Friday, August 31, 2007

snippet from news about manning house

A Majestic waterfall, for de gorilla to jump up and play, an inviting pool, invite de gorilla and gorilless to drong please, nah, a water channel which snakes through the grounds providing some ease to the stress of running a country, even de focking drain have to behave and look like a snake, to serve de two main wicked snake. several saunas,for he to masturbate whole day, bath-tubs in every room, he does shit and fart in he pants every minute, so dey had to put one in every room to wash out he battie, so it wont stink and offend de diplomats, a beauty salon, to help hazel take out and put on she cow costume every day, a bar, I thought poom poom say he was a pentecostal, a chapel, for he to catch power and jump up and bawl, a gym, with a rope to hang deyself from, hopefully, and expansive family rooms, for he and toon toon alone? are what is in store for Prime Minister Patrick Manning and his wife Hazel, when he moves into the Official Residence and Diplomatic Centre at St Ann’s............I didnt know they was building a new madhouse!

$114M back pay for soldiers

Friday, August 31 2007

NATIONAL Security Minister Martin Joseph says officers in the TT Defence Force are to get $114 million in back pay for the 2005 to 2007 period.

He revealed this at yesterday’s post-Cabinet briefing at Whitehall and added that this sum would be comprised of $59 million in allowances (for items such as uniforms and rent) and $55 million in salaries.

He said Cabinet agreed to the payout as recommended by the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) following an interim payment to the Defence Force in 2006. Joseph said this came about following recommendations made by a Canadian consultant to bring the pay of Defence Force officials on par with the Police Service, after the two services were de-linked in 1998.

He didn’t say how soon the pay increase and backpay would come into effect. “It’s just a question of implementation now.”

What the fock is the purpose of the fockin army in T&T.

To play fockin football? Because that is all dey does do.

Why the fock asshole Joseph taking $114 million tax payers money to feed ah setta ole nigga who cyah contribute nutten to this country. Who the fock we goin to fight? Grenada with they 25 army officers? Venezuela ?

All these mudder cont does do is occupy precious space in the south western peninsula. Sleepin, eating, shitting, fishin, driving around dey family in the fockin state vehicles and jus having ah good time at the expense of tax payers.

I say disband the mudder cont army and just have ah small unit for emergency purposes at home. And fock off with the rest of them!

Pot-hong in the Mansion

Prime Minister Patrick Manning may not have moved into the prime-misterial $148 million mansion and diplomatic centre at La Fantasie in St Ann’s, as yet, but these two dogs, which were able to gain entry onto the private premises, took time to swim, frolic, relax and lovingly rub noses in a man-made watercourse during yesterday’s media tour of the residence.

Executive chairman of the Urban Development Corporation of T&T, Calder Hart, received the keys to the residence and diplomatic centre during a ceremonial hand-over of both facilities on Wednesday evening.

There has been no official word on when the PM and his wife, Education Minister Hazel Manning, would move into the official residence.
Well lookie focking lookie here!!!
I doh know where the modacont to begin with this one!!!
First the White House had a flea-infestation, now this!! It fockin seem as though pest and vermin like to follow this cont anywhere he go, like the prophetess, Jerry Narace and side slut Christine.
Pure breed pot-hong Patos and mangee Hazy are already enjoying the spoils of taxpayers hard earned money.
The couple is seen here strolling along the verandah of the mansion. Present were: Ceasar Milan, from The Dog Whisperer, Members of TTSPCA, National Geographic and Americans Funniest Home Videos.
God really doh fockin sleep nah!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


promises to ensure $110m HMB shares are transferred back to the bank
Juhel Browne

Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday condemned the purchase of $110 million in Home Mortgage Bank (HMB) shares by the company co-owned by the bank's chairman, Andre Monteil, even if no laws were broken.

And he promised to ensure that the shares are transferred back to the HMB at the same price.
Several calls to Monteil's cellphone over the past two days for comment have gone unanswered.
In winding up the budget debate in Parliament yesterday, Manning said the transaction occurred under questionable circumstances, adding that he always intended for the matter to be the subject of a criminal investigation.

"I wish to make it collusively clear to all members of this House and to members of the national community that whether it is legal or not, it is contrary to Government policy and Government frowns on the whole way the whole transaction was conducted," Manning said.

On August 17, Manning told Parliament that Monteil had been cleared by the Central Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission of any wrongdoing. Monteil is the treasurer of the ruling People's National Movement (PNM).

The Central Bank had said it came to this conclusion as an amendment to the Home Mortgage Bank Act this year did not treat with issues relating to share structure.

During the budget debate on Monday, however, Manning said he had referred the matter to Police Commissioner Trevor Paul, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Geoffrey Henderson and the Integrity Commission.

Yesterday, Manning advised the House that the two reports were referred to these three agencies for action as they consider appropriate.

Paul has confirmed having received the reports and said a police investigation will be initiated into the matter.

Manning indicated to the House that he wished to make a comment on "the transfer of shares from the Home Mortgage Bank to Stone Street Capital, a company owned by Mr Andre Monteil and his wife, in circumstances that are very questionable".

In doing so, Manning apologised for saying, during the budget debate on Monday, that he had said in his first statement in the Parliament on May 9, that the matter had then been referred to the Police Commissioner, the DPP and the Integrity Commission.

He said it was not an attempt to mislead anybody.

Manning geh ketch lying wid he pants down. He should be walking wid some Vaseline all now.

Now who the fock Manning think he is to promise that the shares should be transfered back to the bank?

If the man didnt do anything against the law then the transaction is ok. But something is fockin wrong.

Why the mudder cont thing would be referred to that lick bottom Commissioner of Patronism ah mean Police?

Why would it be referred to the Director of Puubic Prosecutions ? Something wrong.

So if after their investigations (in which he will obviously be cleared) he did something wrong he should be charged and sent to the mudder cont jail to take some nigga toti in he ass (without the Vaseline).

And then we will deal wid the fockin shares.

Like Hazel gorilla face does really frighten yuh yes.

'UNC, COP should not point fingers'

Thursday, August 30th 2007

DIEGO Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley said that neither the Congress of the People nor the United National Congress had moral authority to point fingers of corruption.

Speaking yesterday during debate on the national budget 2007/2008 he said Caroni East MP Ganga Singh was the man behind the Inncogen and desalination plant deals, and accused him of falsely linking former Housing Development Corporation chairman Andre Monteil to Home Construction Ltd and the Foreshore project.

"Mr Monteil has nothing to do with the Foreshore project," he said.

He claimed that the UNC ran a "criminal enterprise" and the project was one of the many they attempted to use to raid the treasury.

He added that he "put a stop to the madness" as Minister of Planning, saving billions of dollars of taxpayers money in the process.

Rowley recalled that the then UNC government's financial contribution greatly exceeded that which was approved by the Cabinet, the contractor was building at $917 a square foot when the going rate was $500 to $600, and the land was given away but not at market value.

"That was the UNC policy," he said.

Rowley noted that the two opposition parties had no answer to Government's sterling performance in managing the economy in the past five years hence the accusations of corruption and squandermania.

Oh fock, what ah big fockin joke for me so early in the morning. Hahahahahah

Rowley talking bout squandermania and sterling mudder cont performance. What he is ah lap dancer now ?

Firstly he should be the last fockin one talkin bout corruption as he colluded with faggot Emile to teef the fockin material from the Scarbourough Hospital site. Big fockin men toting sand, gravel, cement, lumber and what have you to his fockin Landate housing project. You ever hear such fockery in the world? The housing minister building houses for sale and or rent. So shut yuh cont Rowley.

Whatever the fockin UNC did, they at least did deliver to the fockin people. They didnt put up 3 big fockin building in town and ah palace for the fockin Emperor in record time and call that a mudder cont 5 years.

The fockin UNC musbe teef, I dont know. But what ah know is that more poor fockin people get water, electricity. The poor werent taxed for 5 mudder cont years, like when all yuh was in office when people used to line up in grocery and gas station because budget coming and every fockin thing goin to raise. Better health care was in the offing. Children werent left out of fockin how all yuh refuse to open the Biche High School, suffering the fockin poor children.

And till today, nobody in the fockin UNC has been convicted of stealing anything.

All yuh fockin niggas real good yes. The experts at teefing and lying. Check yuh Prime Minister.

Seukeran defends Monteil

'Testicular fortitude needed'
Anna Ramdass

San Fernando West MP Diane Seukeran yesterday knocked the Opposition for their constant attack on PNM treasurer Andre Monteil during the course of the budget debate.

"I don't care who Mr Monteil is. He is a citizen like any other and he needs to be defended in this House. You want to say it, go outside and say it. Testicular fortitude is what is needed," she said in her budget contribution in the Parliament on Tuesday.

She said the Opposition was abusing their parliamentary privileges by attacking Monteil, and it was unfair in the Parliament that "those of us with any degree of conscience" would attack a man who is not present to defend himself.

Throughout the budget debate, which started on Monday, Monteil's purchase of $110 million in shares from the Home Mortgage Bank, which he chaired, was constantly brought into the spotlight.

She said Monteil's reputation was at stake, as she challenged Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar to get up and state the facts.

