Saturday, June 7, 2008


India set to exempt Africa from ban on rice exports

By Joe Leahy in Mumbai and Amy Yee in New Delhi

Published: June 2 2008 03:00

India is facing growing pressure from African countries to exempt them from export bans on rice implemented by New Delhi to curb domestic food price inflation.

The move illustrates how efforts by large producers such as India to control a sharp rise in food costs are hurting poor nations and giving rise to a form of rice diplomacy."We have no shortage of rice and wheat. Our buffer stocks are adequate. Our production has not been reduced. Food prices are driven to a large extent by sentiment and not merely by supply and demand, says the indian minister

"I have a minister from Mali [here]," said Kamal Nath, India's commerce and industries minister, in an interview with the Financial Times.

"They are traditional buyers of rice so when we banned the export of our cheaper medium-quality rice, they [were] in trouble."

Global food prices are expected to remain high over the next decade, spelling hardship for millions of the world's poorest, the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said in a report last week.

Mr Nath said India had already allowed some exports to Sierra Leone and would consider other exemptions for Africa. "We will have some carve-out to African countries depending on our own current production," he said.

He did not give details but there is speculation that India might eventually export about 2m tonnes of rice to the least developed African countries as well as some neighbouring nations, including Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

The move fits with India's growing diplomatic efforts to woo African nations and counter China's rising influence in the resource-rich continent.

India's economy continues to grow strongly, reaching a rate of 9 per cent in the last fiscal year, according to government figures released on Friday.

The new report predicted growth of 8.5 per cent this year but the rising cost of fuel has contributed to a sharp jump in inflation. In the 12 months ended May 17, it reached 8.1 per cent, a three and a half year high and well above the central bank's target of less than 5.5 per cent.

Mr Nath said the price of imported cooking oil and lentils had more than doubled "not because of India-supply stress but international supply-side stress".

He said: "We have no shortage of rice and wheat. Our buffer stocks are adequate. Our production has not been reduced. Food prices are driven to a large extent by sentiment and not merely by supply and demand."


r'fari said...

Ok let me start the comments off.

Look at them nasty nigga people. and niggas is a focking waste of time. and they nasty. and we should kill all of them. and they only waiting for handouts and only want to stay home and bull and make nigglets and steal. focking nigas. India have to help them when they hungry. India should poison dey mudder cont. All niggas hadda dead.

God save the Queen & Panday (B).

Right. now that it is said, can we move on with life?

Ah say, next thing you know the INDs in T&T what to change the name of the country. The name Trinidad infringing on dey rights. Oh coot..

All yuh coulda let GOPIO, through the Indian gov't sponsor a new award that has the following criteria:

1. Must be of East Indian descent
2. Must have eatten pepper before 1st birthday
3. Must have at least one member of immediate that is currently squatting on State/private land
4. Must be able to drink puncheon and still be able to drive your truck back home
5. Should be able to disrespect other races and complain bitterly about them
6. Must be able to play cricket
7. Must be able to falsify academical qualification by either cheating in exams at UWI/any other university or goto to a university and buy your degee (preferably IT)
8. Must worship Panday and UNC
9. Must be able to kill, clean & cook a duck in a river lime.
10.Must be able to buy a foreign-used vehicle

And there you have it folks. The next step is for nominations. I go have to sleep on that one.


r'fari said...

Who is this oleblagger nigga?

How come all yuh does be posting on de blog at the same time. oleblagger, y, meera. all yuh using de same computer or what? Let me guess. All three of all yuh over by Panday using his laptop, nah. That must be real fun.

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Wha allyuh go do, bwoy??????

r'fari said...

Can any one answer me this question: what is the difference between a nigga/nigger and a negro? Are they both the same or different? Need answer asap. Anyone that knows, please contribute and let me know.

