Saturday, June 14, 2008

Joseph: I'm sorry

National Security Minister Martin Joseph yesterday apologised for his now infamous pronunciation of the word "arrests" as "arrestes" during last week's post-Cabinet news conference.

He did so during yesterday's post-Cabinet news conference at Whitehall, Port of Spain, one week after making the verbal blunder, while responding to questions on new anti-crime measures that the Government expects will result in an improvement in its war on crime.

"I know it's too late now. I certainly, I certainly apologise," Joseph said.

He quipped that the mispronunciation was an attempt on his part to help boost the Police Service's low detection rate.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !


Ah cyah stop fockin laughin. R'fari cont, see if you could translate this piece of dotishness for meh nah.

I quote, "the mispronunciation was an attempt on his part to help boost the Police Service's low detection rate."

Lard Father, have mercy on me! Fock! Niggas EH!


dan said...

need i comment on this dotishness.

now if the man tongue slip. no problem.

but this dummy martin joseph, has been letting alot more than his tongue slip, in the last few years.

and he never apologised for that.
so why apologise now for a simple, slip of the tongue.

this idiot has alot of apologising to do, the least of which is his "arrestes"

Anonymous said...

For years to come, negroes and east indians will be fighting one another for 'so-called' supremecy and after all that, what would have Trinidad accomplished? Nothing much....while at the same time, North America and Europe would have made many more discoveries than a little third country like Trinidad. People, wake up and smell the coffee....Make a contribution to your country, discover something new, help it to move forward....infact, try to do something to win a Nobel Prize nah....its part of a package called ambition.

dan said...

i wish it was as easy as you (anonymous) described.

in trinidad education, is about giving malcolm jones 500 million to open some non recognised university. and then BP joins in to give them some semblance of respectability, all becuase they want to keep the natural gas valves on maximum.

now all over the world trinidadians excell in academics. but then they can come back to trinidad to be humiliated by some no good psuedo iuntellectual, who thinks local Alevels is the way to go.

you see in trinidad we have to deal with the pnm. now they are noted for devaluing everything. they operate under primal thoughts.

just an example. 3 years ago a ton of steel was $4400.00 today the price is $9800 and next month the price will be $13500.

you see what we have to deal with. and this pnm only building more ghettos and crime hot spots. pnm is noted for this. every single community developed by the pnm is a crime haven. so as you can conclude, our poor country is not designed with intellects in mind. we are at the very bottom, here.

i met a girl who is finishing her graduate doctoral studies in yale, after doing her undergrad work in MIT. do you really think this pnm is going to let her contridute in any meaningfull way. she might barely be able to survive the level of crime in trinidad.

Anonymous said... really do have some strong points in your argument. I too have a foreign degree but can't seem to do much with it in Trinidad.......while at the same time, my degree will pay big bucks out in the big world as we speak....and you can also see why Trinidad is experiencing a brain drain....the good intellectuals and talented people will leave Trinidad....and who remaining...those who can't do squat for this country......

Dan tell your friend don't bother coming back to Trinidad. While your friend has done well for herself and congrats to her, it eh make no sense coming back to Trinidad....Trinidadian people will not know how to deal with her and as you rightly said, they even turn around and degrade her in the process.

If you living outside of Trinidad, stay outside. If you have skills and education, pack and leave Trinidad. It eh have nothing much for people in T & T.

dan said...

now do you realise that anywhere in the world niggs settle, others tend to move out.
from the bronx to zimbabwe to south africa.

there is a reason for this.

i don't know why, their collective mentallity is so destructive.
i can't think of one african community in trinidad that is not criminalised.
i feel so sorry for the pleasant, hard working africans. niggers tend ot be interested in kfc, a new phone, shoes etc and no interest in improving their surroundings.
now if you look at an african home,no flowers, no grass, no trees etc. WHY WHY???

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because they are essentially nomads, well historically anyway and they haven't evolved as an ethnic group like others have to 'put down roots' anywhere.

The first human was African - there is no doubt about that. It seems however that others have evolved to a more enlightened, civilised humanity and the Africans haven't shaken off their barbarism.

Like you said, the few who have joined the civilised ethnic groups have to contend with their murdering, mugging, kidnapping, raping and tiefing brethren everyday. They must feel so humiliated, ashamed and debased, don't you think? You look at CNN and these scary looking murdering Africans in Zimbabwe are killing each other. A few minutes later and you have the fly-infested mouths and faces of dying Ethipian/Somalian/Sudanese children. And all the while their so-called leaders are siphoning off the aid to the country and stuffing it in bank accounts in Switzerland! It's Bokassa all over again.