She was referring to Persad-Bissessar's allegation, in her budget response, that there was interlocking of directorships in the bed of corruption with respect to the rapid railway and waterfront projects.

Suky must fockin defend Monteil. All ah fockin dem in the same slackness.

She son Faris have a building in town. Who the fock you think renting it.

Is Uncle Lenny for the Ministry of Planning. How the fock he get the Ministry to rent from he?

Somebody should ask the ole bat that.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Laventille MP praises PNM as she bows out

Juhel Browne
Wednesday, August 29th 2007

In her final contribution to a Budget debate in Parliament, Laventille West MP Eulalie James has said the people of her constituency have only truly lived well when the People's National Movement was in power.

"We were at the point when the last Government was in power, where the people of Laventille, they weren't getting any kind of work at all, anywhere. They were left out of the loop and when the PNM came back in power things started to move again for the people of Laventille. And I hope that they will not forget that," James said.

James also praised Prime Minister Patrick Manning for the creation of the Community Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) and said that no matter what party wins an election, it will always continue with the good programmes initiated before it takes office.

"And I am sure you are seeing that the PNM Government is doing a very wonderful job. You cannot gainsay the fact that we are doing well," James said.

James, who will not be contesting the Laventille West seat in the upcoming General Election, bid farewell to her fellow Parliamentarians during her contribution to the debate on the 2008 Budget during the House of Representatives sitting at the Red House, Port of Spain, on Monday night.

"It is my last Budget presentation in this House and it has really been a pleasure serving with members in this House," James said, to the sound of desk thumping from the MPs present.

In an exclusive Express report on June 18, James had indicated that she was bowing out of the election race because of the difficulty she has moving around the hilly Laventille constituency since the amputation of her left leg in 2005.

James lost her left leg due to diabetes and it took her six months to recover from the surgery she underwent in Cuba to be well enough to return to sittings of the Lower House on September 5, 2005, with the use of crutches.

Despite, the amputation, James continued to serve in the Parliament and serve her constituents.

On Monday night, James said the one thing that bothered her as she came to the end of her 13-year career as an MP, were the statements made by Opposition Tabaquite MP Adesh Nanan concerning what the United National Congress did when it was in power from 1995 to 2001.
"But I want to tell the Member from Tabaquite that government is continuous and if something is good, we don't expect the other government to just throw it away. They will build on it and continue," James said.

She then added: "So, it is nothing to boast of because when you are there you do your share. When somebody else is there, they do theirs."

James said that examples of the good work the PNM administration is doing can be seen all over this country in the form of the Waterfront Development Project and CEPEP.

"I must say thanks to the Prime Minister for his foresight to bring a programme like CEPEP on stream because that programme is assisting to keep this country so clean that when visitors visit our land they will have good things to say about Trinidad and Tobago," she said.

Yes yuh dotish cont. The people of fockin Laventille really living well. I so glad to hear that. And it is the first statement made by a PNM MP that could really be considered serious.

I hope Laventille continue to live well. I hope the good people of Laventille continue to fockin shoot and kill one another every day. This will certainly reduce the amount of niggas and PNM votes for the next year. And this trend only started when the PNM took office in 2001. So all praise and thanks to the Balisier.

And oh we have to give thanks and praise to Lord Manning for introducing the CEPEP programme. What a wonderful feeling it is for niggas up in Laventille to fantasize that the upcomin lil nigglets will be given a whacker when they turn 18.

Off course that is immediately after the Early Childhood Teefing Centers. By primary school age they should be able to teef ah fockin microwave from ah coolie kitchen and stuff it in dey jockey shorts whilst running faster than fockin Ato Boldon with two fockin zaboca in dey hand.

Yes O Yes Laventille is really moving again and in the fockin loop.

How bright Eu la "loli."

Ganga claims Commissioner attended PNM meet

Anna Ramdass and Juhel Browne
Wednesday, August 29th 2007

Caroni East MP Ganga Singh has called on Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul to explain why he was a speaker at a PNM cottage meeting when the position he occupies mandates him to be independent and free from political affiliation.

"I am advised...that the Commissioner of Police went to a PNM cottage meeting in Ellerslie Park and spoke," charged Singh in his contribution to the budget debate at yesterday's Parliament sitting.

Paul responded to the charge through his public relations department yesterday, saying that he had attended a community meeting in Ellerslie Park to speak on crime and not a political meeting of any kind.

"It was a community meeting in which I was asked to address that community on crime. I will do so for other communities as long as I am available and for any organisation that may make that request," Paul said.

He also noted that he had just yesterday morning spoken on the issue of crime at a meeting hosted by a business group, the American Chamber of Commerce.

In Parliament, Singh said he learnt that a pamphlet, which advertised that National Security Minister Martin Joseph was to speak, was sent out inviting people to attend the meeting.

"The Commissioner of Police went to a PNM cottage meeting and spoke. If it is he was invited to speak as a Commissioner of Police, then he must make himself available to all other political parties in that capacity. It is the duty of the Commissioner of Police to say what capacity he went to that PNM cottage meeting.

"It is an election year and there is a role for the police to be independent and impartial. You have the Commissioner of Police who is given significant power to be independent and impartial but he is demonstrating a level of partisanship if he attended a PNM cottage meeting in Ellerslie Park at the expense of the public," said Singh.

"I call on the Commissioner to clear the air in that matter."

C'mon Gangs. You expect this duncy focker to clear the air on anything. Do you really think he is capable of explaining any fockin thing.

This asshole couldnt utter two fockin sentences without the permission of his massa Patos.

Recall he accepted his appointment from the Prime Minister, the first time in the history this has happened. Just so that Patos will let him know that he was responsible for his position and he has to be fockin eternally grateful.

Recall he told ACP Graham dong South not to "rock the boat." He is fockin due to retire soon.

This mudder cont doh care about anything and anybody but him fockin self.

The worst police performance in the history of T&T has to be under this fockin albatross.

Manning lick bottom, just imagine he ha to go PNM meeting now like ah fockin CEPEP worker.

What an anus!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Flour rising

Prices of bread, doubles, roti may increase
Ariti Jankie South Bureau
Monday, August 27th 2007

The price of flour could reach new heights by Christmas, it was feared yesterday.
That could mean a hefty hit on consumers' pockets: they could be called on to pay more for bread and cakes, doubles and roti and a range of other products made from flour.

Officials of National Flour Mills and Nutrimix Flour Mills both pointed to steep increases this year and said they expected the price rise to continue because a sharp drop in the production of wheat in the US and Canada. Blaming torrential rains and intense summer heat, wheat farmers have said that production was expected to drop by 20 per cent in Canada and up to 50 per cent in the USA, the countries from which Trinidad and Tobago imports its wheat.

So far this year, doubles have gone from $2 to $2.50 and just recently went up to $3, while a mini roti went from $8 to $10. Buss-up shot sold in large quantities rose from $12 to $17 each. The price of sliced bread rose from $4.50 at the end of last year to $7.25 with whole wheat went to $7.50 at several outlets.

Nutrimix's chief executive officer, Vassant Bharat, said that the price of wheat went up by 60 per cent over the past eight months and will continue to rise in the months ahead.

"All the wheat used in flour manufacturing comes from the US," he said.

He said that, apart from bad weather, the world market for wheat has suffered another blow from a severe drought in Australia.

Bharat said it was the first time in 100 years that Australia was suffering from a drought. He said that more demand for wheat from India, Brazil and China had been sucking up supplies from the market.

"Over the past few years India, China and Brazil have been demanding more wheat from the international markets," Bharat said.

He noted, too, that US farmers have been converting wheat plantations to corn explaining that corn was currently being used in the manufacture of ethanol.

"Farmers are getting more money for corn than wheat," he said.

Corporate communications manager of NFM Donna Cox said that any change in the market for wheat in the United States would affect the Trinidad and Tobago market for flour.

She said: "NFM must assess the impact of the increase in costs before we decide how we would manage it and before a decision to increase prices can be taken."

Over the past few months, she said, the price had been increasing due to the problems overseas.
"We mainly import from the US and would keep looking for competitive wheat prices because of the way the situation with wheat has been going," Cox said.

President of the Supermarket Association, Heeranand Maharaj, said that the price of flour increased twice this year.

He said that the last increase of 10 per cent was in June and the price of flour has been determined by NFM and Nutrimix based on the prices they pay for wheat.

"We are the price takers, we cannot determine the prices. We have to accept the prices they give to us," he said adding that since there were two flour mills prices had become competitive.

Bakers said that they have attempted to keep the price down but increasing cost of flour would leave them no choice but to raise prices "at some stage".

Fockin niggas doh care bout that. At the end of the day these mudder cont will hold up some fockin truck that goin to deliver flour to graocery store and tote the fockin truck away too.

As long as niggas have ah CEPEP wok these conts will eat fockin grass and believe you me, Manning will have these assholes eating grass pretty soon.

Now no where else in the world do we find that fockin bread prices going up except in Trinidad. People who live outside of T&T have posted on the Express site that they know nothing about the rise in the price of fockin wheat.

