circumstances,” Health Minister Jerry Narace said yesterday.

Narace was speaking at yesterday’s post-cabinet media briefing at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s.

Baby Marissa, who was unable to suckle milk and had been vomiting blood, required $1.8 million to undergo a liver transplant.

Marissa’s belly was also swollen to the size of a football.

But Narace maintained that his Ministry could only operate within budgetary and policy circumstances.

He noted, however, that the ministry gave the maximum possible amount—$60,000—which was “the policy by which we are guided.”

Narace said, “The media will be the first to tell us we must always review our budgets and look at the way we are spending.

“My instructions to the ministry was for us to do the maximum possible to assist the young lady,” Narace added, while offering condolences to baby Marissa’s family.

He said unless the Health Ministry found some financing mechanism it was going to be difficult—but traditionally, people had engaged in different fundraising ventures and that the ministry was more than willing to give the maximum possible amount.

Asked whether the country was equipped to deal with liver transplants and other procedures, Narace said: “These are objectives that we are working towards and there are certain speciality measures/procedures that we are unable to do at this time.

“However, the Government, in trying to create a first world health care system—and we have plans currently to develop two new institutions, one in Port-of-Spain and one in Central Trinidad—we are hoping to acquire that kind of capability as we proceed.”

On the issue of a special fund that would assist families to get specialised care for their children, Narace said an appropriate solution was being sought through the introduction of the National Health System (NHS).

“That NHS is going to be a new system that would allow us to treat with all of these circumstances in the future,” Narace added.

He said the Cabinet had recently approved a health economics unit for the Health Ministry to make appropriate arrangements so that unit would be able to provide the ministry with the cost of a number of services which would commence the NHS system.

The interim measure, however, was the ceiling figure of $60,000, Narace said.

If this was ah fockin nigga baby, you woulda see how fast these fockin Hutu power hungry animals woulda geh da money to save the the niglet life eh.

It real fockin easy to take ah million dollars and give niggas for running ah 100meters under 10 secs, which is what they normally do after robbing some Indian home.

It real fockin easy to take up $50.000.00 and give that lil niglet "Chocolate" for starving she mudder cont self, which she was doin in any case.

But to save the life of ah lil Coolie baby.

Fock dat, leh she dead.

THat summarises how things are in Trinidad.

Thank you PNM, thank you COP.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Barbados Nation

Manning's reformsPublished on: 7/27/08.
by ALBERT BRANDFORD Political Correspondent

IT IS BECOMING increasingly clear that Prime Minister Patrick Manning is on a journey to leave a legacy not only on the political landscape of Trinidad and Tobago but across CARICOM.
He is already known for toying with political constructs that seek to isolate sub-regions in CARICOM, such as the Manning Initiative which, to this day, does not have a compelling purpose.

But the biggest of Manning's ideas has come in the form of a working paper – not yet government policy – that strives to improve the governance structure of Trinidad and Tobago, perhaps inspired by the 18-18 tie in the 2001 general election.

The proposed reforms of the constitution, however, do not indicate in any way how they would resolve such an occurrence in the future.

The essence of Manning's proposed reforms is to make the executive president the head of both the government and the state, giving what is now an all-powerful prime minister even greater powers of governance and control.

While upgrading the status of the prime minister, the proposed new draft constitution devastates the contribution of other elected members of the House of Representatives, both in terms of quantity and quality in the cabinet.

In fact, according to Manning: "It is proposed that the cabinet would now AID AND ADVISE [my emphasis] the president on the general direction and control of the government. It would comprise the president, vice-president and up to 25 members, of whom not more than six would be appointed from the House of Representatives and three from the Senate. The rest of the ministers would be appointed from outside of the parliament."

Imagine, a leader of a political party in Trinidad and Tobago uses 40 other party members to assist him in securing victory at the polls, but then agrees sufficiently with proposed reforms to bring them to parliament suggesting that at most – not at least – six ministers could be elected Members of Parliament.

On two scores, Prime Minister Manning's motives would have to be questioned: first, no other elected MP has to be a minister; and secondly, the number of ministers elected is restricted to six.

It takes a very special politician, guided by some higher power, to reduce other elected Members of Parliament – from whom he derived his power – to mere statistical objects.

It must be the case that only elected members of the House of Representatives can cast a secret ballot to determine who becomes the executive president.

Under the current constitution, the non-executive president is chosen by the Electoral College, a unicameral body consisting of all of the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, convened by the Speaker, as chairman, and who has an original vote.

It is particularly striking that only the president and the vice-president are guaranteed membership of Manning's proposed cabinet which has an upper limit of 25 members.

Since the president and vice-president are to be appointed from the House of Representatives, only four other members from the ruling party can become ministers. That makes the proposals even more ludicrous!

Political folly

At the two extremes, ministers appointed from outside of the parliament may make up – at most – 23 out of the possible 25 members of the cabinet, or – at least – 16 out of the possible 25 members.

These ministers would be all appointed by the president who got his power from the elected members of the House of Representatives!

In its current state, the governing party in Trinidad and Tobago must have at least 21 members in the Lower House who, under the proposed reforms, would be restricted to offering only "aid and advice" to the cabinet on the general direction and control of the government – a restriction that is also imposed on the cabinet.

To me, that is political folly in the extreme.

The only reasonable proposal that prevents the new draft constitution from being seen as the making of an elected dictatorship is one for a term limit for the executive president, a maximum of two terms – ten years at most.

Otherwise, the Manning proposals smack of a leader trying to secure ultimate political power, more in search of creating a one-man show than entrenching a participatory democracy that broadens the base of leadership.

Having proposed to emasculate the elected representatives in the Lower House, Manning also wants to see an enlarged and essentially elected Senate for Trinidad and Tobago.

The following proposed reforms may help to restore a sense of balance with respect to those who voted for having some say in the general direction and control of government.

The Senate would comprise 49 – up from 31 – members of which 28 would be elected, and based on recommendations from the political parties following a general election, 18 would be assigned seats on the basis of proportional representation.

The other three senators would be elected by the Tobago House of Assembly.
More questions than answers

The existing nine Independent senators would be no more; yet, it appears that the broad principle – apart from the President becoming more powerful - is to involve more non-political practitioners in the decision-making process.

This identifies a basic inconsistency in the proposed reforms.

Oddly enough, the Cabinet, which has the responsibility only to "aid and advise" the President on the general direction and control of government, would be the least democratic of the institutions of government.

It is widely believed that people who get involved in elective politics do so out of self-interest, and so, it is going to be more than interesting to witness a national debate in Trinidad and Tobago on a proposed constitution that reduces the effective participation of the majority of elected Members of Parliament in running the affairs of government.

Prime Minister Manning is unorthodox, but his desire to change Trinidad and Tobago's constitution to increase the power of the political leader raises more questions than it provides answers.

It is being argued by some commentators that that increased power would come at the expense of the judiciary and the parliament – a frightening prospect for any country!

But perhaps the most frightening aspect of this proposed mischief would be the decimation of the will of the people in the first-past-the-post system used to elect members to the House of Representatives that would have to give way to the will of a political leader, especially in determining the composition of the Cabinet, a body of ministers who traditionally initiate policy and are collectively responsible for the government of the country.

For the sake of the people of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, may it never happen.
The rest of us in the region, especially here in Barbados, should watch the developments closely, because politicians are . . . well, politicians.

PS: I'll be off for a few weeks and, God willing, be back in this space on September 7.

Even Bajans realise that this ah real cont!

This after freeing the 2 Bajan fishermen.

The Trinidadian

A German, a Frenchman, an Englishman, and a Trinidadian went to an Art museum and were spending some time in front of the painting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. After observing the painting for a while an intrigued observer asked the four men where they thought Adam and Eve's origins could be from.