And then these same niggers want to turn around and say coolies tief the money in the government. If we are not careful, T'dad will go down the path of these failed, rogue African states.

Imagine this:

"A new IRC survey has found that 5,400,000 people have died from war-related causes in Congo since 1998 – the world’s deadliest documented conflict since WW II."

And no one bats an eyelid. Why? Why have the world forgotten the Congo, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Somalia?


Anonymous said...

I believe whether African people are working hard or not, other races will still turn around and hate them. The hate in some other people tend to be more natural than hate negro people for simply being negro and nothing more to it.

If Negro people were to unite, get serious and start working to achieve something, then negroes will get respect. However, even if they get respect, it still doesn't mean that they are a likeable race by others.

dan said...

in slavery times. africans sell off other africans.

now the africans did not learn, africans did not want to accept responsibility and someone said "the whiteman made slavery" . so all the blame fell ont he shoulders of the whiteman.

today in trinidad, the pnm is buying off the africans with a few "smartcards" and lots of ghettos. all so that the big business can have lots of slaves.

now niggers are not very smart and they love to "pass the buck". and always pass on problems of their own making.

i think they are born with that. because all over the world is the same situation.

i don't knwo at what stage would africans stop crying "racial hatred" and start doing productive work.

whenever you complain about a nigger. the nigger is "super sensitive" and cries racial discrimination.

Senior Frijoles said...

I am surprized not a single nigger has made a rebuttal to any of the comments made for this particular blog so far. I guess you guys really hit the nail on the head this time. They have nothing to say, because every point you brought up here are 100% true.

Anonymous said...

You know what people who does be typing on the blog look like? A black man could cuss ah black man too and likewise the same with the indian

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr, Angry,

Obviously you have been wronged by one of us niggas, maybe someone took ur job, or is doing better in med school than you are because you have to be a mad man to have all that anger motivated by nothing.

And just to add, if you really know your own history, (which I do recommend that you take a couple of history classes) your forefathers were black you idiot, so to curse us is to curse your own people. Civilization began in Africa! Educate yourself!

Who's the monkey now? Cane monkey.

r'fari said...

after all is said about PNM this and niggas that, what really going to happen afterwards? and you talk about negroes as if the behavoiur or one reflects the behaviour of all. i know that you might want to believe that cuz ah mean, all INDs have to rep 'Mother India'. cuz mother inida better than mother africa and blah blah blah. as i said before, you focus on what you want to neglecting to realise you talking about certain sections of the black community (l'ville, morvant etc).

It seems to me that allyuh real vex that fockup man Manning and the PNM party have allyuh INDs in a frigging boston crab!!! all how allyuh twist and turn and nothing dread. allyuh seeing niggas doing real shit but at the end of the day they making sure that their party in power.

part of the solution is for all allyuh kakahole coolie and I mean all. dan, oleblagger, meera... stop voting UNC please. if allyuh could manage that well then half of allyuh nigga problems will be over. Panday can't save the country. understand that. And far less save allyuh kakaholes from a nigga terrorising it.

because all the ole talk allyuh kakaholes does want to be pushing on the blog at the end of the day niggas know where to put their vote. stop being hellbent on panday. look at options that the rest of the level headed people of T&T will go with instead of PNM.



Anonymous said...

Who/what are the options? Pray tell? COPSE?

dan said...

dear nigga rasta,

nigger, who the hell talking about options. we are discussing how niggas overwhelm the judicial system.

we are discussing how right now, one of your brethren pnm lover, is stalking your gate and house. the bandit/pnm lover, is coming for you and your vrg galant. i hope you sell the car fast.

niggas, the school in st.georges is not really a medical campus, you know. you see the niggas could never make the grade to enter mthope, and when they do they end up like amery browne. so the government in their wisdom open a school in st georges to train the niggas. but soon they will realise that niggas and training don't go together.

r'fari said...

so while allyuh discussing. i have to lock up my gate and parkup my vrg galant while your kakahole getting bruise from one of the niggas that going to overwhelm the system. is just talk, talk talk. you allready highlight that PNM is the problem just they have niggas depending on the State. So wha yuh go do?