Anonymous said...

these africans don't grow any food , but they want to eat india's rice.

this could have been a strange situation.
but i see this everyday in trinidad.
africans don't work for wat they want. but then complain they have nothing.
and then decide to rob others.

don't talk about panday r'fari. talk about the robberies and murders and free houses and smart cards.

dan said...

you know whati never understood.
why do niggers kill each other.

i mean the man look like you, talk like you, hell both your fathers might infact be the same man. yet still you want to kill him.

niggers perpetrate such violence on each other it is a shame.

i mean if african on african violence was a rarity, i would say , no problem, shit happens.

but all over the world they kill rape and shoot each other.

which leads me to conclude niggers the world over are dottish

r'fari said...

I don't understand the killing part either. It is probably a nigga thing. How to fix it? Blame the GOVTT right? And say nasty things on blogs.

Anonymous said...

Well Well.. The comments on this blog prove the ole saying to be true..COOLIE people brave behind yuh back but in front yuh face dey are a bunch a dahl belly COWARDS!.. That why all yuh can never keep political power in T&t no matter how much ah all yuh it have down dey..All yuh go back bite, chop up,plot to murder yuh brother or yuh best friend on a coolie lime to get what they have.. No body could theif more than ah coolie either.. Doh talk bout sleeping with dey brother and uncle wife and husband. And when deh cyah tek de pressure.. chop up the whole family and den hang he self.. or drink graxzone... All yuh is a bunch ah jokes! Manning bullying all yuh good in de ass.. tek it!!

r'fari said...

Can someone please tell what is the difference between a coolie and an indian and also the difference between a nigga and a negro? How do you classify these people?

dan said...

all indians are coolies. and all niggas are dottish.

i hope that clears up any misconceptions :)

thug life!!!!

Anonymous said...

Niggers are all the nasty stereotypes of their race – mugging, killing, raping, kidnapping, having numerous children with different women – everything that makes them a disgrace to the human race.

Negroes / Afro-Trinidadians on the other hand, make a positive contribution to their race, their communities - the world. They believe in fair play, the rule of law, have upstanding morals based on the brotherhood of man / faith in a redeemer etc….– they are certainly not racists!

Ditto Coolies.

Only intelligent and profoundly moral humanists can look beyond race, as exemplified by Mandela and Gandhi. Do you recall what Gandhi said to the Hindu Father whose only son was murdered by a Muslim father during the murderous partition of India? He told the Hindu father to find a an orphaned son around the same age as his dead son and bring him up to be a good Muslim!

There is a lesson in that for all of us.

r'fari said...

Thanks anonymous,
Much appreciated, the info you provided.
dan, i feel real bad for you. I not the type to kick someone when they down. You sound like a real defeated man. I big you up on one of the other posts because I thought that it was commendable that you kept your contribution mature.

But here you gorn back again. That's ok. You bruised right now. But at the end of the day, I will be your brethren, cuz we share the same concerns. If you don't want to accept that, well that will be ok. There are lots of people of different races to work with. We could afford to leave you behind.


dan said...


did you notice on news who got kidnapped again last night (in gasparillo) .

somehow i can paint a picture of the kidnappers. i don't know why, but i will let you in on it. i think it is the niggs again.

so therefore i cannot find it in my heart to forgive and pave over every evil perpetated by niggs on indians.

please i don't want to be your "bretheren" . you and you kind could just stop robbing and kidnapping indians and for god's sake, stop killing your own "bretherens" and that might be a start.


Anonymous said...

What about the people who on top of the social and economic ladder in Trinidad and Tobago. Them kind of people are from different racial backgrounds and committing plenty of white collar crime. How come Oleblagger aint talking about white collar crime in Trinidad and Tobago. You all have any idea how much money Insurance Companies does legally steal money from its customers so that the man on top taking home at least half ah million a month in salary? Allyuh lehwe deal with that nah because I fine that is what yuh call highway robbery. Dem kind of people so does have they pocket full while three quarters of Trinidad does have to do without just to keep the rich man backside warm as ever.

dan said...

somehow i preferred to be robbed by an insurance agency, instead of being kidnapped, then gang raped by niggs and then shot.

dummy (annonymous) , in no civil society is money laundering as serious a crime as physical violence.

dummy (annonymous) you ever hear about getting hanged for money laundering.

dummy (annonymous) stick to the issue. violent crime deprive citizens there basic human rights. which is to go outside at night and enjoy their lives.

dummy (annonymous) can you live after being scammed of thousands of dollars. yes dummy (annonymous)you can even go to court and get redress.

dummy (annonymous) can your rectum get back its virginity after being gang banged by 5 rastas on weed?

well yes dummy (annonymous), you really are a nigg.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! You tell him Dan! Dan's da Man!!!

