Sunday, August 12, 2007

stupid letter

Lets review the words of dis foolish lil beti ,and see if we could instill a lil sense in she.
Out of evil cometh good
Sunday, August 12th 2007
Let us look at the bright side of the desecration of the Sewdass Sadhu Temple in the Sea. Firstly, the Hindu community has been given an opportunity to display the "Gandhian" qualities that have been the strength and pride of Hindus and which for decades have helped us to resist the Hanumanian efforts by others to convert and ridicule us.
You mean you comparing dem niggers to Hanuman??
Many were fearful that this incident would spur reprisal by the Hindu community but this did not happen.
And why did Krishna lead at least 500,000 forces to defeat the adharmic Duryodhana? Wot de fock you know bout Hinduism to play big authority?
Instead we prayed and asked for help in a respectable and dignified manner which is the innate quality of Hindus and which has seen us survive so many attempts to destroy our noble religion and culture
Respectable and dignified like de dick of an ass. Dat's why more attacks will come.
The more profound benefit of this entire incident, though, is the fact that what others have been trying to resist for decades was achieved in one fell swoop. Today we see our deities in every home, business place and institution in Trinidad and Tobago through the newspapers, television and other sources. Ganesh, Durga and Hanuman have now entered the Prime Minister's house and office and the President's House
You saying dat de attack was wot cause Durga and Ganesh to be worshipped in Manning and Max house? Dat needs to be investigated.
This must be viewed for it is significant. Is this a subtle manipulation of karma and cosmic forces? Ganesh signifies the removal of obstacles,
Durga the destruction of evil and Hanuman represents strength and courage.
And how de ass de PNM niggah devil still riding backside after 50 years, and going strong? De same one allyuh begging for help ?
We must therefore see the message that is being sent to us as Hindus, that is, that all obstacles will be removed and all evil will be destroyed, and we will conquer with our strength and courage.
You well courageous to ton your next cheek for more slap, rape and murder, gyol.
 Hindus and the world as a whole should celebrate this incident and pray for the persons who have given us this opportunity to show who we are.
I still trying to figure wot degree of asshood to reward you with, gyol.
We have seen several incidents in our scriptures where out of evil cometh good. Valmiki, who gave us a version of one of our most important texts, the Holy Ramayan, was not pure. He could not even say the word "Rama". Yet the contribution he eventually made to Hinduism and mankind is invaluable.
You know so much and you dont know Valmiki was a ex-murderer?
What was destroyed at the temple is steel and concrete.
Now you talking up in your ass, jagabat. Was representation of gods and goddesses, (just like Christ in the catholic church) that is worshipped by members of the world's oldest faith, long before BC.
What was created was an eternal awakening, awareness and strengthening of Sanatan Dharma and by extension Hinduism. The likes of this magnitude of Hindu consciousness and brotherhood have not been seen since the days of Gandhi.
Gandhi was a coward puss, for your information.
May Bhagwan bless those who created this twist of karmic action and reaction.
De attackers? Nah, I should end this letter by giving you a hard kick in your behind.
Nalini Maharaj
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