Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ganga claims Commissioner attended PNM meet

Anna Ramdass and Juhel Browne
Wednesday, August 29th 2007

Caroni East MP Ganga Singh has called on Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul to explain why he was a speaker at a PNM cottage meeting when the position he occupies mandates him to be independent and free from political affiliation.

"I am advised...that the Commissioner of Police went to a PNM cottage meeting in Ellerslie Park and spoke," charged Singh in his contribution to the budget debate at yesterday's Parliament sitting.

Paul responded to the charge through his public relations department yesterday, saying that he had attended a community meeting in Ellerslie Park to speak on crime and not a political meeting of any kind.

"It was a community meeting in which I was asked to address that community on crime. I will do so for other communities as long as I am available and for any organisation that may make that request," Paul said.

He also noted that he had just yesterday morning spoken on the issue of crime at a meeting hosted by a business group, the American Chamber of Commerce.

In Parliament, Singh said he learnt that a pamphlet, which advertised that National Security Minister Martin Joseph was to speak, was sent out inviting people to attend the meeting.

"The Commissioner of Police went to a PNM cottage meeting and spoke. If it is he was invited to speak as a Commissioner of Police, then he must make himself available to all other political parties in that capacity. It is the duty of the Commissioner of Police to say what capacity he went to that PNM cottage meeting.

"It is an election year and there is a role for the police to be independent and impartial. You have the Commissioner of Police who is given significant power to be independent and impartial but he is demonstrating a level of partisanship if he attended a PNM cottage meeting in Ellerslie Park at the expense of the public," said Singh.

"I call on the Commissioner to clear the air in that matter."

C'mon Gangs. You expect this duncy focker to clear the air on anything. Do you really think he is capable of explaining any fockin thing.

This asshole couldnt utter two fockin sentences without the permission of his massa Patos.

Recall he accepted his appointment from the Prime Minister, the first time in the history this has happened. Just so that Patos will let him know that he was responsible for his position and he has to be fockin eternally grateful.

Recall he told ACP Graham dong South not to "rock the boat." He is fockin due to retire soon.

This mudder cont doh care about anything and anybody but him fockin self.

The worst police performance in the history of T&T has to be under this fockin albatross.

Manning lick bottom, just imagine he ha to go PNM meeting now like ah fockin CEPEP worker.

What an anus!

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