Monday, August 13, 2007

Bull de dog talking 'bout gas

Peter Christopher South Bureau
Monday, August 13th 2007
PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning has slammed reports that natural gas will run out by 2019, stating figures showing only 12 years of reserves were "misinterpreted".
Twelve is twelve, shitpot. You can re-interpret the number 12.
Speaking at the PNM's area office opening in Mon Repos, San Fernando on Saturday evening, Manning was certain there was no shortage of oil and gas in the country. On Friday, Energy Minister Lenny Saith stated that an audit showed that on the current rate of production, natural gas will run out by 2019.
"The oil and gas in Trinidad and Tobago is not about to run out," said Manning, who explained that the 12 -year period was to be used as guide for the government to start further exploration of oil and gas wells.
Allyuh ass confuse and you want to confuse others.
Manning said much of Trinidad was still not explored. Manning said Trinidad was running on 12 years of reserves for many years.
He said Trinidad was "a geologist graveyard", stating it was difficult to judge just how much oil and gas could be found in the country.
If it so difficult to find out how much oil it have, how de backside you so sure it aint running out, pussin- hole?
He referred to a letter dated 1905 that he discovered while working for TEXACO in 1969, which advised an oil company to leave Trinidad because the oil in the country was expected to run out soon.
You was cleaning Texaco latrine pit, and you now want to play fadda of a nation?
"Many a geologist, has had a reputation that he built over a period of time flounder (in Trinidad)," said Manning, who reminded the crowd that he was also a geologist.
Geologist of shit, too-too!!! Nada mas.
He criticised anti-smelter protesters as well as the recent protest raised over the planned construction of a steel mill in Savonetta, Couva. He said that such protesters were against industrialisation.
Like you indusrialise you focking brain?? It full of rust and old iron.
"If you say no to the policy of industrialisation, what do you plan to do? Grow tomatoes?" asked Manning, who said that industrialisation was responsible for the rapid growth of the country including the doubling of the country's economy and reduction
Nah doh grow tomatoes. Stuff dem nigger gullet with steel, iron, old galvanise and rancid tractor grease, Boom Boom!!!

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