I remember a couple of years ago before Nutrimix came into existence that these fockers at NFM had increased the price of flour when the world prices were down. These fockin state institutions could only make money when dey could enjoy ah fockin monopoly, like TSTT.

With all the fockin money we could be eating more fockin rice here in T&T. We could grow it, but nah the fockin CEPEP wok is it and this fockin duncee regime aint goin to do nutten about encouraging people to plant more fockin food.

These mudder cont BLIGHT. They have twenty different crime plan and every time they come wid one, crime does fockin go up. They have a food consultation and focking food goin up.

Just now yuh go have to be ah big shot and make reservations to eat ah mudder cont doubles.

Attic welcomes budget plans


The Association of T&T Insurance Companies (Attic) welcomes Government’s initiatives outlined in the 2008 budget to increase retirement savings, promote safer driving and compensate the innocent victims of uninsured motorists.

The proposed increase in the ceiling of the aggregate deduction that may be claimed for pension plans and annuities from $12,000 to $25,000 will promote long-term planning for retirement for middle income earners.

Many retirees are finding their savings levels inadequate to cope with current levels of inflation and the increased limits will encourage current earners to plan a better financial strategy for their own non-working years.

Attic has been advocating the establishment of a mechanism to compensate the innocent victims of uninsured motorists for well over 20 years alongside the now established Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme and commends the Government for taking the decision to pursue and fund this course of action.

At the same time, Attic wishes to strongly encourage the Government to mitigate against the real possibility that the establishment of such a compensation scheme could further entrench the present lawlessness and encourage more uninsured vehicles on the road.

Attic therefore repeats the urgent call for the increased policing and enforcement of existing laws as well as stiff increases in the penalties for law-breaking such as driving without insurance, driving unregistered “PH” taxis and private rentals, prior to the establishment of such a fund.
To do otherwise will jeopardise not only the proposed funding mechanism but the entire basis of compensation that now exists if there is a perception that there are no real penalties to driving without insurance.

Attic advocates that we should follow what currently obtains in the UK where the police can impound vehicles that are driven without insurance and, if unclaimed by their owners, the vehicles can be disposed of or destroyed after a relatively short period of time.

The proposed changes in legislation to restrict the use of communication devices whilst driving as well as restrictions on television-type monitors that can be viewed from the front seat of vehicles is a welcome first step in what we trust is a series of initiatives to promote safer driving practices.

An estimated 4,000 people suffer bodily injury from vehicle accidents annually. Assuming that ten per cent of vehicles are driven without insurance, then approximately 400 people remain uncompensated every year.

Two large motor insurance companies are now in liquidation and the potential increase in the numbers of innocent victims who would remain uncompensated should they be involved in an accident with these former policyholders is a pressing concern.

The proposed fund can meet a significant proportion of the claims of innocent victims and can be set up so that the fund can itself pursue a court judgment against the negligent party, sending a clear signal to other drivers of uninsured vehicles that there are financial consequences for acts of lawlessness.

Attic looks forward to working with the Government and the Central Bank to set up an efficient mechanism to administer the proposed vehicles accident fund and looks forward to further initiatives by the Government to arrest the spiralling increase in lawlessness on our nation’s roads.

Rani Lakhan-Narace

No fockin wonder Insurance in Trinidad is in ah deep shithole. Corruption, mismanagement and failures.

This is now the latest fockin party group of the PNM.

President RANI LAKHAN-NARACE, wife of the PNM's PRO and fockin arrogant Ambassador Plentimoney Gerry Narace, is now openly saying that her fockin Organization is a firm supporter of the PNM!

See how focked up this place is!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

$57 million zoo architect visits TT

Sunday, August 26 2007

Internationally known zoo architect Patrick Janikowski met Tourism Minister Howard Chin Lee on Friday, centre of discussion was the proposed $57M upgrade of the Emperor Valley Zoo.

Janikowski who has designed zoos all over the world, is now bidding to design a US$700M zoo in Hong Kong.

The $57M allocated for the local zoo upgrade will be administered by the Tourism Development Company (TDC).

Well ah guess everybody know by now that the fockin jefe Patos gone an build ah fockin palace for himself and he hyena next to the fockin zoo.

So with the upgrade of the fockin zoo, this will now be home to all the fockin monkeys in the PNM Cabinet. Now this zoo will only feature the various types of monkies that can be found on the African continent.

So imagine as you enter this new fockin zoo the first thing you eye could bless would be Fitz fockin Gerald Hinds. Lard, now this will be the ugliest male fockin monkey you could find of all the species. But fear not my good friends take ah walk through our new zoo and dont be too bothered by his cacophony.

In the Gorilla section youre guaranteed not to miss Larry "Fuck You" Achong. in this section you could feed the animals. Feel free to walk with some scotch and ah whole fig tree if you please.

Over to the right you will see some of the female species. The first being Joan. Actually Mr. Janikowski wanted to put the ugliest fockin monkey to welcome visitors to the fockin zoo and there was ah big toss up between Joan and Fitz. Fitz won because of the strange sounds that emit from his vocal chords. However beware of Joan! She could stay behind the bars of her cage and bite you half ah mile outside. Dont let the kids look at her they may want to leave immediately.

As you walk furthur up you will find the affable Valley. He came with ah factory defect from Uganda. Never mind the lisp. It wont make sense trying to figure out what he says. Its not worth it. He cant even write cheques. They always bounce.

The only dog that was allowed in this new fockin zoo was a Rott. We call him Rowley locally. This hardened lookin Neanderthal was carved in Tobago. It was hard work toting material from the hospital in Tobago to his housing scheme in Landate.

(To continue....return for the conclusion)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

'PNM spent $1b on propaganda vote'

Anna Ramdass
Saturday, August 25th 2007

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said yesterday the PNM government has spent close to $1 billion on what she described as public relations propaganda.

In her three-hour budget response during the Parliament sitting yesterday, Persad-Bissessar said that this figure for the propaganda vote was calculated by combining the expenditure of entertainment, overseas travel, promotional publicity for the various Government ministries.

She said in 2002, the Finance Ministry spent $5.5 million on public relations and for the year 2007 that increased by 300 per cent to $22 million.

She added that the Education Ministry spent about half a million dollars in 2002 and in 2007 $16 million was spent in public relations.

Persad-Bissessar said the Education Ministry estimated it would spend another $17.6 million in 2008, "so from 2002 to 2008, a total of $63 million in PR for the Ministry of Education".

"In fact, between them, the emperor and his wife would have spent a massive $174 million on propaganda during their term in office. People in this country are starving and homeless and they can spend $174 million on publicity stunts" she continued.

She said that worked out to an average of $80,000 a day for the last five-and-a-half years.

She added that some $63.7 million was spent since 2002 to "prop the sagging performance of the Minister of National Security", while $67.3 million was also spent on the Health Minister "to bolster his image".

Persad-Bissessar said the Housing Ministry was at the bottom of the list and received the least amount of money on propaganda expenditure.

By way of comparison, she said, the UNC Government spent $14 million during its last year in office in these ministries and prior to 2001, the expenditure was less than $14 million.

Imagine these ugly mudder cont and dem spend so much ah fockin tax payers money to promote dey ugly self and wa the fock they achieve for the 5 mudder cont years.

One setta ads wid dey baboon looking self in the fockin papers and on tv.

People in this country ketchin dey mudder cont to get a decent supply of water in some areas and these fockers jus having a good time. It have people here da cyah buy fockin food to eat and ah billion dollars gone to galavant dey fockin self.

What is worse is these mudder cont niggas and dem will go back and vote for these fockers. However, one day the pappyshow will be over and I would really hope to be alive to see what these niggas would do.


Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar kicked off the budget debate yesterday with the allegation that the contractor for the billion-dollar Waterfront and Rapid Rail projects had an international reputation for bid rigging.

"I demand that the Trinidad and Tobago Rapid Rail Project be immediately halted, the International Waterfront project immediately halted," Persad-Bissessar said during her three-hour long response to the budget at the Red House, Port of Spain.

Persad-Bissessar said the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Commissioner of Police, the Integrity Commission as well as the Auditor General should immediately probe this scandal which may involve corruptive links to former Home Mortgage Bank chairman Andre Monteil and the Urban Development Corporation chairman (UDECOTT) Calder Hart.

Last Monday, Prime Minister Patrick Manning announced the award of the contract of $15 billion for the rail project to the Trinitrain Consortium led by the company Bouygues Travaux Publics.

Persad-Bissessar said she had reliable information that three employees of the National Infrastructure Development company (NIDCO) were paid inducements to change the evaluation of the rail project, so Bouygues' company could secure the contract.

The contracted company is a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction owned by French businessman Martin Bouygues who also has interests in telecoms, media and construction.

"This gentleman has a reputation of romancing country leaders and then receiving public work contracts," said Persad-Bissessar.

She said Bouygues through another one of his companies-Bouygues Batiment-secured the $1.7 billion Waterfront project.

She said Bouygues toured the Waterfront project site last December with Prime Minister Patrick Manning and Hart.

