Friday, August 31, 2007

Pot-hong in the Mansion

Prime Minister Patrick Manning may not have moved into the prime-misterial $148 million mansion and diplomatic centre at La Fantasie in St Ann’s, as yet, but these two dogs, which were able to gain entry onto the private premises, took time to swim, frolic, relax and lovingly rub noses in a man-made watercourse during yesterday’s media tour of the residence.

Executive chairman of the Urban Development Corporation of T&T, Calder Hart, received the keys to the residence and diplomatic centre during a ceremonial hand-over of both facilities on Wednesday evening.

There has been no official word on when the PM and his wife, Education Minister Hazel Manning, would move into the official residence.
Well lookie focking lookie here!!!
I doh know where the modacont to begin with this one!!!
First the White House had a flea-infestation, now this!! It fockin seem as though pest and vermin like to follow this cont anywhere he go, like the prophetess, Jerry Narace and side slut Christine.
Pure breed pot-hong Patos and mangee Hazy are already enjoying the spoils of taxpayers hard earned money.
The couple is seen here strolling along the verandah of the mansion. Present were: Ceasar Milan, from The Dog Whisperer, Members of TTSPCA, National Geographic and Americans Funniest Home Videos.
God really doh fockin sleep nah!

1 comment:

Trindy said...

Bestiality is going on. Either they turn lagahoo or those are Mannnig's bed mate. Because otherwise how de ass dey reach inside the promise land?
And is pot hong he go choose ? Come on Patos, have better taste man.