Anonymous said...

Have they found the niggers who kidnapped Naail Ali yet? If dem Indians doh start protecting themselves with guns and shoot to kill dem animals well heaven help alyuh. Go de way of the Israelis - divide up the focking country - leh de niggers have the North and East and coolies take South and Central. The West go be jails for dem in the North. Or put up ah focking Berlin Wall and block out the animals. I jest reading Newsday and I feel sorry for allyuh

r'fari said...

so you classify all black people as niggas that rob and steal. it just show your level of thinking. you're a real emotional IND. Talk about that later on.

To show you how your brain just in one constant mode, dumb, its the same money laundering tied to the drug trade that creating the blood shed that we niggas parttaking in right now. But I don't expect you to understand that.

You don't want to admit that there is a small portion of black people that doing real shit in the country. you just paint everybody with the same brush. so, even if T&T gets a handle of the crime situation, you will have a problem with black people.

Can't please allyuh boy. You know what really griping you danny, UNC not in power. that is the seat of all this confusion. For you, crime is the major issue but it is lack of UNC in GOVTT that you coolies can't take.

the recalcitrant minority: panday or nothing

dan said...


no one really cares if someone chooses, out of their own free will, to partake in the drug trade. i definately don't care if the niggs want to kill their own mother for a sniff of coke. if a person and their family choose that way to live , i don't care.

but why the ass they don't keep their violence to themseleves.

why kidnap a poor 13year old girl and the hardware owner son.

and if you think indians upset about pnm in power and that eating indians up.
you really are dreaming.

thuggy, indians not only lived under pnm for 35years. they excelled.
dummy indians are upset about the crime and kidnapping and robberies and shootings.

indians survive and excel under any circumstances. because they have their own religion and customs and they have a COMPLETE family.

niggs on the other hand always complain about their forefathers 1000 years ago were slaves. and the white man steal them from africa.
they never say their own black rulers in africa, use to sell them to the white man for a piece of silver.

but all is not lost with you ras, atleast you can read and write.
so tell your family and friends to go to school and work hard in a real job. not a job in tstt, wasa, police service, army.

forget about army carnival fete and machael montano. think about improving your mind.

repeat over and over "carnival is not culture" .

now rasta continue reading and you will understand.

i don't have a problem with black people.
in fact i think black people have a problem with the truth.
imagine you vex because i say niggs infest the jails.
don't worry with all the cross talk. ask yourself is the statement a fact or fiction. and then you will realise who is emotional , who has a problem.

nigg, take responsibility for you and your bretheren actions. or atleast don't hate people for saying the truth.

Anonymous said...

Dan, take your dotish comments somewhere else nah. How the ass someone will choose to go into the drug trade on their own free will and expect no crimes to take place. Asshole, once the people on the top of the social and economic ladder could easily get away with white collar crime, it will infiltrate a state of anomie into the minds of the ghetto youth.

I sure you eh go understand that line I just say dey, it too fuckin high for you to understand.

dan said...

well ananoymous: here we go again.

i never know why niggs always blame others for their sick mentallity and choices.

if the ghetto youth like drugs, sex and violence. i don't see how you could blame white colour crime for that.

you see while you hope i don't understand your comments, i hope you understand my comments.

niggs/gorillas need to stop talking shit about "ghetto youths" and start working in real jobs. and get some real education.

always blaming someone else. :(

Anonymous said...

OK Dan, you have some valid points in your argument. But at the same time, ghetto people have self-esteem issues. How does a negro person feel when they realise that the day they are born, people start calling them by degrading names (niggers) and developing stereotypes about them. What about when negroes step into certain areas of Trinidad, others in the area does watch them with scorn, what about people viewing ghetto negroes as failures from the start. Living that sort of life aint easy at all and moving up and out of poverty is a monumental task.

