Thursday, August 9, 2007

PM: Wage hike for CEPEP workers

Thursday, August 9 2007

PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday promised CEPEP workers a wage hike in the next National Budget, while he addressed Maloney residents yesterday at the Maloney Mall during a meeting which followed a walkabout in that area.

Hitting back at critics, Manning emphatically stated “CEPEP is here to stay.

” He vowed that the programme would even be expanded but also called on CEPEP workers to increase the level of their productivity.

Manning reiterated his point that CEPEP particularly helped single mothers who now no longer have to depend on “some man” for financial support.

He said CEPEP is “one of the most important interventions we’ve made in social development in the past five years.”

One of the most important interventions to help fockin PNM lazy ass niggas. Raise of salary for cutting fockin grass after they graduate. What ah fockin joke!

This is what they close dong Caroni for. Spending more money than what it would have taken to keep Caroni afloat. After all, Caroni was providing Sugar, Citrus, Rice, Cattle and Diary Farming and Rum in exchange for painting fockin stones.

What ah fockin waste.

Fock PNM Fock Niggas.

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