Persad-Bissessar further called for an investigation into "interlocking directorates" as Bouygues Batiment is a joint venture of which Home Construction Ltd (HCL) is a member and the treasurer of the PNM is Andre Monteil, against whom an allegation of impropriety was levelled in the purchase of $110 million in shares from the HMB.

She said questions surrounded Hart, who is also chairman of NIDCO as well as a director in the HMB.

"When Mr Hart awards billion-dollar contracts to the companies of his friends that is a serious thing," said Persad-Bissessar.

"When the constant figure who is always so providential that every way he turns, lucrative, million and billion dollar deals just land in his lap, happens to the treasurer of the PNM, it begs the question," she continued.

"It is outrageous that conflicts of interest as these are treated with such disregard by the government," charged Persad-Bissessar.

She said a Commission of Enquiry should be established to probe all contracts awarded by UDECOTT, NIDCO, NIPDEC and the Works Ministry.

Persad-Bissessar assured that when the UNC Alliance came into government these projects would be probed to protect public interest.

The fockin message in RED!

Andre Monteil cleared of any wrongdoing

It is only in Trinidad and Tobago and probably some other fockin backwater banana republic, that one man could be the chairman of a government set up special purpose company which deposits $100 million of public funds into a private bank, (in which the same man is also an executive director), which said bank then lends the man $110 million to purchase shares in a mortgage company, (which provides loans to purchase the houses that the said special purpose company is responsible for having constructed, which said mortgage company is partly owned by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and in which the man was also an executive director), from another company in which the same man is also an executive director, and the man is then cleared of any wrong doing by an investigation conducted by the Central Fockin Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Oh yes, did I mention that the same man is also the treasurer of the governing PNM that appointed the Central Bank Governor and the board of the Security and Exchange Commission?

Also, the same man campaigned in the last general elections for the former Minister of Works and Transport (Frankie Khan) now facing corruption charges in the nation's courts and is also the chairman of the Diego Martin East constituency now represented by the current Minister of Works and Transport (Totihole Colm Imbert.)

Beetham ‘hustlers’ will be helped

Saturday, August 25 2007

PUBLIC Utilities and Environment Minister Pennelope Beckles said her ministry will meet with “hustlers” at the Beetham landfill to discuss the impending closure of that dump. Speaking after visiting a ministry-sponsored one-week Eco-camp at the Two J’s Beautification Limited, Beetham Gardens, Beckles said the plight of the men who made a living from the dump was a major concern to her ministry as the relocation of the dump will affect their means of livelihood.

The wheels are in motion, she said, to relocate the Beetham landfill, closing down the original site and rehabilitating the land. Consultations with key stakeholders have been held to decide on proper management of the new site.

Full relocation and rehabilitation would take about two years to complete according to officials at the Solid Waste Management Company (SWMCOL) in a Newsday report last year.

Beckles reiterated that the landfill had to be relocated due to health and environmental concerns raised by Beetham residents and other stakeholders. She added that the landfill was on an environmentally sensitive area.

She said the “hustlers” were not doing anything illegitimate and were indeed critical to the process at the dump. Speaking on the Budget allocations to her ministry, Beckles said she was satisfied with the $2.4 billion received. “There are a number of projects that we will be able to continue with our allocations,” she said.

The camp, she continued, was the ministry’s way of educating children about the environment. She explained that the week long camp, which ended yesterday, is in its second year. The camp is located at five venues – Heights of Guanapo, La Horquetta, Penal, Princes Town and Beetham – one more from last year’s total.

The children were treated to interactive sessions with officials from the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (TTEC), Environmental Management Authority (EMA), SWMCOL and other agencies.

Buh wey the mudder cont I does really be hearing sometimes.

Imagine these fockin lazy niggas doh want to work, scrounging the fockin dump for we rejects and rubbish and now this fockin PNM nigga loving govt want to meet with hustlers becuase they want to geh rid of the La Basse. Is fockin Eric Williams that put dem there in the first place. Just the other day, this mudder cont nigga govt went and redo all these fockers roofs for free. Yuh ever hear such fockery in your life yet.

The same mudder cont thing they do when they wanted to move the fockin ole nigga woman and dem from the Breakfast Shed. These mudder cont though even pay ah focking rent but they get $100.000.00 and better facilities next door.

Indians killin dey self, wokin hard day and fockin night. Planting food to feed these mudder cont and when there is a lil natural disaster they get $47.00 fockin Trini dollars from this racist govt. They wouldnt even put a lil subsidy on chemicals for the fockin coolie farmers. But niggas does get solid liquid cash for not one fock.

This is outrageous! Niggas benefitting for even what the fock they eh even do. This country really goin to the dogs (niggas).

Trinidad is really now Niggadad under this fockin PNM.

Friday, August 24, 2007

dinner called off

I hear dey call off de 100,000 plate dinner. I kinda dissapointed though. I was hoping dem kidnapper woulda go and kidnap dem. If a man or a ooman could afford to pay so much money for a plate of food, they could afford to pay a few million ransom. Stuff dey mouth with 'dinner' mints for a week. 'Cause one thing we sure about, is dey ain't going to talk bout crime solution at all. Kidnapping is a problem for small Indian businessmen. Is contract and permissions in exchange for money. Businessmen don't free charity to government, gullible ones.Don't think is school teacher and judge going to that. Only big businesses can afford that kind of money.
You kidnapping clerk and Indian business people. small fries. Go for the big catch man, financiers, people looking for contract. Is dem wot go attend a dinner costing 16,000 US per head. I hear in Britain, de campaign funders only have to pay 1000 pounds per dinner ticket.. But not we oil sheik dem, papa. Dey ain't going dey to eat corn curls you know.Is Hazel eating yam, eddoes and pig tail with gold knife and fork. That is de kinda party dey going to.
I hear dat Narace say dey might plan a next one and Christine say they go pass law a bout campaign fund raising, but not now. Well why not now, contess?? When PNM done get dey focking bribe to keep dem in office ? Why de hell not now? Dey too damn corrupt !.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

$100,000 A PLATE

Dinner with Manning
Anna Ramdass

Specially invited guests will sit down to a campaign fund-raising dinner with Prime Minister Patrick Manning next week-at a cost of $100,000 each.

The event entitled "Conversations with the Prime Minister" is an initiative of the public relations committee of the ruling People's National Movement (PNM).

The black tie gala dinner is scheduled to take place next Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Pier 1, Chaguaramas, which is owned by the family of Tourism Minister Howard Chin Lee.

If the event recruits 200 paying customers it will net $20 million for party coffers.

Sources told the Express that the event was being handled with extreme caution and secrecy and invitations were sent to select persons.

A letter from committee chairman and Ambassador Plenipotentiary Jerry Narace says to contact Michelle Khan, Trinidad and Tobago Miss World representative in 1996 who runs a public relations and events management company, "to obtain your invitation".

Khan confirmed the dinner but was unable to divulge further details. Also Narace, when contacted, was unable to provide information as he was engaged in a meeting.

The notification of the event states that since the PNM was re-elected in 2002, the party has acted swiftly in an effort to develop all citizens as the Vision 2020 was pursued.

The PNM's commitment to improving infrastructure, revitalising communities and towns, developing the economy as well as challenging and supporting all citizens to aspire and achieve their dreams were included in the notification.

"Meaningful changes takes time and our ability to achieve the vision of Trinidad and Tobago as a prosperous, stable nation by 2020 requires that we sustain our present efforts with continuing stable, good and ethical governance," stated the invitation.

"In the circumstances, we have especially targeted you to join us and share ideas as we converse over dinner with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago," the invitation continued.

"We feel confident that a contribution of $100,000 per invitation will assist in funding our campaign which will enable us to continue on a progressive development path towards the achievement of 'First World' status," added the invitation letter.

Sources told the Express that some of the top PNM financiers have already pledged their commitment to attend and support Manning in his campaign for the upcoming general election.
Dinner with Manning
Anna Ramdass
Political analyst and researcher Derek Ramsamooj told the Express that a political party in this country must have the capacity to raise and spend between six and eight million US dollars in this year's election race.

He said this money covers two areas -media advertising and political organisation and management on the national and constituency levels.

"This increase in political expenditure can be attributed to competitiveness in the media advertising and rising expectation of the electorate," he said.

Ramsamooj, who heads the Caribbean Development Research Strategies company, told the Express that statistics on Caribbean political campaigns reveal that it costs approximately US$100 to win the vote of one person.

I would pay any-focking-thing to see a few conts, some pricks and a couple assholes in jacket and tie dining with King Kakahole and his wife, Queen Cyat. And with the rate food prices rising lately - by the time this fockin gala comes off, a plate of food WILL cost an average Trinidadian $100,000.00 !!

So many fockin starving people here, people eating and living in dumps, hospitals have no beds... but people could afford to pay $100,000.00 for a plate of food??? Basic things like bread, onions, milk and chicken are too expensive for the average household. So many workers are out of jobs (BWIA, Caroni Ltd, Casinos, Doctors etc) but fockin PNM showing off and frolicking. I never ever hear the PNM have a fund raiser for poor, starving, jobless people.

Not $100, not $1000, not even $10,000 but a staggering $100,000 !!!!

But is now dey get fockin ketch - all who goin to this will be all dem fockin jefes who get big contracts. Look out for dem and yuh will figure out the corruption.