The German said: 'Look at the perfection of their bodies. She with her slender and well formed figure and he with that athletic body and bulging muscles. There is no doubt they must be of German origin.'

Immediately the Frenchman reacts! 'C'est impossible! One can clearly see the eroticism that is exuding from both figures... She so feminine? he so masculine... and both so aware of the impendingtemptation.. . They must be French!'

Shaking his head in disagreement, the Englishman comments: 'Oh No, Chaps It can't be! Note the serenity on their faces, their delicate pose, the sobriety in their gestures. They could only be English.'

After a few more seconds of contemplation the Trini exclaims: 'Nah, I doh agree with ANY of alyuh! Watch de picture good nah man.
Dey naked cause they cyah afford clothes or shoes.
Dey eh have no shelter cause a house too expensive.
Dey eh have no electricity or water.
But dey eh protesting cause dey STILL think dey in Paradise !? ?
Clearly, dey is two Jack-Ass PNM supporters from Trinidad . ..!!!'

Friday, June 27, 2008

PM Manning sees green

PM Manning sees green
Friday, June 27 2008

PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday urged energy companies to show their commitment to saving the environment by looking for alternate sources of fuel to oil and natural gas.

Manning was speaking at the opening of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA) annual mid-year meeting, hosted at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad, Port-of-Spain by the local leg of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM).

The topic of the two-day meeting is energy and the environment. Manning said the topic was timely considering its relevance. “Energy and the environment are closely related as the use of fossil fuels have been linked to present levels of global warming, producing climatic changes and environmental challenges for every country in the world,” he said.

Further exploring the link between the two, he said, the more troubling effects of global warming are experienced by lesser developed countries of the world. “In the Caribbean, we are certainly not one of the world’s major polluters but we have direct experience as islands in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans are already threatened by rising sea levels, coastal erosion and increasing ferocity of storms, hurricanes and typhoons,” he said.

Manning added that global warming also had links to increasing food prices globally. “Something is fundamentally wrong in the way we have been proceeding in utilising the resources that we have. We, undoubtedly, need to liberalise economies for greater productivity but in the process we are attaining levels of consumption that are clearly not sustainable,” he said.

To combat these problems, he said, there is need for greater energy production, increase emphasis on alternative sources of energy and greater energy efficiency. “It is clear for us in Trinidad and Tobago that no one approach would solve the problems caused by unprecedented energy consumption and its inflationary and environmental consequences. We need a battery of solutions involving all the approaches I have mentioned,” he said.

This cont eh bet he is one big cyat nah!

This is the same fockin asshole that want to puh down 2 fockin aluminium smelter plants in this fockin god forsaken place. Eh! Like he dotish or wa.

This is the same cont that lickin up the South Western Peninsula.

This is the same cont that cyah run this government without oil and gas money.

And he want to talk about ENVIRONMENT.

Fock off Manning!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mc Leod retires with $4.5M

Thursday, June 26 2008

RETIRED Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU) president general Errol Mc Leod is to receive a retirement package worth $4.5 million for his 21 years of service to one of the country’s richest trade unions.

An OWTU source told Newsday yesterday that the contents of the separation package include a house to be built at a cost of $2 million on a piece of land owned by Mc Leod in Aripero, a new X5 BMW SUV worth $750,000, guaranteed car insurance for the next five years plus a $1.5 million annuity.

According to reports, the OWTU general council approved Mc Leod’s retirement package during a meeting at the union’s headquarters at Paramount Building, Circular Road, San Fernando. The meeting was chaired by Mc Leod.

Mc Leod was celebrated last night by members of the union at a ceremony at the Palms Club, San Fernando.

When contacted for comment, Mc Leod said: “I don’t know what my separation package is worth and even if I knew I wouldn’t disclose.” When given a breakdown of the package, Mc Leod said: “I never knew I was valued so highly by the union.”

McLeod worked as a refinery operator at State-owned oil company Petrotrin and became the union’s second vice president, labour relations in 1975 before rising to the position of president general. He retired from Petrotrin about three years.

OWTU sources said the May 31general council meeting was attended by an estimated 35 delegates. Four of them abstained from the vote on the package for Mc Leod and one voted against the multi-million dollar payout. Sources said the delegates voted in favour of the package without discussing the proposal with their respective branches.

Some delegates felt it was exorbitant compared to the retirement package for his late predecessor George Weekes. “A committee was formed and we all went back to our branch unions where we discussed the matter. Weekes had to give up the deed for a piece of land he inherited in Petit Bourg. The union took that money to help purchase the house in Cocoyea, San Fernando that was given to him. His package was never exorbitant like this,” said a source.

Mc Leod had announced that he was giving up his position as the leader of the union at the OWTU’s annual general meeting last July and was passing the baton over to first vice president Ancel Roget.

Look another PNM hack, quiet for the last 7 years under the PNM feel the pressure and focking resigning now.

Make all he money, fool all dem fockin assholes and now walking away wid ah hefty take home.

Typical African nigga dictator attitude.

Paul quits

Paul quits
Thursday, June 26 2008

With crime at its highest ever, Trevor Paul has quit as Commissioner of Police breaking the year-long extension he had to continue to serve as head of the Police Service.

Paul advised the members of his executive of his decision during a meeting at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain on Tuesday.

Sources said Paul felt he had done all that he could to lead the Police Service in its fight against crime, which has risen to unprecedented levels with murders standing at 243 for this year to date.

Paul is expected to leave on Monday and he has already begun to pack his books and personal documents and mementos from his service of over 40 years.

“Monday might be my last day in office. I have done my part and it is time to move on,” he told his executive of Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs) on Tuesday.

When contacted yesterday, Paul would only say, “When I am leaving office you will know, I will tell you myself.”

Paul had been asked to stay on for an additional year as the top cop although his official retirement date was November 9, 2007.

Sources said Paul’s decision to break his extension before November is expected to put additional pressure on the Government to get debate moving in Parliament on the appointment of a new Commissioner of Police (CoP).

Well at last! This total waste of a Police Officer will be shipping out. His tenure will be remembered as one in which the CoP was the biggest failure in this country.

But really all that focker wanted was to get he pension. Now he goin to live like some big pappy at the expense of the citizens of T&T.

How we so dotish in this country.

Now another duncee head nigga will take his place and the same shit will continue. Another PNM cont.

Wanna bet ?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Joseph: I'm sorry

National Security Minister Martin Joseph yesterday apologised for his now infamous pronunciation of the word "arrests" as "arrestes" during last week's post-Cabinet news conference.

He did so during yesterday's post-Cabinet news conference at Whitehall, Port of Spain, one week after making the verbal blunder, while responding to questions on new anti-crime measures that the Government expects will result in an improvement in its war on crime.

"I know it's too late now. I certainly, I certainly apologise," Joseph said.

He quipped that the mispronunciation was an attempt on his part to help boost the Police Service's low detection rate.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !


Ah cyah stop fockin laughin. R'fari cont, see if you could translate this piece of dotishness for meh nah.

I quote, "the mispronunciation was an attempt on his part to help boost the Police Service's low detection rate."

Lard Father, have mercy on me! Fock! Niggas EH!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


India set to exempt Africa from ban on rice exports

By Joe Leahy in Mumbai and Amy Yee in New Delhi

Published: June 2 2008 03:00

India is facing growing pressure from African countries to exempt them from export bans on rice implemented by New Delhi to curb domestic food price inflation.

The move illustrates how efforts by large producers such as India to control a sharp rise in food costs are hurting poor nations and giving rise to a form of rice diplomacy."We have no shortage of rice and wheat. Our buffer stocks are adequate. Our production has not been reduced. Food prices are driven to a large extent by sentiment and not merely by supply and demand, says the indian minister

"I have a minister from Mali [here]," said Kamal Nath, India's commerce and industries minister, in an interview with the Financial Times.