Some poverty stricken indians are able to do it but for them, they does live in isolated areas where there is not too much people in other words, them indians does feel motivated all the time. But when you look at a negro in Laventille and Morvant, in such a large community, and with the others around you, it does be hard for a negro to achieve anything.

Senior Frijoles said...

Indian brothers and sisters of T&T:

We need to stop making ourselves vulnerable to attacks by those evil negro counterparts that are currently roaming our lands. Too often, I have seen many of us portraying ourselves as weak, Gandhi-like pacifists who are too consumed in fear to stand up for ourselves and fight back. Correction - I should not portray Gandhi as a weak figure, however, we must realize that the demons he faced are not the the demons we are facing in T&T today. The negro evil-doers of T&T today do not care if you are a pacifist or not, or if you want to make peace with them or not. They do not care about whatever injustice you are suffering, or how many mouths you have to feed at home, or how hard you had to work to get to where you want to be in life. All they want is your blood, as they plunder everything that you have, for their own selfish gain and greed. They were not born with the capacity to love or to feel human emotion (unless you want to associate savagery with being human.) They have no sense of morality or ethics. We are not dealing with humans, but rather an evil force in Trinidad that are pure works and creations of the devil himself. Peace and unity is something that can never be achived with these miscreants, and we need to come to reality and face this fact.

Now, before we counteract these evil beings in Trinidad, we need to first start with improving ourselves. Indians, for once in your lives, GIVE UP THE ALCOHOLISM AND RUM DRINKING AND START LIVING LIFE LIKE A DIGNIFIED HUMAN BEING! Drowning our fears and our own self-esteem in alcohol only portrays ourselves as coward-like weaklings to these black demonic creations, and the rum-drinking only feeds into even more depression. Too many times I've heard of drunk Indian men taking their frustrations out on their wives and children, when they simply cannot realize that the real enemy that they need to face are the niggers themselves who have caused them to live in a state of panic and fear. The rum-drinking, cursing/smoking in the rum-shop and the cantankerous living makes you no better than the niggers themselves. Have some pride, for goodness sake!

Now, this backsliding, culturally degenerating noise known as "Chutney" that Trinidadians somehow call a song needs to be abolished completely. Unless you are referring to the condiment in my Indian delicacies, chutney is an insult to my Indian heritage, as it portrays us as an illiterate, rum-drinking, loud-mouthed, bachannal-like, cantankerous type of people. It does nothing positive to our image and the niggers know this. If after all these years of hard labor that our parents and ancestors put in to give us a better life, we have been reduced to what chutney portrays us as, we have become a disgrace to everything that we are.

Furthermore, why must we participate in a yearly event that the niggers feast in by dissing and insulting us in their so called songs that they call kaisos? I am referring to Carnival. Indians, Carnival is a demonic event, and everyone who participates in it are hypocrits, since they are the very same people who will be going to mass service on Ash Wednesday. Carnival is not for Indian people. An Indian celebrating Carnival is like a Palestinan saying to an Isrealite "You can kick me and my family our of our home, rape my wife and and daughter, murder my son, but I'll still suck your dick and celebrate Yum Kippur because I love Jews and I'm ashamed of myself like that." In other words, you look like a silly self-hating wierdo when you celebrate Carnival. Boycott Carnival completely, for this event was never meant to be yours.

Now for the Indian women. Indian women, when you go around prostituting yourselves to these black Trinidad men, please know that you are sleeping with the enemy. It shows that you have low self-esteem, you are ashamed of your own race, and you simply look like a freak by feeding into their egos even more. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I'm being insecure, which would be the first reaction of an ignorant-minded nigger know this: I am concerned about the well-being of the Indian people of Trinidad, and soliciting yourselves around black men is simply doing your own people a grave injustice. Indian men, you are free to date black women (as I did before I married), but DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT adopt their behaviour. You also look like you have low self-esteem, are ashamed of your own race, and you're again feeding into their egos. If you have children whose mothers are black, train them to know only their Indian heritage, before their negative African half takes them over completely.