It good to jus park up by Pier One that night and see all who goin in. The fockers and dem will want to hide. Look out for the big time financiers.

Condom vending machines coming

By LARA PICKFORD-GORDON Wednesday, August 22 2007

CONDOM vending machines also known as Condom ATMs are to be introduced in TT by Government in the continuing fight against HIV/AIDS.

According to the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) tabled in Parliament on Monday as part of the Budget 2008 documents, Government stated the “procurement of condom vending machines” is one of several initiatives which will be implemented by the National AIDS Coordinating Committee (NACC) in 2008.

In an interview yesterday on the condom vending machines, NACC Technical Director, Dr Amery Browne said Population Services International (PSI) was contracted in June to do condom social marketing research. He said PSI was “working with TT to do a range of condom marketing services. The first part is in-depth research.

” The research he said would focus on the type of machine suitable locally and possible venues and locations for the vending machines. Browne said PSI will consult hoteliers in the tourism sector, social activists and other key stakeholders. PSI will “look at the local scenario and identify stakeholders and venues willing.

Some are quite willing and the private sector is also quite interested in partnering with us.” Results from the study should be available in the first quarter of next year.

Why the mudder cont the fockin PNM just buy fockin condom by the fockin carton and take one of dem National Security helicopters and just fly over the fockin nigga areas like Laventille, Morvant, Maloney and all dem housing scheme in fockin San Fernando that is haven for bandits and drop the mudder cont condoms free of charge.

That is one fockin thing the taxpayers of this country would not mind the government spending their money on.

Ah mean after all most of the fockin crime in this country is committed by niggas. They are the people that most occupy the fockin jails. They fock like animals and make fockin children like stray dogs.

99% ah dem fockin children does grow up not knowing who the fock dey fadder is. Then you does hear de lil mudder cont nigglets say dey didnt get any guidance because dey fadder wasnt around. But by that time dey are already experts in teefing from unsuspecting Indians.

So fockin PNM. GO AHEAD and buy about 90 container ah fockin condom and jus give dem free to all the nigga areas in the country. In 5 years yuh go save the fockin country from ah new setta fockin bandits.

p.s. - Ah have ah serious suggestion here: wa bout if yuh just castrate all niggas at birth.

Crime free society in under 10 years.

Indians will have more fruits and zabocas in dey yard.

Dogs would not be barking as much, because less niggas will be walkin on the roads.

Fresh air to breathe. No smelly niggas.

Pleasant faces to look at.

KFC will go bankrupt.

Port of Spain will be clean.

Jails will be empty.

There wont be no backlog in the courts.


BUH WAIT.............The fockin cure for AIDS will be here... NO MORE NIGGAS!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

we talking to brute?

THE UNC ALLIANCE has taken its mission one step further to block the August 31, Independence Day National Awards ceremony from being held at the $148M Official Residence and Diplomatic Centre of Prime Minister Patrick Manning.
In a full-page advertisement today entitled “An Evening of Squandermania at The Mansion” with the PM’s extravagantly-styled residence in the background complete with palm trees, the Opposition party urged the 24 recipients, earmarked for the National Awards, to exercise their independence by saying: “No to the Mansion.”
Let we see if dem focking brute will listen or dey ears focking clog with wax.
The ad did not make any reference to the Prime Minister but referred instead to the “self styled Ape- Emperor” who it said, “ throws open the doors of his $148M new home to a privileged few for the National Awards ceremony.”
And who de fock winning dem award? I sure is a setta PNM ass-lickers.
The National Awards are traditionally presented to deserving citizens in several spheres of activity including culture, sports, medicine, and community service. The ad questions how many homes the “Emperor’s mansion” could have built for the poor and homeless, saying that his “Majesty’s jewel was built with the money that belongs to every citizen in the focking country”
De focking emperor doing he monkey dance too long. I tink is time to put him away.
It further asked whether this was any way to celebrate Independence , an if so, whether it was Independence “from wastage and disrespect for our nation’s pride?”
Dem wild pig need a chance to stage dey in-de-pen-dance. Chistmas and carnival ain't enough.
The ad continued by saying “we will not allow him to use this occasion to justify his delusions of grandeur with this oversized mansion, a monument to gross over indulgence.”
Is possible dat we UNC compadres braying in de wilderness, since de awardees are most likely brick- headed donkeys who ain't know de difference between dey baatee and dey head. We will know for sure according to their response to the ad..
It called on all citizens to join the party in saying no to the mansion. The advertisement follows an earlier call by the party’s council of leaders during a press conference just over one week ago, to all awardees to
boycott the ceremony in shame at Manning’s squandermania. I really want to know why he need to spend 148m to practice bestiality. Remember de focker say that UNC distributing de wrong picture eh. He say is not his house. Let we see.

just what king Tutu want

prices will rise'
Keino Swamber South Bureau
Wednesday, August 22nd 2007
President of the Sheep and Goat Farmers Association Shiraz Khan is warning that food prices will continue to rise if small farmers are not given the kind of support they need to increase agricultural production.
He is predicting that the establishment of mega farms, as proposed by Prime Minister Patrick Manning, will cause many small farmers to go under without Government's intervention.
Speaking yesterday at a forum hosted by the Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago (CCULT) and the Oilfields Workers' Trade Union (OWTU) to discuss Monday's budget presentation by Manning, Khan said changing weather patterns have also had an adverse effect on the agricultural sector.
"In Trinidad and Tobago, we are at the height of our rainy season and we are getting more sun than rain," Khan told the forum at OWTU's Paramount Building in San Fernando.
He said: "If we in the agricultural sector don't get support with this terrible weather we are having now, food prices will go up.
"I don't know how we could have cheaper food prices if they (Government) do not give us some heavy support in terms of subsidies and incentives. The food prices will not go down. It's either we will keep it at this level or it will go up."
Khan said small farmers also needed to be given land.
"Agriculture is not something that makes big money. We need and are demanding more support. It is the only way the agriculture sector will go forward, it's the only way our farmers will produce more," Khan said.
He said farmers will continue to face difficulties in producing food unless issues like praedial larceny and support for them were addressed, and the country would not go anywhere in terms of food production.
"When those mega farms come, the small farmers will deteriorate one by one because we don't have the resources or the help from the State to continue to grow food. That is critical to us," Khan said.
And dat is what de dam kirownee want, so he could bring Vincentians and Haitians to wuk, cause who tell you dem town nigga want to wuk? And it ain't go stop dem from robbing and killing, eh. In no time at all you go see Haitian and Vincentian taking over de place. But woe woe woe unto de Indian farmer who wukking de land for de past hundred years.


I hear dey say Winston Dookeran born in Rio Claro. So I sen me scouts to see exactly way he born and who is he family.You know dey cyant find dis monkey roots noway, noway, noway.
I suspect that he modder throw him away. She dump de fetus in a fish dump and de ting survive and start to call heself Winston Dookran. Because how de ass de ting appear in de place all of a sudden so?? he is not a Vincentian, and nobody know way he come from. I need dat explained.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

tootoo doing and saying pure madness.

Tootoo have so much a money he dont know wot de fock to do with it.He raising Cepep pay and backpay and ting. Tootoo ain't realize that dis is how inflation grows. Raise salary, raise the cost of goods, till de dollar devalue, because on the world's market there is a limit to what it could buy.
Anyway it have a focking creolite in charge is de same ting happening.Tell me wot de fock a creolite know about producing food ? Because I need someone to explain why de ass you hace to buy vegetables by de slice in Barbados. I spen three weeks dey a year ago and had to buy veggies by de slice.
Go to the poorest Spanish island like Santo Domingo.(the culture come from Europe eh, not a new Guinea cannibal jungle) I spend time there on and off. You can get the biggest variety of fruits and veggies dog cheap. There is a fresh milk industry with hundreds of products like cheese, sweets, butter. You can buy fresh milk by the gallons anywhere for your morning cafe, cheap. They even grow flowers for export. There is just too much cheap food in de place. Puerto Rico and Cuba have a history of agriculture and fresh milk etc..
In Trinidad, once Indian remain planting people go get fresh things. But once dey leave it, de place go ton like Barbados.
I mean de milk dey selling in pack, I won't even use dat to wash me car. Is a mixture of whitewash an water. De ting tasting like shit, and once you send dat dong you chest, it running out your boomsee like a river, carrying de lil food you have in your stomach, just like senna.
Well, Tootoo say sugar days done, so sugar had to obey and go.The Europeans know that the basis of food is wheat, grain, milk and veggies and fruits etc. Tootoo say Trinidad food cheap, I don't know if he talking bout de whitewash water, or chubby or doubles, tings wot giving people diabetes like rain.Or he talking bout boil yam and with a strand of saltfish salt and pepper.Only de devil know wot Tootoo really meaan..

Backpay for URP, Cepep worker

By Sandra Chouthi

The hourly minimum wage is going up to $10.

All categories of workers employed with the Community-based Environment Protection and Enhancement Programme (Cepep) will, as of January 1, 2007, receive a 15 per cent increase in wages.