"They are traditional buyers of rice so when we banned the export of our cheaper medium-quality rice, they [were] in trouble."

Global food prices are expected to remain high over the next decade, spelling hardship for millions of the world's poorest, the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said in a report last week.

Mr Nath said India had already allowed some exports to Sierra Leone and would consider other exemptions for Africa. "We will have some carve-out to African countries depending on our own current production," he said.

He did not give details but there is speculation that India might eventually export about 2m tonnes of rice to the least developed African countries as well as some neighbouring nations, including Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

The move fits with India's growing diplomatic efforts to woo African nations and counter China's rising influence in the resource-rich continent.

India's economy continues to grow strongly, reaching a rate of 9 per cent in the last fiscal year, according to government figures released on Friday.

The new report predicted growth of 8.5 per cent this year but the rising cost of fuel has contributed to a sharp jump in inflation. In the 12 months ended May 17, it reached 8.1 per cent, a three and a half year high and well above the central bank's target of less than 5.5 per cent.

Mr Nath said the price of imported cooking oil and lentils had more than doubled "not because of India-supply stress but international supply-side stress".

He said: "We have no shortage of rice and wheat. Our buffer stocks are adequate. Our production has not been reduced. Food prices are driven to a large extent by sentiment and not merely by supply and demand."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

T&T visit just what Miss World needs


REIGNING Miss World, Zi Lin Zhang, is convinced that a visit to T&T was just what she needed to gather her thoughts, in the wake of the devastation caused to her native China by a massive earthquake.

She said her decision to travel to T&T, while her countrymen were still coming to terms with the disaster, was a necessary sacrifice at this time.

Zhang believed that she could do more for the people of China by creating greater awareness of the effects of the natural disaster, while the search for survivors continues and the death toll rises.

Authorities in China have mounted a massive relief and rescue operations.

Meanwhile, international aid agencies remain alert, monitoring the situation, to lend assistance to those in need.

Using her limited command of the English language, Zhang said she hoped that her visit would brighten her spirits and consequently allow her to do more for the people of China.

“As you know, my country has had a terrible earthquake. I was sad and everything. I hope I can come here to be more happy and do more for my country.

“All of us (are) working hard. We are raising funds for the earthquake. I don’t know how to do more, but I would try my best.”

During a media conference in the VIP Lounge at Piarco International Airport, Julia Morley, chairman of the Miss World Organisation, who accompanied Zhang on this trip, defended her decision to fly to T&T.

She said thousands of Chinese troops had been deployed on the grounds and had the reigning Miss World gone back home, “all she could have done was stand and stare.”

Morley disclosed that there were discussions on whether Zhang should return to China at this time, but it was decided that she could do more “useful things here,” rather than stand and stare.

“Unless you are a qualified person working, digging people out you are only able to stand and stare.

“Is it not better to come and do something useful here?” she asked.

Morley made it clear that on their return to China, a big fund-raising exercise would take place in that country.

Zhang arrived at Piarco International Airport on Friday, almost an hour past her scheduled arrival which was caused by a flight delay.

Her visit to T&T was on the invitation of the National Aids Co-ordinating Council (NACC) for this evening’s 19th National Aids Candlelight Memorial in the borough of Chaguanas.

Zhang and her entourage were received by former Miss World, Giselle La Ronde-West; former Miss T&T/World delegate, Valene Maharaj; Angela Lee Loy, chairman of the NACC, Andy Fearon, acting head of the NACC; and Peter Elias, national director of the Pageant Company of T&T.

Also present were reigning Miss T&T/World representative Gabrielle Walcott; Miss T&T/Universe delegate Anya Ayoung-Chee; and Adrian Raymond, of the Pageant Company.
Morley said: “We work very hard around the world to do the best we can to bring awareness to the problem (HIV/Aids) that we all face.”
More fockin Chinee in we mudder cont! Imagine in some parts of fockin T&T ah seeing Chinee road signs. Like dey fockin driving too or wa.
Chinee coming here in droves and look another one. Only Chinee Chow Mein, Chow kai Cow and Chow kai Goat.
Ah wonder if she related to Calder Hart wife, Sherrine Lee.
Yuh know that is the real contact for all this setta Chinee. The mark muss buss one day.

Le Gendre: Moonilal insulting students

EDUCATION Minister Esther Le Gendre is disputing UNC-A Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal’s claim that the nation’s schools are a breeding ground for the recruitment of young criminals to gangs.

And a lot of criminality also took place on school compounds, Moonilal accused.

During debate on proposed legislation to rectify the pensions of certain senior officers in the Teaching Service, he called on the Government to take urgent steps to protect teachers while they were on the job.

It was a task that needed political will, said Moonilal, as he urged Le Gendre to heed his call.
In winding up debate on the Bill, which was passed without amendment, Le Gendre took issue with Moonilal.

She said it was an “insult” to the over 300,000 students on roll at over 700 schools for Moonilal to say that the nation’s schools were a breeding ground for the making of criminals.

Schools may have “a few recalcitrant elements” but that did not make them a breeding ground for criminal activity, Le Gendre argued.

She stressed that the statement was unbecoming of the Moonilal.

He had claimed the Education Ministry was not operating smoothly because deans and heads of departments were complaining that despite their seniority in the system some teachers were earning more than them.

Le Gendre explained that a number of allowances had been approved for the deans and heads of department; the accounts department was preparing the pay sheets and the grousing officers would get retroactive payments to rectify their salaries.

The UNC had boasted of their rapid-pace school building programme, but all the schools built between 1996 and 2001 were now “giving trouble.”

She said she had never seen buildings deteriorate so fast and they were turning out to be the “bane” of the ministry.

In respect of repairs to schools, she said doing this maintenance work during vacation periods have proven to be unsatisfactory and now work would take place also during the school term.

Cumuto Manzanilla MP Harry Partap was told that a new Biche High School was in the planning stage.

Designs had been received and work would soon start on the new school.


What he wanted to say is that is what is happening in schools dominated by niggas. And or areas nigga infested.

Understand niggas are not inclined to studies. Niggas know how to teef, bull anything wid ah hole and buy sneakers, not forgetting to lime late on the pavement every night and wonder how people buy cars and houses. And how they could rob dey fockin asshole for having things that many niggas may not see in their lifetime.

By the way I hear you leading the charge wid two nigglets wid two different fathers.

I wonder if Le Gendre know d gorillas who fadder the nigglets?

Joseph: Blame the CoP, not me

By peter balroop

IN ONE fell swoop National Security Minister Martin Joseph swept all blame for there being 79,989 unsolved serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping, rape and robbery with aggravation, in the six-year period 2002-2007 on to the broad shoulders of Police Commissioner Trevor Paul.

Joseph stressed Paul was the man to call to account, when responding to UNC-A Chief Whip Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj crime motion in the Lower House on Friday.

Reached yesterday for his reaction to Joseph saying as the head of the Police Service he was the State’s front man for the curbing of runaway crime, Paul said he did not hear Joseph’s response, so was not prepared to comment on the say-so of the Sunday Guardian.

Paul recently got a six-month extension of his employment contract and Joseph told the House on Friday that soon MPs would be debating the appointment of a new commissioner.

In a motion on the adjournment of the House, Maharaj said in the period the National Security Ministry had spent over $15 billion, yet had failed to keep crime under control.

Citizens did not feel safe to venture out of their houses; the issue had gone beyond the pale of political rivalry and the fact of the matter was a solution had to be found.

Pitiful rate

As an MP, said Maharaj, he had seen first-hand the suffering, the fear and the trauma that families endured at the hands of criminals.

