Thursday, August 16, 2007


Prime Minister Patrick Manning is now turning to Mother Earth to bring revenue to the economy in the same way that the energy sector has done, as well as to relieve high food prices.

"We did it in energy and we shall do it in agriculture. We have the natural resources for both, and if you ask me, and according to the experts, with whom I don't always agree, agriculture has the edge in terms of sustainability. Mother Earth is always there, full of love and abundance for all her children," said Manning.

Six mudder cont years you occupy office and now, when an election is just around the corner you want do what? Who did what? What the fock you do in the energy sector cont? Like you responsible for the fockin fluctuation of oil and gas prices.

One can expect that in Monday's budget, a huge chunk will be allocated to agriculture, as Manning said the Government will do all that is necessary for this sector to become as important as energy in the new century.

This includes the establishment of 17 large-scale farms throughout the country and a partnership with Caricom countries to produce food on a large scale.

In his budget presentation last year, Manning promised that eight large-scale farms would have been created, among them two in Chaguaramas, with Cuban assistance which he again alluded to yesterday.

Big fockin promise more than 2 years now about this large scale farms and not one fock as yet. Is really PNM (Promises Never Materialise). Yuh cyah even help small fockin farmers who ketchin dey cont so long now. When dey flood yuh does geh dem 47 fockin dollars. Wa the fock you goin to do wid large scale farms. Dat is for you friends and family to teef Caroni Lands and for them to rip off the enterprise which will eventually buss.

They were to become the "food baskets" of the nation, thereby reducing high food costs, but, to date, none has been made a reality.

However, at the National Consultation on Food Prices at Bishop Anstey High School/ Trinity College East, Trincity, yesterday, Manning asserted that Government, with these large farms, "shall move agricultural production to unprecedented heights in this country".

Wait, that and cock teeth is something you not goin to see.

"The new landscape of the modern Trinidad and Tobago... tall buildings in the city and rolling farms in the undulating countryside, that creative combination of the urban and rural, important images as we bring our entire productive capacity into the mainstream in our quest to transform our country into a developed nation," said Manning.

He said through this plan, Government expects that there will be a sustained supply of primary and processed food for both domestic consumption and for export, and at this level of production, prices will be kept at affordable rates and the country will enjoy its highest level of food security.

Manning said the large farms will focus mainly on commodities that have export value and the potential to develop into major food industries. Their major output will be directed into processing, thereby fuelling the growth of the agro industry.

He said the Government will vigorously market itself in the international arena and sell its new plan.

Oh fock well blow me down. Mudder ont waste ah time.

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sparks said...

Well if Mother Earth calling, all the Mannings should make haste.

I suggest they dig a hole in Mother Earth and dive in. I will be happy to cover them up.