And an upgraded Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) will receive a 15 per cent increase in wages across the board effective January 1, 2007.

Travellers no longer have to pay departure tax. The $100 departure tax will be replaced with a passenger service charge on each individual travel ticket.

And the Government has declared an amnesty on tax penalties and late filing of income and corporate returns.

These are but some of the goodies that Prime Minister and Finance Minister Patrick Manning announced during a three-and-a-half-hour 2007/2008 budget in Parliament yesterday.

Only in fockin Trinidad you will get ah raise in salary plus fockin back pay for fockery like the above.
Courtesy fockin CEPEP!


I hear Tutu say de budget was a matter of love. It's obvious that de object of dis of this love is none else dan the mighty Tutu, king of wet dreams.. And he use dis same love to fock the contry.
When we consider dat the price of food everywhere is cheap. A street dweller in India eats a balanced meal 3 times a day. The white government knows the importance of keeping food affordable. Food imports are not taxed, or taxed very minimally. Plus they sponsor agriculture. Wheat and milk are produced in excess, and they have to dump it. The ghee that comes from Australia and New Zealand is produced from excess milk, that they dont need. Do you think a white farmer will rear cows for milk just to make ghee? You have to be in ignorance to believe that.
Yet fock-assed Tutu has the guts to say that Trinidad food is the cheapest in the world. You mean Bermudez crix and Chubby and corn curls and toolum? De mummy carcass don't even know wot de fock is food.
Fruits and veggies, grown without chemicals is the best food you can get. But since Tutu dem won't help de Indian farmer, de price of bhaji and carali and tomato have to be high. People ain't working free no more like the Indians dat came on the jahaj, you know.
Wot de focker needed to do was to hire a nutritionist to tell dem exactly what is food before they call consultation.
Bake and saltfish, dollar doubles and sweetdrink, Tutu, is not food. You need protein, oils, milk, carbs, fiber, fruits, veggies, nuts, etc in the diet on a daily basis. Not just for Sunday lunch.
If Tutu want to improve de food situation, he first need to know what is food. Not coocoo, not gray dumplin, hot pepper, chubby, and burning curry. Tutu need to make pure milk affordable. Get cow farmers to produce milk, Learn how to store it, and get the price of powder milk down to drop below 50 dollars a pound. Good milk is a cure for diabetes.
But de problem is don't mind how much good arguments you give them, de animals dont take heed.
De focking cow dem just keep chewing dey cud, and don't pay no attention to you.

Budget Highlights

Free HIV-Aids treatment to six major centres drugs.
Hurrah for all niggas.

Cdap to include diabetes testing strips from January.
More fockin money for Rahael and fockin family.

San Fernando Energy Park to be constructed on 250 acres near the Brian Lara Stadium, Tarouba, to house head offices of NGC and other companies.
More fockin contract for the boys complete with cost overuns. You go hear how much millionaires the fockin PNM will have.

Eye bank in 2008, improvements for Mt Hope neonatal unit.
That and fockin Vision 2020 is two ting you not fockin seeing.

Police Academy in September, 18 new police stations, 315 vehicles, 750 constables and training for 2,500 officers in 2008.
Off course in time for fockin 2020. More vehicle to tote oman, chile to school, lime by the fockin bar and take in a lil air condition, as nigga police could never own an a/c in T&T.

Three offshore patrol vessels costing $1,455 million delivered between March 2009-August 2010.
Wee, we go shoot up all dem fockin Indian fishermen like Shazard Mohammed.

Construction of new port starting late 2008.
Just like since 19 fockin 56 when they promised that they were goin to build a new port. Wa happen to the port in San Fernando that the fockin PNM promise so long ago. And the fockin airport.

Opening of Waterfront Project in first quarter of 2008.
Wait till 2056 and you go geh water in yuh front.

Removal of traffic lights on Churchill- Roosevelt Highway.
Right on man. When the niggas kidnap the fockin Indians free fockin highway to fockin heaven in Santa Cruz. Yuh cyah even say you go try ah jump out. Yuh mudder cont go dead.

$2,238 billion for Tobago.
Tourism and Aids ballooning in Tobago. Come whiteys and get aids. We have just been given almost 2 1/2 billion to kill all yuh mudder cont.

Jamaican consultant to assist constitutional reform.
Wa happen to Israel. The PNM lawyer on the block. He should be able to draft a constitution for fockers north of the Caroni bridge.

Large farms operated with Cuban expertise with produce for export.
Cubans have a reputation for two things. Sugar: and all yuh dotish fockin PNMites close down Caroni. The other is tobacco for the manufacture of Cigars. What? Are we goin to make cigars in the shape of dildos to stuff in bullermen ass like Atherly.

$97 million for University of Southern Caribbean branch.

Public assistance grants have gone up from $470 per person to $650 from October 1, 2007.
The disability grant has gone up from $900 to $1,100. The ceiling income for this grant has gone from $3,600 a year to $12,000.
Public Service pensions. The minimum pension payable to retired public officers is $1,650.
Given that the new National Insurance System (NIS) payment is to start in January 2008, every retired public servant will receive a one-time payment of $3,000 to compensate for the months of October, November and December 2007.
The senior citizens grant has also gone up from $1,350 to $1,650. This is an increase of $300.
The ceiling on the qualifying income for the senior citizens grant has risen from $2,150 to $2,500.
An individual whose monthly income is greater than $100 but not more than $1,000 will now get an increase from $1,250 to $1,550.
Those people whose monthly income is more than $1,000 will get a senior citizens grant equal to the difference between their qualifying income ceiling of $2,500 and the income received.
Having reviewed NIS, the Government has proposed a monthly minimum retirement pension of $2,000 as of January 1, 2008.
There will be a slow and gradual increase in the NIS contribution rate from 9.9 per cent to 10.5 per cent in 2008, with further increases of 10.8 and 11.4 per cent in 2010 and 2014, respectively.
The Government has proposed an increase in the maximum level of earnings on which contributions and pensions will be calculated from $4,377 to $8,300. All to the benefit of niggas as they are the majority that occupy the civil service.

Deductible claims for pensions and annuities have been increased from $12,000 to $25,000. The only decent proposal, off course to the benefit of the fockin parasitic oligarchy.

Compensation for victims of uninsured drivers.

Cont, wa bout jailin the mudder cont drivers who doh have insurance.

Nationals returning after two years or more aboard can claim relief of customs and motor vehicle tax.
Now this is where you encouraging the coolie people to run fockin racket again. These fockin men will find ah multitude of fockin returning nationals.

Increase in depositors’ claim in case of failure of financial institution to $75,000.
Decent! But niggas doh save. So we have one on them dey.

Ban on use of cellphones while driving.
Never fockin see come see follow fockin white man. Doh even talk to the fockin passenger next to yuh, far less for the one in the back seat. Like if fockin cell phone does cause accident.

No television-type monitors in the front seat of vehicles.
Niggas are the only type of animals that would attempt to watch ah fockin video while driving in the fockin B12 that falling apart.

who getting fool

De only people King Tutu Lu-soufriere Panty-hole Manning could fool begin with 2 big conts : rotten herring grater-cont Christine, and modacont Tanti Sookooyant Tutu-mess. Den we have de tribes of donkaydam poompoolum coolie and nigger. Top of dis league is dry-grass, balloon-head, igno-monkey Dookeran. De focker head empty and dry like a calabash. De con't don't even know how to carry heself properly so he won't look like a dribbling sleepwalker with yampee all over he disgusting face, and stink mouth juice running dong he mouth.. So far he ain't want to admit dat if Satan take over de contry for de nex five years it go be just he modder cont fault.
If allyuh dont believe is Tutu de devil, Satan, who drop from hell to this earth and running Trinidad, den explain to me why dis kind of situation continues only in dis lil 2 inch dot of de planet.
My sister living in de middle of Marabella. She cannot have a telephone for years, don't mind how hard she beg. Wot to talk about internet service? Compare dis to poor India, where every beggar on the street have access to the LATEST mobile phones and internet services. All remote villages are connection with high speed internet.
A friend who was here from India had with him a device, where his Indian contacts called him. The calls were so amplified, we thought he was watching TV.
Where I live the telephone company employs Indian software firms to keep everything running top pace.I see the employees buzzing around by the hundreds. Silicon Valley science have moved to India. Microsoft, Bill Gates, they tap on nothing else but Indian science expertise.. The science of calculus was invented in south India. Check this :
Aug 19, UK (PHYSORG) — A little-known school of scholars in southwest India discovered one of the founding principles of modern mathematics hundreds of years before Newton according to new research. Dr. George Gheverghese Joseph from the University of Manchester says the Kerala School identified the infinite series--one of the basic components of calculus--in about 1350. The discovery is currently--and wrongly--attributed in books to Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz at the end of the seventeenth centuries.
The team from the Universities of Manchester and Exeter reveal the Kerala School also discovered what amounted to the pi series and used it to calculate pi correct to 9, 10 and later 17 decimal places. And there is strong circumstantial evidence that the Indians passed on their discoveries to mathematically knowledgeable Jesuit missionaries who visited India during the fifteenth century. That knowledge, they argue, may have eventually bee n passed on to Newton himself.
Dr. Joseph made the revelations while trawling through obscure Indian papers for a yet to be published third edition of his book "The Crest of the Peacock: the Non-European Roots of Mathematics" by Princeton University Press. He said: "The beginnings of modern maths is usually seen as a European achievement but the discoveries in medieval India between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries have been ignored or forgotten.
"The brilliance of Newton's work at the end of the seventeenth century stands undiminished--especially when it came to the algorithms of calculus. "But other names from the Kerala School, notably Madhava and Nilakantha, should stand shoulder to shoulder with him as they discovered the other great component of calculus--infinite series."...... Now we know why modern science and technology has progressed like a rocket in space, since Indians injected their brains into it.
HOWEVER in contrast, racist, anti - Indian jock- ball King Tutu want Indians out of EVERYTHING. Don't mind if de focking island sink. He want dem out of agriculture, science, everything.
All he want is he ape friends should scratch dey bottom and goatee balls whole day. Even de electricity went off when de bugger start to read de 42 million dollar budget. And you ain't go tell me dey not sctatching dey rotten reeking gray tutu- mess donkey balls whole day? Den wot de fock dey doing for god's sake??
I need you to explain to me why a call between two Trinidad locations cost over 20 cents. That is approx 4 US cents a minute? Here I call India for a penny a minute. If allyuh don't want to admit that Tutu is de devil incarnate and continue to believe all his wild tricks, he go send de damn island under water in no time. Because he was cleaning Texaco latrine for a few years he have everybody fooled that a nigger could be a scientist?? Fock man. Stupid people!!
I keep saying Dookeran and he cohorts should have to pay de top cost for dis mess, if Tutu continue to rule de place nex election.

