Friday, August 3, 2007

TT will help Africa’s poverty

By SEAN DOUGLAS Friday, August 3 2007

PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday vowed that this country will help “relieve suffering and poverty on the African continent.” He told reporters this at Piarco International Airport moments after the departure of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni following a three-day State visit.

“We will assist Uganda in energy development. They discovered oil and gas last year,” Manning said.

He explained that Uganda’s energy sector is in “a different stage of its developmental paradigm.” He also said a Ugandan delegation would soon visit this country to talk to businessmen interested in investing in Uganda, following Museveni’s invitation on Wednesday for local businesses to take advantage of Uganda’s preferential trade access to US, European, Chinese and Japanese markets for certain items without taxes or quotas.

Reporters asked Manning about the value of such links in energy and trade between TT and Uganda and he said it was not a matter to be measured in dollars and cents but rather in terms of “the contribution of Trinidad and Tobago to relieving suffering and poverty on the African continent.”

He brushed off concern about unrest in Uganda, saying unrest had occurred even in the United States and in this country in 1990. “We intervene in the development of people,” he said.

He added that he supported cultural links between the two countries, saying a Ugandan troupe of artistes could perform at next year’s Emancipation Day celebrations. “It was a short but very successful visit,” Manning said.

Reports are that Uganda’s combined energy reserves of about 26,000 barrels per day (bpd) exceeds its own current requirements of 12,000 bpd and that it is expected to be a supplier to its East African neighbours.

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Sparks said...

Excellent post. I couldn't have said it better breds.

Manning do this for charity, but he does not understand that begins at home.

After he fuck up the agricultural sector in Trinidad by treating farmers (mostly indians) like dogs - he goin to bring Ugandans to teach we about agriculture?

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Trindy said...

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Trindy said...

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