Maharaj said Prime Minister Patrick Manning had assured Senator Joseph was his best Cabinet Minister.

If that was so, he added, then something must be wrong with Manning’s judgment.

He had got the crime statistics from 2002-2007 from the Police Service’s Crime and Problem Analysis (CAPA) department and they were frightening.

He proceeded to read them out in all their detail, emphasising the pitiful rate at which serious crimes were being solved.

They showed that over the period murders had risen by 40 per cent; the detection rates was less than ten per cent and the conviction rate of those charged was less than one per cent.
Maharaj said he did not want Joseph to tell the nation about future plans, or about the activities of police units like SAUTT or the IATF.

The nation wanted to feel safe. They wanted assurances from the Minister that they could be secure in their homes and on the streets, in the day, and particularly at nights, Maharaj stressed.
To his mind, the solution in the first instance was to have officers posted throughout the streets of T&T on a 24-hour basis, even if it meant re-routing traffic police and court officers to crime duties.

Police also needed motivation to rise to the occasion, Maharaj added.

“Forget the politics, tell the people what you are going to do to prevent crime,” Maharaj urged Joseph. “We cannot go on like this... time is running out.”

Joseph responded saying that since Police Service reform legislation had come into force the Police Commissioner was no longer a toothless bulldog.

He had the power now to promote and fire up to Assistant Commissioner.

His job as Minister, said Joseph, was to provide the financial and human resources to the Commissioner and leave the job of solving crime to him.

Any interference in the performance of the Commissioner’s duties by the Executive would be seen as politicising of the Police Service, Joseph said.

Yes, there was a shortage of officers, but recruitment of 500 new officers a year was the plan, with the recruits all having at least five “O” level passes and being subjected to a polygraph test.
The CAPA department provided “real time” crime statistics, which was essential to curbing crime, he added.

Joseph assured once the Police Commissioner made optimum use of his resources the incidence of serious crime would be reduced.

Thanking all officers for their contribution to the fight, Joseph assured: “We’ll stem the flow

Ha ha ha ha ha, in one fell swoop Joseph lick up conniehole Trevor "Rock the fockin Boat" Paul.

Niggas are so stupid it never ceases to amaze me how this creed born duncee so. Imagine Paul is now to blame, but the fockin PNM extend his time as CoP for another 6 months.

What ah bunch of cacaholes.

Ah need ah dunce to shit on!

Manning would make clean sweep

INSISTING that Prime Minister Patrick Manning has done no wrong, newly appointed chairman of the Diego Martin Central constituency Dr Joe Laquis says he will support the PM for the leadership post in the People’s National Movement’s party election.

A PNMite for 33 years, Laquis said it would be idiotic for anyone to oppose Manning, because the PNM was closely knit and united, which no one could penetrate or destroy.

Laquis was commenting about former Diego Martin Central MP Kenneth Valley, who last month had urged sacked trade and industry minister Dr Keith Rowley to press on with plans to fight Manning for leadership of the PNM.

Manning’s post of political leader is up for contest as well as other PNM executives at the PNM’s June 28, 29 convention.

Rowley fought Manning for the post in a bitter fight in 1996, which Rowley lost, having mustered only 40 per cent of the votes cast.

“We don’t disagree and go against one another in this party. This is how PNM politics works. Everybody would surround and protect Manning at the end of the day. You just wait and see,” Laquis added.

Laquis said when one looked at Manning’s performance over the last six-and-a-half years much had been accomplished for T&T.

Laquis said if one had to choose between Manning and Rowley, the favoured candidate would likely be Manning because of his leadership qualities.

“There is no reason to remove Manning.... while at the same time there is no clear indication that he should go.”

Getting feedback from the ground level, Laquis said he was optimistic that when the final vote was counted, Manning would make a clean sweep.

“He would net everything in the bag.”

It look like some big dutty rasta fock Laquis in he bottom, upside down.

Fockin Syrians will say, do and be focked jus to put ah extra dollar in dey pocket.

Imagine this cont claiming "what Manning has been able to accomplish over the last 6 years." Wey this fockin asshole living ?

He really do a great deal........when he dotish nigga brethren shooting and killing one another for ah pair ah mudder cont sneakers. And killing one another for boncing he gyul in ah fete. And the stupid niggas still support the PNM. People cyah get fockin water to even flush dey fockin toilet. Want to buy ah fockin jet for he and he gorilla wife. Build ah mansion, typical nigga dictator style, while the niggas pissing and shitting on one another in the Beetham and Maloney and all wey the PNM give dem barracks to live in.

I could go on and on, but is ah repeat ah the same story.

Laquis yuh fockin bredda deading wid Cancer, take some of the money yuh family teef and go and help him.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Boynes gets $20M tax break
By SEAN DOUGLAS Friday, May 9 2008

FORMER Minister of Sport and Toco/Manzanilla MP Roger Boynes and his brother Ronald Boynes, chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation chairman, have enjoyed a $20 million tax break on their Salybia Resort and Spa.

This was revealed by Legal Notice 54 in the Trinidad and Tobago Gazette of April 10. The document cited an order, made under the Tourism Development Act, for a tax-break in the form of a capital allowance on the brothers’ investment of $20,566,731 on the resort as an approved tourism project. The order also exempts the resort from paying any tax on its gains or profits for five years.

Now we see why the mudder cont opt out of Govt. Dey get what they want.

Food crops bulldozed

Food crops bulldozed
By CHARLENE BHARATT Friday, May 9 2008

A TRACTOR yesterday bulldozed five acres of agricultural land in Spring Village, Valsayn destroying fields of produce including ochro, pepper, dasheen bush and coconuts, leaving farmers very upset since the produce was ripe for harvest.

The angry farmers told this reporter that when they asked the driver of the tractor on whose instruction he was acting, to destroy the crops, he (the driver) said he was authorised by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

However, several efforts by Newsday to verify this with HDC yesterday proved futile with several calls to the corporation’s corporate communications department, going unanswered.

The farmers said that in the midst of spiralling food prices and a public plea by Consumer and Legal Affairs Minister Peter Taylor for increased local farming to reduce food costs, they cannot understand why anyone would want to destroy their gardens. The farmers added that for the past few years, they have applied for regularised land tenures but this has not been done. They are appealing to Agriculture Minister Arnold Piggott to intervene on their behalf and have them regularised so they could legitimately plant their crops on State lands.

According to brothers Vijay and Sonnylal Jagdeo, who have earned their living from working the land for the past 16 years, workers claiming to be contracted by the HDC were instructed to clear the land. Vijay said the destruction of the gardens came without warning and the five farmers were left with no choice but to watch their only source of income being destroyed. “I begged them to at least leave something behind...but they just kept going,” Vijay said.

“Government talking about agriculture but they are doing something else and now with this (the gardens) gone, we do not know where to turn. We do not know what to do,” Sonnylal cried.

National Food Crop Farmers Association’s Education and Research Officer Norris Deonarine, who represented the farmers, called on the Agriculture Ministry to give priority to regularisation of land tenures to enable farmers to take control of their land and develop it efficiently to ensure ample local food crop production.

Stupid niggas again.

The entire world is discussing the impending food crisis.

Here in Niggadad, they levelling crops left, right and centre. Niggas doh plant nutten, so to destroy ah food crop doh mean ah thing to them.

Once these dumb cyats could bling and get KFC to eat. Well is fock that.

Just now yuh go see dem eating big building in tong Manning build for dem.

Govt spends big bucks for Laventille peace initiatives

Thursday, May 8 2008

GOVERNMENT spent approximately $48,000 out of a total of $197,000 through the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs to help “keep the peace” in Laventille in 2006.