Monday, August 20, 2007

COP to PM: Bring foreign observers for election

Congress of the People (COP) political leader Winston Dookeran is calling on Prime Minister Patrick Manning to invite international election observers to monitor the upcoming general election.

In a letter to Manning on Friday, Dookeran reminded the PM of the People’s National Movement’s “campaign” against the Elections and Boundaries Commission in the run-up to the 2000 and 2001 general election.

He also spoke of the “elements supporting the PNM” who, he claimed, were widely reported to be intimidating voters.

“Prior to the 2002 general election, it was widely reported that voters in certain constituencies were intimidated by radical elements supporting your party and that the election was not free from fear,” Dookeran said in the letter.

“Your offhanded dismissals of violent crimes against these persons and your confrontational method in dealing with political opponents have exacerbated mounting polarisation in our society.”

Aye yuh parrot head mudder cont!

Since the last fockin election the UNC calling for fockin that. Yuh cont, yuh was a candidate for the St. Augustine, like you fockin forget or wa.

Come wid somthing fockin new nah. All this setta fockin ole talk bout new politics. Stop following the fockin UNC.

The fockin COP will saddle this mudder cont country wid these fockin goons for ah next 5 fockin years.

Budget must place emphasis on agriculture

By HERMAN ROOP DASS Monday, August 20 2007

OFFICIALS from both the Chaguanas and Couva/Pt Lisas Chambers of Commerce are calling on Prime Minister Patrick Manning to give greater importance to agriculture and other non-oil and energy sectors in today’s presentation of the 2007/2008 National Budget, if the economic well-being of the nation is to be maintained and preserved.

Manning who is also Finance Minister, is expected to deliver the Budget today at 1.30 pm in Parliament. Gavin Seemungal, president of the Greater Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce, said Government must devise a greater diversification plan for the economy both within the gas and oil sector and other feasible areas such as tourism, manufacturing, information technology and agriculture.

He emphasised that tax breaks should also be considered in today’s Budget as “it is impossible for many people to make ends meet.”

He said he considered it necessary to “restructure the Agricultural Development Bank to meet the challenging needs of the community.” Seemungal said: “If farming is to become a reality, subsidies should be improved to those tilling the soil to provide food for the nation.”

Seemungal said that the chamber forwarded to Government its proposals for consideration and inclusion in today’s Budget. “Among matters we prepared for Government’s consideration are improved infrastructure for Chaguanas, decentralisation, greater computerisation and networking of Government Ministries, reduction of selected taxes, control of inflation, improvement in the judiciary system, diversification of the economy and significant reduction in crime,” Seemungal said.

He felt that NIS benefit should be increased to $2,000 monthly to cope with the high cost of living and that the age limit for pensioners should be dropped to 60, and that they should receive a pension of $2,000. He also called on Government to give special grants to religious organisations so that they could embark on social programmes aimed at young people in particular.

Ashmeer Mohamed, president of the Couva/Pt Lisas Chamber, reminded Government of the Development Plan for the area which the Chamber submitted and which included the development of the Carli Bay area and a Town Hall for the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation.

He felt that the Budget should bring about more “relief to the physically challenged and socially disabled” and stressed that Government should take a serious note on inflationary trends and work out a plan that would create a situation whereby people can live in a relative state of comfort. “More importantly, there must be a positive plan to encourage people to return to agriculture,” Mohamed said.

Why all yuh doh hush all yuh cont and stop living in a fantasy world.

Now hear how these niggas does operate. They have ah food consultation to fool the public because the budget would have already been prepared. You really think that fockin asshole goin to make any changes to accomodate the views that were heard at the consultation.

I listening to he delivering the fockin budget and one of the first things he say is that Trinidad food prices are amongst the cheapest in world. So why the mudder cont you had a food consultation for. To fool fockin people ?

Fock that yes. The PNM goin to announce that they are goin to get involved in large scale farming. But that is only ah fockin ploy. Another institution that goin to hire dey fockin friend and family and couple years after you go hear it buss. Why? They take all dem fockin ole niggas like Wayne Iniss and dem put dem in big postion and the fockers and dem goin to rip off the fockin place. Buss. Big farming done.

Leh all dem fockin Indian down Central and South haul dey mudder cont. We go geh dem ah fifty dollars when they cont get flood out.

budget day

I dont really live in Trinidad, but from what I'm gathering, Lord Manning with all the island's wealth at his disposal has been able to con poor people to accept his election and budget ole talk as something sincere. Calling him Pappy-trick implies that dis man is harmless, when in fact he is a manipulative, evil, selfish dictator.You have to be very stupid and gullible to keep swallowing his shit every time. The palace he built in St Anns was a secret though. Somehow that never appeared on his list of promises, yet it materialised in 3 months time.
Official list of bullshit
1) Aluminum smelter. (he getting bribe for contract, no doubt)
2) Railway.( dese fockers dont have the guts for dis project and it won't happen. He cyant even plug de focking hole in de road, he go build railway?)
3) New port ( wait let we see)
4) New agricultural farms. (De devil refuse to subsidise Indian farmers who catching dey ass to grow food to supply de place. Most of dem losing, dey aint making no kinda profit, yet de bugger lying about setting up farm in Chaguaramus and Guyana, and bringing Cubans to work dem. De focker should remove vat from food if he sincere about reducing people food bill.
5.Road paving.( wait let we see )
6.New search for oil and gas.(wait let we see)
7.No down payment for state houses (remember only niggers will be approved)
8. Industrialisation (a lil 2 by 2 island and you want industries and rolling contryside side by side ? And way you plan to keep the people ? Throw dem in de sea? The focker think is a continent he owning, you know ).
To be continued.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ganga: Elections on October 8

By Clint Chan Tack Sunday, August 19 2007

AFTER wishing Prime Minister Patrick Manning a happy 61st birthday Friday, Caroni East MP Ganga Singh reached into the front pocket of his jacket and produced a slip of paper which he claimed said General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago will be held on October 8.

Speaking during Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Singh also claimed to have received information that Manning was ill at last week’s national food consultation in Trincity.
The Prime Minister thanked Singh for his good wishes but said the information which the Caroni East MP got “in his mailbox on this occasion was most inappropriate.”

“I have never felt better for a long time,” Manning replied. The Prime Minister was given a clean bill of health following a recent trip to Cuba for a medical check-up on the pacemaker implant he underwent there in 2004.

Manning did not respond to Singh’s quip about the election day. The Prime Minister will present the 2007/2008 Budget in the House of Representatives on Monday at 1.30 pm. Manning has hinted that elections would be held once the Budget is passed by both Houses of Parliament.

Parliament will stand legally dissolved on October 17 unless dissolved earlier by Manning. The Prime Minister said once Parliament is dissolved there is a three month period in which elections can be called and the elections will be held this year.

October 29 and November 26 have been identified by some political pundits as possible election dates.

Dem sounding like dem is real pardners yes. Imagine Gangs gone so bad, he hate Panday so much he now trying to emulate Manning. Pulling out fockin paper from he fockin jacket to announce so call election date. Worse yet the date sounding totally wrong. Anyhow COP is PNM 'b' team yes.

What are wondering though is how Manning did threaten the focker and Bakhsy telling them last year that long arm of the law would reach into the COP for a couple of the boys. I find it strange that Manning not saying nothing again. So is either he lie or some people cut deal with the PNM not to get bull in jail. Ask you self the question.

