Thursday, August 9, 2007

sawh get fool with piece of paper

‘Cops’ rob businessman
Thursday, August 9 2007

A GASPARILLO businessman was robbed early Tuesday morning by four men disguised as police officers of a sizeable quantity of cash. Police say it is estimated that the bandits made off with (TT)$70,000, (Guy)$6,000 and (US)$300.

According to a police report, at about 5.30 am, Ralph Sawh, owner of Trinidad Agro Supplies and Services Limited, was at his businessplace when the bandits entered his businessplace.

The men showed him a piece of paper saying it was a warrant to search his house which is located near the businessplace.

Without reading the paper, Sawh accompanied the men to his house where the four conducted a search and left with an envelope containing the cash. The report added that the four men escaped in two waiting vehicles, the registration of which is unknown.

A report was lodged with the Gasparillo Police and Sgt Parsons is continuing investigations.

People so paranoid, four bandit dress as police show Sawh a 'warrant' and Sawh ready to give them he life, home and family.
If I try to carry a army skirt or pants in me suitcase when I visit, customs taking it away and fining me one time, if dey aint throw me ass in jail too.
In Israel, you could wear a army pants as a fashion. But not in 1515 Trinidad. De only people allowed to wear police clothes apart from police is killers and thief. Problem is, Mr. 2020 head screw on backward, so you won't expect nothing different from he kinda management.
Next problem is, Indian people acting like pussy for too long. Too mucha bhajan and prayers and humility ain't go protect allyuh when dem nigger come to break dong de door and kill somebody, like we saw at the Seudass temple.
Why de fock the gov't don't allow people to carry weapons and small tings like stun guns? Why? So that nigger criminals go fock helpless people in the ass, and they go keep seeing trouble.
Indians have to become fearless. Use any kinda weapon at disposal to fock off dem criminal without fear. Stop being panty men. Forget bout stigma and 'I fraid I get a cut while trying to chop a nigger bandit.' Slice dey ass and worry later.
Indians are not stupid non- combatant people. They fight for their rights. Some so call pussy Indian 'liberator' fool people into thinking Indian stupid and peaceful. I wont go into that now.
Whoever tell dem de law will protect dem is brainwashing dem. especially when you dealing with a place like Niggerville. Is time to give up de rum, chutney and fete, build up physical strenght and start beating and killing dem damn nigger bandit man.


Anonymous said...

let them hul dey ass,i wearing my camouflage,cause is not even army colours,them flickers wearin d uniform and robbin people.

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