Friday, April 4, 2008

Help us Manning

By LAUREL V WILLIAMS Friday, April 4 2008

HOURS after Patrick Manning, in his address to the nation on Wednesday night, spoke of his increased travel commitments to strengthen economic and social ties with other countries, five Ghanaian nationals and a man from the Ivory Coast, wept in court as they pleaded with Manning to help them.
The immigrants appeared before a Siparia magistrate yesterday charged with entering the country illegally. Ivory Coast immigrant Stephen Dannis shouted out in court, “I will like to talk to Prime Minister Manning about African unity because it is really hard for us.”
This is why Manning so interested in focking Africa.
He want to bring more niggas to cement the PNM in office, to fockin teef from Indian people and rape and kill more Trinidadians.
Go give your technical advice cont. More Nigga leaders like yourself will continue to rape the African continent and blame the rest of the world for all yuh assholeness.

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Anonymous said...

Panday is a little boy who want attention. Just because he not in gov't he trying to get noticed it too damn late yuh done lorse elections. Like a little chile with a toy he cyant even use a laptop. so much other important issues in the country. and all the blind followers other MPs like little puppies following the mamie dog boycotting parliment ...who that supposed to affect i'm sure the pnm was greatly affected