Sunday, August 5, 2007

Judge’s home burglarised

Sunday, August 5 2007

THE HOME of a High Court Judge at 19 Grenada Avenue, Federation Park, was broken into at about noon yesterday.

High Court Judge Justice Joan Charles left her home at about 11.30am.

Another occupant of the house, Beverly Samuel, returned at 12.30 pm to find that it had been broken into.

According to police, burglars gained entry by cutting through a burglar proofing along the western side of the house. A laptop computer was among the items stolen.

Police were on the scene yesterday afternoon.

The temporary residence of Prime Minister Patrick Manning is a few blocks away from the house on St Kitts Avenue. Sgt Agith Persad of St Clair Police Station is investigating.

Oh gawd, ah cyah wait for dem to break in to Martin Joseph house and Manning one too and leh we hear the fockin lame ass excuse about fockin crime in the country.

Dey done teefin in the Ministry of Education offices already. But please god let it happen nah.

Ah cyah wait.

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