St. Georges churning out lots of doctors and it's surprising that you mention that they couldn't make the grade in mt. hope because it is the same doctors that working right now in the us and canada and ain't getting their degree treated like a pre-med degree like some other medical doctors that the world producing. i don't even have to say which country i talking about. we all know where.


dan said...

well this rasta really dumb.

this nigger don't realise up to now that is doctors trined under and english system goes to the US, he needs to do other exams and vice versa.

you stupid nigger. i know america is a niggers nirvana.

but please understand the system.

now i hope you call your nigger brethren a "kakahole" when he is ripping you off.

imperial vs metric

that does not mean a doctorate earned in trinidad is insignificant.

nigger, do you know how many trinidadian doctors there are in england?

nad save all the ebonics.

don't get excited. just read.

as a mater of fact, just look at news later and you will see your prime minister shaking hands with another "community leader"

now this manning so hate niggers, he know the nigger "community leader" killing niggers and nigglets with equal disdain.

but the man wants to maintain his grip on power so he will give the "community leader" money and contracts.

now this is how the story goes. after the "contracts" dry up. the rest of the law abiding africans are dead meat.
because the nigger" community leader" has 5 women and 8 nigglets among them to feed.

so what you think this community leader going to do? sell corn, on the sidewalk?

no nigger, no. he is going to extract revenge upon other niggers like you. because you own a shiny new car and SUV.
nigger don't you see i am trying to help you, all along.

i am warning you, about how your own people will turn on you, in a very violent manner soon.
i am warning you that, you can never be a part of the prevailing nigger mentality, because you obey the law. you have a family.

you can never be a part of a nigger community. you have parents who, you care for.

i know it is difficult to accept that someone who looks like you can be so vicious to you. but accept these facts now.

pnm and their hooligans will consume you.

don't worry about those doctors in the us who are trreated like premed students. they can handle their stories.

worry about the inflated nigger population, that is growing in POS, all via handouts from the PNM.
the children of these handouts will not be grateful for what they have recieved.
they will want more and more, no matter the cost.

Anonymous said...

well I doh know what to say egain. Yuh mean to say Manning so dottish, he can't deal with the gangster problem other than to turn dem into 'community leaders' give dem contracts and den have dem kill each other? Maybe Manning is too clever a traitor - perhaps he knowingly met the 5 'community leaders' to play them off against each other - now all ah dem dead and he must be laughing his ass off. Ah doubt it - buh lehwe say tank gawd dem niggers eh roaming de strrets again eh.

Dan boy, when yuh nigger brethren go lean dat PNM have never done, and will never do anything for their communities? 40 years of PNM rule and poor niggas still poor, only now dey killing each other and taking Indians with dem.

Didn't Panday have a grand design for de East-West corridor? Basically,, to mash up the ghettos and provide decent housing for people? If you live in a latrine hole, yuh bong to stink and doh care about how yuh look.

Niggers need to feel dat dey have a stake in their community, society - if PNM can't give dem dat and dey go never vote for an alternative, what hope have dey got?


r'fari said...

don't confuse the masses. the same issue that the doctors graduating from india face in the us is the same problem in the uk. wha' imperical vs metric things you talking about? that's kakahole talk.

and danny boy, my fellow trini. i sure you read all my posts and you would see when it is i keep saying that the same problems that you facing is the same problems that black people face too. don't for a second think that it's just an IND problem.

And like you want to believe that i'm pro-PNM. read my previous post and you would understand where black people in this country stand.

From since inception on this blog, my goals were clear; number one, stop the racial blogging. I believe that that has been mostly accomplished apart from one or two kakaholes on three different sides (IND, nigga & apparently white). but things cool down for now.

Don't get me wrong when i talk about India, as i have shown in previous postings, i have respect for india. don't ever get it twisted. Where in the world it have more dreadlock? India..yuh understan'? talk dun.

we cover all the topics about niggas and PNM and laventille and all that. we understand that problem. we understand why we have that problem, right? so...what is the fix; long term and short term. because all the talk is just that. talk. read my second to last posting. i put forward what i think is the solution. go back to it, read it again. you have the entire night to think it over and write something back.

and anonymous, you could move a parrot from the cage to a house. and you know what, it is still going to shit on the floor. remember that. changing housing for the troubled elements not going to help them. but you thinking anonymous, keep it coming. and encourage the others to do the same too.


Anonymous said...

So when will this website be shut down? Will it ever be shut down?

Anonymous said...

where is the first story?

r'fari said...

looks like kakahole oleblagger scrap the story. we will still sound off on this blog. beaver, where you at dread?

Anonymous said...

OleBlagger has to appear before a Magistrate on Monday 11th August 2008 at 10am.

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