These figures were contained in a document which Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs Minister Marlene McDonald brought to the Senate on Tuesday to respond to a question posed to her two months ago by Opposition Senator Wade Mark to list all of the organisations that received funding/grants and/or financial support from her ministry from the period January 2, 2002 to December 31, 2007.

Under the section of the document entitled “Community enhancement and safety programme,” for 2006, it said the ministry allocated $12,000 to the Laventille Peace Initiative Against Crime $12,000 to stage a “Caravan for Peace in Laventille.” Another $14,500 was allocated to this group for a “caravan for peace” in Arima in the same year. The Executive Council for Laventille received $8,746 for a peace caravan in Morvant. The Laventille United Safety and Enhancement Group received $7,000 from the ministry to host a cultural exchange and the Beetham Gardens Police Youth Club was allocated $7,000 to host a Christmas Lunch and Award ceremony.

At Tuesday’s sitting of the Upper House, Senate President Danny Montano did not allow McDonald to read from the document. He apologised to her and the Senate for not directing that the answer to Mark’s question be written and not oral.

The fockin assholes so dotish.

I fockin glad yes....continue giving the conts that pittance and they will continue slaughtering one another on a daily basis.

These same niggas will continue to support the PNM despite the fact the PNM funding dey own demise.

Niggas eh!!!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

$5.7M for National Security consultants

Monday, April 21 2008

MINISTER of National Security, Martin Joseph, said since 2001 to present his Ministry has spent $5.7 million on consultants to train police officers, soldiers and forensic scientists.

He gave the details in reply to a question by Tabaquite MP Ramesh Maharaj on Friday in the House of Representatives. Joseph said $1.637 million was spent on consultants to train the TT Police Service, some $3.835 million for the Defence Force, and $228,000 at the Forensic Science Centre (FSC).

In 2003 a consultant (Clive Thomas) earned $74,000 to train FSC staff in analysis of seized drug material, examination of stolen motor vehicles/serial registration-number restoration, and arson investigation.

In 2005 a consultant (Ernest Massiah) earned $154,000 for training FSC staff in firearm and tool- mark examination.

Elsewhere some $3.835 million was spent training TTDF staff in 2007 to 2008 at the University of the West Indies in Leadership and Management from certificate to MSc level.

Some $1.637 million was spent on consultants to train officers of TT Police Service. This included $361,000 spent in 2001; some $195,000 in 2002; $422,000 in 2003; $308,000 in 2004, $96,000 in 2005, $38,400 in 2006, and $216,000 in 2007.

The police trainers included Franklyn Dolly who taught conflict resolution and anger management, Alma Thompson teaching telephone etiquette and Patrick Zoe teaching forensic investigation on insurance arson fraud.

Further, in 2007 Dana Seetahal who is still an Independent Senator, was paid $174,000 to do Advanced Prosecutors’ Training.

Like is one thing these conts doh understand.

Yuh cant train ah nigga to do anything...these knotty hard headed fockers simply cannot learn.

All dey know to do is thief, run from the people that they thief from, the ability to stuff ah fockin microwave and ah laptop in dey jockey shorts and bling wid the money dey rob from humans.

Dana Seetahal is another ugly fockin nigga....suckin money from the PNM and getting position wid it.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Beetham bandits steal rice and flour

Friday, April 4 2008

MOTORISTS stuck in heavy traffic along the Beetham Highway looked on in horror and amazement as teams of young men looted a stalled delivery truck, stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of rice and flour yesterday evening.

The motorists using cellular phones, called in the police and a motorcycle officer who was further up the highway checking to see if motorists were using the shoulder of the highway, responded to an All Points Bulletin and went to the stalled truck.
According to police reports, at about 5.30 pm, the truck stalled in traffic along the east-bound lane of the highway near the dump when from out of nowhere, dozens of young men, some of them teenagers, attacked the driver.
As motorists watched in amazement, the men began removing bales of rice and flour, running across the highway and handing the precious commodity to other persons who in turn disappeared in Beetham Estate, while the looters returned to the stalled truck.
When the motorcycle officer arrived on the scene, the looters disappeared by running through Beetham Estate while the officer radioed for backup. His firearm drawn, the officer stood guard until heavily armed officers from the Besson Street Police Station arrived.

They guarded the truck for several hours until a wrecker arrived to tow it away. Up to late yesterday no arrests were made and investigations are continuing.

Officers said only the flour and sugar was targetted by the looters who ignored other items including sugar and soft drinks.

Recently, the price of flour and rice have skyrocketed, with local distributors blaming world prices for the increased costs.

Motorists told Newsday that it was high time Government forget about fancy anti-crime measures and implement tried and trusted measures including more foot and mobile patrols especially along the dangerous Beetham Highway where anyone could be a target of bandits.

This is nothing new.

These fockin animalistic niggerites of the Beetham that the PNM does starve, chew dem up and then vomit dem back on society have been doin this ah long time now.

The fockers robbing people on the higway on ah regular basis and you could never see the Police around. At one time they were throwing stones on people windshields and when dey stop dey rob dem. Well the Lord help you if yuh get in an accident dong dey. You could dead and dey will teef out everything from you and your vehicle.

They should send these fockers dong by Shitpond to live and fockin fence dem een.

Watch what niggas like.

Help us Manning

By LAUREL V WILLIAMS Friday, April 4 2008

HOURS after Patrick Manning, in his address to the nation on Wednesday night, spoke of his increased travel commitments to strengthen economic and social ties with other countries, five Ghanaian nationals and a man from the Ivory Coast, wept in court as they pleaded with Manning to help them.
The immigrants appeared before a Siparia magistrate yesterday charged with entering the country illegally. Ivory Coast immigrant Stephen Dannis shouted out in court, “I will like to talk to Prime Minister Manning about African unity because it is really hard for us.”
This is why Manning so interested in focking Africa.
He want to bring more niggas to cement the PNM in office, to fockin teef from Indian people and rape and kill more Trinidadians.
Go give your technical advice cont. More Nigga leaders like yourself will continue to rape the African continent and blame the rest of the world for all yuh assholeness.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The real issue

The fucking issue is not that Panday was using a laptop in Parliament, and that he was suppose to ask permission from Speaker of the Latrine - Cacahole Barry Sinanan.

All that is a setta fucking petty bullshit.

In this day and age, why would anyone need permission to use a laptop in a Parliamentary debate? Is it an examination? Is it a contest? ... Does a laptop offend or disturb anyone?
And lets just assume Panday is breaking some law, couldn't Sinanan call Panday aside (during a break) and warn him? Is it the first time, this or any other member came to Parliament with a laptop? What exactly IS the rule on the use of laptops? And if there is one prohibiting its use, then that needs to be addressed.

I am certain not many member of Parliament are computer literate or savvy.

Nooo.. no my friends, the real issue ....

The fucking real issue is that muddercunt food prices hitting the sky. Basic food items are unaffordable. And just like the fucking crime wave, this goverment is clue-fucking-less as to how to control and manage the state of affairs.

And just because this issue was up for debate, in true fucking nigger style... a distraction was created. Simple.

Yuh know.. how ... when a nigger want to tief yuh zaboca.. how he does have to skin he cock and jock first .. dais jes in case yuh hiding with a gun looking at em. And jes as yuh turn yuh head in disgust.. 10 fucking zaboca gone up he asshole and 6 in he fucking nosehole.... and he gorn.

