Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We will deal with the culprits

By CECILY ASSOON Monday, August 6 2007

Minister Christine Sahadeo, left, shares a joke with stand-in West Indies cricket captain Daren Ganga at the Ato Boldon Stadium yesterday. ...

JUNIOR Finance Minister Christine Sahadeo has pledged her government’s support in dealing with the perpetrators involved in Friday night desecration of the landmark Sewdass Sadhu Hindu Temple by the Sea.

“I’m in discussion with the Ministry of National Security as this will not be tolerated,” she told spectators gathered yesterday at the Ato Boldon Stadium for the 6th annual Maha Sabha National Hindu Youth Organisation (NHYO) Sports Day.

“It is unacceptable.” Sahadeo said the Government “will do all in its power to deal with the culprits” as all religions are allowed to worship uninterrupted in Trinidad and Tobago.

On Friday night, vandals entered the Waterloo temple, smashed murtis, piled up the pieces in the centre of the altar and attempted to burn it down. The vandals also destroyed carpets, electrical wiring, lights, glass windows and concrete pillars — cost of damage is estimated at more than $100,000.

Sahadeo who took time out from her cabinet retreat being held in Tobago to attend the annual sports day, addressed spectators as she stood on the track — without an umbrella in the pouring rain.

She praised the NHYO and its governing body Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha for the organisational skills.

Something smelling real fishy in this whole fockin thing yes!

All of ah sudden only the PNM people want to replace murti so?

According to Sat Maharaj the Sec. General Christing "Bullin Manning" Sahadeo going to sponsor one of the murtis. Thirbhawan Seegobin, another well established PNMite will sponsor the other one and Sat wife (COrPse people) will sponsor the other one.

Ah keeping meh eyes and ears open, because on of the first offers came from the UNC Alliance and ah watchin to see how the Maha Sabha goin to deal wid that.

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trindy said...

Well if she so determined to catch perpetrators and punish them let she train guns agains sheself and Manning. Dem is the two main Indian haters in that contry.
I is not the one going to plenty-cusstal church to preach bout how Hindu worshipping devil and idol, and bringing in Benny Hinds to convert people. You dont need a inch of brain to figure out who it is. Is Manning and all dem fock ass Indian he bulling and turning dem Christian who involve. Why de fuck dey aint catch nobody yet. Is poweful people hiding dem, idiots !