Wednesday, August 15, 2007

food talks

Christine Sahadeo
Food talks
Private sector co-operating
Talks aimed at long-term containment of food prices
Sessions to be televised live
The petrochemical company PCS Nitrogen has offered to establish a 15-acre demonstration farm as part of a drive to educate local farmers in the use of the latest technology in agriculture.
The farm would have training facilities and employ high-level technology, said Minister in the Ministry of Finance Christine Sahadeo, adding that the Government had agreed to provide additional land for the farm if the company required it.
She said another company, Yara Trinidad Ltd, has an arrangement with the University of the West Indies in St Augustine, to provide assistance in agricultural development. The Government, she said, was talking with the company on research and development in agriculture.
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Sahadeo anticipates that the two-day consultation on food prices, beginning today, would stimulate co-operation like this from the business sector as well as from individuals in the Government’s drive to increase the nation’s food supply.
The National Consultation on Food Prices gets underway at 9am at Bishop Anstey High School/Trinity College East, College Avenue, Trincity. The two days of talks would be televised live on TV6 and NCC Channel 4.
Sahadeo told the Guardian she had been holding talks with several companies which had volunteered assistance.
“And that’s an interesting approach because now you are seeing the corporate sector recognising the importance of agriculture and saying, ‘What skills can I bring to the table, what can I do to assist the Government, the country in moving forward in agriculture?’’’
The very simple skill of taking a big plank and knocking dem dong, out and dead. Den agriculture will progress. Which focking nigger you ever hear interested in growing food? In Barbados, where it aint have no Indian, you have to buy cabbage by de leaf and one tomato at a time. You cant buy half or quarter pound of anyting.
Sahadeo is a member of an inter-ministerial Task Force on Food Prices chaired by Trade and Industry Minister Kenneth Valley which has been working to get food prices under control.
Wot exactly is "working"?? You taking a cutlass and chapping dong price tag like mad?? Because no food price ain't gone dong by a cent since de devil drop your ogly ass on dis planet.
The assignment is seen as especially urgent as rising food prices has been identified as the main driver behind inflation.
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Pointing out that inflation has been on the decline since hitting ten per cent last October, Sahadeo said the decline was clear evidence of a concerted effort by the Government to deal with food prices.
Food prices are constant or rising. Wot you talking bout government dealing with prices?? You tink everybody is a blind nigger -ass licker like you?
She said the consultation was a bid to ensure long-term containment of food prices. She added that it was an opportunity for the public to highlight their concerns and give information and ideas on how the country might deal with increases in the price of food.
Go and convince dem hundred year old jumbie dat you go listen to their ideas. I sure you will attract plenty of dem.
The minister said it was also an opportunity for the Government to explain what it had done about food prices.?????? You have to be talking to Jumbo de Nut. She said the consultation would encourage increased agricultural activity by making people aware of what was happening.
Assuring that this was not just another talk shop, Sahadeo said contributions at the consultation would be distilled, evaluated and developed into an action plan outlining a way forward.

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Ogly niggers who ain't know better go be fooled by she flat nose tribal ogliness, and run go to do she bidding.
Inflation is not caused by high food price. It's the opposite. Like you standing on your focking head, jamette ? You not in Manning bedroom blowing he quail dick, you know.

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