Monday, April 21, 2008

$5.7M for National Security consultants

Monday, April 21 2008

MINISTER of National Security, Martin Joseph, said since 2001 to present his Ministry has spent $5.7 million on consultants to train police officers, soldiers and forensic scientists.

He gave the details in reply to a question by Tabaquite MP Ramesh Maharaj on Friday in the House of Representatives. Joseph said $1.637 million was spent on consultants to train the TT Police Service, some $3.835 million for the Defence Force, and $228,000 at the Forensic Science Centre (FSC).

In 2003 a consultant (Clive Thomas) earned $74,000 to train FSC staff in analysis of seized drug material, examination of stolen motor vehicles/serial registration-number restoration, and arson investigation.

In 2005 a consultant (Ernest Massiah) earned $154,000 for training FSC staff in firearm and tool- mark examination.

Elsewhere some $3.835 million was spent training TTDF staff in 2007 to 2008 at the University of the West Indies in Leadership and Management from certificate to MSc level.

Some $1.637 million was spent on consultants to train officers of TT Police Service. This included $361,000 spent in 2001; some $195,000 in 2002; $422,000 in 2003; $308,000 in 2004, $96,000 in 2005, $38,400 in 2006, and $216,000 in 2007.

The police trainers included Franklyn Dolly who taught conflict resolution and anger management, Alma Thompson teaching telephone etiquette and Patrick Zoe teaching forensic investigation on insurance arson fraud.

Further, in 2007 Dana Seetahal who is still an Independent Senator, was paid $174,000 to do Advanced Prosecutors’ Training.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Beetham bandits steal rice and flour

Friday, April 4 2008

MOTORISTS stuck in heavy traffic along the Beetham Highway looked on in horror and amazement as teams of young men looted a stalled delivery truck, stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of rice and flour yesterday evening.

The motorists using cellular phones, called in the police and a motorcycle officer who was further up the highway checking to see if motorists were using the shoulder of the highway, responded to an All Points Bulletin and went to the stalled truck.
According to police reports, at about 5.30 pm, the truck stalled in traffic along the east-bound lane of the highway near the dump when from out of nowhere, dozens of young men, some of them teenagers, attacked the driver.
As motorists watched in amazement, the men began removing bales of rice and flour, running across the highway and handing the precious commodity to other persons who in turn disappeared in Beetham Estate, while the looters returned to the stalled truck.
When the motorcycle officer arrived on the scene, the looters disappeared by running through Beetham Estate while the officer radioed for backup. His firearm drawn, the officer stood guard until heavily armed officers from the Besson Street Police Station arrived.

They guarded the truck for several hours until a wrecker arrived to tow it away. Up to late yesterday no arrests were made and investigations are continuing.

Officers said only the flour and sugar was targetted by the looters who ignored other items including sugar and soft drinks.

Recently, the price of flour and rice have skyrocketed, with local distributors blaming world prices for the increased costs.

Motorists told Newsday that it was high time Government forget about fancy anti-crime measures and implement tried and trusted measures including more foot and mobile patrols especially along the dangerous Beetham Highway where anyone could be a target of bandits.

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Help us Manning

By LAUREL V WILLIAMS Friday, April 4 2008

HOURS after Patrick Manning, in his address to the nation on Wednesday night, spoke of his increased travel commitments to strengthen economic and social ties with other countries, five Ghanaian nationals and a man from the Ivory Coast, wept in court as they pleaded with Manning to help them.
The immigrants appeared before a Siparia magistrate yesterday charged with entering the country illegally. Ivory Coast immigrant Stephen Dannis shouted out in court, “I will like to talk to Prime Minister Manning about African unity because it is really hard for us.”
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