Well, that is PNM distraction strategy. We cyar dazzle dem with brilliance, then fucking baffle dem with bullshit.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday, March 26th 2008

Winston Dookeran should have resigned, not Gillian Lucky, according to COP member Gary Griffith.
In a statement issued yesterday, Griffith severely criticised Dookeran and Selby Wilson for "resorting to mudslinging" and to "attacking" Lucky for resigning.
"They (Wilson and Dookeran) were previous NAR supporters, then they became UNC supporters, then COP supporters, without even a sabbatical being taken from political parties altogether, holding posts such as Central Bank Governor, but they have the audacity to attack the character and intent for Gillian Lucky resigning, simply because it is not in their best interest," he said.
Griffith said the NAR "over the hill boys", such as Wilson and Joseph Toney, who were "roped in to strangle the COP" by Dookeran, have also been openly questioning the moral authority of Lucky, himself and others have to challenged the direction and productivity of the COP, simply because they (Lucky and others) have refused to attend two meetings.
"Gillian Lucky probably became frustrated because the COP was not properly serving the nation and going nowhere fast, with Winston Dookeran conveniently circling himself among a few clueless blind loyalist supporters, whose priority was grinding their axes on the PNM and UNC rather than trying to serve the people of Trinidad and Tobago," he said.
He said the party was doomed to fail if Dookeran continued as leader.
Yuh know, ah trying hard hard to not comment on this latest cat-fight within the COP eh.. . but gosh boy.. it hard to pretend.

First of all, leh we rewind..... They say:

The people wanted a new leader for UNC.. they make one setta noise... they want Dooks. Panday appoints Dooks. Yuh think they happy..?? Nah! Now Panday 'treating Dooks bad'. Panday 'undermining em'.... They wanted Dooks to form his own party.. he didn't deserve the 'treatment he getting'... They doh know he was playing a game and had already started his own party.. but was playing the role of 'damsel in distress' - hoping to whip some support...

Enters COP.. ting ting.... elections come.. they suffered a terrible defeat at the polls... all of a sudden Dooks this and Dooks dat.. Gillman resigns... Gharry Griffith cyar shut his dunce ass...

What the fuck going on? COP going or coming???

As I said before, whether we accept this fact or not, it is the reality: The political landscape of Trinidad & Tobago CANNOT accommodate more than 2 major political parties.

Friday, March 21, 2008

He Meets the Criteria

PM’s son applied for apartment
HDC says application was made two years ago. “He meets the criteria”

By Gail Alexander
Brian Manning, son of Prime Minister Patrick Manning, applied two years ago for an apartment in the Housing Development Authority’s upscale Fidelis Heights development in St Augustine, HDC managing director Noel Garcia confirmed yesterday.
The Fidelis Heights development is one of HDC’s pricier projects, located at Gordon Street and Santa Margarita corner in the upscale eastern suburb—opposite the Hugh Wooding Law School.
Garcia spoke on the situation, after queries on the matter to Planning and Housing Minister Emily Dick-Forde at yesterday’s weekly post-Cabinet media briefing.
Dick-Forde said she was not aware of an allocation for Manning.
However, Garcia confirmed Manning’s application was made to HDC two years ago “like that of any normal citizen of T&T.”
“Mr Manning (Brian) is currently going through the assessment process,” Garcia said.
“As far as I am aware no allocation has been made for Fidelis Heights yet, so if there is any question whether he has been actually allocated an apartment there, it is very much a premature question as far as I’m concerned.”
Garcia said Manning’s application came through normal channels—via an application form submitted to HDC and entered into the Authority’s database. “He’s made an application and it is being assessed like any other citizen— he’s one of thousands who apply to HDC.
“Quite a number of people applied for Fidelis Heights units and this development will be allocated shortly.”
Garcia said the Government had taken a decision not to subsidise this particular development.
It is being sold at market rates in HDC’s thrust to expand and attract an open market clientele.
The development is therefore not part of HDC’s provision of subsidised housing for low-income earners. HDC’s promotion puts the prices for units at Fidelis Heights in a range between $566,000 and $877,000.
Female co-applicant
Guardian checks confirmed that Manning’s application was made jointly, in name with another—female—applicant whose workplace is listed as a Federation Park research institute.
Manning, 33, was a business analyst with the Inter-American Development Bank and a business development analyst with Neal and Massy.
In 2006, he became head of PNM’s Web site committee.
Speaking then, Manning said he was a businessman and did not intend to follow his father into politics. He said he was concentrating on projects.
Last year, young Manning was the centre of some controversy when he submitted a proposal to the Basketball Federation for establishment of a semi-professional basketball league.
Estimates were that it would cost taxpayers $3 million. The plan had not got off the ground to date, sports officials said.
Yesterday, calculations revealed that in order to afford a mortgage of one of the Fidelis Heights’ apartments, a prospective homeowner may have to have a salary range of around $30,000 monthly.
The development which cost more than $140 million was completed recently. It was in construction over the past four years. Sod-turning for the development took place in 2004.
The development comprises 180 units in its Phase 1 and Phase 2 plan.
The apartments involve three-bedroom units and three-bedroom plus basement townhouses.
Former housing minister Keith Rowley—now Trade Minister—was not in office yesterday.
At the sod-turning for the Fidelis development, Rowley had noted that low cost-housing was a thing of the past due to high-priced land and property value.
Panday calls for disclosure
Yesterday, Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday called for full disclosure on the matter.
“We have heard that HDC houses are allocated on a lottery system,” he said.
“In this case if the houses are for sale and young Manning can afford it, it will be interesting to know where he got the money from and if he is getting an allocation ahead of anyone else.
“We’d like to know how many other people have applied and how many have been refused for this particular development,” Panday said.
Doh waste yuh energy Bas, yuh need it for Oma.
He 'meets the crieria'..
1. He is a nigger
2. He is an ugly nigger
3. He is an ugly nigger PNM party cardholder
4. He is an ugly nigger PNM party cardholder related to Hazel and Patrick
He going to get that fucking house come what may. Fuck the other 1million muddercunt starving, homeless, poor and mal-nourished plebs in Trinidad. Brian Manning wants a house in Fedelis Park, Brian Manning gets a house there.
Take that in all yuh ass!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kuta get Cut

While many Standard Five students were relieved after writing the Secondary Entrance Assessment exam yesterday, one 11-year-old was greeted with the news that her father had been murdered during a family row.
Sean Joel Pollard, also called Kuta, 33, a URP labourer of Jojo Lane, El Socorro Road in San Juan, died on arrival at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope.
Relatives said he was stabbed to death by a male relative, who remained on the run from police up to late yesterday.
Pollard’s grieving common-law wife Natalie Nurse, also a URP employee, said, “Is better he had stabbed me and kill me instead. He (Pollard) was a good one and (name called) know that.”
She explained that an argument started between she and the suspect earlier in the day and when it got heated Pollard intervened.
She explained that after he was stabbed Pollard cried “boy we so good and this is what you go do?” According to relatives, Pollard was stabbed once in the left side of his abdomen and took his last breath at the emergency ramp of the Mt Hope Hospital. The stabbing took place just after midday.
Police said the arrest of a 20-year-old San Juan man was imminent.
All I have to say is this is the first time I agree with a nigger, and I find the relevant person(s) can heed to her wish:
Pollard's grieving common-law wife Natalie Nurse, also a URP employee, said:
"Is better he had stabbed and killed me.."

Hello again

Ok fellas, everyone asking - who, what, why and where is the Oleblagger.

Truth be told, Oleblagger went to the North Pole. That is one place he knows will have no niggers cuz shit cyar be frozen. Plus, there is no animal there that a nigger cud fuck and start up some disease. They cyar get into an igloo to rob an Eskimo, and there is no KFC up there. But he bounce up Colon Imbert trying to sell sno-cone to an Eskimo - ole habits die hard eh.

Next thing, I am reading where one reader wanted to know if Oleblagger is a radio personality. Where dat come from, I dunno.. but anyone really think Oleblagger cud last on a radio in Trinidad? But I wish we cud get a station where indians cud say what we really want. That, and a nigger scholar we will never see - so dream on.

