Friday, August 31, 2007

$114M back pay for soldiers

Friday, August 31 2007

NATIONAL Security Minister Martin Joseph says officers in the TT Defence Force are to get $114 million in back pay for the 2005 to 2007 period.

He revealed this at yesterday’s post-Cabinet briefing at Whitehall and added that this sum would be comprised of $59 million in allowances (for items such as uniforms and rent) and $55 million in salaries.

He said Cabinet agreed to the payout as recommended by the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) following an interim payment to the Defence Force in 2006. Joseph said this came about following recommendations made by a Canadian consultant to bring the pay of Defence Force officials on par with the Police Service, after the two services were de-linked in 1998.

He didn’t say how soon the pay increase and backpay would come into effect. “It’s just a question of implementation now.”

What the fock is the purpose of the fockin army in T&T.

To play fockin football? Because that is all dey does do.

Why the fock asshole Joseph taking $114 million tax payers money to feed ah setta ole nigga who cyah contribute nutten to this country. Who the fock we goin to fight? Grenada with they 25 army officers? Venezuela ?

All these mudder cont does do is occupy precious space in the south western peninsula. Sleepin, eating, shitting, fishin, driving around dey family in the fockin state vehicles and jus having ah good time at the expense of tax payers.

I say disband the mudder cont army and just have ah small unit for emergency purposes at home. And fock off with the rest of them!


Trindy said...

114 million more coming to eat and shit all day. And dey more wothless than blu-fly. They cant even guard dey uniform from criminal, who tiefing dem from de line to go rob people.
niggermania- squandermania to de bone.

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