Strange ?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Murder in the dump

Murder in the dump
By CECILY ASSON Saturday, August 18 2007

ONE MAN was chopped to death and three others seriously injured during the early hours of yesterday morning at the Forres Park Landfill when “war” broke out between members of two resident rival gangs.

The dead man has been identified as Richard “Six” Mark, 41, a father of two who was originally from Carenage but has been living near the dump for several years where he was a scavenger.

The other victims have been identified as Wesley “Patchead” Cumberbatch, 35, of Springvale and two men known only as “Bottleneck”, 26, of Tortuga and “Yankee”, 25 of Moruga. The three are warded at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH).

A police report stated that officers received a call at about 4 am yesterday telling them about a chopping incident at the dump. When they arrived, Mark was found in a shack and he was taken to the SFGH where he was pronounced dead-on-arrival.

The others were taken to the Couva District Hospital where they were attended to and later transferred to the SFGH.

“I’ve been working here for many years and it’s the first time something like this ever happened,” stated a scavenger who asked not to be identified. He blamed Mark’s death on the recent emergence of gangs in the dump.

Yesterday, Nicole Pacheco, 26, the mother of Mark’s two children wept uncontrollably when she related seeing his mutilated body lying between some rubbish on the ground.

“He was barebacked with only his boxer shorts on. He had chops to his leg, arms, back and the side of his chest. There was blood everywhere,” she said. No arrests have been made and investigations are continuing.

Look wa the fockin PNM bring this mudder cont country to nah.

Niggas killing one another over fockin garbage. The worse part is these conts doh see this.

Next thing you hear election call and the fockers does run in the polling station early just to push a balisier up dey caca hole.

That is 2020 vision. Kill fockin one another for rubbish.

Manning eyes Guyanese farm land

By RIA TAITT Friday, August 17 2007

AS GOVERNMENT seeks to expand agricultural production, Prime Minister Patrick Manning stated yesterday Government was going to discuss “as soon as possible” with the Guyanese Government the establishment of large farms in Guyana, “where the land is available.”

Manning made the announcement at the conclusion of the two-day Food Prices Consultation at Bishop Anstey High School in Trincity. At the meeting several participants knocked the use of arable local land for housing projects.

Manning stressed that the TT/Guyana farming idea was being done in the name of Caricom food security. Pointing out that Caricom was this country’s largest market for non-energy products, the PM quipped, “Caricom sinks, we sink. If Caricom floats, we float.”

The Prime Minister also announced that Government planned to formalise the arrangement with the Cuban Government to provide assistance to the small farming communities, including the former Caroni workers.

Manning also allayed fears about the proposed creation of large farms, saying that Government did not intend to promote large farms at the expense of small farms. “What is now contemplated is a new mix — a combination of small and large farms,” he said.

Responding to complaints about the port, Manning also reiterated that Government intended to move the port to a new location east of Sea Lots within 36 months.

Among the proposals which Manning announced were:

*The establishment of a Prices Council to address comprehensively from a supply side perspective, the level of prices in Trinidad and Tobago;
*The establishment of a Consumer Advisory Board to advise the Consumer Affairs Minister on all matters relating to prices and consumerism;
*An immediate review of the package of incentives to agriculture;
*New funding arrangements for the creation and encouragement of new farmers, including immediately making it easier for persons to access lands;
*Discuss with the three ammonia producers the prospect of each of them doing a “demonstration farm” of 100 acres. He said one had already agreed to the proposal;
*Also discuss with these ammonia producers the manufacture of all fertilisers used in Trinidad and Tobago with preferential pricing arrangements for farmers “in the context of their social responsibility”;
*The formulation of a three-year plan for infrastructural development;
*Responding to calls for a FARMPEP (a version of CEPEP), Manning said Government would expand the YAPPA training programme for new farmers and establish within a year with Namdevco a system of contract farming for selected commodities
*Improved cold storage facilities and warehousing capacity in Tobago;
*Special interim arrangements outside of the Police Service to deal with “hot spot areas” of praedial larcency;
*Reduce the restrictions on the importation of food from low cost sources such as Latin America, bearing in mind health and sanitary conditions;
*Establish a Competition Commission to deal with monopoly. Manning also announced that Government planned to begin discussions with the Small Ruminants Society with a view to handing over the Mon Jaloux Farm as soon as the Society presents it with a workable business arrangement;
*Establish an Agriculture Development Commission of all the stakeholders to advise the Minister;
*Appropriate funding for ADB in Budget 2007/8.

He said Government also intended to hold a consultation of building materials but it was on a very “tight time-frame.”

“The time just does not allow us to hold such a consultation before the General Election.

“But,” he added with a wry smile, “after the General Elections, we propose to hold it.” This statement drew chuckles and applause.

Where is conthole Manning getting his brainstorm ideas from?! Apparently the fockin prophetess getting em totolbay.

This suggestion is beyond ludicrous, and is doomed before it even takes flight.

Lets itemize the issues this fockin asshole 'idea' throws up:

Loss of domestic food production and creation of food dependency on Guyana yuh duncee head mudder cont.

Loss of domestic employment in the agricultural sector and it done fockin waning already.

Assumes a level of food processing in T&T that simply does not exist - where is all of this produce going to go? Up in Hazel or Christine cyat ?

Does not address the issue of harvesting and processing in Guyana prior to transportation to T&T: the amount of infrastructural development and human resource training required is staggering and outside the current ability of Guyana to provide cacahole.

Once grown, harvested, and processed , there is still the problem of how to get fresh farm produce to Trinidad quickly and reliably, as I hear nothing in his proposal of refrigerated facilities for cold storage and transport.

How will it all be transported? Plane? Ship? Fast rail? Jammette Narine bottom? (I imagine Manning will next propose to build a submarine tunnel to link us with Guyana...) or fast ferry?

There is then the agricultural inspections to prevent insect vectors and plant diseases from being imported from Guyana - where will the inspection stations be?

Rather than getting these 'vaps' ideas or ideas from the fockin prophetess, he should concentrate on how to bolster and develop agriculture domestically rather than come up with these flights of fancy.

What a capital Idiot conthole!

I think he should start jockin in the bathroom all over again.

Friday, August 17, 2007

sona looking for high company

Dr Anton Cumberbatch, "We are an overweight society." ...
RETIRED school teacher Sona Nagessar, received strong support from the audience at yesterday’s National Food Consultation session, when she complained to Prime Minister Patrick Manning about a “cartel” in the supermarket industry, whom she accused of “price gouging.”
Evidence before you open you ass, whore !
And Manning who chaired the consultation, received a resounding “Yes!” from the audience, when he asked whether, “Government should intervene in the matter and not allow this kind of consolidation to continued.
You suceeded as a blue fly in Mannnig caca. You happy? The exchange took place yesterday, the final day of the consultation at the Bishops Anstey High School, Trincity. Nagessar told participants, “My heart breaks for the poor people who have limited resources and whose incomes have not been growing in tandem with the prices that we are faced with daily.”
Ask you caca ass PM why PNM income exploding and poor people income going dong and dey cyant afford food.
She singled out two supermarkets which she said, were once referred to as the poor man’s groceries, but have since been bought out by a conglomerate. “I am dismayed now to learn that these supermarkets have been taken over by this chain, by this conglomerate, and the prices that are published in the newspaper, show a high increase in prices.
How de fock you so sure is because of de conglomerate,poonky. Conglomerates like Walmart and dem have de cheapest prices. A one man owner supermarket have higher overhead than when a few people combine dey capital.Dat doesnt cause de price to go up.You fraid to blame de kidwal government for taxing food imports to the sky? Even if I send a lil tablet for me family dey taxing it all kinda 80 dollars. You need you jaw break in two for talking stupidness. where do I buy food?” she asked.
Take you lazy bottom and plant peas, dasheen, do someting with your old self, instead of trying to attract King Tutu with you illiteracy..Because you was a focking teacher you acting like you can't plant a pepper?You too stupid to teach a ape, I dont know which ape hire you.
Nagessar said she has now resorted to buying powdered milk so that she can “stretch it.”
Go and catch de PNM pee in a bucket and drink it too.
“I want to ask Balliram Maharaj (executive member of the Supermarkets’ Association) whether he is aware of this attempt to make the poor, poorer and the rich, richer,” Nagessar said.
Is blue-fly caca-rolla like you who eating PNM shit dat making de poor poorer and de rich richer. Go ask him why he need to live in a 150 million dollar palace designed for Marie Antoinette.
It was the second time that Maharaj was put on the spot yesterday — the first was when the Sheep and Goat Farmers Association representative Shiraz Khan complained about the surge in praedial larceny. Khan told Maharaj that thieves must have an outlet to sell their stolen goods to and asked how could both associations work to control such outlets. Dr Anton Cumberbatch, lamented the absence of a Ministry of Health perspective on food prices and said while a lot was being said about production nothing was being said about consumption trends. “People are not eating properly....they are selecting improper food, which for the most part is modelled after North America,” he said.
You done retire, you getting pension, so siddong home and wait to dead, if you can't find someting to do, instead of going dey and playing you fighting for poor people.Manning aint want you. You cyat too quail and dry. Go and try by Corpse Dookeran. You go get through. Allyuh match !