Don't worry folks Oleblagger will be back from his travels soon.

In the meantime, there is so much to fucking talk about eh.

PNM stilling fucking around with my blastid tax money, indians still getting side lined and robbed. On the bright side however, niggers falling by the grop in La Vant Ille. Water taxi going to launch later this month. By the way, who de fuck going to use that on a regular basis? Niggers don't go to work - so dey ent using dat. Indians have cars - so dey ent using that. The price will be high. Zero impact on the traffic problems.

More children suffering in Mt. Hopeless. Food prices going up at the same rate as Manning's fucking ego. The saga continues in this stink hole.

On a bright side:
Let us big-up Y and Slim Shady for the fantastic site - great job fellas.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Changes coming, says senior officer
Louis B Homer South Bureau
Saturday, February 23rd 2008

Sweeping changes in the system of reporting crimes, identification of police officers and a step up on the prosecution of people committing praedial larceny were some of the changes announced for a revamping of the Police Service by senior officers on Thursday night .
At a meeting held with residents in the Forres Park area, Deputy Commissioner of Police Glen Roach told villagers: "Officers will be wearing name tags during the execution of warrants or while making enquiries."

Roach said it will not be necessary in the future to make reports at police stations in the area where a crime is committed.
"You will now be able to make them at any station and we will ensure that the report is forwarded to the appropriate station," Roach said.
Roach led a team of senior officers to interface with residents on the increase in crime in the area.

The meeting was attended by the parliamentary representative for the area, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, and representatives from the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation.
Among those who made presentations to police officers was a woman who requested anonymity. She told the officers that burglars entered her home, tied her up and took away several valuable items.

After listening to the reports, the officers advised the villagers that the police were aware of the problems they encountered. Roach advised them to "work along with the police and give them the necessary support".

The villagers were also told that there will be an increase in the number of police officers on patrol throughout the country. Officers in police cars have been asked to make periodic stops to talk to villagers.

"They will not be driving through the area alone.
"We have asked them to stop and have friendly chats with villagers," a senior officer at the meeting said.

He said the administration was looking into the establishment of "rural constables" to operate within the community.
Fucking-sweeping-changes my ass. Patrol? Talk to the residents? Yuh cud get robbed in Curepe and report it in Toco? Prosecution of the fowl tief? Name tags?
What the fuck is all this? Some of this suppose to be done and the others are irrelevant to the crime situation.
Name tag: Half of the police officers name "Joseph".
Fowl tief: The other half of the police officers does tief the fowl.
Waste of fucking time.
Here are some suggestions for sweeping changes:
1) Phase out the SRP (special reserve police) and make all of them officers.
2) Drop the retirement age to 45. Send home the ole farts.
3) Hire a PR firm and a literacy expert to re-train the officers.
4) Hire staff for administrative, traffic & 'guard' work - free up officers.
5) Revamp the whole service get rid of the shit units - CSU, CID, AKS whatever
6) Have an independent Police Management Department - get rid of the police complaint dept.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Joseph: Guyana massacre senseless

GOVERNMENT yesterday condemned the killing of 12 persons, including three police officers, in Guyana’s gold-mining town, Bartica, on Sunday, the second massacre within a month which has sparked fears of a breakdown in law and order in the country.

Eight persons were wounded in the shooting spree which spread from a police station to the streets.

National Security Minister Martin Joseph yesterday disclosed that he had made efforts to speak with Guyana’s Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee “to determine what assistance, if any, may be needed at this time.”

Joseph, chairman of a Caricom committee of national security ministers, said he was appalled at “the senseless killings and loss of lives through this dastardly act by cold-blooded killers” and expressed concern that police officers were among the dead.

Trinidad and Tobago’s High Consul to Guyana, Ernie Ross, yesterday described the massacre as a brutal act of terrorism but said Guyana has not asked any country for help to apprehend the killers or restore calm to Bartica.

Regarded as one of Guyana’s prime tourism sites, Bartica is located 80 miles southwest of Georgetown on the banks of the Essequibo River on lands covering an area of 83,000 square miles and is a gateway to the country’s dense hinterland.

Ross said no Trinidad and Tobago nationals were among those killed or injured in Bartica. He said Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo was overseas at the time of the attack on a “confidential mission” concerning his country’s security challenges and was expected to return home last night.

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Martin Joseph calling somebody to ask them what assistance dey need. Oh GOD! All yuh help, ah cyah stop fockin laughing.

Wa d fock he goin to offer dem. Police intelligence, equipment, police officers....? we doh have enough of all of the above.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Warring gangs to sign peace treaty
Joel Julien
Friday, February 15th 2008

IN an effort to curb the escalating violence in Laventille, two of the area's warring factions are said to be preparing to sign a peace treaty tomorrow.

A community activist yesterday called the Express to indicate that the peace accord is to be signed between the Picton and John John gangs under the watchful eyes of the police.
But Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul said yesterday he had no knowledge of any such agreement. However, Paul said if such an agreement were to be made, the police would be ready.

Over the past week, there has been a buzz of activity in Laventille, culminating in the eight-hour lockdown of an area known as Beverly Hills, all in the wake of an upsurge of violence which followed the killing of notorious gang leader Sheldon "Crock" Scott on Carnival Sunday.
On Saturday, 16-year-old Kevin Lewis was killed near Pump Trace and on Sunday night Curt Lester was shot dead in a track off Picton Road. Two houses in Picton were also firebombed that night.

Several peace accords have been signed among the warring factions in the Laventille area before, but none of them have ever held up as the killings and gang-related violence have continued.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bas wants Espinet to step down

Wednesday, February 13 2008

LAWYERS for former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday want Magistrate Ejenny Espinet to step down from hearing his bribery case.

Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC, lead counsel for Panday and his wife Oma, submitted yesterday in the Port-of-Spain First Magistrates’ Court that Espinet was a trustee of the Morris Marshall Development Foundation in Laventille.

Maharaj said the Marshall Foundation promotes the activities of the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) which is opposed to Panday’s United National Congress (UNC).

He said there could be a public perception that the magistrate was promoting the aims of the Foundation. Maharaj said he had evidence that persons who went to the Foundation for assistance were told they must carry a PNM party card. He said when Panday’s case went before the magistrate, she had a duty to tell the lawyers that she was a trustee of the Foundation.

The Tabaquite MP said apart from Espinet being a trustee, there were other names on the list such as John Jeremie and Martin Joseph.

“This is a very sensitive matter,” Maharaj added. “I am serving notice that if you decide against me after hearing my submissions, I will not call evidence, but I would test it in the High Court.”

Maharaj added, “The politics in the country are very much alive, the country is divided politically. Here is a magistrate who is involved in a Foundation started by a former PNM Minister.”

Maharaj said there was the likelihood of apparent bias and cited the case of Panday v Virgil in which the Leader of the Opposition was charged with failing to declare a London bank account to the Integrity Commission.

He also cited the case of Pinochet in which Lord Hoffmann was accused of apparent bias because of his wife’s links to Amnesty International. After hearing the submissions, Espinet said she would give her decision on February 19.

But Panday and his wife were excused because they are expected to be in London for his Privy Council appeal as to whether he should be retried on the integrity charges.

Ishwar Galbaransingh, Carlos John, and the Pandays are charged with a series of offences which allege that Galbaransingh and John gave Panday £25,000 as a bribe to favour Galbaransingh’s Northern Construction Limited in the tendering process for Piarco Construction Package 3 back in December 1998.

Ejenny is a fockin PNM stooge. Sitting and hearing this matter without telling the fockin people that you and your PNM assholes were in the same organisation.