Now for us thinking of ourselves as weaklings: YOU ARE ONLY WEAK IF YOU THINK OF YOURSELF AS WEAK. Sure, it is a known fact that those negroid degenerates may tend to be bigger and more muscular in size, but size and muscles are useless if you do not possess fighting skills. I am fortunate to be trained in self-defense, and I've had my days when I've been in fights with several niggers bigger than me. Some fights I've won, some fights I've lost. In any case, one thing I've gained is EXPERIENCE, and I can tell you, I am in a position whereby I can confidently defend myself or a loved one in the event that I am attacked by one or several of those demonic mistakes. No, I'm not saying that I am over-confident, but what I'm simply saying, is that whether you fight or not, those fucked up beings are going to murder or rape you and/or your wife and daughter simultaneously anyway, so you might as well die fighting back. If you are able to get yours hands on a gun, or any other effective weapon, GET ONE! And do not be afraid to use it! You need to know that the laws in Trinidad are the same as the laws of the jungle, i.e., Kill or be killed.

Finally, stop waiting for the government or the police to give you protection! The police and current government are primarily corrupt nigger forces anyway, and the few good cops are not enough to make a difference. Self-defence and vigilanteism are the ways to obtain justice and security. As in the words of my favorite fictional anti-hero, Frank Castle, aka, the Punisher: "In certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue... natural justice. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response. No. Not vengeance. Punishment."

We had the chance to have an Indian government restore justice back to how things should be, but unfortunately, we also have traitors within our Indian population that are also in politics who aided in splitting up the votes, thus causing the corrupt current government to stay in power. But it's too late to cry over spilt milk. It's time now to take action.

If any of you who is Indian is offended by my message, it means that you are still living in denial and you are still a slave to the black man's rule in Trinidad. Sometimes, it's a dosage of reality that a person needs before he can wake up and start taking steps to fight the real enemy.

Indians, time to step up in your game!

"Sic vis pacem parabellum - If you want peace, prepare for war."

Anonymous said...


Thank you Senior for your masterful contribution! Indians and negroes read, learn and liaten to this voice of wisdom, reason and vision!

Anonymous said...

Ah wonder how long Senior Frijoles take to type out that long message

Senior Frijoles said...

Anonymous said...
Ah wonder how long Senior Frijoles take to type out that long message

Not as long as it takes a nigger to learn the two times table.

r'fari said...

next time you pull thing from the net and patch it up with some sentences, give your reference nah boy. is thief allyuh IND like to thief so?

Besides that, very good contribution. You make a valid point abot INDs protraying this "i am weak and being oppressed view. like Panday when he get locked up and spend ah week in jail and grow beard and say that he's ghandi. that aint making sense.

The next thing too. For how long will the INDs 'fight back' and realise that the people in T&T that getting the raw end of the stick not only east indians? the same black people that you hate, who working just as hard as you going through the same thing, but to allyuh, the problems we have in T&T is an IND thing. Don't feel too special that a nigga rob you because at the end of the day, all he looking at is the opportunity. given the chance, he will do the same thing to another nigga.

The probems highlight with the alcohol and the wife beating is not isolated to INDs alone but its something that niggas have to deal with too. remember that.

At the end of the day, no one race could turn T&T into a beautiful country. It will take a collaborative effort without the racial comments on blogs like this.


dan said...

now in trinidad, you shouldnotice this.

if you say "africans overpopulate the jails" . that will be considered a racist statement. because africans were slaves and therefore should be treated special.

now if you say that only africans get free houses and cepep contracts. well that too is racist, because africans were slves and therefore deserve special treatment.

if you say africans are failing terribly in academics. well that too is racist, because the black man was a slave 1500 years ago. and therefore they are still suffering.

if you say niggers are kidnapping indians. well that too is racist. who cares about facts and statistics. our only consideration should be the super sensitive black man.

any statement which shows the true side of africans as criminal, is racist.
everything racist.

niggs accept the facts. trinidad does not have a problem. the niggers in trinidad are a bunch of violent criminals, that is the problem.

and rasta, when the nigger bandit raping your mother and she dog. i hope you bawl " is thief allyuh IND like to thief so?"

remember to look at the bandit and make sure it is an indian.

rasta, after every statement, you are becoming closer to being a 100% nigg you know. you have a river of stupid ideas.

first you said the pnm educate indians.
now is " is thief allyuh IND like to thief so?"

nigger who are infesting the jails for thiefing?
ask yourself that?

you really are a rectum of monumental proportions.