LEAP is ah PNM party group. Check the list of the Board of Trustees:

Morris Marshall
Fr. Clyde Harvey
Mr Martin Joseph
Ms. Donna Prowell-Raphael
Mr. Carlston Clarke
Mr. John Jeremie
Mr. Albert Joseph
Ms. Carolyn Washington Aigle
Me. Joslyn Mc Leod-Smith
Ms. Linda Hollingsworth
Ms. Ejenny Espinet
Mr. Jack Alexsis
Ms. Debbie Jeremie
Ms. Ayanna Atiba-Braithwaite
Mr. Raphael George.

Bas right again, he could never get a fair trial for anything in T&T!
Put that in yuh bamsee and smoke it!

Ramesh, Jack go ‘up the hill’

Wednesday, February 13 2008

UNC Alliance MPs Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and Jack Warner yesterday promised Beverly Hills residents that their fears over crime in Laventille will be taken up with the Government.

They also promised to help revitalise Laventille through the introduction of football clinics and classes for women to acquire skills.

Warner and Maharaj met a handful of Beverly Hills residents who spoke about searches by the police and army in their community, which had been prompted by recent violence. “I will send some football coaches and donate the footballs starting from today,” Warner told the few Beverly Hills residents.

Tabaquite MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj defended the visit saying it was not meant to score political points.

“We believe that where a fear or insecurity exists and whenever the need arises, we will go in and help,”said Maharaj

He said letters will be sent on the residents behalf to Prime Minister Patrick Manning, Minister of National Security Martin Joseph and the Police Commissioner Trevor Paul. Maharaj said the police, especially those trained in community policing, should maintain a round-the-clock presence in Laventille to ease residents fears and to guide the troubled youths.

He said criminal gangs are going to become uncontrollable because they extort money from residents.

“This is a time when the Inter Religious Organisation and every stakeholder should understand that if they do not intervene, the country will have no rule of law, no accountability, and the criminals will be in control of every sector”, he predicted.

One vocal woman said she wanted more social programmes for the Beverly Hills community.

“I have two left foot, I cannot play football, but what I want, Mr Warner, is to buy a kiln machine so that I could teach the women in Beverly Hills how to make ceramics.”

She said she planned to approach her MP Marlene Mc Donald for help to set up programmes in Beverly Hills.

I dunno why Jack and Ramesh feel they could help these niggas.

Understand one thing fellas, these niggas will rather fock themselves in dey bottom wid ah young balisier rather than give political support to you boys.

Stop wasting your time on this scum of Trinidad and focus on people who want to be productive.

Most niggas generally all over the world depend on welfare and drugs for survival. They like it so.

I'll reproduce an article from the National Post for your perusal.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Ghetto godfather

For seven years, Sudhir Venkatesh studied the workings of a Chicago street gang. His new book explains why gangs flourish--and how to get rid of them

Jonathan Kay, National Post
Published:Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In 1989, a University of Chicago graduate student named Sudhir Venkatesh decided to leave his cocoon-like campus, and find out what life was like in his city's notorious public housing projects. So he wandered into the decrepit Lake Park projects in Chicago's Oakland neighborhood, introduced himself to a group of teenagers shooting dice, whipped out a clipboard, and asked them this question: "How does it feel to be black and poor? Very bad, somewhat bad, neither bad nor good, somewhat good, very good?"

"You got to be f-cking kidding me," the ringleader said. And the whole dumbstruck group convulsed with laughter.

Hearing how ridiculous his own question sounded, Venkatesh realized then and there that he was wasting his time. The residents of this squalid building were living lives completely alien to his middle-class upbringing. He wasn't going to get inside their heads with patronizing multiple-choice questions.

But foolish as he felt, Venkatesh caught a break that day, one that eventually set him on a path to a rock-star reputation within sociology, and a professorship in the Ivy Leagues.

The toughs Venkatesh stumbled on were low-level foot soldiers with the Black Kings, an enormous regional outfit whose Lake Park operations were controlled by a formidable gangland general named J.T.

Against all odds, Venkatesh struck up an instant bond with the man. Unlike just about everyone else who lived at Lake Park, J.T. had been to college, and had even studied sociology in preparation for a short-lived career in the legitimate business world.

A narcissist, J.T. imagined his life to be worthy of biography, and invited Venkatesh into his inner circle as a sort of court scribe. For the next seven years, Venkatesh would become eyewitness to the inner workings of gang life. His remarkable account of those years -- contained in a newly released book, Gang Leader for a Day: A rogue sociologist takes to the streets-- is required reading for anyone who wants to understand why gangs continue to thrive among the West's underclass.

The first thing one notices about the world Venkatesh describes is this:

There are no fathers. Everyone at Lake Park -- even J.T., who commands 200 gangsters and, in a good year, makes six figures from crack-dealing -- lives with their momma.

The young men don't dream of settling down with a family. Rather, they seek to emulate the polygamous J.T., who uses his drug proceeds to lodge various girlfriends in separate apartments. With no father figures to guide them, these men internalize the juvenile conception of manhood peddled by rap videos, and fritter away their adolescent years pursuing it through streetcorner posturing and brawling.

The nature of the local economy is the second thing that stands out: Except for the corner stores (which are run by Arabs), there is little legitimate free-market activity. Virtually all of the money coming in to Lake Park comes from two sources: government welfare and drugs. The few people who apply actual market-able job skills within the community -- such as the mechanic "C-Note," who gets his name because he has "a hundred ways to make a hundred dollars" -- are so rare as to be minor celebrities.

As a result, criminality is normalized: The idea of studying hard, going to college and getting a respectable job -- the formula for success applied by waves of European and Asian immigrants to North American since the late 19th century -- is dismissed as a white man's fantasy.
Gang life is at the centre of all these pathologies.

But as Venkatesh explains, the local residents' attitude toward the Black Kings is actually quite conflicted. Because violence attracts police, and police scare away customers, J.T. has an economic interest in keeping life in the projects peaceful. For a small cut of the action, his henchmen provide a security detail for the local crack dens, and protection for prostitutes. They also drive sick residents to the hospital, organize basketball games, and even stage get-out-the-vote drives on behalf of the local black political machine. There is plenty of violence in Gang Leader for a Day. But it is not random. Like all petty tyrants, J.T. understands that his legitimacy rests on providing some semblance of order.

The portrait that emerges from this book therefore complicates the simple black-and-white way we normally think of the gang problem. Yes, gangs act as a criminal evil that act in opposition to the law-and-order culture that pervades mainstream society.

But in very poor areas that are bereft of the basic sociological building blocks of middle-class society -- stable families, legitimate employment, job skills, respect for education -- an established gang can, in some instances, take over some of the functions normally served by police, employers, and even social workers.

At the same time, Gang Leader for a Day implicitly suggests a strategy for tackling this underlying subculture: overhauling the drug laws and welfare programs that serve as its two-pronged economic power source.

As Canadian gang expert Michael C. Chettleburgh wrote in a June, 2007, National Post op-ed, our criminal prohibition of recreational drugs permits gangs to capture the massive economic premium associated with illegal enterprise. By treating drug use as what it truly is --a health problem instead of a criminal-justice problem -- we would force gangs to fall back onto far less lucrative activities, and thereby discourage membership.

At the same time, implementing a draconian welfare reform of the type the United States enacted under Bill Clinton could serve to eliminate the state's role in subsidizing a ghetto culture in which permanent unemployment is seen as a viable lifestyle choice.

Ultimately, all social reform begins with responsible people making individual decisions: No government policy can force people, of whatever skin col-our, to live their lives in a responsible way. But we can do a better job at setting up the right incentives, so that teenagers and young adults find themselves more inspired by Venkatesh than the gang leader he's written about.

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