Odika said...

Like he pants have elastic ? How come when Bruce Banner turn into Hulk, his shirt , shoes, socks, burst and shred off, but he pants stay on ? Is it magic pants ? I wonder if the gamma radiation affects him down there ? These questions are more important than the crime !

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr, Angry,

Obviously you have been wronged by one of us niggas, maybe someone took ur job, or is doing better in med school than you are because you have to be a mad man to have all that anger motivated by nothing.

And just to add, if you really know your own history, (which I do recommend that you take a couple of history classes) your forefathers were black you idiot, so to curse us is to curse your own people. Civilization began in Africa! Educate yourself!

Who's the monkey now? Cane monkey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr, Angry,

Obviously you have been wronged by one of us niggas, maybe someone took ur job, or is doing better in med school than you are because you have to be a mad man to have all that anger motivated by nothing.

And just to add, if you really know your own history, (which I do recommend that you take a couple of history classes) your forefathers were black you idiot, so to curse us is to curse your own people. Civilization began in Africa! Educate yourself!

Who's the monkey now? Cane monkey.

dan said...

civilisation might have started in africa.

but you should note, cizilisation in africa, has stopped.

nigga, whatever lofty dreams you have about africa being "the home of civilisation" get over it.

nigga do you realise that zimbabwe is having a presidential election with only one canidate?

nigga, africa and africans have issues adapting and contributing in any meaningfull way to civillisation.

don't blame me for stating facts. show me evidence to prove otherwise.
and to all you niggers out there, who love to critisise indians loving indians.

just understand while you (niggas) don't want to go to africa, and rightfully so. indians are very proud of india.
and why you ask. well india has universities, health care and yes even food. a few things africa will never see.

now about this "cane monkey" name calling. gorilla, have you ever looked in a mirror. well last time i looked my hair was not short and curly and my nose was not wrapping around my head.
so before we go around name calling , please exercise some caution.
and to be honest i don't have aproblem with short curly hair, or broad nose.

but please don't refer toindians as cane monkey.

and last but not least. you ask about "history classes" , now this is exactly what i ma talking about. a nigger will do histroy and feel well he overeducated.
nigga, this might come as a shock, but history, psychology, and art don't put people in space or open commerce.

nigga get some hard facts.

niggas are killing indians niggers and dogs.
niggas are commiting the bulk of rapes and kidnappings.
niggas are sponges on the national economy , wasa, ttec, tstt, police service.
niggas can't learn in schools.
niggas are looting.

niggas are shooting.

i did not make these up. read the papers. READ, READ , READ!!!!

don't get all emotional.

don't worry too much about who take my job, or med school or which indian you want to have anal sex with.

worry about your nigger cousin who want to breed your daughter and then shoot you.

and your cousin is being funded by the pnm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Angry,

You are obviously upset that I called you a cane monkey (well you are). You are the one calling us names because you are afraid of what you do not understand.

Civilization has not stopped in Africa idiot it is being corrupted by the very same people who only recently gave India it’s Independence. You want to talk about Africa then why can't you go back to India, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T. You will be a third class citizen just as you are in Trinidad. The majority of you indians in Trinidad are black indians so you will be considered either THIRD CLASS, THE UNTOUCHABLES or MADRAS. CHOOSE ONE!!!!
Ur people have fled India (black Indians) because you were not awarded simple civil liberties. You want to talk about doctors and engineers in India, first you have to have green eyes to get a job in India that is why ur kind had to flee and go anywhere people would take you. The only thing that separated us from you is that we were taken away from our beautiful land and you ran away from oppression by ur own people.
Living in the streets and eating shits along with the cows and goats. You could imagine they treat cows better than you CANE MONKEYS.
So go back to India, the only reason why all of you are so angry is because you had a very short chance of improving ur race (you can take a coolie out of India but you cant take the stench of the Ganges River out of them).
Why don't you talk about the injustices in India, especially towards women. You rape ur own daughters and throw acid on ur women because of ur imagined infidelity and obvious inherent paranoia. Ur people live in fear from their tyrannical government and there is no such thing as middle class or poor, THERE IS DESTITUE AND THE UBER RICH.
And let me explain who the rich and high class is in India. They are the ones whose mothers have been rapped and sexually exploited by the white man (English and French). So if you do not have green eyes and very pale skin I'm sorry because you are eating with the cows. SO YOU CANNOT APPLY FOR BOLLYWOOD AND YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A MADRAS.
The very same Bollywood that you all copy and enjoy chases ur kind out of their country. How many times have you seen a black coolie in an Indian flick, never. Because you are rejects. You are either scrubbing their floors or tending to the yard like what ur parents did in Caroni.
You are only lashing out because the same people that introduced the caste system that ran you out of India, you are trying to do the same with Trinidad but the truth is that ur people cannot run any country. LOOK AT INDIA, LOOK AT GUYANA.

Idi Amin had to chase ur kind out of Uganda because ur poeple have been nothing more than pawns for the white man (Europeans), you practically gave ur country away to them. And now you are trying to corrupt Trinidad with ur second rated indoctrinations. No matter where ur people go you will always be lower than the black standards. So call me NIGGA all you want you will always be CITIZEN CANE (look at the movie). Every time you call me a NIGGA I laugh because it is 2008 and you are still indentured laborers in Africa, Middle East, Unites States and Australia.
Even in the Unites States your people are nothing more than vendors on the streets (just like in India) so all they do is try to segregate themselves and settle in Richmond Hill, Queens. And it is the same thing as in Trinidad where you can only live among ur own kind to compete among one another because ur class is not of this world. So stay in Debe, Penal, Caroni and Chaguanas because you will never have control of Trinidad ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace MADRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Please do not take long to respond again because I cannot wait to see ur ignorant rebuttle, the last one made me laugh. Ha Ha

The more you spend time creating this website and posting sad comments, me and my niggas are laughing all the way to the bank. Good luck with school, failure!

Anonymous said...

I think it's disgusting the way some indians and blacks talk about each other in trinidad. People are people are people. I think when someone has an issue with another person or race they should examine themselves and, ask, "why do I think or feel this way"? Hatred amongst indians and blacks in the west indies was pass down from on generation to the next. If you take a closer look, it started with colonization and the white man. I think these hate mongers don't like themselves, therefore how can they like themselves. Get over your hatred for yourself first and you'll see how amazing people can be. Please! stop using the "N" and the "C" word. this is the year 2009, we can at least try to get rid of racismmmmmmmmmmm. People who hate other people shoild move to another planet or at least do as like the Amish "find your own spot in the bush somewhere". I just think it is sickening the way some indians and blacks think.

Anonymous said...

I think it's disgusting the way you allow small minded indians to get to you. I was born in Trinidad, Chaguanas to be exact. My ancestors came from India and they are all professionals. I am not a prejudice person nor do I tolerate it. What you said about indians is totally not true. Indians are very prosperous people. Some are good, some are bad. that life, no one race has perfect people. the white people like to think they are all perfect but we all know better. try saying something nice about an indian and mean it from your heart and see how good it feel. we are not all bad people. I am not a cane monkey . God created all people. People lable other people. God never said I was a cane monkey. I bet you are a christian. I think you should read the New Testament and and listened to what Jesus said. i will never call a black person a you know the N word.

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indians smell bad

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niggas is the duttiest smelling thing out there ... just pass by beetham and yuh could smell dem from as far as chaguanas if the wind blow bad... and dey does blame it on de dump its not de dump is them nasty niggas!

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You really have to wonder, how much times does lovely little trinidad have before the black people destroy it.

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